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"Great news son!" Diamond's father, King Ore, and his mother, Queen Andesite burst into his room unexpectedly.

Diamond turned away from his parents as they barged in, wiped his lips with his hand and tossed the lip gloss in the desk, shutting the drawer.

In the process, closing it on his fingers.

Diamond let out a yelp of pain and grasped his fingers, sucking in breath through his gritted teeth.

"Oh shake it off." His father said.

Diamond rolled his eyes but faced his father anyway. "What's the news?"

"Your arranged marriage with Princess Netherite of the Nether kingdom is set!" King Ore clapped.

Diamond felt his heart drop. "What?! B-But I'm only 18! I can't get married!"

"Sure you can son! Your coronation is in a few weeks, and the wedding is the week after! We're passing the kingdom over to you, and thus you need a Queen to help you rule. Besides, this marriage will finally bring peace to the Nether and the Overworld kingdoms. We've been at war for centuries." Queen Andesite explained.

"She's coming over for dinner in a couple of hours, so wash up and make yourself look presentable." King Ore said, closing the door as they left.

Diamond got up from his desk, walked over to his bed and flopped down on it, groaning in anger.

He grabbed a pillow and held it over his face.

There was a knock on the door.

"I-I'm getting ready!" Diamond quickly called.

"No you're not, Di." Diamond heard his younger brother call from outside the door. "Can I come in?"

Diamond sighed. "Sure."

The door opened slowly, a measure of courtesy Gold always took entering a room.

Diamond sat up. "What's up?" He asked sadly.

"I think I should be asking you that question." Gold said softly, walking over to sit by his brother.

Gold was the only one who knew his secret. Well, Gold, and Gold's girlfriend, Stone.

Diamond loved Stone like a sister, she'd snuck him makeup when he wanted to try it, and she'd always helped him paint his nails, or style his hair in some way that made him happy.

But he'd never seen her, or Netherite, or any other girl for that matter as more than that.

Because he liked guys.

He was so gay, he could barely even pretend to act straight in front of his parents.

Not to mention he was so, desperately, hopelessly in love.

A talented boy who loved to ride horses, and sing, and swim, and fence, and stargaze.


Diamond had been in love with Wood ever since the ninth grade when they'd met at a summer camp.

They'd hung out every single day and night, and one day, Diamond had jokingly asked if Wood had found any of the girls there pretty, though, he was scared of the answer.

Wood just simply shrugged and said, "I'm gay."

Diamond had wanted to say the same. He had opened his mouth to say, "me too,"

but the words never came.

Instead he replied, "That's cool." And they moved on.

And Diamond still regretted it.

He was never able to just say, "me too," to Wood.

They still hung out all the time, even to this day, but Diamond just couldn't get the right words out.

It had been so long now, Wood might find it weird if he suddenly came out now.

And if Wood didn't see him as more than a friend, then it would never be the same.

And he was too scared to risk his best friend.

"Diamond? Hello?" Gold waved his hand in front of his brother's face. "You kinda zoned out there."

"Oh. Sorry."

"It's okay. I just wanted to check with you about the arranged marriage. With the whole being in love with your best friend thing." Gold gave a sympathetic smile.

"What even can I do? The entire kingdom is relying on this marriage to put an end to the war, and Wood doesn't even know anyway. All I can do is just go along with it." Diamond said sadly, looking at the ground.

"Maybe if you just talk to Mom and Dad they'd—" Gold tried to suggest, but Diamond cut him off.

"They're homophobic. They'd never understand. This is my life. My curse. I'll just have to accept it." Diamond ran a hand through his long hair. "I'll see you at dinner, Bud."

Gold shook his head to himself. "Okay. Keep your head up. Stone and I will see you there."

Diamond forced a small smile before getting up and heading to his bathroom.

He pushed the door closed with a sigh and faced himself in the mirror.

His blue eyes sparkled with sadness and he knew at the moment, before he had even met his soon-to-be bride that he'd never truly be happy with her.

He took off his shirt and analyzed himself in the mirror.

He ran a finger down his long, thin scar on the side of his chest, and smiled at the memory of how he had gotten it.

It was the summer before tenth grade, and he and Wood had been arguing about who was the better swordsman, and to prove it, they decided to have a sword fight.

They agreed they didn't need any form of protection, as they wouldn't actually hurt each other.

But in the heat of the moment, Wood had slashed his side.

The wound wasn't too deep, but blood started spilling out of it immediately.

Wood had dropped his sword immediately and ran to Diamond who was clutching his side in pain.

Wood had held him, profusely muttering apologies, and helped him walk all the way to the palace, with Diamond stumbling the entire way.

His father had bandaged him up, and although his mother wasn't too pleased, his father had said "boys will be boys", and "scars build character", and other things along those lines.

It had never truly healed properly, but it was never something Diamond was upset about.

The grayish discolored line kept the memory fresh in his head whenever he saw it, and that made him happy.

Diamond shook away his thoughts, and discarded the rest of his clothing before hopping in the shower.

As the water ran through his hair and down his body, he thought about his current situation. And every time he'd think about being with Netherite, his feelings for Wood would only come back stronger.

He sighed and silently cursed himself as he finished up his shower and got out.

He put on nice clothes and dried and styled his hair to the best of his ability.

"Diamond!" Gold called from outside. "Come one, they're here!"

'Already?' Diamond thought, but he didn't say that aloud. Instead he just called, "Coming!" To his younger brother and he heard footsteps receding from the doorway.

He left his room and took a deep breath, preparing himself for the mental torture he was about to endure.

He walked down the stairs with his head held high and walked into the dining hall.

There, stood a young woman that Diamond could only assume to be Princess Netherite, shaking hands with his parents.

She wore a pretty black dress with red shoulder straps and a golden rose pinned to it. Her hazel eyes shone with discomfort.

Behind her stood King Wither and Queen Quartz of the Nether Kingdom.

"Ah there you are, son." King Ore said as Diamond walked into the room. "May I introduce my son, Prince Diamond of the Overworld Kingdom."

Diamond shook hands with the King and Queen, before taking Netherite's hand, and kissing it.

He looked at her face, and she looked as nauseous as he felt.

"How do you do, m'lady?" He asked, in a faux polite tone.

"I am well, thank you. And you?" She asked, equally as polite.

"I am fine, thank you." Diamond nodded.

"Now. Let's all enjoy a meal together, shall we?" Queen Andesite smiled at all of them.

Out of the corner of his eye, Diamond saw Stone rush up to him.

She took his hands in hers. "I'm so sorry, Diamond." She whispered so no one else would hear. "I heard what happened and I asked Gold if I could come so I could see how you were doing."

Diamond shook his head. "There's nothing we can do about it. It's okay."

Stone looked as if she wanted to say something else, but she looked around and apparently didn't want to risk it.

She dropped his hands, and took and seat next to Gold, as Diamond chose the seat next to Netherite, as he assumed he was supposed to.

"How are you, Princess Netherite?" Stone asked from across her.

"I am fine, thank you. And you are?" Netherite asked her, less with scorn, and more with genuine curiosity.

"My name is Stone." She smiled. "I am Gold's girlfriend." She took his hand as she said it.

"You two make a good pair." She nodded.

"Thank you." Stone smiled, and Diamond noticed his brother smiling too.

They brought out many varieties of foods, but Diamond could barely eat. He noticed Netherite not touching much either, but no one else seemed to pay them any mind.

Diamond suddenly had a strong urge to tell Netherite the truth. The truth he barely had the guts to tell anyone, albeit his brother, and Stone.

"May we be excused?" Diamond spoke up. "I would like to show Netherite the gardens."

King Wither looked at his daughter. "She does look as if she needs some fresh air, doesn't she? Go on you two, you are excused."

The pair of them got up and Diamond led her outside.

He felt all pairs of eyes on them, and Diamond felt as if he should take her hand, just for show, but he didn't want to, and Netherite showed no interest of holding his hand either. In fact, she looked scared, relieved, and sick, all at the same time.

"Pretty, aren't they?" Diamond asked, gesturing to the flowers as they made it to the garden.

"Yes." Netherite agreed. "Thank you for taking me out here. It was quite hot and stuffy in there."

Diamond nodded. "It was less for you benefit, as it was for mine." He said, looking at the ground. "Netherite, I really have to tell you something."

She looked at him, curiosity filling her gaze. "Well go on then."

"I-I'm gay." He said, the words falling out of his mouth.

"Oh thank god." She sighed. "Me too."

Diamond looked at her in surprise. "Really?" He asked.

She nodded. "This is a little inconvenient timing." She laughed nervously. "I was about to tell my crush, Iron, that I like her."

"You like Iron?" Diamond asked, smiling. "Awe, Iron's awesome. I love her."

Netherite raised an eyebrow.


She laughed.

"At least you were about to tell her. I've been in love with my best friend for over four years now and I can't get the right words out to tell him how I feel." Diamond sighed.

"Tell me about him." Netherite offered.

Diamond smiled, trying to find the right words to describe how amazing Wood was. "He's got a hard exterior. But he's really soft and sweet. He enjoys the little things and never takes anything for granted. He likes to appear tough, but he loves to do just stupid things with me. We sword fight, and swim, and stargaze, and just...everything. He's absolutely beautiful and I just—I'm in love with him."

Netherite smiled. "Well that's what you need to say to him!"

Diamond shook his head. "I want to, but I can't. Both of our kingdoms are riding on this marriage. I just need to like...suck it up. At least until I'm king."

Netherite nodded in understanding. "I get it. Being royalty really sucks sometimes."

"Yeah." Diamond gave a sad smile.

"I'm sure they're missing us in there. And I don't want them to get the wrong idea, so maybe we should head back?" Netherite suggested.

Diamond nodded. "Yeah. I'm just glad you know now."

Netherite nodded back. "Me too."