When the boys finally caught up to Violet, they saw that Shadow Mario was on a Bowser shaped boat. Peach was with him, looking frightened.

She looked to her friends and shouted, "Violet! Help me!"

Violet got into a fighting stance as she stated, "Don't need to ask me twice!" The ice wielder jumped onto the ship and got in between them. She hissed, "Back off!"

The imposter didn't say anything. He just looked at her and took out what looked to be a paint brush. He waved the brush in the air and it started to rain pink goo on to Violet.

Mario was a bit revolted, "Ew..."

Luigi insisted, "We got to help her!"

The man in red nodded. Just when they were about to get on the boat, the imposter waved the brush again. This time, the pink goo moved towards the boys with Violet trapped in it. As Violet struggled, the pink goo stopped and threw her to the ground harshly. The imposter stuck out his tongue and fired up the boat. He drove off to Pinna island. Violet got her feet and was furious.

She turned to the brothers and stated, "Come on! We need to go after him!"

Mario pointed out, "And we will once we find a boat."

Luigi scanned the area and pointed to a motor boat. He told them, "We can use that!"

Mario smiled as the three of them ran out to the motor boat. Violet was making a determined fist. She just had to save the princess.

Hang on Peach! I'm coming!


After getting to the island, the three heroes started to head for Pinna Park. Once they got in, they saw Shadow Mario. They started to chase after him. He lead them to a pool with fountains on it. Shadow Mario just stood there as the pool started to shake. The pools waters opened up in half. Out came this giant Mecha Bowser. Mario, Luigi, and Violet all looked at it with shock.

FLUDD asked them, "What is that?"

Violet activated her Aurora Nine as she answered, "Nothing but trouble!"

Mario activated his Firebrand and questioned, "Why would Bowser want to frame me for these crimes...? It doesn't make any sense?"

Luigi activated his Thunderhand - shaking as he did and replied, "I think the best thing for us to worry about is how to defeat that thing!"

The Mecha Bowser blew fire at them. Both Mario and Luigi responded by using FLUDD and the fire hose. It was enough to get the fire to stop from coming at them. Violet froze some of the nearby water as she decided to make some stairs. She started to walk up towards the head of the robot.

She told the bros, "Keep them busy!"

Mario rolled his eyes as he scoffed, "Oh sure, she gets the easy assignment."

Luigi used his Thunderhand to protect his bro (and himself) from falling missiles. He poked at his brother, "You aren't jealous, are you...?"

Mario turned a slight shade of pink. He stammered, "Uh... no..."

Luigi deactivated his shield as he kept teasing, "Ahuh... sure."

Mario was still pink. He couldn't deny that he had feelings for Peach. But finding out that Peach wasn't interested didn't settle right with him.

If I don't get the girl, then why am I even here?

While he was having that conflict, Luigi was doing wonderfully keeping the Mecha Bowser on him. The flames and missiles came close to him a few times. Thankfully, he had the fire hose and his Thunderhand. When he saw that his brother wasn't fighting at all, he frowned. That's when he saw a missile heading straight towards him.

Luigi paled as he quickly put up another Thunderhand shield. This shield didn't activate right away so the missile was pretty close to his nose. He grunted, trying to keep his ground. Suddenly, a fire ball hit the missile, making it explode. It sent Luigi falling on his butt - but he was happy to see his brother at it again. Mario went over to Luigi, offering his hand. Luigi took it and got to his feet.

Mario asked, "You okay bro?"

Luigi answered, "Yeah thanks fratello. Thought I lost you there."

The man in green noticed something he hadn't before in Mario's eyes. The man in red looked like he was ready to give up.

Maybe I shouldn't be too relieved...

Mario stated, "Let's see if we can keep this up for a bit longer."

Just then, they heard the Mecha Bowser shaking. They turned and saw that it had fallen down. The head opened up and there was Shadow Mario with Peach. Violet stood in front of the boys. She bruised a bit but the brothers could tell she was mad.

She demanded, "Now give me my girlfriend back!"

There was no response from Shadow Mario. But there was a reaction from the princess. She was a beat red.

Peach whispered, "Girlfriend...?"

Shadow Mario jumped up and spun around a few times. That's when he revealed his true self: Bowser Jr.

Luigi breathed, "What on earth...?"

Bowser Jr. hissed, "Leave my Mama alone, you bad lady! I won't let you take Mama Peach away!"

Everyone blurted out (except for Peach) in unison, "Mama?!"

Peach was just stunned. She looked at Violet, whom was looking at the princess in a shocked awe.

Peach turned to Bowser Jr. and tried to reason, "Listen... um... I'm not your Mama... I can't be..."

Bowser Jr. looked instantly worried, "Papa said that the bad lady fed you lies. I have to get you to him at once!"

Peach stammered, "P - papa? You're Bowser's son?" Before another word was spoken, Bowser Jr. quickly pressed a button on the robot. It closed its head again and started to walk off. Violet was just about to intervene until Bowser Jr. summoned more pink goo to slow her down. Peach saw this and sharply gasped, "VIOLET!"

Before long, the robot was gone with Peach on it.

Violet shouted, "PEACH!"

She got tears in her eyes as she pounded the ground. Luigi placed a hand on her shoulder, reassuringly.

He softly told her, "Don't worry, we'll get her back..."

Violet wiped her eyes, sniffling. "T - thanks... But that still doesn't explain that brush..."

FLUDD spoke, "I believe I can."

Luigi turned and saw that FLUDD was right behind him. But no Mario in sight. The man in green frowned.

I can't believe that you are putting your stupid pride over helping us... helping me...

Luigi sighed in disappointment as he asked, "How do you explain that brush?"

FLUDD explained, "It is an invention, like me. When you draw something, that something comes to life."

Violet thought for a moment as she mumbled, "Well that explains a lot of things that he's been doing on the island. Bet he stole it from Professor E. Gadd's lab..."

Luigi responded, "Makes sense to me. But why pretend to be Mario?"

FLUDD analyzed, "Perhaps Bowser lied to him at some point. Getting Mario into prison to keep him away from the princess."

Violet added, "But when it didn't work, he had to step up his game." She turned to FLUDD and asked, "Where do you think they went?"

FLUDD answered, "They seemed to be headed in the direction of Corona Mountain."

Luigi stated, "Then that's where we will go." He took off the fire hose and gave it to Violet. Violet put it on her back. Luigi slipped on FLUDD. He couldn't believe how well it fit him. He asked, "You guys ready?"

Violet answered, "You bet I am."

FLUDD added, "Let's go!"

With that, the two heroes started to follow the trail of Bowser Jr.


Wishmaker1028: I did change a few things around story wise. But it was totally worth it. Hope you all enjoyed! Please read and review! And always think outside of the box!