Kenka Bancho Otome: Girl Beats Boys OC

Just some OC's for the guys in this collection. You can PM me or tell me in a review who goes first, but this is a fun thing so no mean hate. List is in this first chapter till the end when all have been added and this list will be deleted.

Have fun and hope you enjoy these future short stories collection!

1 Kin (Male) is a fighter transfer student from the UK and is a college student. He doesn't meet Hinako till Collage, but he sees her around, thinking she's Hikaru and plans on challenging him. But when he finds out it's really a girl, he changes his tune.

While being around Hinako Nakayama, he acts very tsundere around her, hiding his feelings about her as well as other things she may be interested in. He gets beat up later by the real Hikaru and Hinako saved him from the final blow. He opens up more to her after that.

2 Ena is a long childhood friend of Hikaru's. She and Hikaru grew up together before her mother was leaving for France. Her mother is the founder and leader of the "Girls Fight Club" which is girls who learn and use their fighting to protect others on the streets.

Ena's mother's last wish is for her to marry Hikaru and become a part of the Onigashima family, but she also takes over the "Girls Fight Club" and has to decide if she really wants to marry her friend or run her mother's club.

3 Sato is not too bad of a fighter, but she fights to be her true self. Her parents want her to grow up to become this rich and wealthy lady, and attempt to marry her off. Totomaru Minowa becomes like her fighting partner when they guys discover the "Girls Fight Club" and she notes that he and Konparu are cute because they are the youngest ones.

She tries so hard to please everyone around her, at the cost of her own happiness, till her uncle cheers her on to be her fighting self and help those who can't protect themselves.

4 Ruby is the daughter of the mayor in the town they live in. She is known as a "Girls Fight Club" which is girls who know how to fight and defend themselves and carry on, on the streets keeping everyone else who is weak, around them safe.

Ruby is a single child and her father doesn't pay too much attention to her. He doesn't know about her fighting, but eventually learns to accept her as she is. She also is a huge hit and friend to Takayuki Konparu's siblings.

5 Ume isn't the type of girl to think she's special. Her parents are high profilers and cops so she gets away with plenty of crap. And she doesn't care what others say. When she meets the face of popular superstar singer, Yuuta Mirako, she is opened up into a different world, but she still acts the same way, just thinking more about what to say or do, rather then just doing it on the fly.

Yuuta makes her feel like she matters and that the opinion of others also can count for something. She learns more from watching him act around others rather then hearing stories from her parents.

6 Sana was a super happy girl before she lost herself and everything. She was minding her own business when Houoh appeared and was beating up another kid, she ran to stop him and got hurt in the process. She lay on the ground before Hikaru jumped on her arm, not seeing her, and broke her arms. She was in the hospital for a long time, but in the end, they had to cut off her arm cause no one would help her in time and it got infected.

Her parents couldn't afford to care for her, so she left and lives out on the streets with a new metal arm, till she was recruited into the "Girls Fight Club" and she later finds both brothers once again and plans her revenge on them. Kiba, Rintaro find a way to calm her down and show her she doesn't need to be so angry at them anymore.

7 Nyoko has been with Ena's family for a long time. Just like Haruo Sakaguchi watching over Hikaru, Nyoko watches over Ena's brother after Ena leaves for France with her mother and while her father is off on work all the time.

She used to be the high school sweetheart of Houoh Onigashima before they graduated and he left to prove himself even more how much he was worthy of her and to prove to his brother she is right for the family.