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Somewhere in Sadera Empire along the Gloria Road

3rd POV

The view was dark as the muffled sounds of crying can be heard. After a few moments the view opens in the form of a blinking eye. With the few moments, it is revealed that the setting was inside a caged cart being pulled by horses.

"Ugh, where in the name of Dixie am I?" The man groaned in a southern tone.

The view pulls up to reveal the man that was in focus. He was an older man, in his late thirties. He had on a simple set of clothes. A light brown leather jacket with the sleeves rolled up. Under a simple white button up shirt with overalls attaching to black dress pants. However his right eye was covered with a patch. A wound he received during the second American civil war. He was a pilot for the AUS, but now ah-days he's been running drugs from Mexico, and South America. He was in Sacramento to meet up with another smuggler when he was captured by unknown romans. As he begins to pick himself up, a voice chimes in.

"Your awake. I'd say that's good, but considering our predicament in this obscure and bizarre situation we find ourselves in. It might be better if this was a bad dream." A slightly snobbish yet strangely childish tone stated in a New England accent.

The Man looked up to see four other strangers in the cart. There were three who were either trying to cope with the situation, or crying softly trying to pretend this was a bad dream. One young lad with ginger hair and pale skin was the only one who seemed to have their head on straight. He was wearing a tan sweater that was slightly torn. A pair of kaki school pants. Must have been captured at a barber shop. Because his ginger hair looked recently cut crudely.

"Son, I've woken up in this situation before. Ain't my first brush in captivity." The man said before eyeing his captures. "But I have to say, being held prisoners by, actual Romans. That's a first for me."

"Tace! Servi." The Roman shouted before banging his spear against the metal cage.

"There not Romans, despite the appearance and crude dialect of the Latin language." The kid remarks.

"Wait, so you can understand these… whatever these assholes call themselves?" The man asked.

"Well, somewhat. They refer themselves as Saderans and yes. I studied Latin as a past time to improve upon my English." The young lad said with a hint of pride in his tone.

"Aw… so what are they planning to do with us?" The man asked wondering why they captured a citizen.

"Well, the women were being carted off to their capital. While the men being shipped off to different parts of their quote 'Imperii Gloria.' Which it is as arrogant as it sounds meaning they are going to be trafficked as slaves for mines and the area while the women… god help them." The lad said with a sadden and slightly fearful tone in his voice. The two soon return silent state as the thought of what will happened to them begins to come to mind. After a few moments the man decided to break the ice.

"… I'm Cleaton. Cleaton Zeke the third." The man known as Cleaton said as he held out his hand. The man looked down at his hand for a moment. Before shaking it.

"Vic. Rockwell." The boy replies.

"Well Victor, lets try and find a way to avoid the current conundrum that we have found ourselves in." Cleaton replies as he looks around.

"And how will you do that? In case you haven't notice they frisked us for anything that can be used to escape." Vic replies with a disappointed look.

"Oh, contraire my yank friend. They seem to have left my lucky playing cards." Cleaton said with a smile as he subtlety pats his shirt.

"… and how will that help us?" Vic asked with a raised brow.

"Oh, I think I have an idea… but it may take awhile." Cleaton remarks.

"Good, cause from the way they are ratioing their food. It may actually take a few days… if we're lucky." Vic said as he looks out with hopeless glair at the setting sun. The view pulls in on the sun before the scene goes black.

Washington DC. Four days later

The view opened up on the former capital of the United states. It has not been named the capital in over two decades. During the war, multiple, buildings, roads, and monuments that were built in the city were destroyed from all sides. When the PSA captured it, the question of should Washington be made the capital came up. But seeing the bodies buried in mass graves all around Washington. It was too much to handle. Rather it became a city dedicated to history of the united states. To remind the future of American citizens the lessons that were forgotten during the first. It wasn't till the end of the second Weltkrieg that Washington gained a new purpose. The White house became a home for visiting foreign ambassadors and Congress became neutral grounds for two nations to discuss issues without the need of guns, aptly being renamed as the Congressional House for the World, or the C.H.W. It proved itself to be a mix blessing at times. But as of this day, the world's eyes were turn upon Sacramento California. When an unknown group of Romans had attacked the heart of America itself. Though they were repelled, the damage they did in those short few hours had left the world in shock… and enraged.

'Ugh, what I will give for sweat simple silence right about now.' A Bostonian inner voice said as a young man makes his way to the C.H.W.

He was being hounded by multiple reporters who were blaring out questions at what was being referred to as the 'Battle of Sacramento Valley.' They were questioning him about what he knew which was very little, what will happen to those who were injured which he couldn't stomach, what will happened to those who were captured, execution for crimes against humanity if he can guess and secretly prayed for, and the reports of a child with actual bunny ears… that last one, surprisingly he knew more about.

After the battle, former Mountaineer and now reserved Specialist Eastwood of the Sundown Guard, had brought a child to the medic. She was almost thirteen and results from the medical examination she had lived… an unforgivable life. This was due to her having functioning rabbit ears. It seems that no matter what civilization humans live in, predigest follows with it. His thoughts turn away from the crowd of shouting journalist to the first encounter with, Taraunta.

Flashback: Two day's back

The view opens on a military Hospital complex in San Francisco. He approached the door where two soldiers were posted. After he presented him with clearance, they opened the door for him. Inside was Taraunta, no longer dirty or wearing rags. Instead she was cleaned, patched up, and wearing a medical gown. She was listening carefully to a young Caucasian nurse who was sitting at the end of her bed. She was comforting her with a song from her home country.

"It didn't work out right away Moscow was not built in a day Moscow did not believe the words А верила любви. Powdered with snow, Листвою заворожена, Найдёт тепло прохожему, А деревцу земли. Alexandra, Alexandra, This city is ours with you." The woman sung smoothly, having the child's full attention. Only when she noticed the man in the room did she stop.

"Oh, sorry, I've was told that you will be talking with бедный ребенок." The nurse said in a slightly thick Russian accent.

"It's eh fine… Alexandra by um Nikitin right?" The man said as he tried to remember the name of the famed musical talented child from Moscow.

"да, you've been to Moscow?" The women asked.

"Well, visited once. My brother Jack is currently acting representative." The man said with a smile before getting serious. "If it's alright, can I request to be alone with the child?"

The women nods before turning to the child. She gives a comforting pat on the child's shoulder before leaving the room. Once gone the man turned to the child. He takes a deep breath before replying in Latin.

"How are you doing Taraunta?" The man asked as he pulls up a seat.

"F-Fine." The girl said with a stutter before realizing something. "You can speak the common tongue?"

"It's referred as Latin on this side of the gate, and yes. My family insisted that I study the catholic faith, religiously." The man said with a chuckle at the pun. Obviously, the young girl didn't get the reference. The man then straightened up before getting to the point. "Ms. Taraunta. Is it alright if I call you that?"

"Of course." Taraunta said with a smile. She has never been addressed so formally before. To be honest she was slightly embarrassed. Her focus was changed when the man put a strange looking box on the side of her bed. He opened it before removing a folder containing small paintings. They were in black and white but the view of each one was more realistic then the oil paintings in the capital.

"Ms. Taraunta. I represent the country that these, Saderan soldiers attacked. I've been made aware that you were brought here against your will and suffered things that I cannot even begin to imagine. To put it simply, I'm sure you have no love for these men. But I need you tell me why they attacked us on our own soil, and what in the world is that massive archway that appeared before." The man said as he points to the photo of the massive gate.

Taraunta look at the photo, before noticing one. It was of her master, Count Magnus. He was held up against a wall with strange symbols and lines, holding a sign with his name on it. The way that man beat him, brought the girl joy. The only thing that she wondered is if these people will return her to him. The man noticed her hand shaking as she looks at the photo.

"… You don't have to worry about him." The man said in a comforting tone, gaining the attention of Taraunta. "When inspecting his bag, we found multiple letters, papers, and documents showing him to be in charge of a massive slave network. Along with that deed's stating he has full rights of whoever he captures on the other side of the gate."

The man explains as he leans back in his chair. The idea of slavery has been a menace on American society since the independence war. It was the cause of the first and second American civil war's and currently being dealt with it. Seeing the girl's confusion about these papers he continued on. "From those documents alone, he will be sentenced to life in prison. With your testimony, he might be sentenced to death for his crimes, against humanity, and Warrior Bunny? That's what your race is called, right?"

"YesSo… if I'm not going back to this despicable man… what will happen to me?" Taraunta asked, she never heard a human talk with tones of disgust about slavery before. Which left the question of what will happen to her?

"… (Sigh) To be honest kid. I don't know. We never met a Warrior Bunny before, and the American public won't favor the idea of sending a child back to a country that uses slavery so openly. Best guess is that you will be administered into the foreign orphan program and then you will be made a temporary American citizen till your eighteenth birthday to which you can be admitted as a citizen if you choose to." The man guessed.

"Adoption? Like an orphan human?" Taraunta asked with a crooked head.

"Well… yes, I guess. Three meals a day, education in language, mathematics, science, and any subjects that take your fancy. Even if you're not adopted you will still be given these basic things." The man explained. It sounds bare minimal to him, but for Taraunta it was something that she dreams about. Education for a slave was rare in the Empire. For low born they only learned how to read, write, and count if the job is called for it. The fact that she will be educated, fed three meals, and best of a chance to be welcomed into a family, not as a slave but as a daughter. The idea captivates the young girl's mind. Almost shocking the poor man as she leapt forward onto him.

"Please let me become an Ameri-can. I'll do anything. Please don't send me back!" Taraunta begged as she wrapped her arms around the man.

"Whoa easy there Taraunta. I don't make the decision but I'll put in a good word if you answer a few questions I have." The man said as he held the young girl.

Taraunta moves back and straightens up before saying. "Ask anything. I'll answer it with complete honesty. I swear by the gods."

From there, the two proceed to discuss everything about this, Empire Sadera or Saderan Empire. They were commonly referred as the Empire. They had a massive Empire spanning 8,000 km, with multiple kingdoms that swear fealty to them. They have ruled the land of Falmart for the past six centuries. In that time, they have become a dominating power on the land. Making claims to the best economy, culture, and military. While this proved to be interesting, the archway, known as the 'Gate' was considered a Holy relic of the god. Measuring in sixteen yards both in height and length, it was created by the god Hardy to connect words together. Her people came through the gate three centuries back… and have been enslaved for three years now. She explained in great detail how the Empire declared war on her people for no reason other than for the son of the emperor, Crown Prince Zorzal, lust for glory. The war ended with their queen Tyuule becoming his personal slave. The rest were either hunted down. Killed or enslaved. She and her mother were some of the few who were unlucky and were enslaved. What became of her mother wasn't said… and from the medical report she was clearly abused in way that would make a sane man's skin crawl with disgust.

After the lengthy interview with her. The man got what he asked for. As he was packing up he spoke to Taraunta. "Thank you for everything. I will leave you now but I'm sad to say that in two day's you will be present at a council meeting. A gathering of different countries representatives. They want to hear the same thing with their own ears. I hope this won't be an inconvenience."

"No, it won't be lord… huh I'm so sorry but I never caught your name my lord." Taraunta said with an embarrassed smile. However, the man was confused by this.

"Lord?" The man asked.

"Yeah, for a man to be representative of a nation that eclipse's the Empire like an ant to a mountain; you must be of a noble house." Taraunta explains earning a chuckle.

"Heh, guess that would be the case if we were a monarchy." The man remarked with a chuckle gaining an odd glance from Taraunta. Seeing this, the man explained what America was. "The United states of America, or America for short, is a Democratic republic. We have no kings, lords, or rulers. It the people of this land that rule over ourselves."

"But without a king or a senate of nobles, wouldn't a nation of this size fall into anarchy?" Taraunta asked still confused about this government known as Democracy.

"Heh, we had a few times where that almost happen, but putting it simple. Every naturally born citizen of the USA can become a leader. They must be chosen by the people to represent their interest. To put it in the words of one of the most beloved leaders. 'The government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.' The man explains.

"So, if I were born on Ameri-con soil. I could be chosen to lead the nation, like a chieftain tribe?" Taraunta asked starting to get a sense what this man was referring too.

"To a sense. There are a few differences but that's just the details. In a few day's you will be brought to a city known as Washington DC. Home to the national Mall. Which has museums dedicated to every aspect of American history and culture. I will happily escort you through the grounds to explain everything for you." The man explains causing Taraunta ear's to shoot up in interest.

"Really! Thank you lord… er Representative… Eh." Taraunta blushes once more realizing that she still has no idea who this man is.

"Heh, sorry. My name is Robert. Robert Francis Kennedy. But please call me Bobby." The man now known as Robert Kennedy said with a smile as he held out his hand much to Taraunta confusion.

"Oh, Right, guess I should apologies this time." Robert said with a chuckle. "In America and most cultures, we greet and say goodbye to one another with a hand shake."

"Hand shake?" Taraunta asked.

"It's rather simple. You look another in the eye, bring your hand opposing to the other before clasping one's hands together. You hold with a firm but fair grip, then you shake the other's hand softly." Robert explains as the two proceed to do exactly as he said.

End of flashback

Robert thoughts come to an end as he enters the building. The Press were held back till the meeting begins. As a wave of people were all waiting to be allowed in. As he walks through the old halls of power, he came to a door that had two MP guarding it. He was allowed in, to which a group of a dozen people were all standing inside. These people were representative from all the most powerful countries in the world. They all came here with the sole purpose of learning what exactly happened and if it pose a threat to their nation. Along with that, a hand full of citizens from five different countries were also taken. That alone can lead to another Weltkrieg, rather instead of a country against country, it will become all of earth vs this new world. Robert soon finds his near the front row. He sits down and places on his headphones. As he prepared himself for this historical meeting a figure walks over to him.

"Ах, Кеннеди. Good to see someone familiar here." A Russian voice comments. Robert looks up too see an older man, wearing a High ranking Russian Military uniform while using a cane to hold his balance. He then speaks again in a thick accent. "Your brother say's hi."

"General Zhukov. To what I owe this pleasure." Robert remarks.

"Oh not much. I was sent by government to oversee and assess this, how you say 'strange altercations.'" Zhukov remarks with a shrug.

"Huh, strange. Last time we talked you didn't exactly have a favorable view on America." Robert stated, to which Zhukov responded with a simple shrug.

"True, capitalism is not the policy I'd support… but I will admit. It's hard to find a good кола outside your country." Zhukov remarks as he thinks about the local stand outside selling Cola.

"Well, maybe after I'd buy the first round. Though I can't promise anything. Me and the Mrs. are going to show Taraunta the national mall." Robert said with a smile.

"Hmm, perhaps I may join you. From rumors I heard, she is part Bunny yes?" Zhukov asked.

"And your sources are not wrong. It's the strangest thing I've seen. But those ears have led her to a fate that no one deserve. So don't judge or stare too long when you see her." Robert confirmed. Zhukov gives a nod before the lights begin to flicker, signaling for them to be seated.

After a few moments, Reporters were soon let in and they took their seats. Once everyone was seated and quiet, an older man with a mustache sat down at the center desk overlooking the representatives and journalist both domestic and foreign. He cleared his throat before speaking in an English accent.

"Ladies and gentlemen. We have gathered here to discuss the recent tragic that has fallen upon the America capital of Sacramento. What makes this day of infamy stranger is that by the confirmation and testimonies of multiple eye witnesses both civilian and military personnel. To put it in the words of a close friend of mine, A Fantastical army that can be found in one of books written by famed South African writer, J.R.R Tolkien." The man spoke causing the room to rumble with noise from the audience. Multiple translators back stage translated everything the man said before he raises his hand.

"Yes, the American people were attacked at the new capital of the nation. In this day of infamy, we can only thank god for how swift the armed forces came in. But this attack did not only leave the American people speechless, but angry. Anger not seen ever in the long history of the union of states. The Sadera Empire or simply as they are known simply as 'The Empire' has robbed, killed, raped, and it seems enslaved those who they came across in their two-and half-hour rampage through the city of Sacramento. Worst yet, when the commanding officers, Count Formal, Count Sway, and Count Magnus were killed or captured were carrying orders. Orders all signed by the ruler, Emperor Molt Sol Augustus, telling them to set a foot hold in the savage land for quote 'Imperial expansion and the subjugation of locals.' From what they gather from the survivors. Subjugation, includes the enslavement of civilians for work or… personal use." The way he stated "Personal use" caused everyone in the room to rage in uproar.

Slavery has been immoral for nearly a century, but rape. That was and still is a crime condone by all. It still happens but given permission for a sovereign ruler to do so. It made everyone's blood boil in rage. What this man said about how the American people were feeling wasn't wrong. Worst yet, for these people these people were sick of war. And now they are forced back into a war with no declaration. A surprise attack, directed at the citizens. If there was a way to describe te rage of the American people. It would be a giant sleeping grizzly bear, that this Empire had rudely awaken and filled it with rage.

The man then patted the table loudly gaining everyone's attention. Once they had quiet down, he spoke. "I know, there is no word on this earth that can describe the rage for one will feel towards this sort of atrocities. But perhaps there is one from the other side." The Audience was now once again muttering among themselves. Before the man could continue. "You see, it seems Count Magnus brought one of his slaves. A young girl by the name of Taraunta. She has agreed to testify along with another the horrors of the Empire. But before we begin, she has gone through a traumatic three years. So please, don't stare at her rabbit ears."

The Audience goes quiet. Not sure if the translators said this correctly. Rabbit ears? Just then the doors open and out walks a handful of Guards. Escorting two people. One was Robert Kennedy's wife Ethel, and the other Taraunta. She was wearing a white dress that was hand tailored to her. Her once shaggy and greasy brown hair was now cleaned and trim in a boyish bob style. She doesn't look like a walking corpse anymore, rather a young girl who is slightly thin. She seemed rather happy, as she moved along the isle towards the front. Once they arrived at the podium, Mrs. Kennedy assisted her with headphones designed for her. Once on the man speaks to her.

"Ladies and gentlemen. This is Taraunta. As you can see, she is not human. Rather her species is known as a Warrior Bunny. She has volunteered to give her personal account in this new land." The man said before looking at the girl. "Ms. Taraunta feel free to talk about your life and experience in this land. If the subject is to sensitive then feel free to skip it if you must."

She gives a nod before giving a small sigh. She then speaks in a calm tone that was almost childish in nature. "Hello, my name is Taraunta. I was raised in North Eastern plains. We lived a nomadic life. We travel around the plains in the spring and summer, and return to the center of the plains during the winter. A land we call Σπίτι. I remember how we trained for combat and how once every year a ceremony is held to find out who was the strongest in the tribe. The winner's will be sent out into the world where they will return after three years of adventures." This peaked everyone's attention. A semi Nomadic life. Sounds a lot like the Mongolians of old. "Sadly, things changed when the Empire declared war. Or rather the emperor's son. Crown Prince Zozal Caesar. For six months they attacked us till they surround our traditional home of Σπίτι. Very few of us escaped but we were hunted down, eventually… I was taken away from my mother…"

Taraunta then begins to cry causing everyone in the room to feel sympathetic to her. Those who were watching on the television sets, or over the radio couldn't help but feel bad for the child. For a blink of a moment. The whole world was silent for this poor girl. She stutters with her words to which the man on the stand spoke in comforting words.

"It's ok if you don't want to talk about what happened to your mother. Nobody will force you to relive those horrible memories." The man said in a calming tone.

"T-Thanks." Taraunta said as she wipes a tear from her eye. She then continued with her story. "A month later I was sold to Count Magnus of house Opel who rule near the mouth of the blue sea. As I told Bobby, all he cared about was the flow of trade. If he wasn't sleeping on a bed of Swani then he would be upset. And for his personal slaves… when he's upset we will be the first to know."

The way she phrased it, and the fact that in front of all the representative was a translated form of her medical examination after the battle. Multiple broken and cracked bones, bruises, and a torn hymen. That last part wasn't known to the general public but from the way she sounds they can guess how she was treated. The pause continues for a few moments before Taraunta continued.

"After two years, Count Magnus received the letter calling for him, Count Sway, and Count Formal to lead the Empires army into the foreign land beyond the gate. To enslave and conquer the land beyond. Though I have to say I never expected that the empir… country would be this powerful. Hosting figures of powers in one place to discuss what would seem to be a barbaric nuisance to the Empire. Even more surprising is the compassion you show to your own people. It gives me a feeling that I haven't felt in a long time. Hope." Taraunta said with a tone of genuine joy. This moved the reporters and the representatives as well as the nation. Ever since the attack, Americans were hardened to the idea of going to war. For some it felt like a curse, that they must endure war after war within the span of years. They had hoped that by returning to the policy of nonintervention will grant them at minimal twenty sound years of peace. But hearing how this girl was treated and comparing the Empire to the nation. Swayed more civilians minds then the prospect of revenge for the injustice done in Sacramento.

"Thank you, Ms. Taraunta. You've been very forth coming with this comity of nations." The man said before giving a nod to the MP to escort her from the room. "You shall be escort out for now. Your testimony before this council of nations has proven very insightful."

"Your welcome… but before I leave. I have over heard from a few people mention Count Formal. Is he here?" Taraunta asked.

"Umm, yes. He is the next to testify before the committee, why you ask? Did he mistreat in any way?" The man asked.

"What, oh no. Gods no. Count Formal is a good man. One of the few that the Empire has. He employ's multiple races in his region and even set up a reservation free of hassle from those in the Empire who see us as vermin. I was hoping to escape from my master to this land but I could never escape. Even when walking behind him if I fled, he would have been blamed for it. And because of his stance he would have been executed for it." Taraunta explains getting a few oh's and hmms from the audience.

"I see, well I'm sad to say that Count Formal crimes against the American nation is too great for lenience, however seeing he was forth coming, show remorse, and how he is a pearl among shit. The Americans may consider lenience at the expense of a deal." The man explains.

"All I ask, is that you don't execute him. Life imprisonment, or maybe remove his sword hand. But please don't kill him." Taraunta begged causing a few people to be confused about this. To them Count Formal was the barbarian who led the charge. To let him get away with it did not sit well with the American people. Even when his actions were noble.

"His punishment isn't up to me. However I can safely tell you that because of his cooperation and deal, made the American government, he won't be executed." The man explains much to Taraunta joy that Count Formal won't die. The man then turned to Robert Kennedy. "Representative Kennedy, what is Count Formal's punishment?"

Robert stands up before pulling out a sheet of paper. He clears his throat and begins. "Count Formal, in accordance with the attack on American citizens on American soil, has been found guilty for leading an unprovoked attack, under orders to attack nonmilitary targets, and encourage by the state to allow troops to do as they please with those they caught. Along with that he is charged for kidnapping and trafficking of the following countries in order. American, Argentinian, Brazilian, British, Canadian, French, German, Japanese, Mexican, and Russian civilians. Both political and civilian. Under normal conditions, international law states that if convicted for any of these crimes he doesn't plead guilty for he would hang until dead before buried in an unmark grave so nobody will desecrate it... if he was luck. But seeing how this is not normal circumstances and has been very forth right with us. The president of the united states will issue a full pardon, under the following conditions. One. he spends thirty years in prison with a chance of parole after sixteen years. Two. Upon release he will spend an additional eight years under home arrest. Three. He will act as witness for further trial once the war is over. And four. Once his sentence is up, he will be barred from taking any high ranking seats of power. Meaning he will no longer be allowed to rule Italia or command an army over two hundred men. Should he break any of these arrangements the deal is off and depending on which rule he breaks it will be either life imprisonment… or death."

Taraunta was slightly horrified at the prospect. He was a good man, but the crimes he did commit were heinous. Least he will be allowed to live and return to his family. The American people weren't exactly happy with this arrangement. But after the arrangement was read, they found this punishment acceptable. Sides most of the forces were hanged or will soon hang. Either they were too stubborn or believe that their status as nobles will save them from prosecution. The look on their faces as the punishment was announced, left those smug looks stunned. They broke down and cried, mentally cracked denying that this fate could befall them, then there were the rare few who walked the gallows with emotionless faces. Maybe they didn't want to give the people any satisfaction. Maybe they had no regrets. But it's possible that they knew what they did was wrong and decided that death will redeem their souls. Course there were few that stowed their pride, and chosen life imprisonment, not wanting to meet their gods this soon or whimper in the face of death. There were a few who were sentence to long prison with a chance of parole. Course it will be twenty to thirty years but least they will leave. With their honor and lives intact.

"I see… Mr. Bobby. Could you thank your leader? This president. I know this choice wasn't easy. It's easy to call for blood, but Lord Formal is an honorable man. He wouldn't do anything unless forced to. If anyone's fault for what happened it would Emperor Molt and the council that runs the Empire." Taraunta said with a hint of hatred in her voice.

"The council notes what you said Ms. Taraunta. And to be honest, the American people agrees with you. Giving the order is the same as executing it. Is that all?" The man states before asking Taraunta. She shook her and the man nods to the MP. They then proceed to escort her from the room. Once gone the man then clears his throat.

"The next and final witness this council of nations call upon is the leader of the Saderan army. Count Colt Formal. As difficult as it is for me to ask all of you. We must let him speak." The man said causing some representatives to grumble in agreement. Somewhere tempted to skin the bastard alive. But the words of Taraunta's plead for mercy stuck with them. So they constrain their anger… for now.

Moments later a blond-haired man was brought into the room. He was adorned in a blue button up shirt with the word Alcatraz FPD on his back and the cereal number 53268. This tucked into grey dress pants. His belt was removed and his shoes having no laces to prevent any attempt at suicide. His hands were shackled to chains that wrapped around his chest. More chains were attached to his ankles. Escorting him were five more MP. Armed with cattle prods. He looked down in shame as he was led to the stand. It was clear that everyone's eyes were on him in contempt.

He reached the stand where he was shackled to the it before the headphones were placed on his head. Once done the man speaks to him. In a calm tone. "Are you one, Count Colt Formal, of the Formal Nobility and head of the city of Italia and it's surrounding regions?"

"…Yes." Count Formal said with his head held low.

"Are you aware of the crimes you are excused of and found guilty of?" The man asked.

"… Yes." Count Formal repeated.

"And are you aware that by appearing before this committee you agree to answer all question best to your ability?" The man asked finally.

Count Formal actually looks up. With sadden eye he looks at the man before replying. "I am, I can't guarantee the complete truthfulness as there are some things I don't know. But upon my house's name sake, I shall try to do so."

The man nods before looking down at his paper. Before beginning to ask Count Formal a few questions. "From what I understand. When you were captured you had multiple letters. Some from your emperor, but along with that we found letters from three different women. All claiming to be your children. Is that true?"

"Yes, My oldest Elle, my second oldest Loui, and my youngest Myui." Formal answers.

"So it would be safe to say that you are a dedicated father? Or what about your wife?" The man asked him.

"… my wife, she died giving birth to my youngest. I have done my best to raise them. Especially my youngest since she has never known her mother." Formal answers.

"I see, then tell us. Colt Formal. If you had devoted so much time to being a father, then surely you know the wrath that your Empire has sowed itself the moment it struck the first American Civilian. Thousands of fathers had lost their children and wife's. Children lost their fathers, mothers, and siblings. And to add complexity to it all some of them aren't even American. They were representatives or tourist from foreign countries. So please explain why some of the most powerful nations in the world, come storming over for righteous vengeance. Because I can guarantee that if it wasn't for American policy of Neutrality there would be no need for this council." The man said with spite in his words.

The council all agreed with them. As they do, Count Formal could do nothing but remain quiet. He was given a brief lecture on the country that he led his nation against. It was not the flag of the bear, rather of fifty stars next to the stripes of red and white. These Americans as they call themselves, had gone through trial of multiple sided civil war that left the Americans scared. Yet they were not broken, far from it. After a brief period of peace, they were forced to fight the most powerful country and all of their allies. Yet not only did they survive but won the war. The American people demanded one thing from this war. Peace. They wish to be left out of any conflicts, and they had just settled down after they got what they asked for when the Empire barged in. It did very little damage but the shock and brutality of it all awoken the American people from their moment of peace. He was told that the flag of the bear was the flag that they used during the civil war.

It has grown to be the symbol of the best there has to offer. Not only that but a symbol of their might. The Empire with all its power had used a flag of the sangria dragon. The Dragon that was slain by the first emperor, who united a tribe of loose collective of humans into the makings of the Empire itself. The beast was chosen to show their resilience towards enemies. For almost all his life, he had seen the Sangria dragon as the pillar of strength. But when he saw the flag of the bear, and the forces that fought under it. He trembled. There was no negotiation, no victory, no hope. The American Empire will clash with the Saderan Empire. And without a doubt, the bear shall win. So upon hearing those words that there were many more countries who wish to fight with them he knew he needed to plea for penance. For his daughter's sake.

"It's true. What we have done to you is unforgivable. I know I shall rot in the underworld for what I have done. But please know we were under orders. Disobedience, regardless of rank, birth right, or evidence will be met with punishment's that are beyond cruel. My parents were accused of treason by another noble family. And were executed for it. I proved their innocence and the lord got what you would say, a slap on the wrist. Life is cruel and unforgiving; I watch as families were torn apart. Their lives destroyed. And the extension of slavery used beyond the point moral reason. And I could do nothing but watch, should I do anything then I shall be executed and my daughter sold into slavery as those who oppose me steal what has been in my family for generations. So judge me for the crimes I am accused of. Cause I am guilty of it. But I did so to shelter my daughters from the monster within." Count Formal explains with an honest and atoning tone.

"So, you committed these actions with good intentions even though you know they were wrong, all to protect you daughter and those who you rule over?" The man asked.

"Yes, I know my deeds will damn my soul. But maybe, when this war is over. My daughters will live a better life once the flag of this nation fly's over it." Count Formal states.

"I beg your pardon, but what are you referring too by your last statement?" The man asked with a perplex look on his face.

"I've seen first hand what happens to prisoners of the Empire. I know it very well. Prince Zozal El Caesar, loves to show his sadistic nature whenever he can. If he were born a noble then he would have been the bane of the Empire, and possible executed like the mad dog he is. But with no clear line of succession he is free to do as he please with no consequence." Count Formal said as he held his head down in disgust. He may be the next ruler of the Empire unless a new son were born, but the way he presents himself was a travesty to the failing dignity of the Empire. He would rape women as young as children, publicly if it gave him any sense of thrill. Torture, was a well spent hobby of his. And the way he tosses soldiers at the enemies like scraps off a plate, was beyond acceptable. Yet he was the first born of the emperor and with that status he could get away with the most un-honorable acts imaginable. His thoughts of the cruelty then change to the Americans prison. "The Americans put us in a place called Alcatraz. While the space is cramp you have given me and those who survived more dignity in the span of days then what the Empire would ever do in centuries. Provided everyone, regardless of status with three meals, strange baths, and of course time for recoloration purposes. I've enjoyed the prison's library, and starting to get a sense of this English language."

The Count stops to chuckle before continuing on. "Heh, heh, heh… Eh hem. What I'm saying is that if this is what soldiers of war are treated, then the citizens of this nation must have treatment that a low noble wouldn't have. How to speak, write, and read languages. Mathematics and strange magics that are also not magic are common place for a low born of your nation. And furthermore, your complexion of government. Seeing a nation that rules itself without kings or nobles? It baffles me but for some reason that I can't explain why, it works. If this is the kind of rule that Americans will impose upon my people, I hope it will be a change for the better."

This didn't exactly win anyone over but did raise a question. What would the Americans do once they invaded. To which the Man turned to Robert Kennedy. Asking him a simple question. "Representative Kennedy. How does the USA plan to go forward with the invasion of this new region?"

"Well, from what I am legal allowed to say, we have learned that the region that the gate exist out onto the top of a hill, referred to as Alnus Hill. It is considered a holy spot for those on the other side, but seeing that they used it to attack us, the Supreme court has sanctioned the right to occupy it. Though if any native wish to venture there, we can only limit their access, but. I've been told that nobody has gone there to pray in nearly five centuries. To which once the hill has been secured, we will hold it, using it as our base of operation. Should be no trouble. Mountaineers are preparing to breach to the other side as we speak." Representative Kennedy replies.

"Hmm, I've heard about these Mountaineers. The old man, at the state building, the one in the black hat. Will he be leading the charge?" Count Formal asked.

"Are you referring to Specialist Eastwood? Because I'm sad to say that the Qui cum tribus proeliis, is no longer a part of the Mountaineers." Representative Kennedy answers.

"Those who fought in three wars? So, this man fought in three wars? That explains his tenacity." Count Formal replies.

"Aye, Specialist Eastwood achieved the rank of First Sargent in the Fifth Rocky Mountaineers Division before stepping down and retired the Sundown Reserve's station in Carson City NV. His actions during the Sacramento Massacre has saved the lives of many and protected the memory of those who's ID cards were on displayed in the Museum. Earning him the rank of Lieutenant as well as another silver star for his valor." Representative Kennedy explains to Count Formal of the old man that had faced down multiple Saderan soldiers.

"I see… Emroy would have welcomed him with open arms." Count Formal murmurs to himself.

"As interesting as it is to hear about one of the many hero's during the Battle of Sacramento Valley, what will the American forces do once they have secured Alnus hill?" The man asked getting back on track.

"Ah, well as much as it pains me to say. The Empire has one strength over us. Knowledge of the land. We have collected maps and they are worst then capital coffee. So we will be sending scouting missions as well as following leads on the whereabouts of those who have been kidnapped. We will do this till we fully prepare a strike force. We will try to get the hearts and minds of the local population on our side, but should they show any hostilities with lethal intention then troops are ordered to kill only in self-preservation of themselves or others." Representative Kennedy answers.

"I see. What about this Italia, what will happen to it once captured?" The man asked causing Count Formal to hold his breath. He himself had no idea what will exactly happen to his beloved Italia. Just that his daughters won't be harmed unless they do something first.

"Well, from what we gather. It sits upon an important crossroad and trading hub. Upon it's capture we will work with locals to form a temporary government, till the war is over. Effectively obtaining another foot hold and cutting the Empire off from important assets in the east." Representative Kennedy answers before turning to Formal Molt. "And before you ask, no. We will try to obtain Italia through diplomacy before using violence. If your daughter is in charge then we will try to work out a deal for her to see you. Possible start a mailing system between you and her till your sentence is up."

"I see… thank you Representative Kennedy. Not many choose to capture a city through peaceful means." Count Formal replies with a sigh of relief.

"I think that will be all for today Count Formal. We've heard everything we need to make our final decision. Thank you for your testimony." The man said before giving the MP's a nod. They then walked over to him and uncuffed Count Formal before leaving the room. He left an impression upon the American people who were listening. First, as a blood lusting warmonger, now, a man who was simply forced into doing Ill-moral jobs under order. Still even with the two testimonies there was one last question that must be answered.

"Now, we turn to you Representative Kennedy, would you kindly walk to center stage." The man requested. Kennedy did so and walked to where Taraunta and Count Formal were just moments before. Once the headphones where on his ears the man speaks. "We have heard from the two witnesses about this foreign land. What I wish to know is why Americans are refusing military aid? There are countries that are here who demand to join the upcoming war. A few powerful political children and representatives had died or worse taken. So why, deny the aid?"

"Well, we have tried to stay neutral. For as long as anyone can remember we have practice isolation for as long as we can. Only entering war if we were strike first. The first Weltkrieg was the only time we decided to assist foreign powers, and it brought us to our knees with a mountain of dept. That said, we wish not to Burdon any other countries. Another reason is that if we invite others to aid us, they may use it to pressure us into their wars. So, as kind as it is, we like to handle this on our own, but that's the official reason. Personally, the enemies on the other side use weapons that our founding fathers would call obsolete. To that end, we can handle it. Sides, we want those responsible for this Massacre. If we brought over every army on the planet to aid us, then overkill won't even begin to cover the bodies left in this war's wake." Representative Kennedy explains.

"Yes, we are aware of your history. But eventually America will need help. You can't just police the world." A representative in a British accent said from the corner.

"That may be true Representative Hoxton. But may I remind you that we have faced worst. Much worse, opponents with less." Representative Kennedy replies to the British representative Jimmy Hoxton.

"Yet, it seems entirely selfish. This new land, on the other side. And only America will take claim to this alone?" A Chinese man replies in his native tongue only to be translated.

"We don't want land much less the resources within it. All we want is justice for the dead, and salvation for those taken." Representative Kennedy replies.

"Then why don't you except outside help? A few families from our own countries were taken. If the role's were reverse we will except any kind of aid. Especially from the Americans." A French sounding man replies, causing an uproar of people only for one voice to silence them.

"I think we should respect Americans wishes." A German sounding man states. Everyone turns to a blind man with a grey handle bar mustache. "America has come a long way. They took on the full power of Kaiserreich alone. Only having the Russians joined in when they had stepped onto French soil. They were David's in the second Weltkrieg, but now it shall be their turn to be the giants. Though they wish for peace, they shall deliver vengeful justice, and return what was stolen. This is their woods, and the bear must protect its own cubs."

The room goes silent before another man stands up. Speaking in his native Japanese language. "Representative Feldstein is right. This is their battle. Let them fight their own war's and if they need help let them ask for it."

"да, I don't see the point in wasting soldiers where they are not needed. But if they ever need aid, Russia will answer the call." General Zhukov answers. With these three-representative giving their say, the room goes silent for a few moments. Till the old man speaks up.

"So, it is at an agreement then. America shall fight this war alone unless asked for aid?" The old man asked. After a brief moment the representatives begin to answer. Everyone saying yes with a few begrudgingly so. With that final answer the old man then replies. "Very well, we wish for America's best in their fourth war. May god have mercy and let this be their last one of the centuries."

With that said he slaps his wrist against the table ending the meeting, causing the scene to cut to black.

On the other side of the gate. Around midnight.

The view opens around a campfire. Soldier from the Empire waited patiently. They remained behind to guard the gate. If they fall then untold damage shall befall their people before the Empire could stop these barbarians. Course, Barbarians isn't the word they heard from those who survived. Monsters. Monsters who can kill men from afar, who control fast moving creatures of steel, drive elephants of iron, and showed no mercy to those who attack them, didn't matter if you were a lord or a lowborn, they were in their home and they don't take kindly to those who destroy their home. The Empire sent an army of ten thousand strong to guard the entrance and have been watching it in shifts for the past four days. Nothing came through. Some of the new soldiers of highborn decent believe the Empire scared these monsters, and they are setting up defenses. While those of lowborn or veteran status believe they are simply preparing. That each second was one second of agony before the end. During this night, Lord Quintis had gotten bored and dragged his personal slave into his tent with his personal bottle of imperial wine. The soldiers all let out collective groans as they now will deal with the whimpering of a demi-human.

"(Sigh) why couldn't he do this in the fucking day?" One solder complains.

"Ugh, that beast incessant moaning will keep me up all night." Another guard said as he wipes his tired eyes.

"And worse, the lord doesn't make it any easier. She cries so loudly when he's asleep, wa, wa, my fragile bones are broken, wa fucking wa. By the gods, I hate it when the bitches cry." Another soldier says in agreement. As they complain one soldier ignored the three. He was on guard duty, and watching the gate with close but tired eyes. The other soldiers take notice and called out to him, nearly scaring the poor lad.

"Relax lad. You need some ale to take the edge off." One soldier said as he tossed him a water skin filled with cheap ale.

"But what about the army on the other side? What if they attack us right now?" The man said hesitantly.

"Heh, heh, son. Your to wound up. There is nothing that the Empire can't face. We will prevail as usual." The one soldier explains with a chuckle.

"B-But what about those who return. Did you see the wounds? Some of them didn't even have their limbs." The young soldier replies.

"… Well… it can't be as worse as the Artic war. And even if so, I'd gladly give my life for the Empire." The man states with bravado. The other men all said in agreement with what he said; however, the soldier wasn't so convinced. He takes one last look at the gate, before taking their advice and relaxing. This, proved to be a fatal decision.

As three dozen men in dark kaki and brown uniforms and Brodie helmets sneaked in. There uniforms were simple button up long sleeve shirt with a bear insignia on the side. These tucked into dark blue pants with kaki color gaiters wrapped around their ankles that tucked into black boots. Over their shirts was brown bandoliers or khaki pouch belt. All armed with the tried and true M2 Garand, Winchester rifle model 1948, and a B.A.R. 1944. Each one had a California Sequoia, strapped proudly to their side. They sneaked over silently, to the a few soldiers on the outskirts of the encampment. Before they could react, they were pulled down before a bowie knife was shoved into their throats. They had just taken out three of them before one guard notices. Before he can call out, one soldier tossed a throwing knife deep into his skull. Causing him to fall over onto a table of plates tipping it over and causing a loud crash.

"… Shit." The soldier replies as he hears the sound of soldiers waking up and leaving their tents to see their dead comrades on the ground, and unknown soldiers that fit the description of the barbarians.

The two groups stared at each other before a drunk man walked out of his tent. "What in Emroy's name is going on out here! I swear if any of you soldiers dare disturb me when mounting the wench, I will have you family's head on a sp…"

Lord Quintis went silent as he stares in disbelief. The soldiers before him, had killed ten men without anyone knowing. Would have been more if it wasn't for the dishes. The soldiers themselves looked at him in disbelief. A fat man with nothing on but sandals and a fist full of sticks dripping with blood. With what looks like a women crying from within. Seeing that caused the soldiers to remember exactly why they were here. The man broke free from the shock and raise the sticks.

"Intruders! Kill them alBANG!" Before he could even finish, the lead soldier fired off a 30-30 Winchester. Hitting the man right in the neck sending him back into the tent.

"Plan B. Dough-Boys! Show them what happens when you fuck with the Bear of the West!" The leading soldier shouted to his fellow soldiers. The Empire legates quickly scatter to grab their weapons or charge their enemies with fist. But were met with 306 Springfield, 308 Winchester, rounds that cut them down.

The sound of gunfire drew the attention of everyone that was encamped on the hill. Sounds of thunder and screams. At the bottom of the hill General and Senator Godasen was writing a letter home to his family when he heard the screams.

"What, in Hardy's name is going on!?" He shouts out as he walks outside only to see a man deserting… only for him to fall over with blood spewing from the back of his head.

He falls over before looking up on the hill. Streaks of lights raced passed his soldiers. Each one desperately trying to defend themselves only for their shields to fail and holes of blood appearing all over them.

"Wha… what is this magic?" General Godasen asked himself before another streak of light passes by his head. It just grazed him but the pain of something hot burning against his skull sent the man to the ground. He screams out in agony as he felt the blood pouring. Whatever hit him didn't kill him, but an inch closer he would have died.

"My lord! The enemy is here! The Enemy is here!" A soldier calls out from behind his shield… before being cut down by the streaks of light.

"Grraw, I can see that!" General Godasen shouted before hushing in words of power. Using the magic he had trained for years to do, he raised a pink colored shield, which seemed to stop the lights. After a few moments the bright lights stopped. He can see the enemy soldiers on the other side. All looking down at them. He quickly turned to a soldier. "Quickly, Ugh, get the cavalry. I want these barbarians skulls crushed under the Empires best stallions!"

The man nods and quickly races to get the three hundredth imperial Calvary. They were the best Calvary unit in the Empire, with over three hundred trained riders. They were masterful archers and advance lancers. If the horses didn't kill them then their arrows and blades will. As he concentrate on holding the magic shield, something came over. A strange green rock in the shape of a fruit with a nuzzle. Before anyone could even touch it. It exploded, sending shrapnel into everyone including General Godasen. He was bleeding heavily which was a simple fix for him. Using a healing spell, he felt the sudden pain of tiny metal pieces pulling themselves out of his back, neck, and legs. Once out he managed to pull himself up… only to see how lucky he truly was. Before him were the soldiers he was protecting. All of them bleeding heavily with multiple limbs missing. One soldiers entire bottom was missing with his guts hanging out. General Godasen eyes went wide as he hears the sound of horses. He looks over to see the three hundredth imperial Calvary racing towards him. His mind turned positive.

"Hurry! Hurry! Up the hill! We need to push them back before it's too lat…" Before he could finish, the thunder begins.

Only this time it was much louder. Probably because the weapons were aiming down at them. He dived for cover and watch in horror. All three hundred of the finest warriors on the continent. Falling to the ground dead, along with their horses. Lucky ones were killed by the blinding lights, the unlucky ones were sent to the ground before crushed under multiple horses. A pile begins to form under the weight of the horses. He had heard rumors about this enemy but the amount these… monsters were able to kill. Along with the fact that they have yet to kill any of them, put the thought into General Godasen. One that would have labeled him as a traitor. Run. Run as fast as he can. There is no way to fight.

Back on top of the hill, the Mountaineers watch as the lower base of the hill had a pile of corpses. horses, soldiers, and everything in between man and beast. A few were seen running away but that wasn't the target. Alnus hill has been secured for now. As the soldiers looked around, they couldn't help but notice a flag pole with the Empires flag. As they looked over at it, an idea hits the Sargant in charge.

"Dallas, you still have that old flag?" The Sargant said as he turns to one of his soldiers.

"Yeah, never leaves my pack. Why?" The man with B.A.R asked. The Sargant points to the flag with his head, it takes Dallas a moment before realizing what he was getting at.

"Oh, heh, it be my pleasure." Dallas said as he races over to undo the eye sore that was waving in the sky.

Play 'California Dreamin' epic version by L'Orchestra Cinematique' for added effect

The Sargent then turns and orders the youngest of the group to assist the woman in the tent, while the rest secure the hill. He then turns and walks back over to the gate before pulling out a flair gun. He cocks the hammer back and fires a red light down the tunnel. Signaling for the advancement to commence. He takes a step back and lights a cigarette. He takes one drag from his cigarette as a few tank's comes rumbling in, with multiple trucks filled with soldier came driving in. The tanks took the high ground in a turret position while the soldiers exited the vehicles. As they did, they were greeted by the sight of hundreds of dead soldiers, and a massive army heading straight for them. All while a flag of the old PSA Mountaineer division hanging proudly over the hill. Seeing it hang highly one soldier took a photo of it.

The scene cuts to a news article that was published days later. The News article using the photo of the flag states an American Victory on Alnus hill. Many American G.I's saw this flag waving proudly. In an interview many soldiers who first saw it, described it as a sign of home, democracy, and shield that defended the last rays of American democracy. Captured enemies under General Godasen who had fled the battle with a few imperial soldiers describe the sight of the flag as a sign of terror, death, and the destruction of there Empire. As for the slave girls that the soldier had managed to convinced to leave the tents or saved when the empire attempted to use as living shields. They saw that symbol over the bodies of her tormenter. Words could not even begin to describe what they were thinking. Confusion, curiosity for the most part. One girl however could only describe it with one word that brought pride to the G.I's who heard her say it. 'Hope.'

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