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And so, an update comes from absolutely nowhere. I hope you all enjoy.

Cole was a mess.

Sure, last week with the Day of the Departed, he had acted like he was perfectly fine with not a care in the world. He had ended up crashing for fourteen hours straight afterwards, as being turned from a ghost back into a human took a lot of energy. The whole week had been a bit of a blur to him, everything moving so fast with settling into the Temple and all. But an hour ago, Cole had finally had time to be alone and think. It wasn't good to be alone, and as soon as Cole started to think, everything from that fateful night came crashing down on him.

Now, Cole sat alone in the back of a tavern, sitting in the shadows. He needed to be alone, to not have anyone disturb him or ask if he was O.K. He had thought about asking for a drink, but he didn't wish to draw attention to himself. Besides, he may be the oldest Ninja, but he was still underaged. He was clothed in a black sweatshirt and pants, with the hood of the sweatshirt up, hiding his new scar, the one that marked the left side of Cole's forehead. It glowed faintly, but its glow was covered by Cole's black hood.

The last year or so had been crazy. First with Morro coming, then the depression that comes with being turned into a ghost, and then finally accepting that he would forever remain as a ghost. For the longest time, Cole believed that he would never be a human again. He would never again be able to touch water, eat, sleep, or even interact normally with his friends. Sure, if he concentrated, he could make himself a little more solid, but at times he would phase right through things.

Then, in a few short hours, he had fought Yang, saved the other ghostly students, and then went back to being a human. It had all happened so fast, and majority of the time Cole had been running on pure adrenaline. Within all of that, there was the moment when Yang had nearly convinced Cole that the others had forgotten him, and for a moment Cole had truly believed him. He had nearly faded away, had almost let go of life.

But then his friends, his family, had come and he knew that Yang had lied. He had somehow found the strength inside himself to get back up and fight. In the end he had won and was glad that he was once again living flesh and bone.

Other than the scar on his forehead, he had only one other spot where there were scars. Scars that would never fade away, that would always be there to remind him of his past. Looking down at his hands and arms, Cole traced the faint outline of each scar. They went all the way up his arms, only stopping near his shoulders, where they formed an interesting and complex design. He knew that they would glow orange with that mysterious new power he had, but for now, they were just white lines on his arms.

He didn't really mind them, Jay thought that they looked 'super and amazingly cool'. And yet they were still there, never to go away. They were battle scars, the one on his forehead and the ones on his arms. He had gained them - no, earned them - when he had fought Yang, but also the inner battle inside himself that he had barely noticed was going on. When fighting Yang, Cole had decided that he was cared about and had something to live for. His family had given him strength, and he had used it to win both of his battles.

Now that Cole was human again, he could once again touch water. Yet he was still afraid of it, his fear of water rivaling even Kai's, and Cole was almost afraid to take showers anymore. Cole found that he also tired more easily and was more hungry than normal, a side effect of not eating nor sleeping when he was a ghost.

But there are still good things, things like being able to spend time with his family, going to bed along side the others, and getting to eat cake again! Boy, had Cole missed being able to eat cake like everyone else! It was also nice to be able to simply walk now, instead of floating or drifting everywhere. So, there was some good things to go with the bad, and in the end it had been worth it.

With a small sigh, Cole got up from where he was sitting. He walked to the door and went into the cold fall air. A strong breeze shook him out of his thoughts and made him shudder with cold. Another good thing, being able to feel again. The stars were now out, and they glowed brightly in the night sky. Taking a deep breath of fresh air, Cole decided that the past is the past, and that scars were only scars. The memories would never truly go away, but for now, he could live in the present and look forward to the future. Look out world, for Cole Brookstone was ready to start living again!

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