Victory from fear

A little girl crept down the stairway, careful enough, not to make any noises. Not a single mistake, she reminded herself. "No, you can't child. Strong people gotta do some sacrifices. You are one of them Annabeth, you will be the best of all"

That voice, was the only support of Annabeth. She knew what the voice was right. She could do anything, but just a single glance, at her father, that was her sole wish! He hadn't been that bad had he? Of course he had shouted at her, telling her not to, be a brat and not letting her even touch the cute babies, but was he that bad?

Yes he is bad! And the little girl made up her mind.

She could hear her step mom, telling her dad, how Annabeth had been such a menace.

"Frederick Chase, you know it. I know it will be difficult but anyways you are going to part her someday or the other. Finish with it NOW!"

"You-you are r-right." She could hear her dad.

Tears trickled from the poor girl's cheek. She knew they were talking about her.

"Annabeth, you are brave and strong, it matters more than Fred's foolishness. Wisdom comes at a cost, and apparently – anyways, now c'mon let's take you to somewhere safe."

Annabeth knew, there was someone who loved her, even if that person was not a sight to her eyes, she was unquestionably a sight to her heart.

She took a deep breath, and then moved on. She had managed to get past the housekeeper.

She stopped abruptly on her track. Her face turned white, out of fear, as those eyes stared into hers.

Those empty black eyes, they reminded her that she wasn't the best, she cannot even manage to hold back her tears.

She was so fed up and confident when she started, but now, it was exactly the opposite.

Maybe she could manage to ignore everyone. Maybe it was okay to go back and run!

"Annabeth always remember we must choose between right and easy, courageous or a loser, it will mould your character, who do you wanna be? We can do anything if we wish to"

Annabeth closed her eyes and then opened it, and faced the black creature.

"I am not afraid of a tiny spider. I can do anything!"

She trespassed the spider and slipped out of the house. She knew she had done the right thing.