Chapter 5

I own nothing. I wrote this narrative for the NaNoWriMo challenge. JKR had an idea and Allowed the rest of us to play in the sandbox with her. All writers of Fan Fiction see different aspects and possible turning points of development of the story. We make a small change at one place in the existing narrative, changing an act, and create a different future. There is no wrong way of telling a tale.

It has been claimed in many books that history is written by the victorious. Stories like Harry Potter Fan Fiction are written in the imagination of writers. We have seen different aspects in the story, at nearly every turning. Paint this character as more careful, that other one might become more cunning. At every turn, there exists chances and changes in the timeline and endpoint of the story.

Tonks exited the interview room closing the door behind her.

Hermione glanced nervously at the mirrored wall. She had the understanding this entire interview was observed by at least one person on the other side of the mirror. Nervously, Hermione gulped and still worried that Harry was in some sort of trouble. She hoped she had not made the trouble he any worse.

Shortly after that, a different red-robed Auror stepped into the room and said, "Please, come with me, Miss Granger."

She was led down the hall past one closed door and to the 1st door in the hall. It was opened for her, and she was told to please enter and wait inside. She was dismayed a bit and walked into the room as directed. Sitting with his back to her was Harry. He was talking to the very excited House Elf, which was with Malfoy earlier in the evening.

"Harry?" asked Hermione.

The boy stood up and turned as a giant smile appeared on his face. "I am sorry, Hermione, that I was not there when you woke up from being petrified. Madam Pomfrey told me that everyone got un-petrified the day before I woke up. I was released late this morning just before lunch. I was brought into the infirmary after I killed the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. I just woke up this morning. Madam Pomfrey had released me to go eat lunch. Rather than face everyone in the Great Hall, I went to the kitchens and ate. Then I sort of tried to get my head together most of the rest of the afternoon. I am still a little confused. Everyone thought I was dead. I know it was safer that way. But It is confusing."

Hermione said, "I am sorry I wasn't there this morning when you woke up, Harry. Last night Madam Pomfrey didn't expect you to wake up until just before the train ride home tomorrow morning. She did say as your magic recovered, your healing would increase in proportion."

Hermione quietly asked, "Harry, are you in trouble?"

"I don't think so. The Aurors have asked a bunch of questions about last year and this year. I think they are more interested in Malfoy and his acts than they are in me. Tonks said to me, 'Every Auror wanted to get the goods on Malfoy.'" Harry explained. "Oh, I found I have a cousin, Tonks, who is an Auror. "

Hermione said, "Tonks is nice. She showed me a memory of you as a little child and how you tried to change your hair color. It was so cute."

Harry gave a lopsided grin and said, "Yeah. I have caught our Headmaster in a lie. He said to me, 'You have no other living relatives other than your aunt and cousin.' Now I find I have that Auror Tonks and her mother Andromeda Tonks as cousins. I have someone named Sirius Black, who is also a cousin. And there is a big surprise he is my Godfather by Magic. Did you know even Draco is related to me? Because his mother was a Black before she married. Arthur Weasley's Mother was a Black, and my Great Grandmother was a Black. Even Neville's Great Grandmother was a member of the Black family. I have lots of relatives, it is just relatives that Dumbledore doesn't like or didn't want to know about for some reason of his own."

"I am sure Headmaster Dumbledore has good reasons," stated Hermione.

"Like he had good reasons for changing our memories?" Asked Harry trying to lead Hermione into questioning other people's motives and actions. "What is the saying about the road to perdition paved with good reasons? I gave memories to Tonks, and it seems someone has been mucking about in my head."

Hermione said with a huff, "It seems Ronald, and I too have had a few memory adjustments by the Headmaster as well."

"So, what were you and the House Elf you freed talking about?"

Harry said, "Hermione, this is Dobby. He was a former Potter House Elf. He told me how each of the Potter Elves had been captured by the 'Whiskered One' and turned over to other people to keep them away from me. Get this, the person that 'Whisker One' that did this is none other than Albus Dumbledore. What right does he have to sell or dispose of Potter Estate belongings?"

Dobby spoke up and sad, "He doesn't. He sealed the will and made himself Guardian. All the Potter Elves had instructions to follow from Master James and Mistress Lily. We all had been told whers wes are to take you if anything bad happened to them. Those 'structions were ins the will also."

"Dobby, do you know where any copies of my parents' wills are?" asked Harry.

Dobby said, "One copy is in The Head of the Family's Office in the Potter Mansion. The other copy is in Family's Gringotts vaults. 'Whiskery One' had the Ministry's Copy sealed so no one can see it."

"Madam Bones, I am called Meme. I understand you needed to discuss memory charms?" stated the Unspeakable.

Outside the interview room window, Madam Bones had started to speak with an expert from the Department of Mysteries. They were discussing the memory charms and if they should break them and possible damages. When they overheard Harry and Hermione talking to Dobby. Both of them stopped and listened more closely.

Madam Bones asked, "What sort of spell or charm had Dumbledore used on the Potter Elves to force them into servitude to someone else?"

After some discussion, The best they could develop is some sort of variation of the Compulsion Curse or a Compulsion Potion, maybe a bit of both. It would have to be designed to affect only House Elves.

Getting back to the original reason, he had been called, "Yes, it seems that we have three people here, both who have conflicting memories. When they speak to us, the story they tell is different from their memory, which is shown in the pensive." Madam Bones explained. "The memory has no interruptions or jitters. It is as if they have a compulsion to tell a story differently, which is different from their extracted memory. Some of the memories shown in the pensive even show the alterations taking place."

The Unspeakable said, "That is just what you stated. What you have is most likely a form of magical compulsion which puts the made-up story at the forefront of the mind, where spoken words come from. The real memory gets bypassed or shunted aside unless someone retrieves a memory from the subconscious mind. The subconscious memory is the real memory is the one sees in a pensive. May I ask who changed the memories?"

"Your oath applies here?" Madam Bones asked before stating. "It was Headmaster Albus Dumbledore."

"You have proof?" As the Unspeakable watched, Madam Bones nod in affirmation. "Then the question is why?" Asked the gray-robed man. "I wonder who or what Albus is trying to manipulate now? "

Madam Bones frown deepened, "I am not fully sure what happened before this evening, but we are now in the middle of a criminal investigation. It appears all evidence we collected shows that Lucius Malfoy tried to kill Harry Potter with one or more of the Unforgivable Curses. He did in front of the entire complement of students and staff at Hogwarts at the Leaving Feast this evening. Harry Potter stopped a third Unforgivable Curse by cutting off Malfoy's hand with what appears to be the Sword of Gryffindor as he started to cast the curse at near point-blank range. The evidence against Malfoy is good, and his days are going to be severely short in number. Additionally, I suspect we have at least one Class 10 cursed object, which in play."

The Unspeakables voice sounded troubled, "I am sure Malfoy will bribe his way out of everything again. Fudge is his good friend. And what's this about a class 10 object? A soul jar? "

Bones countered, "Fudge's hands are tied right now because he is a material witness. He will be named as a witness and forced to recuse himself during the trial. That will stop his entire office from interfering because he can't make any rulings. Umbridge might still be our problem. She will try to force the burden of punishment onto Potter for harming a pureblood of good standing. I told Potter that Lucius is going down. All we have to do is ask the right questions under Vertiserum, and Fudge's goose will be roasted on the same spit as Malfoy's. Fudge was worried, trust me. We have the remains of a Horcrux."

The Unspeakable asked, "Why were they even at Hogwarts? And that's where the Horcrux was?"

"Well, it seems there have been some issues at Hogwarts which we just found out about. "Madam Bones explained. "It seems there was a death last year which we just were informed about and started an investigation into that as of this evening. It involved the possession of one of the professors by Voldemort. I will pass on a report to your Department. I will include an invitation for one of your experts to be a consultant on the case. It also seems someone opened the Chamber of Secrets again, and some students ended up petrified for several months. It was never reported to my office. What about your Department?" Madam Bones was not surprised by a shake of the Unspeakables head. "The cause appears to be a large 1000 plus-year-old Basilisk, which was killed last week."

"Really?" interjected by the Unspeakable, "Who gets to claim the body? We

haven't had one to study for a long time. The parts are valuable, and the skin is highly magic resistant. It makes excellent armor against curses."

Madam Bones, "I believe it is Harry Potter, a second-year student who killed it, has the greatest claim. The same person who seems to have also claimed Gryffindor's Sword. We also have a report investigating that Harry killed a troll that had entered the school last year. The problem we are having is the witnesses seem to have had their memories altered. And when they speak of the event, they give one recounting. If we retrieve a memory to examine, the event is shown to happen completely different then the oral recounting. We need to know why these differences are happening. So we can account for it in the courtroom. We have a good idea, but it needs to be verified. That's your job."

The Unspeakable nodded, "Let me review those memories if you would allow me and then a memory of the oral interviews."

"That will give me time to question Malfoy a bit." Declared Madam Bones. "Sooner or later, things will get messy if we do not move quickly. I'll have an Auror show you to office space for you to use."

Madam Bones looked up and caught Tonks' eye. "Tonks, This is the Unspeakable Meme. You are to go with him and supply your memories of the interviews you conducted with both Mister Potter and Miss Granger.

Madam Bones glanced in the mirror at the two teens and the elf. With these two, the issue was well in hand, and it is time to tackle Malfoy. This would be just one of many rounds in this fight, thought the Head of the DMLE. She knew she had a long night ahead of her, but such was the job of being the Head of the DMLE.

Madam Bones looked into one way mirror and nodded to Shacklebolt. "Plan A. We go in and lay our cards down. We tell him we have multiple witnesses of him using Unforgivable Curses. We tell him that we have additional evidence that he used Unforgivable Curses with the multiple wands found on Malfoy's person. We have evidence of blades with poisons and human blood. We have grounds to demand the use of Vertiserum. You administer the Vertiserum, and then we ask questions. She nodded to the Scribe, you keep an accurate record, or I will have far more than your job, do you understand?"

The Scribe nodded an affirmative. "No problems, Madam Bones."

"Let's do this. "Madam Bones said.

She opened the door and entered, followed by Shacklebolt and the Court Scribe.

She remained silent until the Scribe indicated he was ready. And he started, "This is an official DMLE transcript of the interview of the incident which took place the night of June 1st, 1993 and August 21st, 1992 At Hogwarts and Flourish and Blott's involving suspect Lucius Malfoy.

"Good evening Mister Malfoy, thank you for joining us for this little party. For the record, in attendance is Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement Emilia Bones, Senior Investigator Auror Shacklebolt, and DMLE Certified Scribe Anderson Cooper and the suspect Lucius Malfoy. We are here to investigate the happenings today, June 10th, 1993, at or around 5 PM at Hogwarts and actions on August 21st, 1993, where we have evidence that you passed off a Class 10 cursed item with the intent to harm said minor. Additionally, Mister Malfoy is accused of using an Unforgivable Curses vis à vis, casting multiple Killing Curses directed at an unarmed 2nd-year student named Harry James Potter. The curses were avoided by young Mister Potter. As a last resort in self-defense, Potter stuck Mister Malfoy with a sword. Resulting in the removal of Mister Malfoy's wand hand, as he attempted to cast his third Unforgivable Curse at near point-blank range. Mister Malfoy is also charged with reckless endangerment of nearly every student at Hogwarts. It was just lucky happenstance that no students were standing or sitting directly behind or near Potter."

Madam Bones continued tapping the folder in front of her. "We have witness statements numbering over 300 which state they saw you cast Multiple Unforgivable Curses, namely the Killing Curse including the Minister of Magic Fudge. Under the Reasonable Use Clause for Investigations, under section 8, paragraph 2, we will now question the suspect under Vertiserum."

Malfoy said, "I object to any such tactics. I am of a Nobel House, A Member of the Wizengamot and a Pure Blood, and exempt from Vertiserum questioning."

"It seems you need to be corrected, Mister Malfoy," spoke Madam Bones. "I know the House of Malfoy is not a Nobel House. Your family has only been in Britain for and recognized as a Family House for 142 years. The requirement is 250 years as a Family House, recognized in continuous good standing before you can apply for Noble status. You are not a member of the Wizengamot. You sit only because you are holding the proxies for the LeStrange and Black Family seats. What's hard to understand how you hold the Black Proxy. Because the current Ministry roles list Harry James Potter as Heir Apparent to the House of Black, not your son, as you claimed in the proxy application. House Malfoy has no votes of its own. I can not even see why your application for proxy for the Black family seat was approved. Your wife is the sister of the wife of LeStrange, also is not sufficient rationale for you being her appointed proxy. Maybe your wife being appointed as her proxy might make sense, but not you. Nor does the Malfoy Family have rights to a seat on the Wizengamot. Being a Pure Blooded doesn't factor into the picture when we have multiple direct witnesses to your crime. Maybe I need to point out the law's exact wording is '... a Pure Blooded Witch or Wizard of good standing, without a preponderance of other evidence... '. You lost your good standing when all those children saw you use an Unforgivable Curse. Just as the "preponderance of evidence" clause has been surpassed. You can appeal the use of Vertiserum during the investigation during your trial in front of the Wizengamot. Only then can you ask for only evidence obtained from you while under Vertiserum be excluded. The fact is all witnesses saw two full successful attempts and the failed third attempt at the casting of one of the Unforgivable Curses, right? Then we have the evidence on your multiple unlawful wands. No, Lucius Malfoy, you are not a pureblood in good standing anymore. There is lots of doubt that you ever were of good standing."

"Shack, you're up!" She spoke to the Auror

The Auror standing directly behind Malfoy grabbed Malfoy's nose and pinched while pulling back sharply on Malfoy's head. His deep voice called out a count "One, Two, Three drops administered at the mark: 10:43 PM."

The Scribe watched as his quills wrote upon multiple parchments and nodded to both people.

Madam Bones watch as Malfoy's eyes glazed over slowly.

"What is your name? Asked Madam Bones

"Lucius Grande Malfoy." was the answer.

"Did you attack Harry Potter in the Great Hall at Hogwart's with the Killing Curse?" Madam Bones

"Yes." Lucius Malfoy

"Why?" Madam Bones

"He was exposing me as the person who released the Beast of Slytherin on the school." Lucius Malfoy spoke in a monotone voice.

Madam Bones "What did you do?"

Lucius Malfoy, "I slipped a book cursed by my Master into the school supplies of the Blood Traitor Weasley's daughter, as the Dark Lord instructed me years ago."

Madam Bones "Who is your Master?

Lucius Malfoy, "The Dark Lord."

Madam Bones "And what is this Dark Lord's real name?

Lucius Malfoy, "None of us know. We are told we that we are unworthy to speak his true name. He placed a taboo on his name. We are not worthy of knowing who he was before he became our Master."

Madam Bones: "Describe this 'cursed diary.'"

"It is a small thin diary. About 6 by 8 inches with brown colour. It is stamped with the name T.M. Riddle in gold letters on the cover." stated Malfoy.

Madam Bones, "Did you know exactly what the book would do?"

Lucius Malfoy," I was told it would prepare the way for my Master's return."

Madam Bones "Just who is your Master?"

"Lord Voldemort, but you are unworthy to speak his name. He will return." retorted Malfoy.

Madam Bones "How do you know this?"

Lucius Malfoy, "He promised, he gave me an object which would aid in his return, the book. I was to give it a young Hogwart's student who was a pureblood."

Who else do you know he had given cursed objects to hold and use?" Asked Madam Bones

Malfoy stated as a fact, "He also gave Bellatrix something. I saw him give it to her."

Madam Bones "Do you know where Bellatrix put the object? Do you know what the object was?"

Lucius Malfoy, "I suspect it is currently in her bank vault. I never found it when I searched her house after she was captured. It is a golden cup."

Madam Bones "How many of these objects did he make?"

Lucius Malfoy, "I don't know, my Master never said."

Madam Bones, "So how did you come to own the Potter's House Elf named Dobby?

Lucius Malfoy, "Dumbledore said he had all the Elves from the Potter Estate to sell-off. I brought him for 50 Galleons that's 1/100th the going market rate. I would have been a fool to pass it up. Draco was almost a year old, and we needed another Elf for the house to help tend him."

Madam Bones "How did Dumbledore get them?"

Lucius Malfoy "He needed the wills sealed and to get himself appointed to guardianship over the Potter brat. I helped him, and he, in turn, helped me. It was Quid pro Quo. In turn, he agreed not to contest my request for the application for the proxies for the LeStrange and Black seats. My son stands to inherit both. When Bella dies, the LeStrange family dies. Draco will be heir to that house. The Black House is a bit more complex."

"How does that work with the Black Heirs?" Asked Madam Bones

Malfoy answered, "The Heir Apparent of the Black Family is not Sirius Black but Harry Potter. He is the senior male followed by Sirius, My Son, and then Arthur Weasley and his sons. Crouch and his son follow or Frank Longbottom and his son. I am not sure of the order for the last four. Blaming the death of the Potters on Sirius was one of the false rationals given when Black was thrown into prison."

Madam Bones, "How did you get out of charges that you were a Death Eater after the war?"

Lucius Malfoy said, "Dumbledore asked me, 'Have you repented your ways' and 'Would I deny the Dark Lord?' I told him, 'Yes,' and then he suggested 'You need to claim that you were under the Imperious Curse.' I did just that. Then with a 15,000 Galleon donation to Fudge's election campaign, helped get him elected. Then another donation to his inauguration and celebration fund, Fudge dropped all the charges."

Madam Bones, "Were you a Death Eater?"

Lucius Malfoy, "Yes"

Madam Bones looked at her list of questions, "Can the Dark Mark be forced upon a person while under the Imperious curse or any other magical or mundane compulsions?"

Lucius Malfoy, "No, it must be taken completely voluntarily without any duress."

Madam Bones ,"Why did you take the Dark Mark? "

Lucius Malfoy, "I was promised power over other people. I was promised that I could hurt other people and cause them pain."

Madam Bones, "How do you cause pain?"

Lucius Malfoy "I enjoy torturing young girls and boys, usually filthy muggles or mudbloods which I kidnap. Then I use curses and objects like knives on them. I can cut them and hurt them. I love to hurt them and listen to them, scream and beg. I love to see them bleed like the animals they are. Then I heal them and start over again. I like to make them suffer, over and over. I hurt them until they are broken husks. Before they are completely broken, I kidnapped my new prey and make them watch be break the old toys. By forcing the new to watch the old toys suffer and break, it increases the fear in my new toys."

Madam Bones, with a look of horror on her face, asked, "Name all the Death Eaters you know of alive or dead."

Lucius Malfoy started naming people, and the list was 52 people long.

Looking at the list, Madam Bones asked, "Are you sure Peter Pettigrew was a Death Eater?"

Lucius Malfoy stated proudly, "I saw him get the Dark Mark, I recruited him myself."

Madam Bones, "I see you left off the list, Sirius Black. Why?"

Lucius Malfoy "That is the best joke on you. You do know how stupid it will look. Sirius Black was never a Death Eater. The fact most of us got off free, and you locked up an innocent scion of a Nobel and Ancient family without a trial."

Madam Bones looked to her list of questions, at a loss of where to go to next.

Madam Bones, "Do you know who killed Edgar Bones and his wife?"

Lucius Malfoy said, "That would have been the work of the Death Eater team of the LaStrange Brothers and Bellatrix, and Barty Crouch Junior. The Bones family was targeted because Snape brought word of a prophecy made to Dumbledore. The prophecy stated, 'The one that would defeat the Dark Lord was coming, to be born when the Seventh Month died. My son was born in Late June, or the Dark Lord would have killed him. The Dark Lord decided to kill all the children born in July. Your Niece was born on the 20th. The Dark Lord was with his chosen squad of killers that night, and they couldn't find your Niece. All I know of 22 out of 25 magical born children in July were killed. I do know he was trying to find a way to locate any Mudbloods born in July, so he could kill them too."

Madam Bones "So what happened on October 31st, 1981?"

Lucius Malfoy "On the afternoon of October 31st, The Dark Lord, Severus Snape and Peter Pettigrew left with the Dark Lord to kill the Potter's brat. The Dark Lord disappeared that night, Pettigrew disappeared two days later. Snape said, 'I was instructed to stay outside the Potter's House. Only after the house was rocked with an explosion did I enter the house. He said the only person living was the Potter brat. There was not a dead body for the Dark Lord to be found. He didn't have a chance to kill the brat, because Sirius Black showed up," and Snape fled the scene."

"How many bribes have you given directly to Minister Fudge or members of his staff?" QueriedtThe Head of the DMLE.

Malfoy responded, "Three or four times a year for the last 10 years. Mostly to get him to cut funding for the DMLE and other Departments, Pass Laws benefiting the Pure Blood Agenda. All things to make it easier for my Master to take over when he returns."

"Mister Malfoy, to whom did you pay these funds." he was asked.

Malfoy laughed, "They were usually paid to Delores Umbridge. She forwarded most of the money to Fudge through what she called a cutout charity fund account or a dummy account. She kept a record of how much money was given to her and how it was funneled to Fudge. She even kept track of which of the cutouts she used. She explained that 'It keeps all three of us in the clear,' in case anyone ever investigated Fudge."

Madam Bones "Are you guilty of all charges I mentioned?"

"Yes!" exclaimed Malfoy.

Madam Bones looking at Shacklebolt, "You have anything else?"

Shacklebolt shaking his head, "Yes, Director. Ask him who he had coordinated and planned the activities this evening and to what degree each person was involved?"

"Answer the question, Mister Malfoy," commanded Madam Bones.

Malfoy fought not to answer but finally spewed out, "Snape, Umbridge, My Son, The Aurors Yakley and Dawlish."

Shacklebolt smiled, "I am sure we will get more ideas as we process the other people he has named.".

Madam Bones "Return him to his cells just as before. Three guards around the clock and full inspections for Dark Marks for everyone entering the Department and a second inspection before entering the cell block. You have the list of names he gave. Start with those two marked Aurors he named. Clean our own house out 1st. Round them up in teams, bring everyone back home safely, Shack. "

An afterthought which just happened and Madam Bones added, "By the way, stop by Crouch's home first and ask him to come in for a chat. I want to know more about Black's so-called trial. Only he and Dumbledore are alive, both which had a direct hand in that farce."

About 10 minutes after she finished questioning Malfoy, Madam Bones entered the conference room. She listened to the Unspeakable give his opinion, "Mister Potter has had multiple memory charms placed on him at different times in his life, it seems. Most of them are simple compulsions to repeat a specific implanted memory, skipping over the actual memory. It is easy to remove the compulsions. The false memory should fade in less than a few hours or so. The few days to a week afterward could be a little confusing as he reintegrates his real memories. His problem is far more severe than Tonk's or Granger's compulsions, just because there are far more modifications.

Additionally, I would suggest some training in Oculumancy for Potter in the future. This could help protect his mind from any new memory charms. I just wish we had enough political power to stop the person who did this, but we just do not. I can remove the charms now if you wish and check for any other charms and have him come in from time to time to monitor for more modifications.

Madam Bones nodded her head and asked, "That sounds workable. While you are going about it, can we arrange for all Aurors current and past have the same checks performed on them over the next few days." Pausing for a moment, "Additionally," she asked, "Move Senior Master Auror Alastor Moody to the top of that list of those which must be checked, please. He is just too close to Albus."

As she left the conference room in the company of the Unspeakable, she ordered her thoughts. Worrying about how long she could stall off Fudge and Dumbledore from interfering. She decided to where to start on Malfoy's case now, she had the fundamental questioning done. The longer she allowed it to stretch out, the more the chance he would find a way to wiggle out of the charges. She also had to force the Potter's will open somehow and investigate just how much damage Albus has done working for his so-called 'Greater Good.'

She mentally added an investigation into the claim of a lack of trial for Black. She was beginning to worry slightly because the summer after next, she would be busy with the World Quidditch Finals and this silly Tournament in the Fall afterward at Hogwarts. Unless she could derail that silly idea completely. However, the Quidditch Final was currently only in Crouch and that idiot Ludo Bagman's hands. The Tri-Wizard was Albus' project with Crouch being read in as needed. She was peeved that the Minister only had her lightly read into them even though her Department was to provide security personal for both events.

They both entered the interview room, and Madam Bones introduced the Unspeakable as a memory charms expert to Harry Potter and Hermione Granger and Tonks. Madam Bones explained how he was there to reverse and remove all the memory charms and check for any other charms on all three of them. She did reiterate that she was still doing some follow-up investigations on several other issues. She wanted to place both Hermione and Harry into protective custody for a few days. She would notify both Hermione's parents and Harry's muggle guardians about the short delay before he would be arriving home.

Harry mumbled, "Well, that's a good thing. A day without being in the Dursley's household is a great day."

Madam Bones said, "We are going to try to see about changing things around a bit. Maybe you won't have to go the Dursley's home at all if we can get your parent's wills opened, read, and executed."

The Unspeakable said, "Well, let us start by running a few test scans on all three of you, and then I will start removing these nasty memory blocks. May I start with the Auror,

your name please?"

"Tonks, sir, Junior Auror Tonks." stated the Auror.

Harry and Hermione watched as the Unspeakable explained every spell and what it did before he performed it. Frowning, he said, "There is a problem here. She seems to have some sort of magical power binding in addition to the sixteen different memory charms. Dumbledore's limiting charm is unlawful and should be removed. Additionally, she has a tracking charm placed on her by Dumbledore and another by someone in the Ministry. Remember, she will be slightly confused for a few hours or so. She should not Apparate until she is back to normal, maybe two days. Her Spell casting is going to need to be adjusted as well."

Madam Bones nodded and said, "She will be placed on paid leave for a week pending a physical before she returns to duty. I think that she will also be temporarily on protection duty for Mister Potter until after the Malfoy trial is over. Perhaps Ms. Granger could be placed at the same safe-house, also."

After four more spells had been cast, the Unspeakable asked Tonks how she was feeling.

Tonks said, "Dizzy and a bit confused, wonky is the term I would generally use." She got a funny look on her face, "That Son of Bitch modified my memory of attempted rape in my sixth year. He also bound part of my ability to be a Metamorph, and that could be why I am so eff'ing clumsy."

"Well, that's odd," Tonks said after a minute of thinking. "That bastard bound both Harry's Magic and his Morphing ability that night. That's why my memory stopped. He had some sort of monitoring charm on Harry. He detected him doing a little bit of basic Metamorphing decided to make a few changes. I remember him calling that ability a 'dark Black family trait' and 'that it is tainted with evil.' Albus did what he could to stop Harry and limit me from full use of that ability. Then he went and limited Harry's access to his magic".

Madam Bones said, "I will collect that full memory later, Tonks."

The Unspeakable nodded. "You'll be fine a few days, and feeling even stronger. The charms Albus used were parasitic by nature. Once they were cast, they became powered by your magic, not his. It is unlawful to use such spells on a person. Each of those charms was constantly drawing upon your magical core. To do any magic or do any Morphing, you were required to over-power the charm. The power requirements to morph made you work four times as hard to accomplish anything magical. You need to be careful casting any spells. You will overpower most spells until you can relearn how much or how little power is required."

"Now, Miss Granger, it is your turn. He ran the diagnosis and frowned. How often did you visit the Headmaster? It seems he managed to memory charm you about 30 times in the last two years. There is some sort of limiter on your core, as well. Like the one on Tonks, it forces you to overcome the charm to do most magic, making your magic slightly weaker." explained the Unspeakable.

He waved his wand in an intricate and complex pattern and flicked his wand, and a faint glow surrounded Hermione's head. Growing brighter as each memory charm was removed in succession.

Hermione sat wobbling slowly in her seat while her eyes were closed. "That was a lot of stuff he didn't want me to know about. Harry, the Headmaster, had a monitoring charm on certain books in a library. If someone reads those books or pages, he will rush to ambush them and remove the memories. Most of the time, it was information about you, Harry, or your family."

The Unspeakable grinned, "Albus has been a busy little bee, hasn't he? Now we will remove the power limiter. It is an unlawful charm to put on a person unless they are a convicted criminal. The authorization for using the spell must be approved by the Wizengamot. No one but the Unspeakable is supposed to know how to cast it. Way back in the 1930 or 40s, Dumbledore did some work with us, and he must have picked up the charm then." The Unspeakable used an even more complex pattern and a final stab with his wand cast, "Venenatis Finite." A small flash of bluish light followed by a popping sound, and the spell was gone.

"Sit and take it easy for a while. Make each breath deep and steady, please. You had had that power block running at about 30% before you started school. When you start using magic, go real slow, so you do not overpower your castings. It could be dangerous for a few weeks." softly spoke the Unspeakable.

"Now for the last, Mister Potter."

"First, a quick scan, to check for any traps, we do not want any unseen complications." He waved his wand in an intricate pattern as Harry sat with his closed eyes. Hermione watched as several shades of colors covered part of Harry's body. And one black area surrounded the area just above the scar.

The Unspeakable frowned and asked, "Mister Potter, do you often get headaches or pain inside that scar."?

Harry spoke without opening his eyes, "In the past, only when I am around Voldemort. It will be a prickling feeling and turn to a burning sensation the closer he gets."

"I need to get a few other people here to confer with about this. We officially have a complication." Unspeakable took out a device that looked like a medallion or badge and pushed a set of buttons before he spoke. "Team H, Team V to the DMLE interview room one, Stat! It will be a few more minutes, Mister Potter, and then we move on and get those memory blocks removed. I need to run a few more diagnostic scans while we are waiting. Just close your eyes and relax." The Unspeakable's wand moved in several different patterns. He cast several different spells, all of which displayed a different color on the part of Harry's body. The more the Unspeakable worked, the deeper his frown became.

He said, "I need to step outside and confer with the two teams which should be arriving soon. Madam Bones, with me please?" as he turned towards the door.

Outside 6 people were waiting for all Unspeakables. "Meme, What's the panic?" Spoke one of them with a voice with an aged crackle.

Madam Bones frowned and looked between the group and the Unspeakable addressed as 'Meme.'

Meme spoke, "I came up to consult on a few memory blocks. After investigating, I found an Auror and two Hogwart's student with Memory and Power Blocks. The Metamorph had a partial block on her morphing ability. All three had power blocks charms placed on them. I found one of the students has a bit of magical residue of soul leech embedded in a partially healed scar. The scar seems to appear to be from an attempt to create a Horcrux which either failed or didn't implant correctly. The leach was expelled after a near-death experience recently. The indications are present that Mister Potter was dead for almost two minutes. The bad part this was a fragment of Voldemort, and there are maybe at least five other pieces of him at large."

An Unspeakable with a younger sounding voice spoke, "That explains why there was not a body. So does this student remember anything about Voldemort at all creating this Horcrux at all?"

Meme said, "I have yet to remove a large number of memory blocks. The boy also seems to have his magic bound at the 50% level. He has been subjected to significant physical injuries that went untreated or improperly treated. He is suffering from massive malnutrition as well as physical and possible mental abuse. I wanted Team V here because if we can, we can get any memories of Voldemort's initial attack on him, it might help us track down all of them. It may take a little guidance on our part to get him to recall."

One of the Unspeakables asked, "What order are you going to remove the charms? "

The last one I will remove is the power block. The Morphing block next to last and I will try to remove each memory moving a backward, reverse order in which the memory blocks were placed."

The seven Unspeakables looked to each other. They silently went into the interview room and began placing ward stones to re-enforce the walls, floor, and ceiling.

The Unspeakable explained to Harry, "My code name is Meme. I am in charge of any issues and research dealing with memories, charms for memories, and such other things dealing with the mind magics."

These 6 Unspeakables are two different teams investigating two other issues that we will be dealing with today.

"They are going to magically re-enforce wards on this room and then will leave only you and me inside. I will first carefully remove all the memory charms in reverse order. Which should take about an hour or a little longer. Then I will remove the binding on your Metamorph ability. Then I will walk over to the door and open it as I remove the power blocker placed on you unlawfully. As I remove those blockers, I will leave the room if there is any magical backlash. That is why extra wards are being put into place." Meme explained. "We should be done in a bit more than an hour, and maybe by then, Madam Bones will have finalized the arrangements for you for the next few days. You may have some discomfort or confusion as the memory compulsions are removed, but I ask you to sit as still as you can. It might be easier on you if you keep your eyes closed and concentrated on breathing evenly."

Meme nodded to the others as they quickly finished warding the room and left.

Hermione had watched intently as each of the Unspeakables took a set of small stones out of their pockets. Each stone was set on the floor in a precise manner. Working as one in a well-rehearsed Team. One of them counted "three two" and then "one" in a well-practiced cadence, and they tapped their wands on the stones, and the flare of the wards being established took place. They quickly ushered everyone out, but Harry and Unspeakable Meme.

Meme took a seat opposite of Harry and began casting the memory block reversal spell. After nearly 45 minutes of continuous casting. Meme smiled and said, "Just breathe easily for a few minutes and relax. That last memory block I just cleared contained everything from the time you were born until November 2nd. That's the day when you were placed on your Aunt's doorstep. For some reason, Dumbledore did not want any chance of you recalling anything about that time directly. If you study and become adept at Oculumancy. You might even be able to access some of those earlier Childhood memories. Most people have them but seldom try to access them. I didn't look at them, but I do know about the periods involved."

"The next several items are not blocks just a series of charms which are slightly malicious by their nature. There is also something that seems to be coupled to some sort of unlawful blood ward. It uses your magic to power a protection ward. Use of blood-based wards is unlawful to power using the blood of a minor."

"That would be the ward created by Headmaster Dumbledore." Harry explained, "Dumbledore tells me there is a ward which gets renewed every summer by me spending time in the home I share with someone of my mother's blood. It is because my mother sacrificed herself so I could live." shrugging his shoulders and tipping his head, Harry explained. "Those were his words more or less."

The Unspeakable mentally frowned and spoke aloud, "Maybe it is best to not have that charm running at all. The truth of that matter is those types of wards were outlawed because they are deemed abusive to place them on children. Blood wards like you described don't work the way you said they did. We can have a team go check the wards. Parasitic charms are not supposed to be used on minors, with a few exceptions."

"Now that the Memory Charms are gone, we will start with various types of tracking charms 1st. If any are like the ones which work for charmed clocks or mail redirection, they can be reinstated later by you on a case by case basis. I will have a list of each of those charms we removed for your use later as references. It will be easier having a clean slate to work upon."

Harry just nodded his head, agreeing and so much understanding. He sat very still with his eyes closed. Even now, he was feeling highly confused. His blocked memories were being access and causing in a massive riot of confusion.

Finally, Meme reached the last stage and only had one power blocking spell to left to remove. Meme walked to the door and opened it, stepping through a small man-sized opening in the magical containment field. He narrowed the field down until his wand arm would just fit through the glowing walls to a small opening. He moved his wand in a tight pattern. With the last stabbing jab, Meme set himself in motion to pull his arm back and moved to jump to the side. Following the small flick and point and jab and Meme ducked as the light from the charm decaying rapidly, put spots in front of his eyes. The wave of magical backlash hit and overpowered the Wards collapsing them. The second wave of magical backlash, even more powerful, passed through the area tossing him into the opposite wall.

The Unspeakables, along with Madam Bones and her staff, were tossed back because the primary shielding on the room failed. The backup containment field failed, snapping as it became overloaded. The wave surged out in an increasing sphere of magical energy. London's immediate area's power grids failed, blacking out an area over a mile around the Magic Ministry. The wave continued until it reached an office in a castle in the far north of Scotland.

In an office in a castle which was still filled with students in the far north of Scotland sat a very troubled Albus Dumbledore, he had seemed to have lost control of his pawn. The pawn was wreaking havoc across the board, ruining his game plan. Then an alarm sounded, and the Headmaster's head snapped up, looking at the sets of his many knickknacks and saw the last functioning device stop. Seconds after the last monitoring knickknacks finally stopped working, he silenced the alarms and saw he still had one indication that Harry was still alive. Then the blood ward monitor on Number 4 Privet Drive in Surry had stopped working. Then he felt a surge of magic pass through his office. "Harry!" Thought the Headmaster, "What have you done?"

Seconds later, a slightly weaken pulse passed through a fortress built upon a nearly barren rock in the North Sea. The fortress was named the same as the island, Azkahban. It was the only prison in all the world that made everyone shudder with dread. It was home to 169 of the vilest creatures ever to walk the Earth. Those quasi-demons paused in their tasks as the wave of energy passed through them. For a second, they felt fear because they recognized the magical signature of one they called The Destroyer, prophesied to them 5,000 years ago as the one to end them. Their fear faded as they realize he was far away, as the wave of energy faded away into the distance.

In a panic, Albus leaped to the fireplace and took the Floo to the Ministry of Magic. Rushing into the fire after tossing a pinch of Floo powder into the flamed called out his destination, DMLE Reception, and stepped forward only to be thrown back out of the fireplace. His attempted to access the DMLE was blocked. He didn't know the entire Department had been placed on lock-down because several of the different containment wards failed in the cell and interrogation blocks. His ire rose another level higher, and he relaunched himself with a new destination of Chief Warlock's Office, and again was tossed back. In his anger, he had forgotten that he was still suspended from his Wizengamot position. When his third try was "Ministry Atrium," the connection turned green. He stepped through and quickly hurried to the security station. There he was stopped by the guard and was treated like any other visitor. That required a time-consuming conversation with the reception desk and wand check before he was allowed to get past.

Dumbledore hated being treated like an ordinary wizard. During the ride down in the lifts to the DMLE, offices just increase his ire. By the time the lift stopped, gone were the grandfatherly smile and twinkling eyes and more exposed to the public was the look more akin to a conniving sociopath on a mission. As doors opened, he steps out only to find the office nearly empty of personal and seven gray-robed Unspeakables were walking down the corridor, which would lead to the DMLE.

As soon as the lead unspeakable recognized him, Dumbledore found himself frozen in place. The lead Unspeakable smiling, walked up to him and said, "Just who is it you going to look for, Albie? You are already known as being the 'merry memory maker.' It seems you are in a kettle of hot water, old man. You may have at least 100 different charges pending against you. The Interim Chief Warlock is currently ordering all wills you sealed, opened. When the dust settles, who knows what sort of dirty secrets of yours will be discovered?"

All Albus could think about was the question: "What have you done, Harry?"

Another of the Unspeakable ignored him by taunting him, "I suggest you best run back to your school and put your affairs in order. Prepare for a long vacation on a tropical island up in the North Sea. We will be calling on you to speak about Tom Marvolo Riddle, and we want to know everything you know about him. If you co-operate with us fully, that just might keep you out of prison. By the way, we know all about the diary Horcrux and the one that used to be in Potter's scar. We know where one more might be located. Tell us all that you know, Albus, when we ask you, and we will ask. You will answer one way or another," as sharply pointed finger tapped him in the head right between his overly bushy eyebrows. The unspeakable then went own to warn him, "Do stop playing with other people heads. You're an amateur player, don't screw with us, Albie."

The group walked by Albus Dumbledore, the person who loved to hear himself called this age's greatest wizard, was left standing there frozen in place. Suddenly he was released, staggered, and turned to leave.

He moved to return to Hogwarts. His thoughts in turmoil. He had long suspected and monitored Harry's scar. It was a Horcrux, that was a fact he was sure. Now he was just informed it was no longer a Horcrux? With everything else, it meant Harry had to be dead. The Ward Monitor on Privet Drive was still functioning and had some power left. Confused with the thought that Harry would have to return in a few days to start the recharging process. But if Harry was dead not by Voldemort's hand, that meant the Voldemort had to be dead too, or the prophecy was wrong. Confused, Albus Dumbledore sat in his office, muttering about what had happened. He concluded that somehow the Unspeakables removed the Horcrux. It caused all the different charms he had on Harry to fail, or the Voldemort has possessed Potter and took over. Looking, he noticed Hermione Granger's monitoring charm had also failed.

This was not good because he thought when he was removed as Headmaster by that evil man, Malfoy, it all worked into his plans. The fact young Harry had lived showed him everything was going as planned. His return as Headmaster just re-enforced everything in his mind about his plan, until this evening. The 'Greater Good' needed him in power and in control to guide Harry to his destiny. Just as Britain and the World needed his guiding hand. Now at once, he found he had very little power and no control over Harry, Britain, or the World. Where had he gone wrong?

He had been unchallenged for so long. Things just had to move in such a way so that when Harry faced Voldemort at last, Harry would willingly die, just so the prophecy would be fulfilled. Once the prophecy was fulfilled completely, then anyone could kill Voldemort.

The way Albus had Harry's life planned out for him, he would become betrothed to marry Ginny Weasley. The contract would make Ginny his Heir and name Dumbledore as executor. When Harry died, the Potter estate would go to the Weasley family. A true light family without the taint of the Black bloodline. Who knew what tainted blood came from Evan's line? You never could trust those muggles. There was no way for a Mudblood to be that powerful and smart without some sort of dark magic to help her.

Harry slowly woke up and found he was lying on the floor in the interview room, and the table and chairs were broken and bent and lying against the walls. The door to the interview room was off its hinges. Harry tried to sit up but felt dizzy. He groaned and voiced a question out loud, "Did anyone get the number of the lorry that ran over me?"

He ached all over. He decided to lay there quietly for a few minutes until the world stopped spinning. He felt bewildered for a few minutes. He slowly recalled what had happened that evening with near crystal clarity. Then he remembered the power block being removed. The backwash as that charm failed had been pretty powerful. While he had thought he was just a moderately average wizard, it seems the block was holding him back.

Then the Unspeakable had explained how the limiter worked. "The Limiter it acted as a rubber tourniquet stretching out just enough as his will working with his magic was forced to power the spells. It only responded like this to a strong-willed person. A weaker willed person could not force the magic past the tourniquet and would appear to be a squib at best.

The removal of the Power Blocks charms made his magic surged outward, just like a dam that had burst. Most all of the surge was absorbed by the wards put in place by the team of Unspeakables. But enough passed the crumbling wards to trigger sensors all over the local Ministry and at many of its remote monitoring sites.

Slowly, the Aurors and Unspeakables pulled themselves together. One of them spoke into his Device, calling out an all-clear and silence the alarms.

They peered into the room and approached the reclining young man lying on the floor very still.

The table anchored to the floor was uprooted and embedded into the wall opposite the door. The chairs were twisted, and broken had been pushed against the walls. The only thing not broken was the boy. The Unspeakable waved his wand and watched the colors spring up over the young boy and said, "At least no one was hurt."

Harry took a deeper breath and said, "I would not say that. That was different. Please don't do that again. I just want my head to stop spinning before someone puts it back on my neck. .Fine!"

Hermione Granger looked in through the doorway, "Harry always says he is 'Fine' when he is isn't 'Fine' at all. I hope he isn't telling people that he is 'Fine' because usually, he isn't."

Madam Bones said, "It will take some time for him to reach a magical equilibrium. He will need even more time than you will to reestablish control over his magic. He might be inline to have to relearn how to use his magic all over again. I will see about getting an exemption on the Reasonable Restriction on uses for you both. That way, you can start the next school year with the degree of control you should have had if the Headmaster had not mucked about with his charms."

Bone finished making arrangements for the two children to be kept at a safe house for a few days.

Madam Bones got a report on problems at Crouch's home. It was going to be along night. She sent Connie Hammer with a team to find out just what happened. All she got was a magic fight of some sort and a call for the need for an investigation team.