When Hades attends a PTA

Nico peeped through the door.

Uh Oh.

Nico's plan A just got ruined Man! BIG DEAL!

If Hades weren't here it would give him a good excuse to avoid PTA, as he could simply tell when asked that he couldn't find him, when Hades confronts.

"Nico! My Boy! Come Here"

This time when Plan B got ruined (of him not being seen and running away to CHB) he just rolled his eyes.


"So what's up?"

"Nothing much"

"Not even a PTA?"

Nico looked at him.

"I suppose you were going to tell me about it"

"Yeah, I came here. To tell you that only"

"Very Well, Let's Go!"

_At The School_

"Welcome Angelo to the PTA" The teacher said.

"Well, he is not " Nico tried to correct the teacher.

"No need, well yes that's me" Hades interrupted.

Nico looked at Hades, examining, while the teacher didn't seem to bother or acted as if she didn't care, because it would have been awkward.

"Have a seat"

They both sat down in front of the table.

"So Angelo, Nico is a unique student. With ADHD and Dyslexia it's quite unfair for us to comment on studies as of now, but it could certainly looked upon"

"Sure, will keep that in Mind. But since you said it was unfair why did you even comment?"

"Sir, please don't take it as any kind of offence. As a school, we really care about our students and I am sure Nico understands this and-"

"Oh no need, you know I have a lot of dead souls in front of me every day, so within the millennia's I hate to say this, because I did not have a very good relation with my father and he was time, but time is really important."

The Teacher looked confused.

"Sir, it accordance to your relation with your father, you must understand the importance of a Father. It is our duty to be supportive and encourage Nico"



"Anyways moving on, Nico is exceptional in fencing. But he is not very social. Child, it will be healthy for you, don't you agree Angelo"

"Oh yeah, I agree"

The Teacher nodded.


Nico looked up.

"What all do you teach here?"

"Sir, I am a History Teacher."

"Ever heard the name Hades?"

"That's Mythology. But yes, I have."

"Who is he?"


_Back to Underworld_

'" It sure went well, I am gonna go, take Cerberus for a walk"

"Dad, can you sign here?"

"What does it concern?"

"An application for another school"