She'll be okay.

(A story about the consequences of leaving Team Rocket, and then life which follows, or the lack, thereof.)


It was a known fact that Team Rocket wasn't kind to those they deemed traitors. If anyone tried to leave Team Rocket, they were marked in their hit lists, searched by grunts and admins alike, captured, and tortured in the worst ways. Death was, in these times, not out of the options these so called "traitors" would choose to prevent capture.

"Yeah, Jessie?"

So, some of these unfortunate fellows would try their hardest to stay hidden in the shadows, and to stay alive. Some would find refuge in some places from their older line of work, as making friends was sometimes profitable in the long run...

"W-will, will she be okay?"

..and sometimes, it helped keep your loved ones alive.

"Of course, Jess. Meowth's with her, isn't he? He'll protect her with his life, no matter what. And of course, the twerps. They're gonna keep her safe. The twerpette almost cried, didn't she? I mean, they're really good guys, right? Better than us, atleast. They'll keep her happy. I trust them."

But doing that, usually meant risking your own lives too, which in retrospect, isn't that great an option...

"Of course I do too. It's just... I never imagined joining Team Rocket would put our daughter's life at risk, so much so that we'll have to risk leaving her with even our enemies! This wasn't what we signed up for! *sniffle*..How did it even come to this?."

...But the other options aren't too bright either, and often result in the loss of the few things the refugees have called their own and loved.

"Jess, we made mistakes. Big damn mistakes. Joining Team Rocket was probably the biggest mistake of our lives. Conversely, she was the best thing ever happened to us, right? Now it is our job to pay for our mistakes, to keep her the best thing of our lives forever, and to make sure that this doesn't happen to anyone else."

But like every cliché and yet great story, there are some, who go against the call of duty, and sacrifice exponentially to make sure that the hardships they face doesn't happen to anyone else...

*chuckles* "Even Cassidy?"

..yup, anyone, regardless of who they are, what they did and even if they deserve it or not.

*grins* "Yeah. Even Cassidy." *grin fades* "Think about it. Would you rather it be Butch and Cassidy or us?"

Those people are usually the ones with the best of characters, and they're also the ones usually stuck in the worst possible situations. But, those select few who do not succumb to the darkness and still shine through, are the ones who go on to do great things, and they're the ones always remembered.

"No. Never. I'd rather it happen to us a hundred more times than them. *wipes her eyes with hands* I'm ready, James. *with a smirk* Are you?"

Even if all this means losing a part of oneself, and sometimes losing the heart of someone, the brave ones always manage to find comfort in what they have.

*chuckles and holds her hand* "That's my girl. Let's end this, once and for all. Let's give Giovanni hell. And... *grins and looks at her* Let's blast off for one last time."

"Sir Giovanni!"

Domino walks in, or rather, stumbles into his Boss's office holding an injured Petrel support, both of their clothes stained with blood.

*stroking his Persian and looking out the window in the back of his office* "What's the matter Domino? Is Kamon giving you trouble again?"

Giovanni rests on his chair (big-ass chair) peacefully in a long while, because he's happy that his favourite traitors have been spotted and we're going to be eliminated. What's more, they had a daughter too. Oh, how Giovanni loved destroying hope...

"Giovanni Sir, it's th-"


With a sick splat, the remains of what used to be Domino's head landed on Giovanni's table.

Giovanni turned harshly, so fast that his Persian fell off, only to see his table a bloodied mess and Petrel falling on the mess, just to hit his head on the table and go unconscious.

"Hello there, Boss. Ready to Blast off?"

Giovanni could only watch in shock as an Arbok coiled up against him blindingly fast, leaving him unable to reach his Pokéballs and even press the emergency button under his table. His Persian leapt up in his defense, but was pounced upon by an Arcanine who growled at it menacingly. Finally, his captors pulled out a Pokéball and releases the creature inside it, which was an Electrode. Realisation dawned upon Giovanni as his eyes widened in a fear-induced panic, which was unusual on a person like himself, and he struggled against his binds, only for them to get tighter.

"Remember last week? Our house?

Of course you remember our dear daughter, don't you? You were so nice to her. Just thought we'd return the favour. Now then, Electrode, use Self-Destruct."

"Auntie K? Where's my Mommy?"

A little girl stumbled into the room, rubbing her eyes sleepily. She looked up at him, and he gave her a sad smile, which was definitely forced, but how'd she know, right?

The person addressed quickly wiped away her teary eyes, and hugged the girl lovingly, all the while blabbering away stuff like "it's alright", "don't worry, she's ok", which didn't register itself in the girl's sleepy mind. She did realise that the woman in front of hurt was hurting, so she did what her Mommy used to do when she cried, and wrapped her hands around her.

"Don't worry, Ms K, it'll be alright, she'll be okay."