Borderlinecrazy asked for this one. I was in the right mood for the prompt, let's see how far this goes…


I am an ancient. Idealized and fantasized into genies and sprites or something. No. I am none of these things… I am an enigma. As all of us are that hold this mantle, no two are the same. These humans need to explain what they cannot into something that their primitive brains can understand. I am not a genie. Not a ghost or a sprite or a demon. No.

I am something even the Mara bow to as an elder.

A Djinn.

I watch them. These… mortals. These humans. I feel a sense of attachment to them, to this place. My dirt they live on. The ancient catacombs go deep beneath their tunnels for the transportation of shit and metal beasts. I have been here longer than them. Longer than mankind itself and I shall be here long after they destroy one another.

Their hatred, despair and chaos feeds me like honey to the bee. Their blood tastes metallic, like everything they touch and I am not one who imbibes this way, not like some of my cousins. No … I feed off emotion. Their pleasure and pain. My only fear is one day they will succeed in destroying themselves and I will be forced to return to the earth.

But for now… I will watch over them.





"Well I wanted that one!" Owen said with a childish pout as Ianto sighed and tried to find another sandwich with the same filling. Gwen was already chewing on the one she had snatched and was openly showing Owen how nice it was too. Ianto was mildly pissed now… that had been Owen's sandwich in the order in the first place.

"Here… take this one. It's the same grilled chicken but without olives. It has red onion rings instead" Ianto finally said as he found the spare one in case Jack was still hungry, pulling it out "you like onion."

"Yeah!" Owen lit up as he snatched it and opened it with glee "She can shove those olives right up her great big ar…"

"Kids!" Jack bounced into the room and headed for the chair that was waiting for him. The sandwiches already unwrapped and the lovely large slice of banana cake each was nice to see as well. (Chocolate for Toshiko)

Owen and Gwen were still complaining about each other to anyone who would listen and Jack slammed his hand on the table "Cut that out. It's not my fault you two got rostered together tonight. I have a personal matter, Ianto has the school recital and Toshiko has some science talk thingy to go to!"

"Why!" Gwen whined "Ianto doesn't even have any kids!"

"Gwen!" Jack barked with annoyance "He has family. Like all the rest of you!"

Owen snorted as he reached for the salt shaker but Gwen saw and was quicker, seizing it and wrenching it from his hand, the top flying off and salt covering the table like dandruff. Ianto rose and stepped back with open anger as he looked at the mess, then gave Gwen the stink-eye. Up in the rafters Myfanwy gave a soft bark of anger as well, the smell of salt drifting up to her fine nostrils.

"Well … I didn't do that" Owen said as he rose as well, stepping back with alarm as Ianto made a noise of warning deep in his throat. He was pissed. A rare noise that warned him even if Gwen had never heard it before… Owen had. He instantly froze, looking to Jack for some sort of intervention.

"Gwen. You did it. You clean it up" Jack said as he pulled his food closer to him, glad he hadn't got any on his. He doesn't like salt. No need for anything to mess with these taste buds ta.


"There is a another sandwich still in the bag. Gwen's original choice of chicken and mayo if you are still hungry. My raspberry jam and cheese is mine! Gwen … I do not do salt. For that matter … you don't like it either so why do that?" Ianto said flatly "You know where the cleaning things are. I have to go finish that report on the Hoix last night in the Corner Dairy that ate the bloody entire shelf of bread, then tried to eat the cat!"

"Oh" she said in a small voice, agreeing that she would rather clean this than look at photos of that.

"Did it really try for the shop keeper's turban?" Owen asked as he slid in to walk alongside Ianto "Can I come for the follow up?"

Ianto looked at him and knew he was trying to avoid Gwen so nodded. Since they had broken up both had been insufferable to be around. Ianto even said Owen could drive to see the little beast show some excitement again.

Gwen was like a soul sucking succubus leaching all the joy from Owen. Seems the man was finally trying to fight his way back to some sunlight.

As Owen drove Ianto went over the events of the night before, the mess and the general chaos as they had entered to find the shopkeeper behind the now empty bread stack wedged in the corner, a broom handle and wild eyes as the Hoix destroyed the place with abandon. Now in the light of day the police caution tape seemed almost fake, like a movie set.

As they pulled up Ianto watched a child simply bob under it and continue in to buy the morning papers to no doubt run home to place on the breakfast table. Life goes on.

"Greetings" the shopkeeper grinned, recognizing the suited man from the night before, surprised to see the other man with him was not the one in the Great Coat like last night's partner. The shop's cat wound around the man's legs to greet them as well, none the worse for wear after last night's fun.

"This is Doctor Harper, our medic. Here to make sure you are OK, and to check the Meow" Ianto waved a hand and slid around the corner to look at the hole in the wall the Hoix had made in it's death throes. The plasterer was already filling it in as someone moved in the shadows and Ianto felt himself freeze as the man stepped out from the shelving to look at the plasterer's work.

"Almost done?" the man asked the plasterer as he straightened his red cap. UNIT. Bastards on their patch again.

"What are you doing here?" Owen roared as he walked past Ianto to glare at the cap wearing piss-ant. "We didn't call you for clean up."

"Just checking the place was cleared Doctor Harper, no need to have a dick measuring contest" the man smiled softly "My, new shoes. Do they have those built up soles to make you look taller?"

"Fuck you McGoven!" Owen spat "Fuck you and your little turdy red hat!"

"It's called a Beret" the man said with an air of importance "We at least have pride in our appearance."

"Once again with feeling … fuck you!" Owen smiled back, then swung to leave.

"What… that's it? Don't want to set fire to the place as well?" McGoven called after him stepping so close to Ianto that they almost touched.

The shop keeper stood watching as Ianto leaned in and whispered in the man's ear, the man going pale and stepping back as if seeing Ianto for the first time. He was afraid. Stepping back into the shelving with a solid thud as his eyes widened and Ianto continued to stare him down.

Then the Beret wearing douche bag exited out the front door at speed, through the tape like we was winning a race as he power walked across the road. Once safely on the other side of the street he looked around as if confused to be there.

The shop's ca contoured to rub around Ianto's legs a she watched the scene with open amusement, Ianto bending down to pluck him up for a soft petting before placing him gently on the counter where he sat purring happily, looking love drunk.

"Fuck, did you comment on his tight little arse or something?" Owen asked with amusement. "Did you see him power out of here?"

"I merely pointed out that his cap can fit up his arse with the toe of my perfectly buffed shoe if he so cared to see" Ianto replied, stopping at the counter to turn to the little old man who had appeared though the bead curtain that separated the back, waiting by his son with their matching turbans a deep burgundy.

The old man placed down a tiny bowl of flour next to the cat then sat a matching lid beside it, then flourished a small jug of something, pouring it over the flour before he bowed deeply to Ianto as the soft scent of aromatic oils filled the space. Ianto dropped a lid over the bowl, and then the little old man scuttled off again with a look of glee.

Ianto hummed and picked up the little bowl, roughly the size of a mandarin and slid it into his pocket without blinking, nodding to the shopkeeper and then walking out to enjoy the morning light.

Owen had missed the entire thing, still making crotch grabbing motions at the man across the street.

"Come on Owen. Time to go back to the Hub. Getting bright out here, where is rain when you want it?" Ianto called and Owen ran for the SUV like a slobbery little dog, calling for the right to drive again.

Ianto slid into the passenger seat and let the tinted windows hum up, blocking out the morning noise, bluster… and sunlight.

He much preferred the shadows.