One night I was packing as I woke up early that morning of course I had went to brush my hair and my teeth and get dressed after I had ate dinner with my mom . "Mom I'm so nervous of moving to Santa Carla tonight ." I told her . "It's okay you will get used to it eventually ." She said . I nodded as she said that then we got our stuff and left the house as the new people moved in our old house I got in the car with my things and we drove away from our house we were from Chicago Illinois and we were going to a different place in the world to live of course .

We had made it there I got out of the car and when I did I seen a boy outside he smiled over at me and seen that I needed help taking some boxes in . "Hey I'm Michael Emerson I live right next door to you and welcome to Santa Carla do you need help with that ?" He asked . "Yes please and thank you and my names Lily it's a pleasure to meet you Michael . " I smiled as I started to blush . "You too." He smiled back as he helped me bring the boxes inside while his mother was doing something perhaps cooking or sewing and as for his little brother he was probably reading comic books . "So where you from ?" Michael asked . "I'm originally from Chicago Illinois just moved here tonight ." I told him . "Cool ." He smiled . "Yep ." I smiled back at him .

"Oh I see you already met someone he seems nice ,what's his name ?." My mom asked me . "His names Michael Emerson he's our neighbour he lives next door and he is really nice ." I told her . "Alright cool and hi also I'll leave you two alone to talk ." She said . "Hi ." He waved at her as her mother went inside with the other stuff and I had brought in stuff earlier so I sat down with him on the porch .

"So what do you like to do ?" He asked . "I love music ,drawing , singing sometimes , shopping since I'm a girl of course and I like walks on the beach ." I told him . "Ah cool I like music too and walks on the beach oh and at the boardwalk there's carasoles, games , live concerts some nights and things to eat as well you and I should go check it out sometime tonight what do you say?" He questioned . "Sure I would love that sounds fun ." I smiled and nodded. "Alright perfect ."

"So do you have any siblings ?" He questioned . "Yes one brother named Marko do you know him?" I asked ." Yep I do I seen him before ." He replied . "Cool , what about you ?" I questioned next. "Yep I have a younger brother named Sam ." He told me . "Cool." I smiled . "Yep ." He smiled back as he nodded .