Ianto was in his lower levels, where he preferred to be. So old and derelict that even Jack didn't know his way around and he finally found Ianto one the one place he hated to go. In the den.


Ianto turned slowly to face him, the book in his hand place down with care as he walked over to meet him with an air of interest. "Sir?"

"I thought you had gone home to rest until tonight" Jack said as he looked around the room that was wall to wall, floor to ceiling books. Tomes. Scrolls… words. Cats. Cats? One watching him with those mesmerizing eyes seeming to glow.

She was domestic longhair, but not a Persian or anything specific like that, so it's just fluff. She's a tri-coat, so it's also a LOT of fluff. She's a black and white kitty, with pretty patterns. She's all white on her belly, and with the exception of her left front elbow, all four legs and paws are white as well. She has a band of white going over the back of her neck, and her nose is white - which makes her look like she has one of those ridiculous "Zoro" masks that cover the eyes and top of the head in black. Her back is mostly black, with random speckles of white fur like stars studding it throughout. And, finally, her tail is solid black. Her eyes are this pretty color that can't tell whether it wants to be citrine or peridot.

She really stood out amongst the other cats like they were afraid of her, or respected her or something. It seems weird but she seemed to look to Ianto as if to tell him this human was interrupting something important.

"Hush Lulu" he said softly as she bristled with the indignity of being spoken to at all, even though clearly she had asked something in some way.

"Leaving soon?" Jack asked again, used to Ianto speaking to cats. He spoke to everyone.

"I was going to head home at first light but it is such a sunny day out there I find the bright light will bring on one of my headaches so I prefer to lurk down here in the catacombs." Ianto smiled softly, transforming into the handsome man Jack knew, even as he seemed to wave a hand at the cat.

"Catacombs. Ha! I get it. How many are down here with you?" Jack asked, then after a few moment's silence he realised Ianto was either unsure which seemed unlikely, or simply not willing to say so he asked "Is Owen OK?"

"He took a bite from the Weevil last night but he will recover. He is still aching from whatever they had that made them act like that, I suspect some sort of flu or something." Ianto shrugged. "The universal antidote has worked but he is still more antsy than usual."

"You are keeping him close."


"So … the recital tonight with Mica, ends about ten?" Jack asked with a soft grin "Any chance of…"

"Weevil hunt sir?"

Jack snorted with amusement as Ianto let a single eyebrow rise. "Ianto … you re such a tease."

"I do try" Ianto winked. Then he sighed "No … something stirs. I do not know what but I do not like it. Faith has left a card too. She wishes an audience."

Jack screwed his face up at the mention of the freaky little girl who was perhaps older than he was, her eerie supernatural ways both alluring and …ell… scary. "Can you come with?"

"You know I do not enter her realm" Ianto said softly "She does not know I am with you. I fear I might muddy the waters a bit."

"Come on" Jack poked at him "Please? Pretty please with raspberry jam?"

Ianto snorted, his sweet-tooth no secret between them.




The recital did not go past nine thirty, some kids off sick so with a polite kiss to Rhiannon's cheek Ianto was off back to the base in time to catch Owen and Gwen both infuriating one another with gusto.

"Might to be quiet tonight" Jack said as he let Ianto help him with his coat "Those two might go all evening without speaking."

"Hmmmm." Ianto relied, taking in the atmosphere with a slow nod.

"Come on ... if I have to see Faith, I would rather get it over with." Jack sighed "Come on … you can sit in the car and then we will take a moonlight walk in the park, hmm?"

Ianto took some files to read while he waited, settling in the passenger seat as Jack left the vehicle, locking it before he crossed the road and started inside the old theatre. Faith was there tonight. The strange little Queen of Hearts poster on the wall by the door telling him so.

Ianto had read the file and picked up another when he noticed the time. Jack had been in there for over an hour, longer than usual as Faith creeped Jack out as well as made him sad. He never stayed longer than half an hour tops, returning to Ianto slightly ruffled. Ianto lowered the file and frowned. The little poster was torn down, a scrap fluttering in the wind and he felt tendrils of fear emanating from the building. Not the usual dominance fueled ones that accompany the little entity…no. something was not right.

Ianto sighed as he thought of possible scenarios. The most likely is that someone else went to see Faith and there is currently a Mexican standoff as they were not welcome. Jack in the crossfire. Now… it's not that he can't take care of himself…Jack is a grown arsed man but… well … this could complicate things. Faith and Jack had a strange relationship and somehow the thought of them as odds with someone on hallowed ground was not good. They believed in that shit. Hallowed ground. Some did.

Ianto did not.

He owned this dirt before Christ came along spouting his free will and love for all bullshit that got him killed. Oh yes… Ianto was around long before that. Faith? Well … she has been around so long now he didn't think of her as a little girl, merely another entity like him. Albeit a child.

Well … damn it.

I guess in the end this was something on his turf then.




The name Djinn derives from Old Arabic and means "covert" or "darkness." Most Djinn are secretive, covert spirits who are invisible most of the time.
Also known as:
Jinn; Genie; Jinni
Djinn famously manifest as snakes, cats, or dogs. It's considered dangerous to injure, kill, or even annoy any of these creatures as it may be a Djinn in disguise.
The most powerful individual Djinn have personal preferences in terms of offerings as well as colors.
The traditional offering involves pouring oil over flour. Jewish Djinn like fruit jam. Christian Djinn have the reputation of eating anything, but that may just be from the Islamic perspective. Djinn tend to like alcoholic beverages, candles, and incense, especially benzoin.
They hate salt. Make sure anything given to them was prepared without salt, or it will be rejected and their enmity earned.
They don't like noisy, crowded places although they are curious spirits and will venture out to observe or even participate in fairs, markets, and festivals. Djinn enjoy stories and can be pacified or lured by telling exciting, suspenseful tales. They will hover quietly in corners and listen. In the manner of Scheherazade, should you need to keep a Djinn calm or play for time, keep telling stories.
• Some Djinn are skilled shape-shifters and may appear in any form.
• Some Djinn are consistently benevolent and are venerated and loved.
There seems to be many variations in many different cultures and religions, they respect them and fear them a little. Or love them to the point of considering them a personal God or Deity.