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English: Yippie Ki Yay

Translated English: Yippie Ki Yay

Denver Colorado, decades prior to appearance of the gate

3rd POV

In the-Mile-High city, gun fire can be heard, bombs from planes artillery shells fired off in the streets, and close combat broke out in every building. This building looking on over the plains was no exception. Inside a group of federalist snipers fired from up high. As the two sniper team shot at a far away enemy, they had failed to notice a young PSA soldier slowly creeping in with his M1917 Enfield rifle. After taking a breath he open fire upon them.

The bullet punctured through one of the snipers. As he staggers before falling back, the other soldiers quickly turn and open fire with there own M1917 rifles. As bullets flew, the young soldier barley had time to get back behind cover. He cycled a new round into the chamber before waiting, once a break in the Federalist had come to a finish, he quickly turned the corner before firing off the round. It hit the spotter in the arm but didn't kill him. Charging with his bayonet fix, the young PSA soldier charged the Federalist. However, he managed to evade before countering with a swift kick to the kids gut.

The Federalist soldier stood taller then the young PSA soldier. With relative ease he ripped the rifle from the soldiers hand before delivering a punch to the young soldiers face. The force sent his helmet off the side of the building. As the young kid struggles to stand, he quickly grabs his 1873 revolver and got a shot off before the federalist tackled him to the ground.

On the ground with the federalist head hanging over the edge, the Federalist had him pinned with a knife in hand. The two grappled with each struggling to kill the other. The young soldier trying to point his revolver at the Federalist, while using his other hand to keep the knife from his neck. As the blade got closer and closer, he couldn't get a good shot off. Just before the knife could even touch his neck, blood spewed out. It wasn't the young PSA's blood but rather the Federalist. A bowie knife had planted itself into the back of the Federalist head, resulted in the blade popping out of his eye.

The federalist gave a gurgling sound before falling off the side. The young soldier nearly went with him if the mysterious savior didn't catch him by his foot. As the young man panicked slightly from how high up they were, he quickly recovered after hearing his savior's voice.

"Whoa there. I got you." The stranger said as the young PSA turned to look up at his savior. "Ma would haunt me if she knew I'd let you become a flat cake."

The view was set so one couldn't get a good look at the savior's face, but his uniform was much different then the young soldiers. He was dressed in a tan button up shirt with a brown overcoat, over his shoulder was the patch of the newly created PSA Mountaineers. As he helped up the young soldier, it became apparent that this young private was none other than Eastwood.

"I had him, didn't need any help." Eastwood retorts.

"Uh huh, sure you did." The PSA Mountaineer remarks. Before grabbing the scoped modified M1917 rifle and tossing it to Eastwood. "And I'm sure wolfs dance with coyotes ever Sunday."

"Tsk, what does that even mean?" Eastwood asked annoyed by his brothers saying.

"Heh, one day You'll understand." The PSA Mountaineer said before pulling out a cigarette and walking over to the eastern side of the building. He looked on at the rising sun, coming up over the great plains. It was a beautiful sight. Makes one almost forget the horrors of the war that was going on.

As he sat there looking on at the sunset, Eastwood approached him before pulling out his own cigarette. The two brothers looked on over at the great plains. Both smoking there own cigarettes. After a few moments the sound of gun fire goes silent as the city fell to the Pacific States of America. With this breather the PSA Mountaineer soon remarks upon something.

"Say, Eastwood. Where is your platoon?" The PSA Mountaineer asked before taking a drag.

"Just a floor below. The sniper had a few soldiers guarding him downstairs. So while they handle it I thought I could deal with the sniper." Eastwood replies much to the PSA Mountaineer annoyance.

"Are you dumber than a sheep? Or as prideful as papered dog?" The PSA Mountaineer scolded.

"That bastard was taking pot shot's at our entire platoon since we got into the city. We lost David five, Queen Jack's, and Five Bill." Eastwoods said as he pulled out a few playing cards that had been stained with blood and bullet holes."

"And that would have an ace as well if you I wasn't scouting up ahead with Hansuke." The PSA Mountaineer replies pointing to the ace of clubs in Eastwoods sleeve.

"Tsk, what ever brother." Eastwood said as he rolled his eyes. "This war is going to end soon enough, Don't know why the Japanese even came. We'll be marching on the capital by next march."

In response to this callous remark the PSA Mountaineer slapped Eastwood on the back of the head. "Don't be a damn fool kid brother. We still got New Orleans and Chicago, and they ain't gonna roll over to snide comments and sassy-frass tones like a pompous bunny."

As Eastwood opens his mouth to curse out his brother, he held his tongue before giving a sigh. "(Sigh) yeah. Suppose your right. Still, least we made it over the mountains."

"Aye, we did. Now we have wide open spaces… to get shot in." The PSA Mountaineer replies with a chuckle.

"Heh, well if this war drags on for more then a year then I'll have to join the Mountaineers just so you won't have to get shot in them fields." Eastwood said with a smile.

"You, a mountaineer? Heh, I think the king in exile would sooner melt his crown before you'll be excepted into the Mountaineers." The PSA Mountaineer stated.

"What are you saying. I am totally Mountaineer material." Eastwood argued.

"Your childhood bully was a four foot girl who had a prosthetic leg." The PSA Mountaineer deadpans.

"I can't punch a girl." Eastwood retorts.

"And that's why the syndicalist will kill you." The PSA Mountaineer remarks as he made a finger gun and pointed at Eastwoods head.

"Well, then I'll go south. Doubt I'll run into queen fish down south." Eastwood remarks.

"No but they have mother fish and the Kaiser on there side." The PSA Mountaineer counters.

"Well what will you have me do? Head home and continue to farm the land while you and the Hansuka brothers over throw the Caesar?" Eastwood complains.

"… well, I could go for Californian strawberry." The PSA Mountaineer said as he rubbed his chin. The two stared at each other for a few moments before giving a hearty laugh. Eastwoods Brother wasn't joking but the idea of him farming Strawberries of all things was hilarious. So they laugh and laughed, as the sun comes on over the west. Blinding the scene.

Decades later

The view returns to normal, it opened up on a strawberry. Freshly plucked and packaged for a trip. As the view pulls out, it show's Eastwood sitting in a plane chair, looking on at a strawberry. His thoughts were turned to that day and he couldn't help but look on at that lovely little thing. After a few moments, a loud noise caught his attention.

"By the gods… how can all of you stomach this?" Pina complains before racing back to the bathroom to vomit.

She has been doing that since Denver. When they first arrived, they were quickly hurried onto a plane before taking off. Everyone seemed to be fascinated by the force moving the plane, and seeing the country far below was an unbelievable experience to them all. The plane went higher then any Waiver could ever go. When flying on the back of these creatures, not only do the soldiers run the risk of falling to their demise, but also freezing to death. So seeing the world so far bellow, gave them a sight that no one has ever seen before. Along with the amazing sight, they tried a series of foods made specially for the trip. Steaks cooked so rare that it would take normal chefs in the capital years to master, shrimp that they somehow managed to keep from spoiling, and these strange confections known as cookies. Myui couldn't help but savior each and every taste of those cookies.

"Simple darling. Get tossed around like a rag doll for a month by an elder dragon." Rory remarks sarcastically.

"That and don't look down." Sir Grey added.

As the two tried to comfort the princess, the voice over the intercom came on over the over head speaker. "Uh attention ladies and gentlemen. We are coming upon or final destination. Would someone please help the princess back to her seat before landing. Thank you for flying with us today."

"Ugh, oh thank the gods this trip from Hardy is finally over." Pina wheezed as Grey helped her back to her seat.

"Aw, the ride is over." Myui complained.

"I'm sorry Mi 'lady. It seems our ride has come to an end." Persia said as she straps her in.

"Don't worry, maybe we will get a better sight of this Washington town from the ground." Delilah added.

"Yeah, Washington DC, our formal capital has a few exhibits in the national mall." Hathale remarks as he puts out his cigarette. Lelei translates what Hathale said causing Pina to perk up.

"Exhibits?" Myui asked.

"Yeah, a few Museums dedicated to different things. Recently there is an exhibit on dinosaurs in the Smithsonian." O'Hara remarks.

Lelei translated what O'Hara said but stopped for a moment before turning to O'Hara. "What is a dinosaur?"

"Um, a big scary lizard thing that died off centuries ago." O'Hara explains.

"So you had dragon?" Rory asked in crude English over the chair.

"Um no. Least I don't think so. They exited long before humans did. Only reason we know about them is thanks to the bones that we managed to dig up." O'Hara explains.

"I see… do you also have a museum on Philosophy?" Lelei asked.

"Philosophy?" Hathale asked with a perplex look.

"The study of how the world works. Like how your guns, push that small lead stone extremely fast." Lelei explains, gaining a few Oh's from O'Hara and Hathale.

"Oh, well… yes and no. I mean I don't know if they have an exhibit on Philosophy but even if what you refer to is called science. We have an entire Museum dedicated to that." O'Hara explains, getting a response from Lelei.

"Really. Can we go see it?" Lelei asked with a hint of excitement in her stoic tone.

"Sure, but after testifying at the world council meeting." Eastwood said as he munches down on the strawberry.

Excited by this. Lelei quickly translated the entire conversation and it got everyone's attention. Including Princess Pina. She has been collecting as much information as she can on these Americans. Yet the information is either old, or obsolete. The map of America did show major roads, but with these machines known as "Planes". Any plans to destroy the roads or use them in any way would be pointless if they could fly over. This entire trip had just been a waste of time, if anything she has witnessed an unstoppable army, commanding such power and advance weapons. There is no way, they can win in a straight up fight. Not without using weapons on there level. So hearing that they are willing to show it them through the means of a museum gave her a spark of hope. They weren't exactly secreted about their weapons. Maybe she can learn how these, big irons work and have the dwarfs of the far north create them.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of falling. The plane was descending, and now going past the clouds she can see buildings out of the small window. She felt a pang of familiarity seeing the great white buildings along a huge watery strip. The plane soon landed in Washington National Airport, they were slowly let off. A few struggled to find there footing, similar to getting off a boat. From there they were lead to a discreet position where they entered a limo. The limo drove with an escort, from inside the vehicle the V.I.P's marveled at the buildings surrounding them. They were much taller then the one's in Sacramento and Denver. However unlike the two, they seem to have patches. If that wasn't disconcerting there was some holes in the building. It then dawned upon on a few that there three escorts have mention that this was the former capital. But yet they didn't explain why.

"Um… Eastwood, you mention this was the former capital… why is that, if I can ask?" Tuka asked, this got everyone's attention. Eastwood noticed all eyes were on him. So after readjusting his cigarette in his mouth he leans forward before remarking.

"We moved capitals after the war of Frater." Eastwood explains.

"War of brothers? What was that war about?" Pina asked interested in hearing more about a previous war America had fought.

"Well, the second American civil war was a war of ideology. How America shall be governed. It was a four-way war, between the PSA, CSA, UAS, and the Federalist. It was a very bloody war, those who fought in it refer to it as the war of Frater. Because of the number of family's torn apart by it." O'Hara explains, to which Lelei translates.

"Oh, and what side won?" Pina asked noting that even the Ameri-cans can fall into civil war.

"… Officially, we did… but the blood spilled. Nobody did." Eastwood said with harden eyes. The vague answer annoyed Pina, and Rory. However they noticed the hardness in his eyes. It told of sadness, and lost honor. Pina had only seen it in the soldiers who survived the bloodiest battles. But these eyes were much different. It was like every battle was bloodied. Maybe that is why they are honor-less, they have lost it? Before Pina could ask, Eastwood noticed the building coming up. With a stoic tone he remarked. "We're here."

Before them was a huge white building. Multiple civilians, protesting, and reporting on the appearance of the V.I.P's. Only being hold back by the National guard. The girls and Grey were taken back by the shouting and flashing of lights. As they were taken back, Eastwood simply puts out his cigarette and turned to them.

"Ready to have the eyes world of the worlds on you?" Eastwood asked.

"Um… I'm… not sure." Myui answered nervously.

"If it helps, so am I." Eastwood said with some comfort.

Myui gave a small smile before taking a breath. She gave a nod and the doors open. The eight exited the vehicle before making there way up the steps. As they made there way up, the crowed begin to get rowdy, calling out question, comments, and a few insults. While it was nerve racking, they still managed to make it inside with very little issues. They were led down a hallway before the group was stopped by a few National guards. They spoke to Eastwood before he turned to Princess Pina and Grey.

"This is where we part ways for now. Corporal Hathale will escort you to a private meeting room." Eastwood explained.

"What is this the meaning of this?" Pina asked, not feeling comfortable leaving Myui in the hands of her adversary.

"The brass who run this government wish to have a discussion with you. Even then your weren't exactly invited here." Eastwood explained with an annoyed glance, while Pina gave an aggressive stare.

"It will be for the duration of the council meeting. Once done you will rendezvous with the group before we tour the national mall." Hathale interjected to prevent an argument.

"That sounds fine." Sir Grey remarks. "Just a quick meeting, I doubt anything bad will happen to the countess while we discuss politics Princess."

After a few moments, Pina finally relented. Giving a small sigh she agreed before wishing Myui luck. The two groups separated, Grey, Pina, and Hathale heading upstairs with an armed escort while Eastwood, O'Hara, Rory, Lelei, Tuka, Myui, Persia, and Delilah went into the main hall. There they followed Eastwood to the center of the room, all along the sides were multiple foreign representatives and reporters all filming the event with curiosity. Upstairs, the other group was led into a small room where two men, and a young Bunny girl were waiting. Once the door was closed Hathale moved to the side before introducing them.

"Princess Pina, of the Empire. This is representative, Robert Kennedy, and Vice President, Dwight D. Eisenhower and… I'm sorry sir, but who's the kid?" Hathale asked in English while pointing to the child.

"Oh, she's Taraunta." Bobby answers before the child interrupted in a semi-decent English language.

"Taraunta Kennedy. I was just adopted by rep-presentive Kennedy." The girl chimed gaining the attention of everyone who turned to Kennedy.

"Heh, eh em. My wife, she adored her… admittedly I as well." Kennedy said as he wipped the back of his neck while giving a cheeky smile. He then cleared his throat before remarking. "I asked her here today to help with the translation."

"I see." Hathale with the help of Taraunta explained everything to Pina and Grey.

Once the translation was finished the two got down to talking about a possible peace deal. Pina was surprised by there willingness to want peace. It took some historical context that America was part of three terrible wars. Each one ending with so many dead that they much rather have a swift end. Along with that they provided evidence that indeed the Empire had started this war. She first wanted to refuse the evidence but she knew that the tactics and evidence cannot be ignored. Only difference was that these Americans can repel and counter-vade them with advance weapons and tactics. Along with that they had far more experienced soldiers. Some of who had fought in three wars spanning the decades. This was a fool's task. Only way she can see the empire surviving is to agree to a peace term. However, she was surprised when she was asked to act as representative to her kingdom. She was the daughter of emperor but her pull in the senate wasn't as strong as her two brothers or father. Yet they offer it to her all the same. Even offered to return prisoners captured during the attack. They provided a list and the number was too extensive to pay for. All they asked, is for the return of there own and for her to act as representative and four hundred of 6,000 prisoners who weren't hanged or sentence to life in a dark hole. Would be released once a month. This caught her off guard but it seems that they wanted an end to this war, made them quite negotiable.

Though she wanted to know more about what these Americans want besides peace. They did want a few things but they were trivial to the empire. The land surrounding Alnus for the next five hundred miles will be annexed from the empire. An additional five hundred miles will become a de-military zone as well. The city of Italica will become an independent nation and all it's territories reversed to them. Finally, The Empire must admit to starting this war, pay for all damages and triad those who have committed war crimes. Those last two worried her but she has managed to remain on good terms with Myui so while it is a bit of a lost, she can managed to keep good relationships with Italica.

Once done she agreed to this and begin forming plans to host American representatives in the capital. The Jade Palace was saved for this kind of occasions, so perhaps it will be easier done then said. Once the conversation had finish, Kennedy held out his hand. It took her a moment to realize this was a form of agreement. After shown how to by Taraunta, the deal was set and she was sent back downstairs to meet with Myui and the rest. When she did she asked how it went.

Myui's response was semi-amusing.

Twenty minutes earlier.

The room was packed with representatives both foreign and local as well as reporters from every corner of the world. As they waited, the door opened and in walked the group. Cameras flashed in excitement, especially on the maids due to there interesting features, however there attention also turned to Rory's huge halberd. They were led to there seats at the center of the room before an announcer stepped forward.

"All representatives, and members of the press. Please silence yourselves for the testimony and report from witness. Ms. Tumbler, you may approach the podium and question the witness." A man announced causing the room to go silent as a brunet walked towards a podium with a briefcase filled with documents.

Once up at the stand she then called upon Eastwood to take the stand. Eastwood complied and a few moments after approaching the stand the woman slapped down a report discussing the dragon. With a clear and accusing tone she soon start her interview.

"Lieutenant, A. Eastwood. You and your men had escorted over six hundred civilians when a fire breathing dragon attacked. About one fourth of them died, while under your watch. Is that true?" The woman questioned.

"Yes, sadly that did happen..." Eastwood remarks but before he could finish, the woman interrupted him.

"Then how are you going to take responsibility!? You were former Mountaineer for Christ sake!" The woman snapped.

Eastwood remained silent before remarking in a calm tone. "We did all we could. Ma'am. But last I checked the powerful 50 caliber did nothing against the hide. We were lucky to drive it away, with the minimal resources we had. No one was prepared to face such a creature."

"Then tell me, Lieutenant. What would you recommend should any more soldiers come into contact with this creature? Let others die? Are you suggesting that we let innocence burn?" The woman sneered.

"Absolutely not. In fact if anything I recommend that congress equip us with better equipment." Eastwood retorts back.

"Hmm, very well. That is all for now Lieutenant." The woman said before turning to the man. "I would like to call upon Witness Lelei La Lalena."

Eastwood heads back to his seat, as he does Lelei walks up to the stand before adjusting the mic. Once done the woman begin questioning her. "Ms. Lalena, I have been told that you managed to learn a considerable amount of English. Can you understand me?"

"Yes, I can." Lelei answers.

"Good, I was told that you and over thirty villagers were taken in. Did the American Expeditionary Force treat you badly or imposes and restrictions on you or any of the survivors?" The woman asked.

"Restrictions? I don't know what that word means." Lelei responds.

"Mean's limiting, like, are you or anyone in the camp prevented from basic needs or freedoms?" The woman rephrased her question.

"No, we are given more then plenty of food and water. We are allowed to worship freely. Along with that we are free to leave at any time. Yet the concept of freedom, or your definition confuses us." Lelei responds.

"I see. Then answer this last question. Do you feel that the American Expeditionary Force failed, in protecting you and everyone else during the attack?" The woman asked.

"No." was Lelei's only response.

"I see, that is all." The woman remarks before Lelei stepped to the side to act as a translator. The woman called up Tuka. The cameras focused on her seeing those elf ears catching the most attention at the moment. After a few shots the woman spoke.

"Eh hem. Ms. Tuka, Luna Rei. I do apologies but to clarify. You are an elf?" The woman asked.

"Yes I am a member of the Marceu Clan of the Roda Forest Tribe and Daughter of Hodoru Rei." Tuka replies to which Lelei translate.

"I see, then if I may once trouble you once more with this one last question. Are those ears real?" the woman asked.

After Lelei translates Lelei responds by brushing her hair aside to show everyone that indeed her ears were pointy. "Of course they are indeed real… would you like to touch them?"

That sentence set everyone off. Everyone was absolutely fascinating by her and not just the people in the room, but everyone around the world watching the event live. An actual elf. A real life, magical elf. Fantasy lovers went absolutely crazy. After a few moments, the crowed finally manage to quite the audience down.

"Eh, um. That won't be necessary Ms. Rei. I just wish to ask did the American Expeditionary Force at inappropriate or irresponsible during the dragon attack.

Tuka goes silent as she looked down with some sadness. After a few moments she finally speaks. "I… I lost my father. When Mr. Eastwood and his team arrived, he went out of his way to make sure I didn't freeze and gave me food. When the dragon attacked, he risked life and limb to save as many as he can."

"I see… thank you again Ms. Rei that will be all." The lady said, allowing for her to return to her seat before calling upon Rory.

Rory was dressed in her priestess clothes but to those looking on she looked like she was morning the death of someone. With that the woman begin to plot multiple ways to exploit this womens hardship to push herself higher up into politics. Carefully choosing her next words the woman asked.

"Rory Mercury, Could you please tell us your life before meeting members of Third Recon?" The woman asked.

"I am apostle of Emroy, I live my life by his code. Waking up each morning, I pray to my god before wandering the land. Taking lives in his name. Occasionally I do stop to eat." Rory explains gaining a look of confusion and shock from the crowed.

"… I beg your pardon?" The women muttered with a perplex look.

"Emroy, is the god of Darkness, War, Death, Violence, Insanity, Love, Crime, and Execution. He has chosen me to be his apostle, thus I honor him with the lives of those I deem worthy to be slaughtered. Bandits, warriors, criminals. Sometimes annoying people as well." Rory explain. After Lelei explained it got everyone's attention, and not in a good way.

"Um… I… see." The lady said taken back by Rory's statement. Quickly clearing her throat she changed the subject. "Eh hem. Carrying on, please tell us if the actions taken by the American Expeditionary Force has caused the death of your family or loved ones?"

The question went unanswered for a few moments before Lelei spoke. "Are you asking about Rory's Family, or are you about the refugees?"

Not wanting the conversation to change the woman annoyed states. "Just ask what I ask, Ms. Lalena."

Lelei simply gave a shrug before turning to Rory. She whispered what the woman said. Rory gave a shock look, much to the woman's inner delight. Rory gave a sadden look before moving in close to the microphone. She took a deep breath before, shouting angrily into the microphone in English.

"ARE YOU A FUCKING IDIOT!?" Rory shout in an ear rupturing hiss.

"… what?" The woman said as her ears slowly stopped ringing.

"I asked, if you were a fuckin idiot?!" Rory spoke in English.

"Wha… why young lady. Don't speak with such language. Even then how rude are you?" The woman snapped back.

"No, it's a genuine question for a disrespectful creatin such as yourself." Rory said as she pulled the veil from her eyes. "You have been accusing or trying to get the previous three to admit to American soldiers cowardice when in fact they are possible the bravest souls I've seen in a long time. Not only that but most civilized as well."

Rory then turned to Eastwood before continuing. "Sir Eastwood for example. Rode head first on that metallic Pony you refer to as a 'Harleys' not once but twice into danger. The first into range of the fire breathing dragon to save a child from being burn to cinders, the second into the hands of enemies to prevent conflict that would have seen Italica unseated from American protection. Not only that but his soldiers showed courage in defending the innocence, even managed to severely wound a flame dragon. A feat never before done in centuries. One fourth had died? No, three fours were saved because of them. So I ask you again. Young. Idiot. Woman. Are you an Idiot?"

The entire room went silent for a few moments as the world looked on at Rory. However Rory simply gave a smug look seeing the pure anger in the woman's eyes as she stared into her eyes with much anger. After a few moments she finally lost her cool and snapped.

"… HHHH-How dare you. Is this how you speak to your elders… young girl?" The woman snapped.

"Who me? Darling if anyone is young it's you." Rory said flicking her off.

"Grrrrrrrrrr, listen here lady. Maybe it's fine to mock your elders but here we treat them with respe…" Before she could finish Eastwood walked up to the stand. He noticed how Rory was just about to leap out at the woman had he not intervened.

"Um, before this… fascinating cougar fight could continue. I should fill in that Rory, despite her looks. Is actually the oldest person in the room." Eastwood said interrupting the woman and pushing Rory back to her seat. As Rory growled at him for essential bloodlust cockblocking her, the woman remarked.

"Oh, and how old is she, Lieutenant? The woman asked.

"Over nine hundred and sixty-one of your years, young lady." Rory said with a cheeky smile causing not only the room, but the entire world to go quite. The oldest person in the room was eighty nine and yet he actually looked his age. Rory, looked like a thirteen-year-old girl. After a few moments Lelie walked on up.

"Rory, is indeed her age. She is an Apostle of the gods. They are blessed with long life as a testament to there gods. Upon turning a thousand years of age, there bodies will crumble. Turning to dust before rising again as a new god of there own religion. They shall either take the place of the previous god or take the responsibility of one of there duties." Lelei said confirming the age of Rory. The pure shock of her age was starting to kick in, when the woman soon spoke.

"Um… what is your age, Ms. Rei?" The woman asked in a hesitant tone.

"One hundred and sixty five years old." Tuka replies after getting the translation From Lelei.

"And you?" The woman said turning to Lelei.

"Fifteen years old." Lelie responds gaining a sigh of relief from everyone. "Is there any other questions?"

"Um… no, I'm done here." The woman said as she finished up.

What was originally her plan to use the failures of the militar to rise up politically had failed. Now, she felt like the laughing stock of the democrat party. What followed next was the interview with Myui and her maids on the treatment and capture of the city of Italica. The represented chose not to make the same mistakes as the previous one. Choosing his words carefully. The world watches on with renown interest as Myui, a young girl was leading an entire city state. She discussed how her the Americans come to occupy her city and how well her citizens lived because of them. The audience admired Eastwoods actions, Chuckled at Pina's ridicules deals, and murmured at how easily they captured the Rose order Knights. Afterword's they were excused from the room. There testimony fulfilled they had free rain to explore Washington.

They toured the Various Smithsonian's after getting a quick bite to eat from a local café. They were amazed by the National museum of science. Different sciences or Philosophy's they refer to. To most it was mumble jumble but to Lelei. She could understand most of it. She quickly bought a book on the scientific method as well as chemistry. As she studied it with great interest, they soon moved on to the natural museum of arts and culture.

They had exhibits on ancient cultures, that pinged a sense of familiarity for Myui, Rory, Pina, and Grey. Though they could use less of seeing statues of men's privates. As they move about the museum, they soon came to foreign arts. Beautiful Murals of Syndicalist inspiration from Britain, Portraits of the revolution from France. The horrors of the Weltkrieg from the Russian Federation. As well as a few paintings from the far east. However what caught Pina's attention, was a painting by famed artist and dancer Anita Berber. Called, 'Sultane haben das Schwert gekrümmt.' It depicted an older looking man, with two young lads dancing up to him in a curved position. The innuendo caused her to blush heavily. Putting her thoughts on fighting the Americans aside with the plans of simply collecting as much as she can on this, "German Art".

Myui and her maids however were more focus on American arts. Pacifically on the wild west. She marveled at statues and paintings of native Americans and frontiersmen. She finally came to a painting of Olive Oatman. The girl with the blue tattoos. Hathale told her story, about a young girl being kidnapped by a tribe of Indians. Before rescued by another tribe. She became one with it, and had the tattoos anointed on her chin and arms. It was believed that by having them, she was allowed access into the afterlife. Doloria couldn't help but remember the tattoos her tribes would adorn herself. Perhaps she can see if one of these tattoos.

After a while of exploring the art Museum. They finally arrived to the museum of history. Here they showed multiple exhibits to countries history. The group was rather surprised by this massive countries humble beginnings. A colonies of peasants. Demanding there voice was heard, fought a war against the most powerful nation on this planet. Despite failure at the beginning, they managed to win. From there they only grew as they slowly took to the world stage with great ambition. However, they had come to the end with the Second American civil war.

The first one was about the ending to slavery, this one. Was not so cut and dry. America was cut off from the world. Thanks in part to Germany. As the country went into a decline, radical ideas on how to fix it become louder, and louder. This all broke down and soon the war for the nation was decided between four full factions. As they looked around, Tuka couldn't help but notice Eastwood staring at a PSA propaganda poster. On it was a Mountaineer, shaking hands with a Japanese Imperial Marine. Bellow it reads, 'The Alliance that shall Defend Democracy' "民主主義を守る同盟" Looking at that brought memories flooding back to Eastwood. The memory of meeting his oldest friend.

Santa Fe New Mexico many decades ago.

The view pulls back from the propaganda poster. The scene was no longer inside the museum but rather a burned out building. Gun fire can be heard as a young Eastwood loops around the side, armed with the newly issued M1 Garand. He was acting once more as the scout for his patrol. The war had taken a turn for the worst with the Syndicalist uprising in Seattle causing troops to be pulled back to end this uprising. The AUS taking advantaged made a push that caused them to retake New Mexico. Only when the Zorro de pantano uprising in Florida happen were they given a chance to retake New Mexico.

As Eastwood turns a corner he spots a nearby patrol of AUS cavalry men. He reaches down for a grenade before suddenly feeling the cold barrel against his head.

"Don't try it PSA scum. I got you dead to rights about now." An AUS soldier said as he held an M1917 revolver to Eastwoods head. Eastwood slowly surrenders with his hand held up in the air. After a few moments, he quickly turned the tables by side stepping the gun and elbowing the man in the face. The shot goes off, but the soldier couldn't react fast enough when Eastwood planted a knife in his neck.

"Fucking son of a bitch." Eastwood swore as he heard the sound of horses riding in.

He quickly booked it down the deserted road as the horses came riding towards him. They shot at him with their LeMat Autoloading rifles. As they fired off, Eastwood pulled out his 1873 revolver and fired off a few shots. First shot hit the lead carvery AUS, second one hit the hoarse. However, they had gotten to close that they could pierce him with there bayonets'. Acting quickly Eastwood dived behind a destroyed car. The Hoarse leapt over him and the car before turning around. Eastwood unloaded his revolver into them. Killing the four however there were still four more. They open fire on him with there rifles as Eastwood struggled to reload.

As Eastwood reloaded the four departed from there hoarse and moved towards them. As they moved closer, they had failed to notice two additional soldiers moving in at the rear. The lead soldier stopped before reaching down and pulling out his grenade. Just as he pulled the pin, a blade punctured through his chest. The blade was pulled from his gut to reveal a single Japanese Marine behind the four. They could do nothing but scream as he cut them down in a series of smooth flow of his Katana. The grenade rolled to the side before detonating safely away from him. The explosion sent trash and debris up, behind him causing a smoke screen for one incoming AUS to charge at the man. However he was shot down by another rifle. Out of the darkness came another, Japanese Imperial Marine. This one looking much younger and wearing round glasses.

"Anata wa osoi kyōdai ni natte imasu." The younger soldier said as he cocked his Arisaka rifle. "Matawa tabun watashi wa hayaku natte imasu."

The Katana wielding Imperial Marine simply rolled his eyes as he sheaved his blade. The two approached Eastwood. Eastwood was about to open fire when he realized that they were allies. He then got out of the old car before the Kitana wielding soldier spoke to him in a demanding tone.

"Shōtai no heishi wa doko ni imasu ka!?" He demanded

"Wha? I don't speak Japanese." Eastwood said having no idea what he said.

"He is asking where your Platoon is." The younger soldier said in a thick accent.

"Two clicks that way. I'm just the scout." Eastwood replies as he retrieves his rifle.

"Pft, subete no Amerika no sukauto wa sakende iru kodomo to onaji kurai sōzōshīdesu ka, soretomo anata dakedesu ka?" The Kitana weilding Japanese said mockingly.

"Brother, Kare ni keiiwoarawashite kudasai. Subete ga senshi to iu wakede wa arimasen. Soredemo karera wa mada tatakau koto o sentaku shimasu." The young man said as he scold the man. He simply spits on the ground before walking away. After a few moments the young soldier turns to Eastwood. "I'm sorry about that. Big brother, takes military heroics to literal."

"Heh know that feeling. I also have an older brother serving." Eastwood remarks.

"Oh, you the oldest?" The soldier asked as he and Eastwood walked down the road following after the other soldier.

"Nah, youngest." Eastwood remarks.

"Oh, so am I." The Japanese soldier remarks before remembering something. He stopped and gave a formal salute. "Oh, where has my mind gone. I am Ittōhei Hansuke."

"Private First-Class Eastwood." Eastwood said as he gave a semi formal salute.

"Eastwood… oh, Is your brother in the Mountaineer division?" The soldier asked.

"Yeah, did you meet him?" Eastwood asked. It's been a few months since he heard word from him. last he heard he and the rangers are pushing into CAS controlled Kansas.

"Um no not really. But my brother, Kin has worked with your brother. He once described him as 'Zusan'na, hokori takai, soshite meiwakuna... Senshi no tame ni.' Or Sloppy, proud, and annoying for warrior.'" The soldier said with a chuckle.

"What?" Eastwood asked with annoyance in his tone.

"Oh don't get it wrong Yank. My brother doesn't have favorable opinion on westerners. But seeing him call your brother a warrior, is the closet I've ever heard him get to a compliment." The youngest Hansuke replies with a smile as he pushed back his glasses.

"Huh, your brother must be a charming guy." Eastwood said sarcastically as he look on at the older Hansuke.

"Heh, yeah. Most people get that impression of him." The youngest Hansuke replies with a chuckle. "Course what is to be expected. He is the older brother."

The two couldn't help but laugh as they continue down the street, scouting ahead for any AUS Cavalry. As they do, the view pulls to the side where a propaganda poster of a blond bombshell of a Woman standing beside a Japanese girl. Both in military uniforms while holding a flag of there native country. It reads. "Columbia calls and Amaterasu has answered. コロンビアが電話し、アマテラスが答えた".

Back in the Museum

As the view returned to the museum, the poster degraded a bit but still is admired by Eastwood. He silently walked by each poster. Heroizing soldiers, encouraging trust in foreign soldiers, and demonizing the other factions. He looked on at them with such, regret and sadness that it was hard not to notice. As he walked along, Tuka approached him.

"Mr. Eastwood… you said you fought in the second American civil war… which side were you fighting for?" Tuka asked nervously.

"Hmm, um me and my brother fought for the Pacific states of America. Or the PSA." Eastwood remarked as he pointed to one of the propaganda posters of Uncle Sam holding the PSA Flag.

"Oh… wait, brother?" Tuka asked not realizing that Eastwood even had a brother.

"Yeah. Stubborn but witty pain in my ass he was. Heh though I think you might have liked him." Eastwood remarked.

"Heh, sounds like you look up to him. Will I get a chance to meet him one day?" Tuka asked.

Course with that comment came a bitter expression on Eastwoods face. After a few moments Eastwood Hesitantly remarks. "He's… he's not with us anymore. Passed away during the second battle of Denver." Eastwood remarked as he points to a portrait of the battle. In it, fire rain down upon them from Canadian barrage. Hundreds of thousands were left expose to the horror might of the Royal Canadian armies.

"Oh… Oh… I'm so sorry." Tuka stuttered to apologies, to which Eastwood simply shrugged it off.

"It's fine. Happened a long time ago." Eastwood said waving this off despite the sadness still in his eyes. "He gave his life for his men. Sacrificing himself to save a thousand retreating soldiers. I miss him every day but with out him a lot of soldiers wouldn't be here."

Eastwood then comes to a stop. Looking up, a bronze statue of his brother was on display. Showing him holding a MK. 1 Anti-tank Rifle under his arm with his Californian Sequoia in the other. The statue was dedicated to him by the families of the thousand he saved. The only shame, was that despite recovering the body, his Californian Sequoia was stolen. If given the chance, any American would kill the man who stole it. Sadly everyone knows who has it. Yet he is still untouchable. As Eastwood looks on at the statue he couldn't help but shake his head and smile.

"Heh, there is so much pride one can have before it makes a lion into a wheel." Eastwood remarked aloud to himself.

"What?" Tuka asked, not understanding what Eastwood said.

"Ignore it. Just something my brother would say about all this." Eastwood said shrugging off what he said earlier. He then got a good look of his surroundings realizing that the two were lagging behind he turned to Tuka. "Let's catch up with the group. Ain't no point in having an old man slow us down."

"Yeah… though technically your middle age compared to me." Tuka points out.

"Wow, that's harsh… yet fair. Heh don't let my wife hear that or it will be both our heads on the line." Eastwood said with a chuckle.

Tuka didn't know if he was being sarcastic or genuine. But after a few moments she shrugged it off before following after him. As the two head towards the group, the view pulls in on a new model plane. A F-51 Mustang. The view pulls in before transitioning to outside Italica.

Meanwhile over the airfield overlooking Italica

The early morning sun slowly comes up over the hills. Outside Italica stretched a small airfield, originally build for helicopters to land, it has been modified for planes to touch down on. Recently they begin stockpiling multiple A F-51 Mustangs, waiting to get a shot out in anger at the empire. After a few moments, an alarm went off.

The watchmen stationed at the towers noticed a huge blazing fire off in the distance. Without thinking, the soldier nearby quickly grabbed there rifles and shoes. Some didn't even bothered to put on pants. As they raced out to see what was going on, they were shocked to see a hoard of goblins making there way, along with a battalion of soldiers. Had it not been for the fire, they would have gotten close enough to inflict some damage.

As for the Imperial soldiers led by General Quintus Caepio… from the very far back. His eyes went wide in shock. A fire had given away his soldiers position. Had it not been for it they would have been on top of the sleeping savages. Who could have started that flame, and may the gods damned whoever started it.

Little did either side knew, this fire was not started by either the American or the Empire's forces. As the two fought, a group managed to slink into the base. Approaching a nearby plane, Zeke eagerly hopes on in and quickly got to work. Activating it's engines the Mustang slowly comes to life before pulling out into the runway. A few guards noticed but were unable to stop him due to the goblin hoards.

"Yee-haw, good to be back up in the sky." Zeke said to himself with a mad grin on his face, however this joyous return to a fighter plane was interrupted by the sound of another voice.

"Who is this! There was no authorization for any despatcher!" A voice came over the radio. "I repeat, Plane 551 A-2-9er, identify yourself or get shot down!"

"I'm sorry, commander; but if you hadn't notice a bigrade of Roman wannabe fucks are acting as a distraction for there air force coming east side. Might I recommend not shooting down this old timer before you handle the gas attack."

"Wha… Who is this!" the voice called out.

"Nobody, just an old king reclaiming his lost glory. Talk to you on the ground Cali!" Zeke said before swamping the channels. "Hey Vic, how's it looking from the ground?"

"The Americans are distracted by the goblins, least that fire got them up in time to deal with the others." Vic replies, before noticing something. "Zeke, Arlayna spotted them. Coming from the east. You must stop them, not a single one of those beast can make it to the city."

"I understand. Heh, better keep count. These small pond fish never tangled with this old big fish." Zeke said with a smile before turning the plane towards the oncoming hoard of Wyverns. Meanwhile up in the sky the commander of the Wyvern core had failed to notice the oncoming plane.

"Quickly men! We don't know how long before the savages see us!" The Wyvern commander shouted to his men.

"Ha, these savages may have gotten the jump on us! Now is the time to return the favor!" A young Wyvern soldier remarks as he checks his bombs.

"Don't get cocky. If they spot us, then they might pull something out of there asses!" A more experienced member of Wyvern core called out.

"Pft, like what. Their own WyveRATATATATATATATTAATTAT!" Before the soldier could even finish that sentence a loud ranging sound cut's through him and his Wyvern with ease in a stream of yellow light. He and the Wyvern corpse falls to ground far bellow as a fast-moving dark blue cross moved through the sky.

"What in the name of the gods is that!?" A soldier calls out as the plane fly's by.

The commander vision slows down as it passes by. After a few moments he noticed the white bear insignia on the side. His eyes go wide in horror before shouting out to his men "It's the enemy! Quickly men we must hurry! Strike down that machine or hall ass to the city! We mustn't fail our mission!"

Half off the Wyvern brigade quickly broke off to attack Zeke, while the rest made a be line for the city. The wyvern were completely out match in speed, skill, and versatility. Zeke was able to knock the rust off from flying planes, and with relative ease managed to do circles around the slow moving Wyvern, along with flying higher then there riders could. They had no chance, but they knew that. As Zeke butchered a huge chunk of them. Vic called him over the radio.

"ZEKE! There closing in on the city!" Vic shouted out to him over the radio.

"Don't worry. Haven't forgotten about them!" Zeke said with a smile as he flipped his plane around and flew towards the one's flying towards the city.

With them, the soldiers quickly removed there jars of poison gas. They got ready to drop them when bullets ranged out just behind them. The Commander, was the first to get hit. Right in the hand, causing the pot to break releasing the gas. He choked on the venomous gas as his eyes watered and skin burned. He could do nothing but squirm before falling loose from his Wyvern and plummeting to ground far below. The others realizing that the blue devil was coming quickly separated in panic. With no leader they became confused and dazed hoping to escape Zeke. They were wrong. The A F-51 Mustangs managed to easily catch up to them before riddling their bodies with bullets. Raining corpses far bellow. The civilians who were all hiding at the time, slowly peeked there heads out to see the actions from far below.

The empire had sent their fearsome Wyvern Corp to kill them all, yet one American Air-o Plane managed to defend the city. Watching that plane move in smooth formation was beyond impressive. Damn inspirational if anything. For General Quintus, it was an unbelievable sight but not for the same reasons. The American Savages… they had a horrifying beast, faster then any Wyvern, and able to kill it's targets a hail of yellow light. The plan, it had failed spectacularly. His mind goes blank as he tries to figure out what and how did his ingenious plan go so wrong, all while his underlings tried to get him to retreat. This was all in vain as the blue devil moved towards them before something dropped down from it's underbelly. Making a whistling noise as it falls just beside his hoarse.

Zeke watches on with a smile as the bomb exploded. "Ha, Everyman's a King. Cept you son's of bitches!"

"Plane 551 A-2-9er, who ever in the cockpit. Land the plane right now. The attacking armies have been delt with. As thankful as we and the people of Italica are, if you don't land that plane I will have it shot down do you understand!" A voice on the radio called out. Zeke looked down and noticed right away that AA guns were pointing at him. Not liking his odds he complied.

"Alright, Alright. Don't shoot when I land this puppy alright." Zeke said into the coms before slowly taking the plane down. Course he much rather take the plane and run, but he had nowhere to go. So with a small sigh, he landed the plane back on the airfield. To which a crowed of civilians and underdressed soldiers had gather around the plane.

He cut the engine before slowly getting out of the vehicle with his hands held up. Rifles pointed at him he slowly got out before the man in charge, dressed only in his boxers and tank top approached him. Rifle in hand.

"Identify yourself!?" The man shouted.

"I'm Cleaton, Cleaton Zeke the third. I'm am an American. So put down the rifles, I just save all y'all lives for crying out loud." Zeke said in annoyed tone as he rolled his eye.

The soldiers however weren't swayed. As far as they know, an attack just happen. Dragons tried drop canisters of gas upon the people of Italica, a fire had awoken them from there rest, and this southern just stole a plane and ranted AUS propaganda over the radio. As they held the line, another voice came over from the side.

"Wait, he's telling the truth!" Vic called out as she and rest of the misfits came out of the crowed.

"Ma'am. Identify yourself." The commander asked as a few soldiers turned to her and the group with there weapons ready.

"I am, Rockwell. Victoria Abigale Rockwell. Daughter of Johnathon Rockwell." Vic said, revealing her actual full name for once. The soldiers did had an idea who Rockwell was, but her daughter? After muttering about themselves Vic continued. "I'm sure my father has already went up and down the government ladder trying to find me."

"… There, was mention. Of a Rockwell… very well. You five come with us. We got questions we would like to ask." The commander said before turning to his soldiers and barking out orders to survey the land for anymore attacks, while also for someone to get him his pants.

As the soldiers complied with two approaching Zeke, he remained dumbfounded as he staired at Vic. This whole time, she was a girl? Zeke's brain rattled on for a few moments trying to figure out how in the world that happen. After a few moments, memories of there past two months came rolling in. How she refuse to be seen while doing her business, always keeping that bulky sweater on, and making sure her hair stays short. He thought it was New England snobbish behavior but now… it somewhat made sense.

"Victoria Rockwell… well, I'll be a Syndicalist pansy." Zeke remarks with a still dumbfounded look on his face as he was escorted away by the Americans.

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