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It has been claimed in many books that history is written by the victorious. Stories, like Harry Potter Fan Fiction, are written by using the imagination of writers. We have seen different aspects of a story at every turning. Paint this character as more careful, that other one might become more cunning. At every turn, there exists chances and changes in the timeline...

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The DMLE had its own designated secure arrival point for port keys inside their offices. Just as they had their apparition departure arrival points.

In the small alcove that was the designated arrival point for DMLE Portkeys, a swirl of colors appeared to drop out of the higher than the standard ceiling. Two figures appeared out of the swirling color, both with a slight movement of their feet. The older woman landed and stepped right out of the alcove with a practiced step. The young 12-year-old lad stumbled a bit but kept to his feet.

Harry Potter had arrived at the Ministry of Magic's, Office of Magic Law Enforcement. He was, for the 1st time in 11 years, beyond the long reach of Albus Dumbledore.

The older lady turned to Harry and said, "As soon as I can get you settled in the interview room, I will order you up something to eat and drink. I know you did not eat dinner. We could have a long night before we are done. This could take a while to get all our ducks in a row. The DMLE had been after Lucius Malfoy for years. he always slipped away, but not this time."

Harry was settled into a square room with a large mirror on one wall. A table with a chair on one side and three chairs on the other side of the table.

He sat down and looked around. Deciding to make the best of his time. He sat down. Opening his bookbag drew out one of his books to read. It was an old copy of Defensive Spells for a Wizard. The book was over 300 years old was still considered a work of art. It had a little bit of theory and a lot more on the practical side and covered some field tactics. He had started reading it last year after he encountered the Voldemort possessed Quirrel in the Forbidden Forest. The 1st chapter covered the concept of not waiting for the opponent to fire off their 1st spell. It said to start to dodge as soon as the wand came up or out. It pointed out most Wizards do not aim well. Any moving target is much harder to track many curses can not be re-aimed once they curse starts to be cast. Also, moving the wand after you begin a spell or curse, diminishes the focus of the wizard. Few people can cast more than one spell at a time. Chain casting is a talent that very few wizards can develop. Casting multiple spells over a short period can weaken a wizard into a state of Magical Exhaustion that often results in a coma.

Harry nodded to himself and thought to himself, Been there, I own the bloody t-shirt, too.

He reviewed the fourth chapter. It was where he got the idea for wide-area casting and pinpoint piercing curses in general. The chapter stated lots of concerns about collateral damage in a magical melee. A spell that misses the target can and often does strikes someone else. That person could be your partner, ally, or different foe. Even worse, it could hit an innocent bystander. You have to act responsibly and ethically, even in a magical firefight.

Harry skipped to the next chapter and was reviewing different methods of shielding. It also had some rationalizations in judging when to shield and dodge. The discussion was about differences in the types of shields. The amount of power it takes to hold a shield in place. The amount of power it saps or uses up when it is stuck by different types of spells.

The technical discussion even had said, in just so many words, a person is better off to dodge, than to shield. That was because every spell cast is less power remaining for later on in a fight. Some curses like the Killing Curse require so much power to cast them. Expending the power to cast several times in just a few minutes could fatigue a wizard to magical exhaustion or leave them mental fog. Harry had started to feel bad about the unhanding of Malfoy until he took into consideration the room was full of children. They could have been killed as well.

Harry was about halfway through the technical discussion of shields when a young Auror with spiked pink hair walked in the door. She had a couple of cups and a steaming pot of coffee on a tray. The tray had a few sandwiches and biscuits on it too.

"Wotcha, Harry?" she said, indicating the cup and pointing to the creamer and sugar bowl.

Harry said, "Black, please."

The Auror said "Serious, Black?"

With a half-smile, the boy stated, "No! I am Harry Potter, Sirius Black is my Godfather".

Auror laughed, "Sirius used to joke about that all the time as her face turned sad." He was my favorite relative she thought.

She poured two cups and added a little cream to her own, as she thought out loud "Really? You know he is my cousin, as well as yours, too."

Harry raised his eyebrows, "Really? Dumbledore said my only living relatives are my Aunt Petunia."

The young Auror, deep in thought, "Well, I am your cousin Tonks and only Tonks. You may not know it but I child minded you a few times when you were a baby. Please, never use my real first name, please, just my last name."

Tonks went on to explain to Harry, "Mom was a member of the Black family. Her maiden name was Andromeda Black. She is a full cousin once removed to Sirius Black. Mom's sisters are Narcissa and Bellatrix. Cissa married Malfoy and Bella married LeStrange. Your Great Grandmother was Dorea Black, older sister to Arcturus Black, the head of the Black family, and Sirius' Great Great Grandfather. Dorea married Charles Potter, and their grandson is your Dad, James. Sirius is your father's 1st cousin once removed. Arcturus had two sons, the older brother was the father of Sirius and Regulus, the younger brother was the father of my Mum, Bella, and Cissa."

Harry thought for a second, "So Draco is my distant cousin? And where exactly is Sirius now? And who heads the Black family?"

The Auror closed her eyes and said, "Draco is your first cousin three times removed, I think. Sirius is in Azkaban prison right now, for the crime betraying your parents to you-know-who and being a Death Eater. I can't see how that happened if he was your Godfather. The magically binding oath of a Godfather would not have allowed that to happen. I will have to ask Shacklebolt or Moody about that. Trying to think about just who is head of the family now, I suspect it might be you. Some may claim it is Sirius, I think. Your father, James, was the next in line because Sirius was his 1st cousin, once removed. That would have placed your father as Heir Presumptive, and Sirius as Heir Apparent until you were born. Then you became Heir Apparent Sirius got bumped back a place in the line of succession. Behind you should be Sirius then Draco Malfoy. It falls back to the Paternal Rights of succession Bones, Weasley, Crouch, and Longbottom are someplace down on the list. Some people even thought Siri might have betrayed the Potters because of being Heir Black, but the family magics would not have allowed that either. That is an odd puzzle. One that many people pondered over. It gets hard to figure out who inherits because the Blacks are married multiple times to most pureblood families. Even the Weasleys, Longbottom, and Bones families are in the line of succession somewhere. Right now, I believe you are most likely senior male, which makes you the head of the Black Family. I don't think you have to have your majority to claim the Black seat. Mum would know, I suspect. I would check with the Goblins to know for sure.

Harry asked, "Please do keep going. I don't want to be forced back to the Dursley's house. Between my cousin and his friend's game of Harry Hunting, my uncles beating me, and my aunt's ongoing project of trying to starve me and work me to death at the same time, I rather not return there."

On the other side of the glass mirror, stood two Aurors and the Head of the DMLE. Madam Bones' face was frozen as she listened to Harry and Tonks chatter back and forth about family. When Harry brought up the reason he didn't want to go back to his aunt's house, she understood and decided to investigate that as well.

When Harry stated that Black was his Godfather she wondered if that came up at his trial as well. How did he manage to break a magical oath which would binding like that and still live? At the least, such an oath would have stripped him of his magic before he could have tried to kill Pettigrew. Then Family Magics should have stopped him if as Tonks said James was the Black Heir. Like any good cop, she was smelling a rat, and she knew this was a well covered-up rat at that.

Madam Bones spoke, "Davis? Have someone go pull the Sirius Black file. I need to review it. Additionally, open a quiet investigation into the placement of Potter with his muggle Aunt. I want his parents' wills opened and examined. I want to know exactly who placed him there and what sort of oversight has been in place since placement. I need everything out in the open."

Several Aurors had gathered and were listening to this interview. Watching their boss work while another Auror was making a transcript of the ongoing interview session.

In the interview room, Tonks decided it was time to open one of the other avenues her boss wanted her to bring up. "Harry? Madam Bones' niece, Susan, wrote

to her aunt that there was some sort of funny business at the end of your last year. I recall that you were in the infirmary until the day of the leaving feast, just like this year. You, Granger, Weasley, and Longbottom were awarded a 'bunch of House Points'. I remember it but there were lots of rumors were floating around the school. One of them was about Defense Professor who had died just the week before. I recall you were in the Hospital ward just before the leaving feast. Can you tell us what anything about that?"

Harry outlined to her what happened on Halloween Night with the Troll.

Then later they discovered the Cerberus was guarding a trap door and how they had arrived at what was under the trapdoor. How he and Draco had a detention in the Forbidden Forest and the encounter the dying Unicorn. Then the meeting of the Wraith that was controlling the Defense Professor. The final confrontation with the Wraith which admitted he was Voldemort. He described the fight over Flammel's stone that resulted in the death of Professor Quirrel.

Tonks asked, "So why did no one from the DMLE every ask you how the Professor died?"

Potter replied, "Professor Dumbledore told me that he had taken care of all the reports and stuff. He also said that I was not in any trouble. The Headmaster explained how Voldemort possessed Professor Quirrel and he was dying anyway. The magical protection laid down by my mother caused Quirrel to turn to ash when he touched me. Then the Wraith escaped."

Harry frowned. He voiced, "It was just before that fight Voldemort offered to bring my parents back, as well as he told me that Peter Pettigrew was the person to betray my parents. He thought it was funny that people thought Black, my Godfather had been the betrayer and had been tossed into prison."

Tonks thought a bit and asked, "What was the bit this year about you being called the Heir of Slytherin this year?"

Harry started a long sigh and then related a short version of the story and the failed meeting of the dueling club. He described how Draco used a spell that summoned a snake and events which happened when he stopped the snake from attacking another student. The Heir of Slytherin nonsense started when the school found out I was a Parseltongue Tongue. The story ended with his description of the battle in the Chamber of Secrets. Harry said, "I believed I died from the bite of the Basilisk."

Tonks even looked at the wound site on his arm and saw the still angry red mark of the still slowly healing wound.

Tonks said, "I would have liked to have seen that battle. It was brave of you to try to rescue that girl."

"I wish you could too, Tonks," stated Harry. "So many people are going to doubt it happened. Did you know everyone in Headmaster Dumbledore's office thought I was dying and just ignored me?"

In a few seconds of thinking, Tonks snapped her fingers following this great lead-in. "There is a way, Harry. Have you ever heard of a pensive?" She stopped to watch Harry shook his head No. Tonks continued, "It is an instrument to allow other people to view a copy of your memory. We magically copy the memory and put it into the Pensive. We can then playback the memory sort of like a muggle movie. Aurors use it all the time to review arrests and interviews. It also makes evaluating the witness statements easier. And allows us to use multiple memories to get a bigger picture of what happened. Would you like to try it?"

Harry nodded yes slowly as he thought, "It might make explaining things easier for everyone, wouldn't it? I mean that I would not have to constantly be retelling the story over and over again."

Tonks nodded "Let me step out and get one from the office. Go ahead and eat something and have another cup of coffee."

Tonks stepped out and closed the door behind her. Walked around the corner and nodded to her boss. Madam Bones motioned for her to walk with her. "You're doing well Tonks. It is good to have you have connected nicely to him. Get as many different memories of his encounters with Voldemort, the Basilisk, Quirrel, and especially whenever he spoke to Dumbledore. Get a copy of the memory where Malfoy slipped that diary to Weasley, too. Make sure you get the whole deal which happened in Dumbledore's office, and the fight this evening. This kid will be a treasure trove of info. We need him to get everyone else involved."

Tonks nodded, "What about this deal with Black and his relatives?"

"See if you can get any memories of his dealing with his Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin, too." Madam Bones said, "We are pulling files and checking on the Black angle. I think we might hold Potter as a material witness. With his memories, we have grounds to use demand the use of Vertiserum on Malfoy when we question him about the Diary. We may get Malfoy finally and several more Deatheaters that played the I was Imperioused and got out of jail free after the end of the war."

Tonks had reached the supply office, and filled out a requisition form and signed out a Pensive and watched as Madam Bones countersigned the authorization. Picking up the box, Tonks said, "I am glad we were taught how to use these things at the academy."

Madam Bones said just before the two parted paths, "Tonks are your folks up to the company for a few days? I think I'll let you take care of Potter if it is OK with you? I don't think it is wise to send him back to school for just the train ride home. I don't want him isolated in one of our safe houses."

Tonks nodded, "I am sure the folks would love to have Harry for a while. I did mind him a few times when he was a baby. The folks were good friends with the Potters and Sirius. He is my family, after all. Mom and Dad tried for custody three or four times and were blocked by Dumbledore."

Madam Bones said, "You would be on protection detail. So it will also be the clock."

Several steps later, after parting company with her boss, Tonks opened the door and entered the interview room.

After entering the room, Tonks placed the wooden box onto the floor. She fumbled a bit and manually released side latches and removed the cover. She lifted the stone basin onto the table. Pointing at the stone basin, she explained, "Harry, this is a projection pensive. This is a special model which Aurors to use. It is small and can only hold one memory at a time to display. It works like this. We place our wand at the side of our head. then we concentrate on a specific memory. Then I vocalize the spell Memoria Revovandum. It makes a copy of the memory and prepares a memory for removal. Then you gently pull the memory out like this. Then we put it into the pensive. We tap this rune to play it forward. This rune is the one to rewind it. Tap this rune freeze the display. This one resets the display to the beginning. I just pulled a memory of you when you were just a baby, your folks brought you over to my house. We sort of played together. You were about one year old".

Tonks tapped the start rune. The image displayed about 12 inches above the basin. Harry watched as the room displayed a bed and a dresser. Some dolls and books were scattered around as decorations, and her trunk was open. There was a knock at the door. A young adult man opened the door when a female voice said, "Come in".

Tonks explained, "It will not show me unless I look at myself." Harry nodded in understanding, while he watched the scene. The man looked like an older version of Harry. He had a small baby in his arms and his voice said, "Nymphie, Andi said you would watch Mister Trouble here for us tonight for a few hours. He should be alright with you because he likes you so much. He has not done any wild magic for a few weeks. Maybe you can test him and see if he is a Metamorph. I think he makes changes but can't hold them. Yesterday I thought he had red hair for just a bit. And then he fell asleep, just like you used to do when you were little. Holding changes would tucker you out, remember?"

The young woman laughed and said "That's a real Black family trait. Your great grandmother had it. Grandfather had it. It seems to skip in and out sort of random way, most of the time. I can try it testing him."

The rest of the memory consisted of looking at the baby laughing at her. All at once, the baby turned his hair pink and then neon green. The change for just a brief second or so. " Now we know you have the trait, you just have to develop it." as the memory ended.

The woman frowned. Then she spoke aloud, "Now, why didn't I remember giving you the test?"

Confused, she spoke again, "But it showed up when I saw the memory replayed. I will have to ask someone."

Well, are you ready to try?" as the Auror used her wand to pick the memory out and put it into a quartz vial. She used a glass stopper. "This is a special vial to store the memory. It is safe for years that way."

Harry nodded and asked, "Where do you want me to start? How about the Troll incident?"

Harry took his wand in his hand and concentrated and pulled a single memory strand out. Dropping into the pensive. He explained, "This was the Troll incident which happened on Halloween night, my first year. Ron had called Hermione a know it all and said a few thinks mocking her. All which upset her. She spent the rest of the day crying in the loo."

Tonks tapped the start button. The playback started just as the feast was starting, only to be interrupted by Professor Quirrel running into the Great Hall. With a shaky voice saying "Troll! A troll in the dungeons. Thought you should know." The faux fainting was laughable.

Dumbledore stood ordered all the students, "Go to their Common room."

Tonks said, "I remember this, I thought it odd that the Troll was in the dungeons and he just sent both the Snakes and Badgers to the area in which the Troll had been reported."

They watched as Lavender Brown mentioned to Harry

where Hermione was. They watched along as Harry split away from the group and ran into the loo alone. He skidded to a stop as he watched the Troll pushing his way through a doorway to the loo. They watched together as Harry tried luring the troll away and failed. Finally, the point of view changed as Harry had jumped 12 feet and landed on the trolls back. As the two watched, Harry's hand came into view. He pushed his wand into the troll's nose and spoke the words 'KaBoom!' and the flare of light shot out of the top of the troll's head splattering skin, bones, and brains all over the ceiling. As the troll collapsed, Harry rode it down and swung free. Landing on his feet with a jolt in front of Hermione. "Are you OK, Hermione?" Was heard. The Boy's vision was obscured with a mass of bushy hair.

Less than a minute later, "Potter!" as a voice was heard next followed by, "What is the meaning of this?" As Professor Snape came into view, followed by in seconds as Dumbledore arrived within a few seconds, "I will handle this Severus. Go check on the stone."

After Professor Snape left, Dumbledore said "This will not do at all" pointed his wand at Harry. The Headmaster could be heard casting a spell "Recensere Coactus Memoria" and turned to Hermione and cast the same spell again. The point of view sort of froze and watched as Minerva brought in the Weasley boy. Dumbledore cast the same spell again. All three children stood there and listened as Dumbledore recreated a different version of the scene and had the Weasley boy take the credit for downing the Troll with the club." Dumbledore's voice said, "Finite" and Harry's memory ended as Professor McGonagal quickly lead the three children off to their dorms and bed.

Harry asked, "I don't remember anything except what Dumbledore told us to remember. It as if he changed our memories? Why?" asked Harry with panic to his voice.

Tonks looked confused, "I don't know why Harry. I suspect maybe he was trying to cover up exactly what happened. Maybe he knew you didn't like being in the limelight and was trying to protect you? But we will find out sooner or later."

She very carefully flicked her wand into the basin, drawing out the memory strand, carefully placing it in the vial, and labeling it as evidence.

Outside the interview room, Madam Bones had sent another Auror to go to Hogwarts and pick up Hermione Granger as a material witness. And while they were there, pick up both of their belongings because the investigation would last well past the last day of school.

"How about that thing that happened in the Forbidden Forest next?" asked Tonks.

Harry nodded and drew out another strand of memory. Dropping into the pensive. Swiftly the memory played out. Both of the felt relieved the memory was just as Harry described it.

The next memory Harry offered was the memory where Harry asked about being in trouble and Dumbledore instructing him to return to his Aunt's home. Because it afforded him protection and refused to explain to him why Voldemort was targeting after him.

She wrote about five or six quick notes on a charming parchment and watched as the ink faded from view.

Outside the window, the parchment on the wall displayed the notes she had made. Madam Bones nodded her head. She turned to another of the Auror observers ordering him to summon a memory expert from the Department of Mysteries.

"How about you show me the memory of your encounter with Quirrel at the end of the year?" asked Tonks.

Harry nodded and said, "I'll start with Professor McGonagal refusing to listen to us and then up to when I passed out?"

Harry concentrated and pulled out the strand of memory. He dropped it into the basin and sat to watch it play out.

Tonks watched as the children bypassed safeguard after safeguard. The final scene where Harry went on alone while Hermione went back to help the injured Ron Weasley.

Carefully, Harry pushed open the door and saw Quirrel standing in front of the mirror. Listening, he heard two voices. They were arguing over what the Professor saw in the mirror and how to get the stone.

As Harry pushed to door open just a little more and the hinge let out a squeak.

Quirrel turned at the sound and said, "We have company now." And sent a stunner in Harry's direction. Harry had read the lessons in his book well and was already off to the left side and cast his stunner in return, missing Quirrel. Not waiting to see the results and to see if he hit Quirrel, Harry was on the move again and firing and moving. Harry was hard to hit. He was trying hard not to ever move in any pattern. He had landed a half a dozen hits with cutters that had penetrated Professor Quirrel's shields. Quirrel, who was never good at fighting, was losing to a 1st-year student.

Just as Harry made a lucky hit and cut Quirrel leg deeply, just Harry was hit with an Incarcerous curse and fell bound with ropes.

Quirrel immediately returned to the mirror. The other voice asked him, "What are you seeing now?"

Quirrel said, "I see myself taking the stone and handing it to you, master."

"Well, that isn't working because you still can not get the stone." Said the second voice.

After a few moments, The voice demanded "Let me see the boy."

"You're not strong enough, Master," spoke Quirrel.

The voice demanded, " Let me see the boy, he may be the key. After all the traps were designed for school kids. Maybe it takes a child to retrieve the stone."

Quirrel started unwrapping his turban to reveal a face growing out of the back of his head.

Harry felt the burning in the scar on his head increase as the red eyes blinked and made contact with Harry's own eyes.

Instantly the face screamed in pain. An angry look passed quickly. "You have strong natural defenses for a child. I wanted to find out how you bested me as a baby."

Professor Quirrel's awkwardly levitated the boy to the mirror. The voice commanded, "Tell me what you see child. Do you see the stone?"

Harry looked in the Mirror of Erised and expected to see him and his family. What he saw was an image of a grown man who looked like him, standing and holding a glowing sword. The man picked up a red stone from the floor and tossed it into the air. As the stone arced down, the man slashed his sword shattering the stone. The man in the mirror then stood. Into the scene, a snake face man appeared. The adult stabbed this snake-like man seven times and each time a bit of him broke off and faded away.

The mouth on the back of the head asked, "What did you see, child?"

Harry said, "I saw a man with a sword. He took the sword and destroyed the stone. See in the mirror the stone has been shattered."

The face said, "I am Lord Voldemort, tell me what else you saw."

Harry said "I saw the man that had destroyed the stone kill you with the sword same sword. He stabbed you seven times. Each time that he stabbed you with the sword, a part of you broke away and died. The last time he stabbed you, you died. I saw you were burning in hell. I saw your soul pulled into a hole in the world. Then you were placed into a pit of fire as the last piece of you died."

The face of Voldemort turned with red with rage. He came closer to Harry's face. Harry saw his opportunity and head-butted Voldemort's nose with his head.

Harry realizing he still had his wand in his hand he cast a finite on the ropes, freeing himself while Voldemort stumbled away in pain.

"I would give you your parents back if you would just help me." declared Voldemort. "You are going to be a powerful wizard. Together, we would rule the world".

Harry said, "You would never share anything with anyone. I think that ruling the world is highly overrated. Go to hell!" As he raised his wand and cast "Gladii Lucem," and swung his wand right across the back of Quirrel's neck, parting the head from the shoulders.

The body of Quirrel collapsed. As the head rolled across the floor alternating Voldemort's face and then Quirrel's face. Harry watched with disgust when the head stopped rolling with Voldemort's face up and the mouth spoke, "I will come again, and next time I will win."

A misty shadow arose from the head and took a shadowed shape of a man. The Wraith like shadow flew towards Harry. Harry took the stone out of his pocket and threw it on the floor, shattering it. At that instance, the shadow changed direction and flew up towards the ceiling and disappeared.

Harry sat down shaking while trying to think about what to do next.

Within a few minutes, Dumbledore arrived and asked Harry what happened. Harry explained what happened and Dumbledore looked sad.

Dumbledore said, "I will take care of everything."

And burned the body and head to ashes. He then looked at Harry and said, "Now to set a story which will mislead anyone that asks."

Moving his wand in a rehearsed pattern " Recensere Coactus Memoria" and slowly with a soft voice, Dumbledore spun a story. In the story, Quirrel died when he grasped you, and then you touched Quirrel and his whole body turned to ash. It must be the protection created by your mother's love." Taking a deep breath, "Finite."

Dumbledore looked into the mirror and didn't see the stone there anymore. He turned to Harry and spoke, "Give me the stone, now."

Harry said "I don't have the stone. I can't remember what happened to it."

Dumbledore frowned he had erased the memory of what happened to the stone. In anger said "Too bad! Stupify" and Harry's world went black.

Hours later the memory restarted as Harry awoke in the infirmary in pain with his hands burned and bandaged. The memory ended there.

Harry looked up at Tonks and said "I don't know what happened, how do I know which memory is correct and which one is wrong?" Harry questioned aloud. "That wasn't the way I said it was. It seems like if I try to tell people what happened I am compelled to repeat Dumbledore's story.

It is just like the troll. When I tell the story it is like it is a real thing. However, memory shows things that happened differently."

Harry asked, "I wonder how my hands got burnt? I saw my hands when Madam Pomfrey had to change the dressings and put on more burn cream. They were burnt badly and were very painful."

Tonks looked at the young boy and said, "We need a memory of that if you would?"
Harry quickly produce the memory, and it was placed directly into a vial without viewing.