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Salt Lake City Utah, a decade prior to the gate incident.

3rd POV

The view opens on Salt Lake City. Most people refer to it as the Crossroad of the West and for good reason. In 1869 the Transcontinental Railroad was completed bridging the east with the west. Now the Federalist and the Canadian Volunteers are trying to take the city. With it they would have a pipeline to Sacramento. However the PSA soldiers would not allow it. In the city fierce combat ensued as rag tag troops, starved of resources and support held the line. Yet as these brave men fought on, they were being hunted. From the shadows of destroyed skyscrapers, a lone KAS Agent was slowly picking off a squadron of wounded soldiers with a modified desert Lee Enfield. Looking through his lenses he spots a Nisei with one mangled arm holding a fortification with nothing but a handful of grenades. The KAS Agent was about to take a shot when a bullet punctured through his telescopic lenses right into his eye, killing him instantly. In a nearby building was Eastwood, armed with a modified Winchester lever action. He was now wearing the PSA Mountaineer badge proudly on his uniform. His mission was to counter sniper units in the city as the soldiers routed a counter attack upon the Canadian Invaders.

"Another bites the dust, shame it ain't him." Eastwood mutters as he cocks his rifle before moving carefully through the building.

He had taken out five different snipers and was earning a reputation for someone who could get things done. While he was proud to give his life for his fellow soldier, he had his own reasons for being in this city. Vengeance is a fools game, but too many were made a fool by it. He slowly made his way through the abandoned building when he came across another PSA Mountaineer. He was shot dead, sniper round by the looks of it. Noticing the I.D card was still in his hat Eastwood slowly approaches the body to retrieve it. Carefully looking around he went to the card and removed it, only to find it was rigged. A wire attached to the hat pulled the pin on a hidden bouquet of grenades.

"Shit!" Eastwood shouts as one rolled out into the open. He dived down the hall as the explosion went off.

Shrapnel went through his leg, but other then the lost in hearing he survived. The room was turned into a bloody mess, the boobytrapped body splattered against the wall, the glass and bricks crumpled to the ground far below, and the floor came with it. Eastwood painfully held his tongue as he checks his leg. Blood oozing from multiple cuts, seeing this he quickly undid his riddle sling and used it as a tourniquet. Right as he does the floor gave way and he fell to the floor bellow, but not before a bullet nearly took off his head. Across the way, his target waited for him. A KAS agent whom had slain more mountaineers then the entire army.

"Damn, so close." The Agent remarks as he cocks his Le Enfield and searches for Eastwood. He scans the multiple floors looking for him but could not find Eastwood. He was about to let his guard down presuming the fall had killed him when his scope shattered. Taking refuge behind a wall as multiple follow up shots went off.

"WALKER!" Eastwood shouted from across the street.

"Mr. Eastwood, how very good to see you again. How's the family?" The K.A.S Agent identified as Walker Miles said as he removes the scope from his rifle.

"You son of a bitch! I'm going to kill you for what you have done!" Eastwood snapped back.

"Done what? We both done multiple and terrible things lad, so you might want to be more specific." Miles said as he reloads his rifle.

"You killed my brother! My friends! And now me!" Eastwood snapped back.

"I killed many brothers, friends, I'd 'almost' killed you. (Sigh) I swear you Yanks use of proper language is just embarrassing." Miles uncaringly replies as he pulls out a mirror from his pocket. Checking to see where he spots Eastwood's hat hanging out by the corner. "Regardless, I'd think when this war is over we can see about improving that language. Shame you won't be there to learn."

With a quick exhale, Miles stepped out and fired down, hitting the hat directly. Yet no blood spray or mist lined the wall. Confused he watched in utter shock as the hat fell over, revealing that it was held up by his rifle.

"Shit…" Was all that Miles could say before a loud battle cry was heard from the side. Eastwood had snuck up on him hatchet in hand.

Miles tried to turn his rifle on Eastwood but his hand was slashed by the hatchet, forcing him to drop it. Eastwood swings again but was unable to get a good strike as Miles ducks under and retrieves his Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife the two lunged back at each other and struggled to over power the other. As the two tried to push there blades into the other, Miles looked down and noticed the bleeding leg. Acting quickly he kicked hard on Eastwoods leg causing him to fall to his knee in agony. Getting the upper hand Miles was and to impale Eastwood in the neck when Eastwood forced himself up, headbutting Miles's chin and subsequently biting his tongue. The two stammer back in pain. Blood seeping heavily from Eastwoods leg, and from Miles's mouth. Eastwood eyed his adversary down, with his eyes turning to his hip. On his belt were four revolvers, one his Webley Mk IV, and rest were Californian Sequoias, each one plucked from their owners' cold dead hands. One in particular Eastwood recognized. His brothers handcrafted Sequoia. Enraged Eastwood goes to draw his and Miles his own. The two opened fired and bullets flew. Eastwood was hit in the gut, while Miles in the knee. The two fell to the knees rivaling in pain. Yet these still continued to fight. Out of rounds, Miles goes for Eastwoods brothers revolver. Enraged Eastwood fights through the pain and tackles Miles off the side of the building. The two men plummeted five floors to the ground, just before hitting the ground the scene goes black, and Eastwood wakes up from his nightmare sequence.

In the Rocky's Sometime after leaving Denver.

Eastwood gave a few huffs in shock before recalling it was just a dream. What actually happen was that they fell seven floors, but the third floor had a glass balcony that mostly broke their fall. Miles had smashed through the glass while Eastwood hit the hard gravel. Dislocated his arm and broke it but least he got off lucky. From what he learned years after, the fall had cripple Miles, now forced to walk with a cane. Eastwood quickly rubbed his eyes and put aside all thoughts on that day. He'd regretted not finishing the job, god knows how many soldiers he had fought alongside with would still be alive to this day if not for that bastard. He looked around the cabin. Hathale was fast asleep with a half burnt cigarette sticking out of his mouth, The countess and her maids snuggling by the window side. And the three V.I.P's Rory, Tuka and Lelei snuggling beside him… much to his annoyance. He blinked a few more times before realizing something. O'Hara and the two V.I.P's were missing. He was about to get up when they walked in.

"Oh, sorry to disturb you sir. Had to escort Princess here to the Bathroom." O'Hara explains as Sir Grey and Princess Pina entered.

"Eh fine. Just woke up from a bad dream." Eastwood said brushing it off as Pina and Sir Grey sat down in their seats. After a few moments Eastwood had enough of sitting. He got up and asked, "Say, is the cantina still open? Might as well get something."

"Yeah, hey mind getting me a glass of Jamison while your there? Need a bit of the brew to get some shut eye on this trip." O'Hara said noting as she gave Sir Grey the stink eye. He'd been snoring rather loudly during this entire trip and she had half a mind to gag him.

"Heh, sure O'Hara." Eastwood said before walking off to the cantina car.

She gave a nod in approval as he heads on out. He walked on down, passing by a trolly cart where a man looking down at the side. While this wasn't strange, Eastwood couldn't help overhear the man talking to himself. It sounded Russian.

"Обнаружена цель, пятая тележка. Пока ждите, когда поезд пройдет через туннель, приступайте к планам." The man said covertly as he passes by Eastwood.

Eastwood gave a strange look, before shaking it off. Still he couldn't help but feel that something was off. He head down passing by five cars before entering the sixth one down. Inside the cantina car to find the bar tender fixing his tie. He waved to the bartender who turned to him.

"Um… what will it be?" He asked trying hard to mask his Australian accent.

"um… Just two shot's of Jamison." Eastwood requested with a perplex look on his face.

"We're sadly out of it. We do have some J.P Wiser's if you'd prefer." The man said with a cheeky smile as he pointed to the bottle.

"…. Hard, Pass." Eastwood said with a sour face. "Any other whiskeys… preferable not from Canada."

"Um… sorry sir. One of the Yuppers… I mean blokes smashed the rest of the whiskey." The Bartender explain, once again trying to mask his accent.

"(Sigh) God damn it. Do you have an Tequila then?" Eastwood requested rubbing his eyes.

"I'll have to check in the back, be back in a um… second." The Australian remarks as he quickly makes his way out of the car, leaving Eastwood alone.

He waited patiently as he tapped his fingers against the table. A few moments passed before he over hears something. Looking to the side he spots Rory entering the cart. She looked around with her nose in the air, sniffing something out. She moved about the cabin with a strange look on her face, one of ecstasy and curiosity. A look that creeped Eastwood to his core. He watched her move about the car like a bloodhound in heat before finally curiosity got the better of him.

"Um… I'll bite, what is up with you?" Eastwood asked with a brow raised.

"(Sniff, Sniff) Don't you smell that Eastwood? That warm, flowing, crimson Blood?" Rory asked as she moved about the car, going past Eastwood and over the bar.

"Uh huh… sure that's an ability. You sure the bartender didn't accidently cut himself making a drink?" Eastwood asked skeptically as Rory moved about the place.

"Oh please Eastwood. I am an apostle of Emroy. It's my role to take in the souls of those who were killed violently. Problem is, while on this side of the gate another has rights to those souls." Rory remarks as she pushed aside multiple bottles as she made her way to the end of the car.

"Uh huh. And your point is?" Eastwood asked skeptical of her.

"So, it's like being teased. That smell, is to strong to be a simple nick. And seeing that their soul can't pass through me I'm forced to be on the edge of ecstatic as long as they are close." Rory groaned in annoyance from the tease. As she moved about Eastwood gave a disturbed looked before rolling his eyes. He was about to demand her to return when Rory spoke up. "Ah, there's the sense of the smell… oh dear, that doesn't look like a simple drop of blood."

She stood by the bathroom door. Eastwood wasn't exactly sure if she was messing with him, but she looked quite serious. So, after a few moments he'd finally decided to check the bathroom. What he saw made his eye widen in shock. A man, with his wrist slit wide open. His tongue just about to come undone. Eastwood had seen it multiple times. In the war of Frater. CAS soldiers would pull the tongues through there necks, marking them as those who spoke in favor of the supposed chain. But why was this here. Just then the Australian Bartender came back in holding a bottle of tequila. He was silent as he notices the body. However, Eastwood notices the cork to the brand of Tequila. It wasn't the right cork; in fact, it wasn't even a cork. Rather one of those fancy bottle stopper that should go into a bottle of wine. The look gave it away and suddenly he dropped the bottle as the fake bartender pulled a concealed knife from the bottle. He tried stabbing Eastwood, but his training kicked in. Grabbing the knife, he twisted it around before slamming the fake Bartender into the side of the wall. The force caused the would be attacker to drop his knife, seeing it on the ground Eastwood pulls him off before turning him to face him. He delivered a hard right hook before kicking him in the sternum, sending him to the ground. And before he could even recover Eastwood axe kicked him in the head with the back of his heel. Sending teeth flying and rendering the Australian assassin unconscious.

(Huff, Huff) Fuckin Syndicalist." Eastwood said with a few huffs. Before knelling down and checking him. On his person was a Welrod Pistol, and a handful of pictures. All of them were of him, his team, and the V.I.P's with the word capture on all but his men. "Shit."

Just then there was a loud explosion. The train shook violently as the sound of glass breaking, passengers screaming and bullets flying. Realizing what was going on Eastwood pulled out his Sequoia and quickly raced back to V.I.P's. Just as he was about to he ran straight first into the Russian trolley servant. Spotting him, the Russian reaches under and retrieves a PPS 43 SMG from under his cart. Eyes went Eastwood dived back in as the Russian sprayed 7.62x25mm Takarev rounds at Eastwood.

"Держись подальше от этого старика. Нам нужны пришельцы, но мы убьем вас, если вы встанете у нас на пути!" The Russian shouted out as he loads a new clip into his SMG.

"English you Ruskie son of bitch!" Eastwood shouted as he cocks the hammer of his revolver.

"Surrender cowboy. We want the strangers. Nobody hurt." The Russian replied in a broken English accent.

"Yeah sure you don't." Eastwood remarks sarcastically.

He then let's out a small sigh in anticipation before turning the corner, there he came face to face with the Russian operative. He quickly pushes the SMG out of his hand and was about to pistil wip the operator when he grabbed his arm before punching Eastwood in his face. Eastwood stumbled a bit as the Russian operator tried to twist his hand to make him drop his revolver. Countering, Eastwood round house kicked him in the face, freeing himself from the operator's grip. Both men backed away before the Russian operator charged at Eastwood with a knife. Eastwood was about to fire off a round when the Russian flew back. Hitting the wall, pinned by Rory's halberd.

"Heh, if I can't have these peoples souls, I'll have there lives." Rory said smirking sadistically as she removed her weapon from the Russians operators chest, heart along with it. She rudely flinged the organ to the side before turning to Eastwood. "So, shall we save the day or would you rather I do all the killing?"

Eastwood just rolled his eyes as he picked up the Russian SMG and a few clips before replying, "Don't get cocky. To many soldiers died stupidly."

"Oh please Eastwood. You think I'm some common Imperial?" Rory said pretending to be insulted.

Eastwood rolled his eyes as he moved down the cars where he was greeted by unknown forces, fighting against not only Australian Joint CSA forces and Russian Special force. It was a bloody mess, the three armies all trying to capture the otherworld's, and fight each other. The Russians plan was to serve the group drugged food and drink before slipping them out in the confusion, while the Syndicalist plan was to slit there throats and take the V.I.P's. However their plans came undone when the unknow third force detached the other car's from the target and for extra measure set off an explosion in the engine. So now it's a fire fight between the three Black opp's teams.

Eastwood opened fire into the back of a few Syndicalist operators. He quickly took cover as they open fire on him with there Austen SMG. Eastwood waited till they had to reload, but before they even finish there magazines, Rory raced down. Eastwood didn't got a good look at what happened, but after peaking his head out he was shock to see that Rory was smeared in blood and the three groups of soldiers were spewed about in pieces. Was difficult for her to cut them up into small pieces inside the car, yet somehow she managed to do it. Eastwood was horrified by the number of hacked limbs and intestines that spewed about the place. However he regain his composer just long enough to notice one soldier who was barely alive pull out a grenade. He quickly raced over to Rory and pulled her as far back as he could from the live grenade. Just as they hit the deck, the grenade went off in a massive fireball of an explosion. The entire back of the car was destroyed and the couplings that held the car nearly came undone. Bits and pieces of wood and metal fell on Rory and himself. However after a few moment's Rory easily pushed the rubble off them.

"Oh, you didn't had to do that, but I do appreciate it old man." Rory said flirtatiously smirk as she tossed the rubble aside.

Eastwood rolled his eyes as he stands up. As he does, the car begin to shake again. The couplings came undone and the car was slowing down. Acting quickly Eastwood raced over and jumped the cars. He managed to grab the ladder before pulling himself up. As he turns to see if Rory followed him, he was surprise to see she her land on her feet right beside him.

"Try and keep up old man." Rory said with a cocky smile as she charges into the car. Where a number of operators were fighting. Eastwood could hear the bullets and screams in agony as Rory laughed manically as she tore these sorry fools apart, limb from bloody limb.

"Fuckin old." Eastwood growled under his breath as he climbed up the ladder to the top of the car. "Say's the cougar who's over nine hundred."

On top of the car he spotted a few soldiers all fighting for the right to capture the other worlders, as they fought Eastwood caught them off guard with his captured SMG. Unleashing a Volley of controlled burst onto the enemies who stand between him and his fellow soldiers. First three shot's tore through one Australian unit, before he hit's the ground Eastwood raced into his back. This aloud him to use the body as a human shield while allowing him to get close to the other soldier. He unleashed a burgage into the close by soldier before changing cover behind him. He fired off a few shot's before the SMG ran out. Without skipping a beat he tossed the gun at a nearby Russian Soldier, landing a blow on his face. He raced over and judo tossed the Russian operative over his shoulder before delving a hard axe kick to his face. He then retrieved the same SMG from the dead operative before continuing on.

Meanwhile bellow the soldiers who were in Rory's way faired worse than those above. Rory was on a complete blood craze, she threw her halberd back and forth with great enthusiasm. The Russian, Syndicalist, and mysterious operators didn't stand a chance. They were ripped to shreds by this devil in human form. One operative realizing conventional fire power wasn't going to work, pulled out a frag and lobes it at her. Knowing how these little things work, she twisted her halberd around her neck, hitting the grenade like it was a baseball. The grenade went sailing back, smacking the one who tossed it in the face of the one who tossed it. The grenade broke his two front teeth before detonating. His brains and chipped teeth flew out everywhere. Before the body could even slump to the ground, Rory dives towards the body with a quickly leap. Riding it into the door and breaking through it. On the other side of the door, the two reconvening in the car where there friends and the V.I.P's were holding out. Hathale and O'Hara worked alongside the maids holding down the cabin, but were slowly overwhelmed by the forces when suddenly Rory burst down the door. Covered in multiple entrails, and huge splotches of blood. Meanwhile Eastwood came in through the window, crashing in before unloading his entire Sequoia into a group of four Russian operators. He rolled into the car before leaning up against the seat next to Hathale.

"Corporal, how you holding down the fort?" Eastwood demanded as he quickly loads his revolver.

"things went to shit sir." Hathale explains before firing off a few rounds from his 1911 colt. "Son's of bitches tried to gas us out. If it wasn't for Lelei's magic I'd say we would have been cut down."

"Well, you have my thanks Lelei" Eastwood said tapping his hat at her before questioning, "Any idea who these assholes are?"

"Well, if I were a betting man I'd say we're dealing with a three armed assault. CSA terrorist with Ausie support, The Russian Special forces, and by the look of there equipment, K.A.S Agents." O'Hara remarks as she loads a stolen Sten Gun.

"K.A.S? … Shit." Eastwood said gritting his teeth before looking up out the window. The train was slowing down to a stop, but outside he can see multiple lights off in the distance. If he had to guess those weren't friendlies. Turing to the V.I.P's he remarks. "We need to get out of here. Are you able to run?"

"We should stay and fight these savages!" Pina demanded.

"uh huh, well it's my job to get your deluded ass out of here in one piece. So unless you can snap your hand and wave these quote "Savages away" we're making a Bee-line west. Any objections?" Eastwood asked rhetorically. Much to Pina's shame, everyone raised there hand in agreement. Even her most loyal soldier Grey recognize the futility in this fight.

With that Eastwood ordered his troops to assist him in covering there retreat. With the ruined train completely empty of combatants thanks in part to Rory, they were able to evacuate the V.I.P's safely into the tree lines. Meanwhile the soldiers alongside Rory stayed behind to keep incoming attackers from going any further. After a few minutes of a one-sided firefight, they raced back over group and quickly made there way through the cold.

"Sir Eastwood, While I thank you and your men for saving us once more I must inquire. Who were these men?" Countess Myui asked as Delilah carried her through the snow.

"Russians, Australians, and English. Eastwood replies back as he spots a van off in the distance. "The Australians are our enemies but they have bigger things to worry about then us. The Russian should be friendly publicly but actually they are questionable at best."

"And the English?" Persia asked.

"The English are at best unwelcomed militarily. Specially seeing that they were K.A.S." O'Hara replies as she see's a Russian operator in the car.

"K.A.S… wait, isn't that the group with the Butcher?" Persia asked with wide eyes, recalling the story about the soldier who kills Mountaineers. Hearing the word butcher drew Pina's attention. This entire trip she has yet to find any meaningful way to defeat these Americans. However if someone had that kind of reputation then perhaps she could find a way to contact this person.

"Most likely" Eastwood said under his breath as he raced through the snow.

The view pulls out to reveal a sniper scope trained on Eastwood. It watches from afar as the group pulled the Russian from the car and rendered him unconscious. He had a beat on Eastwood. However before he could squeeze the trigger, a hand settled down on the rifle. Preventing him from taking the shot.

"Don't bother lad. The shot's to far away." A familiar and calculating tone remarks.

"Sir, I have made worst shots before." The sniper remarks a he watches the car drive away.

"I know you have son. But that one. The Mountaineer. He and I still some unsettled business with one another." The man said as the view pulls up to reveal Sir Miles. Looking down as the car drove away. "And I hate not to finish my business with him."

The sniper while harden that he was force to give up his shot gave a small sigh and relented. He knew better then to annoy Sir Walker Miles. As he stands, Miles moved down the hill with a group of twenty plus K.A.S Agents waiting for him. He then gave a small speech to the men.

"Alrighty boys. What was going to be a pleasant hunt turned into the most dangerous game. It also seems our king isn't the only one who took an interest in the other worlder's. So what we shall do next is be patient. I have a fairly good Idea were the Mountaineer is heading but I want to make one thing clear. He is mine. I know we have orders to capture the V.I.P's they are protecting and to only engage if necessary… but I can't give up the opportunity to hunt once more. So I say again. Do not, under any circumstance, shoot to kill, the Mountaineer." Sir Miles spoke loud enough. The soldiers all gave a nod before giving a salute. Speaking in Unison "SIR YES SIR" With that he motioned for them to head for the cars. He'd turned to look over the hill line. While he couldn't see where they were. He knew Eastwood well enough to know where he'd take them. As he walked away preparing for his duel with the man of three wars, the view pulls up into the night sky just as helicopters fly by, transitioning to a new scene, beyond the gate.

High in the sky On the outskirts of the Imperial Capital.

Three large helicopters flew stealthily into Imperial airspace. The goal of the mission, was simple. Establish an outpost right in the heart of there enemies. A quick and quiet mission. Needing help in this operation, the brass assigned Auxiliary Second-Class Lepus Hops to aid the marines in the operation. She has a cousin who works as a prostitute in the Akusho district in the imperial capital. They were informed about the threat to their operations. While it's possible they could run into the imperial guards, it the criminals who are the true threat. Four families sit in power over the people in this district. That said they are not to engage unless deemed necessary, however if they or there men start getting any ideas then a message would be sent to all in the Akusho District. Making it very loud and clear that the men of the third Marines of the fourth Battalion are not to be fucked with. As the Marines of the Thundering Third sat silently, having raggedy cloaks concealing their fatigues, Kowalski broke the silence by speaking with Second Class Hops.

"So… once the war is over. What will you Ms. Hops?" Kowalski asked in Saderan Lattin as he inspected his M1 Garand.

"Huh, well to be honest I don't have any Idea Private First-Class Kowalski." Lepus said as she held her finger to her chin. "When I was young, I was tasked of being a guardian to my people. But after the empire enslaved them, I broken of my will to do anything after years of being abused by those pigs."

"Oh… sorry I'd asked." Kowalski said feeling guilty for bringing it up.

"But now working with you Americans, fighting these criminals. I'd like to return to my duty as a protector. Maybe on the other side. Would they allow me to do so Private First-Class Kowalski?" Lepus asked with a bright look on her face.

"Oh, sure. But we don't call them Protectors. We refer to them as Police Officers or Cop's." Kowalski said with a smile.

"Hmm, Police Officer Hops. I'd rather like the sound of that. Thanks for recommending it Private First Class Kowalski." Lepus said with a smile causing Kowalski to blush.

"Ah, think nothing of it. And please don't be so formal, call me Albert." Kowalski said with a cheeky smile and a wide grin.

Lepus let's out a small chuckle, before the two continue to the conversation. Freeman watches as these two talked about there plans for after the war when the lights suddenly went red. Indicating that it was almost time to land. Freeman stands up and walked to the side door.

"Alright Marines. We will be on our own from here on out. So I want you all to play by the book, don't compromise the mission. And remember be friendly. Our relations with the locals could one day save our bacon should we find ourselves in the worst odds." Freeman shouted out in English to his fellow Marines. They all gave a positive nod before the light turns green and Freeman quickly slid the door open. The Helicopter was a few feet off the ground before Freeman shouted out. "Now, go, go, go! Get the hell out of here! Oorah!"

"Oorah!" The marines and Lepus shouted together before leaping out of the Helicopter. A group of six gathered with the other's forming a band of eighteen. A handful of Marines, more then enough to complete there mission. Slowly but surely they moved like shadows in the night. They arrived at the gate to the Akusho district.

There intel of the place was solid No guards were present. The bloody door was wide open with the occasional person leaving. In small numbers they entered right through the gate. Undisturbed. Nobody battered an eye on the other side of the gates. To those living in the Akusho district, asking certain questions is a sure way to find themselves in the sewage rivers passing through their district. For all they know it could be just some noble looking for a kick on the few who don't carry the insatiable itches, or put up that much a fight. The only really suspicious part was when these group split up. Freman's forces which contain a small force of six including himself moved in on their target. A small two story apartment by the river of sludge. The group made their way through the hollow streets before arriving. In the window was a single light, a good sign. Freeman and his men quickly surround the stairs leading up. Waiting for confirmation from Lepus to invite them in. Slowly she made her way up to the door before knocking on it.

"Velox Pes, are you in? It's me your cousin Lepus!" Lepus called out to her cousin as she knocks.

She then held her breath for a few moments before the door opened. On the other side was a small little warrior Bunny. Having a mixture of white and black hair with fur growing around her eye giving the impersonation that she had a black spot.

"W-Who are you? Are you a work friend of my mummy?" The little girl asked nervously.

"… You're her daughter, Parva. Aren't you?" Lepus said as she knelt down to the little girl who gave a nod to her identity. "I'm a cousin of your mother. By chance she's here?"

"She is… but Mommy is to sick to come to the door. Caught the Crimson Plague… I'm… not sure she can make it out of bed." Parva answers as she looked over at an open room. There a lone Warrior Bunny laid silently on a bed. A foul dark red odor stained the bed sheets, and massive flies flew around the poor warrior bunny. Only hint that she was still alive was the fact that her haggard breath forced her poor body to move. It was horrifying to say but, after a few moments Lepus turned to Freeman.

"By chance your fellow marines can cure Crimson Plague?" She whispered to him in a broken English.

"Maybe. If we're lucky she has what we refer to as Scarlet Fever." Freeman whispers back.

Lepus knew these men were not magic wielders. But if anyone can heal the sick it would be them. With a nod she motioned for them to come on up. She then turned to Parva and remarks. "Alright. Listen, I have a few friends who need some place to stay. One among them is a doctor. I'm sure she will be fine if he treated her for the disease."

Parva looked out the door to see five different and strangely dressed men waiting with even stranger weapons held out. She was uncertain but she remember the rule. Turning to Lepus she remarks, "Mommy said if strangers enter the house they need to pay the 'meet me fee'. I think that's… um."

She tried to count the number of copper coins but Freeman didn't had the time for this. He pulled out a single Sinku and handed the kid it. Her eyes lit up with shock. She never held this much money before in her entire life. Yet this strange man gave it to her. Remarking under his breath. "Keep the change kid." Soon enough the Marines entered the room, before closing the door behind them. Unaware that someone had taken noticed to this.

Inside the room, the Marines got to work setting up a temporary base. Parva watches with interest as the dark-skinned man commanded his forces. One soldier fixed with a strange box with a black fruit shape object attached to it. He was sneaking in a strange langue as another soldier pointed to different places on a map of the empire. The other soldier kept and eye on the door in a defensive position. The last one of these soldiers was by her mother. He was doing something weird. Inspecting her mouth and eyes before pulling out a strange vial of clear liquid and a small needle like dagger. Parva freezes in fear what that man would do, but suddenly felt a presence behind her.

"Relaxes, Cheif Petty Officer Carlyle is the best medic the Navy could spare." Freeman said to Parva who looked at him in confusion. The question finally came to mind as she now realized that she had no idea who these people are.

"Um… who are you people?" Parva asked with a raised brow.

"…We are the American Marines Kid. 3rd Battalion. Or the Thundering Third for short." Freeman answers as he see's Carlyle put a bandage over the injection spot. "Don't worry, we'll be out of your hair shortly enough."

"Ameri-can? Marines?" Parva questions as she tries to remember where she had heard that before. After a few moments it hit the little girl.

She worked sometimes, at a local brothel. Cleaning the bar and bedrooms, she remembers overhearing a few soldiers who came back from the other side. They were screaming in their sleeps and having nightmares of things described as metallic monsters, and death lights. It got so bad that not even the family wealth they wasted on harems could keep the nightmares away. She got a good look at the few, and they barley looked alive with the number of scars, burns, missing limbs, and there gods awful mutilated faces. Almost liked walking corpses. She had heard the soldiers were savages from another land. Who's barbaric practice involves leaving the corpses of the dead to rot in the blistering son. Dismembered and burned beyond recognition. She begin to stutter as her joints freeze up in fear. She was about to piss herself in fear when Lepus came by her side.

"I know that look. Listen, the empire they started this war. But the Americans have no intentions of dragging it's people into it. Before they found me I was forced to work in the dreaded Ad-Rotus, where they raped me, beat me, and forced me to work in the darkest holes till one day these men came and killed my oppressors. They took me yes, but only at my permission. They gave me back my freedom and a life that even the emperor would be envious of. Then an opportunity came where I could show my thanks, and not on my back. I joined there military and we have come here to do the same. So do not fear them. They won't harm you, but they will protect you. You have my word and honor as a fellow Warrior Bunny on that." Lepus said as she held Parva's hand. Parva was hesitant but she remember the stories her mother would tell her child. How three years prior her people lived in the great plain of the north east. However when they attacked there queen turned traitor to save herself. In return those who weren't killed were enslaved. There were a few who escaped the Empires wrath but very few places tolerated them. So hearing that these people freed slaves for no charge. It sounded like a fairytale. But this stranger gave her word. Her mother always say that if a Warrior Bunny gave their word, they can't break it. Seeing that, the little one gave a nod and begin to calm down. Course that was when a loud thud came at the door.

"VELOX YOU CHEAPSCAPPING WHORE! OPEN UP RIGHT NOW!" A voice cried out from the other side of the door. Parva recognize that voice and quickly grabbed ahold of Lepus in fright. The door continued to bang, but the Marines didn't paid it much thought. Rather with a simple hand signal they quickly went into the shadows of the room and motioned for the girls to be quiet. The few candles were snuffed out and they waited. Soon the man burst into the room with a few of his friends.

"Velox, we had a deal. No clients on your own time. Now get out here you slut. We know your bullshitting about having the crimson Plague!" The man shouted into the dark room towards the bed. However there was no response. Everything was silent. Annoyed he stumbled back as his friend with the torch entered in.

It was a group of five including the loud mouth. All five of them entered, unaware that there were four men and one Warrior Bunny hiding out of sight. Knifes out, and ready to pounce. The one with the torched looked around for any signs of someone, but his attention was on the strange device next to a map of the empire. As he inspected them, he turned his head for a second only to come inches away from Freeman.

"Boo." Was the only thing Freeman said before tackling him to the ground. The torch was extinguished before it even hit the ground. By then the Marines were on them. Muffled screams and blood pouring out onto the ground was heard. By the time these thugs could react they had hit the ground with there throats slit wide open. A few seconds later, the sound of a Zippo lighter being flickered a few times were heard before a light in the darkness appeared.

Freeman holding a bloody knife in one hand walked on over to the table, zippo in the other to light his way. He lit the wick of a nearby candle's. Lighting up the room, revealing the corpses of four dead on the ground. Only one still alive was the loud mouth. Being held down by Lepus and Kowalski. Parva noticed the bodies and could not stop staring with eyes wide. These five she considered to be the most terrifying goons on the south side of the Akusho District. Yet these, Marines. They were even more terrifying. She should be scared of them, yet somehow, she wasn't. As she takes in every detail of this flawless takedown, Freeman approaches the sole survive before speaking calmy yet terrifying tone.

"Now, before you get any ideas. You will answer my question quietly. You try calling for help, scream, or even think of doing anything stupid and the only thing they'll find of you will be guts we used to hang you from. Am I crystal clear or should I cut that into your thick skull." Freeman asked as he held the knife's tip to the man's head. The man wanted to scream and curse at him. However the knifes edge was literally scratching at his scalp. So with a nervous muffled he nods his head and Lepus let's her hand off his mouth. "Good, now Identify yourself."

"… M-My name is Acario Adelais… J-Just w-w-who do you work for?" The man known as Acario answered before asking. In response Freeman slit the tip of his scalp.

"Aup, Aup, Aup. I ask the question's pal. Do that again, and I'll toss you out the window, head first." Freeman scolded as he wipe's the blood from his knife on the man's collar. Dangerously close to his neck. After a few swipes Freeman continued. "Now. Why were you bothering this family? The mother was clearly unwell, and her poor daughter was terrified of your ugly mug."

"T-The bitch… she w-works as prostitute in our Brothel… the Bessara Family don't take k-kindly to t-those who try-y and nab our p-property." Acario answers, pissing himself in fear. He'd hope that by mentioning that he was part of the Bessara Family these strangers would be shitting themselves. Yet what happen next made him shit himself. The man, who held him at knife point. He wasn't terrified. Didn't even flinch. He went silent… then begin to chuckle a wicked laugh.

"Heh, Heh, Heh… I see. Well, I think it's time this Bessara learn the meaning of No." Freeman said before turning to one other soldier. "Diego, get Gunnery Sergeant Krieg on the line. Think we give Bessara a rude wake up call."

"With pleasure sir." Lance Corporal Diego said with a nod as he picked up the phone and made a call out. As the call went out, Freeman grabbed Acario and brought him to the open window. Forcing the man to look out. Moments later, a sudden explosion far off went off. It took him a few moments before realizing that the fiery mess. Was right were the Bessara store all there drugs and money. By the size of the flame, if the fire's don't destroy it, then the scavengers will be stealing it. With new found anger the criminal spoke up.

"Y-You… You crazy bastard. Do you have any idea what you did?!" Acario shouted enraged and shocked by what this strange man ordered. "Who in all twelve gods do you think you are!"

In response, Freeman delivers a hard right hook sending Acario out the window. Before he could plummet to the sludge river below, he was nabbed by the shirt collar. He let's out a few panic cries before being pulled up to meet the face of Freeman.

"Since your so inquisitive about who I am, let me tell you who I am… so you can tell your boss and any of the Family members who care to listen." Freman said before pushing the now screaming Acario to the edge with a knife held to his neck. "I'm the Grim Fuckin Reaper. And you better pray you don't get in my way."

Freeman then pulled back his knife before cutting Acario's shirt. Causing him to fall to the sludge river down below. The tide carried him far as he struggled to swim in that shit. But the message would be carried out. Freeman then turned to his men and remarked as he pinches the bridge of his nose with some regret for not killing the bastard. "Well, unfortunately we can't stay here. And we can't leave them behind. These bastards may kill them by accusation."

"Don't worry sir, I asked Gunnery Sergeant Krieg. We can bring them sir." Lance Corporal Diego confirmed much to Freeman's relief.

"Well that's one cluster fuck we don't have to worry about." Freeman said before turning to Cheif Petty Officer Carlyle. "Carlyle, when can we get the mother moving?"

"Well, the disease did a number on her. I doubt she will survive much longer without that shot. So I think a quick run wouldn't hurt that much." Carlyle said as he pulls out a cigarette. After taking a small drag he then remarks. "Though someone has to carry her."

The group went silent for a few moments before all eyes turn on Kowalski. It took the soldier a few moments before realizing why they were staring at him. Complaining he remarks "Oh… come on guys. Why me?!"

"… You won't shut up about elfs and fantasy girls when we first arrived. Seem fair to us that you carry him." Another Marine remarks, trying hard to hide a smirk.

"Oh shut it Hutchins." Kowalski snapped as he tried to hid a blush. The group let's out a small chuckle, excluding Kowalski, Lepus, and Parva.

After a few moment's of busting Private Kowalski ball's, he begrudgingly grab's Velox. He grumbled and cursed under his breath as he carried the naked mother on his back. Lepus had convinced little Parva that they needed to go, but promise that from now on her life will get better. The Marines soon left the small house before racing down into the slums once more. Making there way to a newly established safe house. As they moved through the streets, the scene goes dark.

Back in the Rocky Mountains. Just moments before Sunrise.

The view shifted back to the wreckage of the train. Right at this moment the hills were swarming with tanks M46 White. Named after Mr. Armor Himself. Multiple American soldier rode them over the mountain, after receiving the report that the train holding the V.I.P's was attacked, all hell broke loose up and down the chain of command. Least some good news came out of this, despite the huge number of dead none of them were the V.I.P's or the team protecting them. As the soldiers looked for any signs of them, the view pulls on a single figure sitting up high on his tank. He was smoking a fat Cuban, overlooking the mess when the sound of a car pulled up behind his tank caught his attention. Two men got out of the car and approach the tank.

"Woah, sir's, this here wreckage is under military investigation. Please leave the area immediately." A nearby soldier said as he raced on over to the two.

"It's fine. Let them on through Bobby. Just the heads wanting to know the hell is going on." The old man said in the tank called down to his soldier. The soldier followed orders and stood aside as the two familiar looking strangers approached the tank. The man took a drag from his cigar before speaking. "So, whom do I have the pleasure meeting today?"

"Connor, William Connors." Conner said as he holds up a CIA badge.

"And who's the Jap Mr. Connor?" The old man asked before taking another drag.

"This here is Hansuke. He was… rather insistent on helping us track down our missing V.I.P's." Connor answers as Kin rolled his eye in response.

"Watashi wa tomodachi o sagashite iru dakedesu. Sono baka o shitte, kare wa sudeni betsu no sensō to tatakatte imasu." Kin remarks in his native tongue.

"Uh huh, I see." The old man said before taking one last drag before discarding his cigar into the snow. "Well, I'd hate to say it but there's barley anything left behind, seems those limey bastards weren't the only ones who wanted to secure them other worlders."

"Oh, Is that so General? Tell me, what did you find among the wreckage?" Connor asked as he pulls out a cigarette.

The general gave a nod before getting out of his tank, with papers in hand. He held up the papers before handing it to them. Pointing to one particular he remarks. "Seem those Syndicalist bastards are truly desperate from what my code breaker managed to unscramble, they reached out to local terrorist cells in Chicago. Wanting to capture the princess in hopes of making a deal. At the very least stop the invasion of their boarders."

"Hmm, troublesome indeed general. But why the Ruskie's involvement?" Connor asked as Kin moves away. Spotting something off in the distance.

"No idea, never did trust them even during the second Weltkrieg." The general remarks as he rubbed his chin.

"(Sigh) Odds are they pin this as a rouge bunch. Same thing I'd do if it were my team who failed to capture the V.I.P's." Connor said as he scratches his head. He pauses for a second as he lights up his cigarette. After a quick drag he then remarks, "So what about the K.A.S? The hell there doing out here?"

"Tsk, as if you need to be a spy to figure that one out." The General replies dryly. "The Brit's once were the empire that the sun never set, now there power is a mere shadow of itself. Australia, broke free from them during the War of Frater, India is on the verge of civil war, South Africa is ruled by a tyrant that isn't even on the same continent. (Sigh) Any fool can see that they are struggling to hold on to their remaining empire. Odd's are they wanted a new force to help them with their empire."

"Hmm, suppose that makes sense. I mean for a senile old AUS general." Connor coyly said with a smug grin.

The general looked at Connor, with an annoyed look. As tempted as he was to send that fox bastard to the ground with a bloody nose, he'd wouldn't be here if he picked a fight with every twerp who called him names. So rolling his eye's he notice Kin was over by the tree's, inspecting something.

"Yeah, well while I look for the missing V.I.P's, mind getting your Jap on a leash? I have a feeling that I'll be having these troops patrolling the Canadian boarder by sundown tomorrow." The general said as he crossed his arms.

"Sure, thanks for the time, General Patton." Connor said as he waved off the general as he head's towards Kin.

Kin was focused on the snow, noticing multiple footprints in the snow. Following them he found the trail heading west. As he inspects the ground, Connor came up behind him before asking, "So, Mr. Hansuke. What did you managed to find?"

"Toreiru, Nishi-iki ni tsunagaru. Osoraku anata no yukue fumei-sha…" Before Kin could finish Connor interrupted him.

"Please, say it in English. I speak five langues and starting to get a grasp on a sixth one. None of them Japanese." Connor Interrupted.

"… There heading west. By now they are probably going to shake there followers off near Carson City." Kin remarks in English.

"So there heading to the Gate? Huh, how unfortunate we don't have any safe houses out there." Connor said as he takes a drag from his cigarette.

"No, not to the gate. I know of one thing between here and Sacramento. A small farmstead on Lake Tahoe. Not many people know about it." Kin corrected as he stands up.

"Oh, and what is at that farmstead?" Connor asked with a brow raised.

"Patricia." Kin answers as he stands up and heads back to the car.

"Patricia? Who is that?" Connor asked with a brow raised.

"His wife." Kin said before walking to far for Connor to hear.

"His what?" Connor asked with his eye's wide in shock. After a few moments he quickly recovered from the shock before racing over to Kin. The two quickly got into the car they came in and drove down the mountain. As they do a song from the radio begins to play as the scene transition from the Snow bound mountains of the Rocky's to a small farmstead in the woods in the earl of the morning.

Play Marty Robins, El Paso for added effects

Out in the West Texas town of El Paso
I fell in love with a Mexican girl.
Night-time would find me in Rosa's cantina;
Music would play and Felina would whirl.

Blacker than night were the eyes of Felina,
Wicked and evil while casting a spell.
My love was deep for this Mexican maiden;
I was in love but in vain, I could tell.

The farmstead was a simple two story building. Fresh snow had fallen onto the porch, but had already begun to melt. The view pulls in to see the hallway covered with multiple photos. Photo's of Eastwood and his brother, him in Japan with his friend, and in Italy. However there was more than photos of him.

One night a wild young cowboy came in,
Wild as the West Texas wind.
Dashing and daring,
A drink he was sharing
With wicked Felina,
The girl that I loved.

So in anger I

Challenged his right for the love of this maiden.
Down went his hand for the gun that he wore.
My challenge was answered in less than a heart-beat;
The handsome young stranger lay dead on the floor.

Photo's of a Beautiful Mexican lass covered the wall as well. Her silk raven black hair and piercing Emerald Green eyes gave an enchanting look to her. She was seen with her parent's back in Tamaulipas, her in military fatigues, and a news article detailing how she led a group of refugees to El Paso.

Just for a moment I stood there in silence,
Shocked by the FOUL EVIL deed I had done.
Many thoughts raced through my mind as I stood there;
I had but one chance and that was to run.

Out through the back door of Rosa's I ran,
Out where the horses were tied.
I caught a good one.
It looked like it could run.
Up on its back
And away I did ride,

Just as fast as I

Could from the West Texas town of El Paso
Out to the bad-lands of New Mexico.

The view pulls from the hallway into the living room. Inside were two lofty chairs, a dining set, and book case filled with a number of books on farming and raising horses. On the wall were photo's of both Eastwood and this woman. Both in military fatigues, and in wedding dress and tux. As the view pulls to the side, we see the room enter the kitchen where a woman in her late thirties was doing the dishes.

Back in El Paso my life would be worthless.
Everything's gone in life; nothing is left.
It's been so long since I've seen the young maiden
My love is stronger than my fear of death.

I saddled up and away I did go,
Riding alone in the dark.
Maybe tomorrow
A bullet may find me.
Tonight nothing's worse than this
Pain in my heart.

And at last here I

She hummed along to the music coming from a nearby radio. Her enchanting voice carried the toon through out the empty house as she set aside the plates. As she was about to finish her ear twitches as and she quickly turns around. She was the same woman from the photo's. Her hair had begun to gray, her left eye covered by a patch, and multiple scars covered her olive hands. But the most notable thing, was the fact that she was clearly ending her pregnancy.

Am on the hill overlooking El Paso;
I can see Rosa's cantina below.
My love is strong and it pushes me onward.
Down off the hill to Felina I go.

Off to my right I see five mounted cowboys;
Off to my left ride a dozen or more.
Shouting and shooting I can't let them catch me.
I have to make it to Rosa's back door.

Something is dreadfully wrong for I feel
A deep burning pain in my side.
Though I am trying
To stay in the saddle,
I'm getting weary,
Unable to ride.

She looked around with her one good eye. She had heard something outside, and her Soldaderas training kicked in. Odd's were that it was a coyote, or maybe a bear who wasn't hibernating. But she still went to check the window when she spotted a group of people she had never seen before. However one among them had a familiar face. She gave a smile, and head to the front door to greet them.

But my love for

Felina is strong and I rise where I've fallen,
Though I am weary I can't stop to rest.
I see the white puff of smoke from the rifle.
I feel the bullet go deep in my chest.

From out of nowhere Felina has found me,
Kissing my cheek as she kneels by my side.
Cradled by two loving arms that I'll die for,
One little kiss and Felina, good-bye.

Just as the song was about to end she had arrived at the door. She was about to open it when she remembered that she forgot something. Reaching to the side she grabbed her old Mondragón rifle from her old Soldaderas days. Checking to make sure it was loaded, before kicking the door open and firing at the group on her doorstep.

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