I normally hate writing author's notes like this, but the situation may be time-sensitive, so here we are.

After eight years of me flagrantly ignoring the content guidelines in regards to adult stuff, the mods have apparently finally decided to enforce their own rules. Or so they say. Given that they deleted only ONE of my stories instead of all of them, I'm pretty sure they're lying and it was just the case of one specific mod getting a bug up their ass about my refusal to be politically correct on the topic of Islam in the later chapters of For Love of Magic. Possibly a new hire.

That being the way it is, I'll be migrating over to Questionable Questing, under "TheRealNoodlehammer", because some unoriginal asshole stole my name. I'll still post here, but I won't be surprised if they start deleting the rest of my stories soon.

I prefer this website's layout over all other fanfiction websites and I mostly like community, but I always knew that the mods might one day decide to use the rules they otherwise never enforce to delete stuff they personally don't like.

P.S. The next chapter of Metagaming? is underway, but this fracas has delayed things a bit. Also, I've been binging hard on Worm fanfics for the past month.

TO THE MODS: Go fuck yourself, you limp-dicked streaks of wet shit. Either enforce your rules consistently or not at all.