Michael's mom smiled over at him and Sam and me . "How are the waffles are they good ?" She asked all 3 of us and she smiled once again . "Yes mom they are really good ." Sam and Michael had said. "Yes ,Lucy they are pretty good ." I said as I smiled . "Thank you I'm glad you love them ." She smiled. "You're welcome ." We all said together at the same time just to make it easier then saying it one at a time of course.

"You're welcome to stay over here anytime you want I don't mind ." She said as she picked up her mug of coffee and sipped it . "Thank you so much ." I smiled as I thanked her. "You're very welcome ." She smiled back .

Michael and I continued eating some more waffles since we wanted some more. Sam had finished his and didn't want to eat any more of the waffles since he was getting kind of full at the moment .

Meanwhile Lucy got up and did her dishes while waiting for us to finish with our plates she had washed Sam's as well as her own of course. We then finished and gave our plates to her to wash so she did and dried them as well of course after when she had washed them .