Chapter 1 The Shift to a New Path


I own nothing. I wrote this narrative for the NaNoWriMo challenge. JKR had an idea and Allowed the rest of us to play in the sandbox with her. All FanFiction see different aspects and points of development of the story. We make a small change at one place in the existing narrative, changing an act, and creating a different future. There is no wrong way of telling a tale.

It has been claimed in many books that history is written by the victorious. Stories like Harry Potter Fan Fiction are written by using the imagination of writers. We have all seen different aspects of every story at nearly every turning. Paint this character as more careful, that other one might become more cunning. At every turn, there exists chances and changes in the timeline...

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Lily and James were gazing into the world viewer. They were watching what was happening to their son, and they had not been happy for years since they were killed. If anything, they were getting even angrier.

They started being upset when Albus Dumbledore had allowed Sirius to go to prison without a hearing or trial. Dumbledore knew full well that Peter had been their secret keeper. He had been the person that had cast the Fidelus Charm. Then when Albus abandoned Harry at the place which both Lily and James had stated in their wills, that Harry was never to go to for fostering at the Dursley's home. Dumbledore sealed their last will testimonies and kept them from being carried out. Dumbledore failed in the discharge of his assumed duties or and over again.

It was always Dumbledore's "plans," and Dumbledore's "Greater Good."They both understood now that "The Greater Good" was exactly what Albus Dumbledore wanted it to be. The Great Good would fit dumble's personal needs, always.

The couple's anger grew day by day as time passed on the world below them. After Harry was placed at Petunia's, where they had forbidden. Lily and James watched the Dursley's physically and mentally abused their son as he grew up.

Harry was locked in a storage space under the stairs. He was underfed, often missing meals for several days in a row. He was hit and beaten physically, often with a belt used as a whip. No child should never be called an unwanted burden. Far worse, he was named freak and would be punished for trying to do his best in school. The Potters understood their child felt he was unloved and unwanted.

His parents hoped he would feel some relief when Harry got his Hogwarts letter. They were soon disappointed as they saw him attacked by the chaotic forces of evil. Those attacks happened under the watchful eye of Dumbledore or by the actions of agents under his direct control.

During their observations of the events on Earth, they became fully aware of all the actions of Albus Dumbledore. The stood aghast with all new anger as their son was set up in Hogwarts with test after test. The abuse dealt by her old friend Severus Snape went on and on, nearly non-stop while he took his hate of James Potter out on her son, Harry. Lily questioned what she had ever seen in a person she once considered a friend so many years ago.

Each year the manipulation by Albus seemed to be ever-increasing and ever more dangerous as his games kept growing more intense day by day.

Then once what they hoped for happened. Where usually there are only two choices for paths at every choice junction, a third choice was available. This third path was called a free will path, a rare occurrence. So very rare that only a dozen had ever occurred in the universe. Suddenly a nexus opened, and with its opening, many more paths opened without prior requirement. For a second, the universe reordered itself as a choice was made of Harry's choosing. The other two options and the disastrous futures which hinged on those bad choices disappeared.

Fate smiled and put on a set of allegorical shades.

Harry watched as the mouth slowly opened. He could see something moving in the darkness. The Basilisk started to slither around in the shadows before coming out of the statue's mouth.

Harry decided after looking at the small opening in the statue, to run so he could get the best angle of attack for the shot. He would fire every destructive spell he knew as he ran toward where the giant snake would land. The page which Hermione had torn out of the book said the King of Snake's skin just like a dragon's skin. It was highly resistant to magic, and just like the Dragon, the Basilisk eyes and roof of the mouth are the weak spots.

As the nose started appearing, coming out the opening, Harry had skidded to a stop and lower his eyes to the ground, watching for the growing shadow of the creature. Firing curses as quickly and as steady as he could, he heard when the Basilisk screamed in pain.

"Stop it, Boy!" yelled Riddle at Harry the moment Harry started firing.

Before the Basilisk landed on the chamber's floor, Harry kept firing, allowing his aim to follow the sounds of the screaming until he heard the thud of the body landing hard. The ground shook as the impact wasn't controlled. Harry kept firing curses and broke into a run toward one of the many side tunnels.

Years of running from his cousin and his gang had made the race to safety an easy task.

Harry turned and ran as Riddle hissed at the Basilisk, "Your eyes will heal. Kill the boy! Hunt him by his scent. Kill!"

Harry made it safely to one of the smaller side tunnels, which ran off the large cavern. He hoped it was smaller than the Basilisk. Still running, Harry neared a branch. He took the left fork. Harry had realized it was a smaller tunnel yet. It was small enough he needed to get down on his hands and knees to get through the narrow tunnel. He didn't take any time to get his breath back. Years of being the victim of the Harry Hunting Game made him a strong runner.

Harry thought if he had ruined the beast's eyes, maybe he could find a way to rescue Ginny and escape while alive. He crawled forward and peeked around the edge of the tunnel. There was the Basilisk it had reared up in the air posed in a cobra-like pose, ready to strike the tunnel he entered. Harry waited for the Basilisk to open its mouth. The Basilisk flickered its tongue out, tasting the air. Harry knew it was trying to locate him by taste. The Basilisk's goal was to strike down and crush him. Harry fired a Cutting Curse, severing the flickering tongue. Harry ducked back inside a tunnel as the Basilisk screamed in pain.

He had noticed that the Ghost of Riddle was getting more substantial. Harry guessed that Ginny didn't have much time left. He crawled and ran to a different opening. Stuck his head out and yelled, "OY!" And waited. The Basilisk opened its mouth wide.

Harry waited, needing to use a pin-point Blasting Spell. He watched while time slowed in his mind. Harry watched as if everything was in slow motion as the Basilisk started its downward striking motion. The mouth was wide open. Then he saw the pink target on the inside of the Basilisk's mouth. And Harry fired his most powerful of spells. The light of the spell was a slender beam of light. The curse hit the nose just above the mouth of the Basilisk. He knew he had hurt the beast again, by the way, it had screamed. Carefully Harry aimed, firing again. This time hitting the other sensory pit. The snake screamed again in pain as Harry curse hit true. Harry had blinded, the cutaway the snakes taste and vibration sensors. The Basilisk was now 95% deaf and blind, isolated.

Dropping backward and backpedaling as the Basilisk dropped. The snakes head impacted the tunnel's opening that Harry had just vacated. Harry quickly moved to a different tunnel's opening. The dust was still thick and hanging in the damp air. Making it hard for Harry to see.

Harry waited as the Basilisk shook its head and started looking for him again by his movement. Its ability to taste the air was hampered by the cutting curse that had removed most of its tongue. The damaged sensory pits made it partially deaf. The dust in the air seemed to have muted its sense of smell, or maybe it was the damage he had already inflicted?

Harry moved quickly to the 1st tunnel opening. It was the smallest and best protected. He quickly moved to the mouth of the original tunnel. He was surprised by the amount of gore, torn snakeskin, and broken rock he found. He had his plan. This time he recalled a slightly different piercing spell. It was called by the words Prorsus Configo and used a poking motion. Harry used a Sonorus charm and yelled again, "Yo Snake!"

As the words echoed in the cavern, the Basilisk's head swiveled back and forth. It was trying to locate him as the words echoed off the sides of the cavern. Harry stood as if ready to dive back into the tunnel. As the snake's head started down. Harry waited until the last second to strike. Time again slowed. Harry let his breath out and aimed carefully. He cast Prorsus Configo into the wide-opened mouth pumping all the magic he could into the curse. A small pencil-like beam of light shot out of his wand and impacted the soft roof of the mouth of the Basilisk. Luck or skill, the beam of light drilled through the soft pallet and directly into the brain of the reptile. And as the snake's head continued to descend the light beam continued to cut, slicing the sections of the brain in half. Then be even more effective the beam of light hit it the inside of the Basilisk's resistant skin which covered the top of its head. That reflected back into the brain, slicing the snake's brain into even smaller chunks.

Harry jumped back, but his timing was just a second off as one of the fangs hit his arm, making a small scratch.

The pain was terrible. Harry

felt the burn as just a few drops of venom made its way into his blood system. Harry was in agony. It felt like his body was on fire.

It was at this moment Fawkes made his appearance. With a cry of remorse, The Phoenix cried a mournful tune as the flew around the chamber. Harry picked up the broken fang from the floor and started to crawl across the floor towards Ginny.

He saw his wand where he had dropped it and picked it up in his other hand. Seeing the diary, he called "Accio Riddle's Dairy." Harry held out the fang as the book flew through the air towards him. Taking a grip on the fang, he held it out and watched the book impale itself upon the fang. Even as Harry's vision faded. Harry was astonished as he heard a scream. The blood-like ink spurted out of the diary. The last thing he saw was the Ghost of Riddle fading out of existence and a curved sickle reaching out the emptiness and snagging what was left. Then everything went black for Harry.

The timing of administering the healing tears had been delayed. Time and reality shifted again as different timelines continued to disappear while new possibilities grew from nothing. The Boy Warrior lay in agony. Then his heart stopped. He died, relief from the pain at last.

Then he became one of the few people that returned from death. That would seem rarer because he was only a human, wasn't he? That alone would place his name in books of legends and lore for all the ages if anyone knew.

The seconds ticked past as his parents stood, watching as their son lay dead and unmoving on the floor of the cavern. They were the only witnesses, other than the Phoenix, which saw the fragment of Voldemort's shattered and blackened soul escape from their son's scar as it ripped open. A black ichor came from the wound and turned into a twisted vaporous body. That twist thing followed the fate of fragment from the diary, it too was pulled into the formless void. Then Fawkes flew down and cried the healing tears the wound from the Basilisk fang into his forehead and scratch on his arm, but it was too late.

They watched as Ginny woke and set up groggily. She was not aware of what had happened. Harry's parents watched as her strength slowly returned, and as Ginny stood and staggered over toward Harry and Fawkes.

The shades of the boy's parents continued watching the events unfold. They thanked Fawkes' with a blessing in exchange for crying the healing his tears into the wound, as the small redheaded girl looked on crying. Both parents had the knowledge the Pheonix tears were too late. Harry's body lay on the cold rock with the stillness of death.

Suddenly the boy's body was infused with a bright glowing light as his eyes snapped open in shock. Harry took a sudden deep, ragged gasping breath. A moan and gagging sound escaped from his mouth as he turned his head and vomited.

Ginny pulled back, slamming her eyes shut. The glow disappeared, slowly fading to nothingness. Then she heard a groan. Opening her eyes slowly, she blinked away the spots in front of her eyes. Watching him continue to retch and vomit scared her.

"You were not breathing, Harry," she said.

Harry spit what he could from his mouth as he sat up and said, "I was going somewhere when a voice said 'It wasn't the time! Go back.' It was amazing that I felt no pain then. I hurt now. Do you think I was dead?"

Harry's parents watched as Harry struggled to stand. The two of them started the slow trip back to the rockfall. The two children working together managed to make it back to the rockfall. Then with Ron's help, climbed their way through the nearly too small opening which Ron had carefully created by hand. The teacher, Gilderoy Lockhart, was still mentally out of it. The teacher was sitting and drooling. Harry did feel sorry for him after he had attempted to erase the two boy's memories had backfired. All he could do is sit and drool.

When they reached the pipe that would lead them back into the castle, Harry became lost as to how he was to get everyone back up. Harry looked at the opening and said the word "Stairs" in Parseltongue, and the bottom surface of the pipe of the became a set of steps leading upwards. When Ron stepped on the 1st tread of the stairs, they started moving upwards as an escalator would. As the last one exited the stairs, Harry said "close" with a hiss, and the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets sealed behind them.

The group made their way slowly through the empty corridors of the school. A few of the paintings stared. They were so stunned, all of the portraits forgot to report the event to the Headmaster.

Arriving in front of the Gargoyle, Harry watched it stepped aside without him even offering a password. Riding the magical staircase up, Harry pushed the door open he took a few steps inside. he stood still for a second before he fell to the ground passing-out. The Adrenalin high which he had been running upon finally gave out. Ginny stepped over his body, with Ron following. The two redheads ran to their mother. There was a smile of relief on Molly's face, which was nearly stunning.

Everyone ignored Harry lying on the floor.

Ginny told what she recalled. When she got to the part and said, "Harry had been bitten by a Basilisk!"

Molly Weasley spat out the words no one ever expected to hear, "It is better a half-blood than a pure-blood is dead."

Dumbledore frowned at the bias he and Molly shared. He then started mentally making up new plans. He needed to begin the manipulation of the Longbottom boy because Harry was dead. The prophecy must be have been referring to Neville all along.

Secondary on his mind was how to seize all the Potter money and properties.

No one ever made an issue out of it but, Dumbledore came from a poor family. The Dumbledore brothers had split the money from the sale of the family home after their sister passed.

Ableforth had bought the run-down tavern in Hogsmead. Albus had spent his money on fine clothing after the war. He had the part of a powerful and wise Wizard to put forth. One could not do that dressed in ordinary Wizards work robes.

Madam Pomfrey came bustling up the spiral escalator and started to examine the boy lying on the floor. Dumbledore waved her away from that task saying, "You need to check up these three first. Harry was bitten by a Basilisk. There is no antidote for that poison."

Madam Pomfrey waved her wand at Ron, and said, "He is fine but needs to bathe and eat less food." She looked next to Ginny and ran a medical diagnostic. "She been recently possessed by something evil, and there is a lot of residual dark magic which needs to be purged. Her core is nearly exhausted. She will need bed rest for about two or three days and then need to see a mind healer to deal with the memory gaps and possible damage from being possessed."

She approached the drooling man in a peacock colored robe and waved her wand. "Professor Lockhart has been recently obviated and has massive brain damage from the spell. It appears, according to the magical signature, that it was done by his hand. The spell does carry his magical signature. Albus, how did this happen? He will most likely never recover enough memory to function as an adult. The brain damage is so severe, it may have affected even his ability to remember new things as well. He may not even be able to feed himself."

Everyone looked at Ron as he recited the story. "Harry found a page from a book Hermione was holding in her hand. He then had to lead us to the girl's loo. Harry talked to a ghost called Moaning Myrtle. Harry discovered the way into the Chamber of Secrets. When we got to the bottom of the pipe, Lockhart attacked both of us, after he stole my wand. He tried to Obliviate both of us. My wand had cracked when we crashed Dad's car the night of the Opening Feast. I guess it had been more damaged than I thought. The spell backfired and created a cave-in and did something to Lockhart. That cave-in separated Harry from the two of us. Harry went on alone to find Ginny while I tried to clear out an opening for him when he got back. Harry was gone for a long time. When he finally got back the cave-in, he was having trouble standing. Harry got us here somehow and then died."

Madam Pomfrey had been calling for someone from St. Mungo's to come and get Lockhart. When she got out of the Floo and stepped back as a healer and two attendants came through. The Matron had been listening to the story. Something didn't make sense to her. Having a moment, she finally examined Harry. She thought to herself as the examination started, 'Harry is is not dead, just nearly magically exhausted. The wound in his arm needs a bit of work. The one on his forehead, which always troubled her, needed to be dressed. A week or so rest was needed. He would be up and around. He has been not bitten, slightly scratched with something toxic. The toxin seems to have been neutralized somehow.' She looked closer at the scar on his forehead. The wound seemed to have been torn open from the inside, during the battle. It should be okay also. The diagnostic showed Harry had been dead for nearly 2 minutes, troubled her.

She wondered why the Headmaster had stopped her from examining Harry at first. Now, she had started to worry herself about how Albus was handling the reports she made of the suspected child abuse inside the school. The Matron never had a response from the Magic Child Welfare Office about Harry's condition or any of the other children she reported. She had always found it odd she never got any follow up reports about the abuse cases for some reason.

The Matron knew she needed to move Harry to a safer place away from the Headmaster. She instructed the Weasley family to make their way shortly to the infirmary with Ginny. Ron returned to his dorm to get cleaned up and then get some bed rest. She waved

her wand conjuring a stretcher. It appeared hovering beside the boy. She waved her wand again and floated the supposed dead boy into the hovering stretcher and left the room with the stretcher following behind her. Leaving two children and three adults behind in Albus' Office.

If you said that Harry's parents were seething with anger, would have been a giant understatement.

It took a week for Harry awaken. When he did wake was the day after the last of the students had been un-petrified. His wounds were healed and when the infirmary matron let him go it was just before the midday meal. He was told to go eat a light lunch and take it easy until the Leaving Feast that was this evening. Harry asked about tests, and she explained, "No one other than Hermione and I know you are still alive. Albus and everyone else believes you are dead. Maybe you can use this to your advantage. Any tests missed can be made up this summer, Mr. Potter.

Not wanting to eat lunch in the Great Hall and announce to the world, he was still alive. Harry made his way to the kitchens. The House Elves of the Castle had hated the poor treatment of Harry Potter by some of the staff and students, they fed him a lunch fit for a king.

The Castle and the House Elves had called Harry: The Defender.

While the Headmaster had assumed Harry was still dead but had made no announcement. The students had been told Harry was dead by Ron and Ginny. When Hermione woke up from being petrified, she had been told by Madam Pomfrey that Harry was alive. The Matron explained that knowledge needed to be kept a secret. She even allowed the girl a few minutes of visitation during the time between which she was unpetrified and the morning before Harry had awoken.

Harry spent a few hours in the kitchen visiting with the Elves before making his way up to the Gryffindor Tower unobserved by anyone he thought. Once there, he went up to his dorm. There he discovered his trunk had been broken into, and most of his things had been taken.

Harry was upset. He knew who the was most likely to blame for the looting of his trunk. Harry walked to Ron's trunk and opened it. He found most of his clothing and his father's invisibility cloak and his broom in Ron's trunk which, was partially packed for tomorrow's ride home. Digging some more, he found his vault key still hidden away in a hollowed-out book he used to hide it. Gathering his things up out of Ron's trunk. Stepping back, he recalled a spell used by a Prefect to find Neville's toad, Trevor. It was the same spell that he had used to call the diary to him from the Chamber of Secrets. He focused his intent and the will to gather up all of his things to him, cast 'Accio All Harry's Things.' Dozens or more items came out of all the other trunks in the room except for Neville's. The only thing still missing was his Quidditch Jerseys, and he figured the fangirls had taken them. A few more seconds passed, and they too came flying into the room.

Harry was always slow to anger, but stealing his stuff made his blood boil. Ron and the others looting things out of his trunk was beyond absurd.

He thought for a second and called for a House Elf. One of the oldest House-Elves which Harry had ever seen appeared. Harry knelt and asked the Elf for a favor. "I need my trunk taken to a safe place, just until tomorrow, please. Everyone thinks I am dead, some students broke into my trunk and stole my things."

The Elf nodded and bowed, "It would be an honor to serve Master Harry Potter. Call for Harvey when you are ready for your trunk, young Master Potter." With a snap of the Elf's fingers, both he and trunk disappeared.

Harry kept his book bag, so he would have something to do later. He left quietly and sat stewing away in an unused and empty classroom for the rest of the afternoon. Harry sat. After his anger had abated he attempted to find reasons for everyone's actions.

He, like Madam Pomfrey, had grown concerned over the actions of the Headmaster. He worked out a few possible plans for the summer until his stomach growled. Suddenly Harry had a smile on his face. An idea for a very worthy end of the year prank. If all the students and staff believed him dead, he would just have to give them a little haunting.

Harry started to walk into the Great Hall after the feast was ready to start. He saw Mister Malfoy and the Minister of Magic standing there having a heated discussion with the Headmaster Dumbledore. Standing there were Cornelius' standard two Auror's Guards standing off to one side. Standing in the shadows was Dobby the House Elf. Two and two just made four. Dozens of events in his mind became connected.

Dobby was Malfoy's Elf; The Basilisk was the danger which Dobby had spoken about all summer long; Malfoy must have given the diary to Ginny Weasley. A plan grew together in his mind. He would try to expose Lucius Malfoy as the source of the problem. Minister Fudge would then distance himself and stop being a Malfoy puppet. He might even free Dobby in the process. What could go wrong, he thought to himself?

Harry walked over and whispered to Dobby, "If you want to help me, go to the Headmaster's Office, find and bring me Tom Riddle's diary. I have a plan."

Dobby nodded a with a nearly silent pop was gone. Harry reached down and took a sock off his foot. Without a 'Pop' Dobby was back and handed Harry the ink-stained and damaged book. Harry quickly placed his sock in the book and started to move toward the Great Hall.

He hesitated to listen to the argument before walking out of the shadows of the Great Hall.

Lucius Malfoy stated, "Dumbledore, I the chairman of the school's Board of Directors, already removed you from the position of being Headmaster. What are you doing back here?"

When the Headmaster ignored Malfoy's words, The blond kept screaming at Albus, "Your manipulation of the board will stop old man. I have the full backing of The Minister of Magic. You are no longer the Headmaster here. Indirectly, you are the cause of a student's death. You must leave, now."

'That's my cue', thought Harry. 'Gryffindor's charge ahead,' said the Gryffindor side. The Slytherin side stated 'Slytherins plan ahead.' The Gryffindor side retorted 'No plan remains intact after the first contact with the enemy'. The Slytherin side simply said 'Agreed'.

As Harry stepped out of the shadows and into full view, every grasped.

Interrupting the angry man with the purple face and blond hair, "Excuse me! I found the diary you gave Ginny Weasley, Mister Malfoy." As Harry offered the destroyed diary to Malfoy.

As Malfoy reached out and took the diary looking puzzled at it. Harry continued, "That is the diary which you gave to Ginny Weasley, isn't it? It tried to consume her life. Did you know it contained a bit of your Master's soul in it?' Harry watched as Malfoy's pasty white skin paled even more as the blood drained away. "Do you know I killed that bit of Voldemort's soul that was in the diary? Saw it going to hell, I did."

Malfoy looked at the diary in horror and shock, before he tossed the diary towards Dobby, and said, "Here." as Dobby caught the diary and enclosed sock.

As Dobby opened the book and touched the sock there was a bright flare of light. The magic of the ownership charm failed, the House Elf was free.

Dobby squealed "Freed!" The rags he was wearing changed to clothing more like a toga and had a completely different family crest on it.

Malfoy's head snapped around. He saw Dobby holding a sock. Malfoy pulled the head off of his cane. Everyone saw it was a wand. "Avada Kedavra" was cast with his wand pointing directed at Harry without a second thought.

Harry dove away as the wand came up and fumbled to get his wand out. Harry failed and dropped his wand as he continued his roll. Rolling still and raising to a crouch, Harry thought 'Crap'.

Lucius fired a second killing curse as Harry tried to spring towards his wand. He fell a foot short of his wand and had just enough time to do a back spring, backward away from his wand. Harry took a breath and appealed for help.

Everyone seemed frozen in place, entranced by the action, even the Headmaster. This time Harry sprang toward Malfoy. As he dove and then rolled, he came to a squatting position. A sword appeared in his hand. Harry took a pivoting step. Instinctively swung the sword up as he stood and struck Malfoy just above his wrist as he was attempting to cast his third "Avada Keda...". The hand still holding the wand hit the ground with a splat. The curse sputtered in failure as the green light on the tip of the wand faded.

All hell broke loose as the two Auror guards came up rushing towards Harry and stopped short of him as Harry did a spinning turn and held them off with the same glowing sword. Sparks of Magic was dripping off the end of the sword. Harry's aura glowing brightly, was fully visible for all to see.

The Minister looked and saw the room was full of witnesses and realized that Malfoy had just tried to kill the 'The Boy that Lived ' with multiple Unforgivable Curses and failed.

Harry said with anger to the Aurors, "That Death Eater used Unforgivable curses, and you want to grab me for defending myself? Come on, little boys. All I have is a sword."

The guards took a step back turned to the Minister of Magic for directions. But the Minister could only open and close his mouth, like a fish.

Harry reached down and picked up the cane headed wand and declared, "I will hold on to this so it doesn't get lost. Evidence, you know? Sticking it into his belt. Motioning, with the sword, his wand jumped to his other hand."

At the same time as Harry was pocketing his wand in the sleeve's pocket, he noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. Professor Dumbledore drew his wand and started to point it at Harry.

That was a mistake. Harry Potter was in what

an Auror would call Full Battle Mode. Not even in a blink of the eye, Harry swiveled, pivoting on his back foot and using the sword as a focus for his magic cast "Expelleramus!"

Harry watched as the Spell hit Dumbledore and his wand went flying in the air towards him, while Dumbledore flew in the opposite direction. Harry Potter with the skill of a well-practiced Quidditch Seeker, plucked the wand out of the air. As the wand landed in his hand, a flash of Magic took place.

Dumbledore groaned and thought to himself, "The Elder Wand has a new owner, and it is Harry Potter.

A few seconds later a stern-looking woman witch had been standing next to Susan Bones walked out into plain view. She had arrived via a special Portkey. She had a squad of Aurors with her. She had a few quickly whispered words exchange between her niece before she walked over to Harry.

"I can take that evidence and make sure it doesn't get lost, Mister Potter. I am Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. This is Auror Shacklebolt will be the lead investigator from here on out. We also need to see your wand, please".

Harry handed her his wand. She quickly cast a detection spell Uiginti Amet and saw the last twenty spells and along with the time and dates when cast. Lots of combat type spells which were all questionable. Drilling and blasting spells which were a well over, week old, were all showed up.

"You'll have to tell me about those spells, Mister Potter, as well as
this sword. where did you get it?" as she handed back his wand.

Without waiting for an answer, She cast the same spell on Malfoy's wand and looked at the last twenty spells cast on it and saw the last few were all unforgivable curses. She asked the two Aurors standing there, "Have you searched Mister Malfoy yet? If not, why have you delayed? You did witness him casting three Unforgivable curses, did you not? Did you forget your training?" Waving away their lack of answers with a motion of her hand as she watched a tall black wizard completed the search of Malfoy, removing three more wands and two knives from him.

Then the wands were handed over to the Head of the DMLE. she cast the detection spell over the three wands and found more Unforgivable Curses on two of them. Smiling she cast several spells and stated she found the two knives had poison on them and traces of human blood. She cast one more spell on Malfoy who just stood there with small trace amounts blood seeping from the wound on his wrist. "No sign of the imperious curse this time Malfoy, with all these witnesses, you will be going to Azkaban, forever, if you don't get kissed."

"Manacle his ankles with suppression cuffs. Get him into a holding cell. Three guards around the clock. No visitors except for our medical people. Do not reattach his hand, it is to be kept in stasis until the trial. I even doubt it can be re-attached. The wound seems to be magically cauterized on both sides."

Before the two Aurors could answer her questions, she simply waved them to silence with her hand. She then stared at them and then stated to the Aurors, "You both are suspended without pay until this investigation is closed. My office tomorrow at 3 PM!"

"Mister Potter, I will need you to come with me to the DMLE office and make a statement. While the two of us are doing that, Shacklebolt can proceed forward with his crime scene investigation here. Currently, we do not suspect you of any wrongdoing, but we need to ask you a few questions."

Madam Bones looked over at Dobby still holding the sock and diary. "Shack, secure that book which the elf is holding, as evidence, and tell the elf to follow us to the Ministry."

Dumbledore had just got up off the floor tried to inject himself. He attempted trying to stop Shacklebolt from taking the diary but failed. The House Elf readily agreed to go to the Ministry with the 'Great Wizard Master Harry Potter'.

Dumbledore turned to Madam Bones knowing that he had to stop her from questioning Potter. As he walked towards Madam Bones he was stopped by the Minister of Magic.

"Not now Cornelius" spate out Dumbledore. All of the implications of Potter not being dead confused Albus Dumbledore. He had been trying to access the Potter's family vaults but found he was frozen out of all of them for some reason. Now he had an idea of why that happened.

Looking around Madam Bones spoke aloud "All Students and All Staff members, we will have a full team of Aurors here shortly and they will be taking a statement from you. Do not leave this room. It is considered a crime scene and you are all witnesses."

Madam Bones speaking to Headmaster and Minister of Magic, "I will speak with you later. You both will stay here to give your statements to the investigating Aurors. You both will be witnesses called to testify at the trial. Good Evening, Headmaster, Cornelius." nodding as she left with Harry in tow.

Dumbledore felt something cold run down his spine. It was fear. He didn't realize where or what was causing that feeling. It might even take him hours to realize that all his plans were collapsing around him.

She reached out and grabbed Potter and asked him, "Have you ever taken a Portkey before?"

Harry shook his head, 'No'.

"When you feel the spinning stop, you must move your feet as if you are walking and you will be able to step out of the change in momentum within a step or two. Got it? Here we go." she explained, grasping his hand, "Portus" and the two were gone with a blaze of rainbow colors.