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We did it! We reached the 400th fanfic on this site! :)

So, to commemorate, here's a little something I wrote. Enjoy! :)


Frodo Baggins made his way to the Portal Realm. The skies were their typical dark bluish-purple, while the ground was a mixture of colors: browns, yellows, greens, blues. There was also a massive mountainous region in the backdrop. Before him were a series of portals, each bringing with them so many characters from other worlds.

He looked, surprised to see one person who should be celebrating with him. She wasn't present for her own party.

"Frodo, come on!" Hermione Granger gestured. She was heading to the portal, where Aria Breuer, the fanfic writer celebrating her milestone, was seated at her computer, typing out the very story we were reading.

"We have to join her," Frodo said, hoping he could get a glimpse of Aria.

"Well, go on. Grab her!" Hermione gestured to the portal.

Frodo huffed, darting through the portal, taking Aria with him. He swiftly dragged Aria through the portal, where, to her surprise, was a big white, buttermilk frosting cake, decorated, too, and with presents all around the table, where the cake was located.

"Wow! You guys have been busy," Aria said, amazed.

Frodo wrapped an arm around her shoulders, kissing her cheek. "Well, you deserve it. Happy 400th fanfic, Aria!"

Aria nodded. "Indeed. Come on. Let's eat cake." She waited until she was given a slice of the marble cake, delighted in tasting the silky-smooth buttermilk frosting, as well as the chocolate and vanilla inner layer of the pound cake.

It was delicious, exactly as she expected it to be.

"Happy 400th fanfic!" Seraphina, the Oriental Cat, said, popping confetti into the air. Some of the confetti landed on the cake, but they were quickly brushed away, for they didn't affect the cake too badly, nor did anyone care. They just flicked the colorful, rainbow colored confetti pieces away as they ate their cake.

The light red dragonoid, Parker Dooley, approached Aria and Frodo, smiling at them, "Happy 400th fanfic, Aria."

"Thank you, Parker. Happy 400th fanfic," Aria said, eating more of her cake down.


Thanks for reading. :)