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Happy birthday Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. :)


Frodo, My Dear Frodo

Frodo, my dear Frodo.
Do you remember the day,
When you came to live
at Bag End with me?

It was a special day,
For, if I meant to say,
We could celebrate our birthdays together
On September 22nd.

Frodo, my dear Frodo,
do you remember when you were twelve,
and the memories you hold dear,
for us to share?

These memories stay with me,
For when you said,
"Bilbo, when do we celebrate
our birthdays?"

Why, I said, plain and simple,
"Frodo, my dear Frodo,
We'll celebrate our birthdays
with cake and with love!"

Ah! Frodo, don't you see,
how happy our birthday is
when we celebrate our birthdays

Frodo, my dear Frodo,
we will celebrate our birthdays
until the end of time!

"Happy birthday Frodo!"

"Happy birthday, Bilbo!"


Thanks for reading. :)