The clouds had finally parted from a three day long torrent and let a beautiful blue sky shine through onto the Re-Estize Kingdom.

The air tasted fresh and clean, the birds were chirping and children were having fun splashing in the remaining puddles before they dried up in the warm and inviting sunlight. Throughout the city, only one person was not uplifted by the weather, and that woman was currently having a cock slamming into the back of her throat repeatedly, her horns being used as handlebars against her will as her husband fucked her face with reckless abandon.

Despite the look of sheer disgust on her face, she did not lift a finger as drool and pre-cum flew over her mouth and cleavage from Phillip's terribly energetic thrusting. The only plus side to this entire situation was that she had only blown him twice today as opposed to the five times the day before, but the day was still, unfortunately, young.

With how often her tongue was being forced flat against the bottom of her mouth, the raven haired beauty was quickly, and unwillingly, beginning to memorize each and every vein and weak point of her… husband's dick. Still even just thinking the word made her skin crawl. Despite having once taken pride in her body and all its abilities, this current predicament made her resent the fact that she could learn and memorize almost anything given enough time, because Phillip ate up nothing but her time.

Luckily enough, just as she thought that, he pushed her face against his crotch, her nose being pressed up directly against his pelvis and forced to breath in the ghastly smell of his forest of blond curls. And as his cum began to shoot down her throat, he moved one hand to tightly grip her hair, as the other reached down to molest her boob through her current outfit, pinching and molesting her nipple through the incredibly thin black fabric.

… You know, that honestly wasn't very lucky at all.

Her stomach was turning as blast after blast of his rich semen was being forced down her throat and his balls twitched and clenched against her chin. After a grueling amount of time, she was finally pulled back, but left a 'gift' as a string of cum connected her lips to his cockhead.

"Come on now, you've got to enjoy every last drop." She looked up towards the blue eyed man with disdain, leaning forwards to kiss his dribbling tip. "Now you know what to do."

Trying her hardest to keep herself from vomiting, the powerful spellcaster, very slowly, and with much difficulty, swallowed the load, having been ordered to always swallow unless told otherwise. It was just another reason to despise Phillip in her eyes.

Looking at her expectantly, the demoness felt the veins in her neck bulge as she grit her teeth. "Thank… you… for… the… meal!" Her eye started to twitch partway through, and by the end, she was nearly frothing at the mouth. Another command he had given was to 'properly thank him for bestowing his seed to her' and it made her wish for him to be devoured by a rabid animal, but seeing as he almost never left the house now, much less Albedo's vicinity, that would most likely never come to pass.

"You truly are a fantastic wife." He mused while petting his hand through her luxurious black hair. 'And that gown of yours is quite impressive as well, though it only makes sense from something created by me." A smug smile found its way on his face as he spoke.

Continuing the trend of terrible designs, this black "dress" was a black see-through mesh, and while this time there were strings holding up the top portion at a white frilly collar on her neck, it meant nothing when her pretty pink nipples were easily able to be seen through it. And while there was no extreme dip like her wedding dress, there was still a slit beneath her breasts that she knew its sole purpose was to allow Phillip unrestricted access to fuck her breasts. The mesh was too short to even fully reach past her taut and powerful stomach, and although this get-up had a set of microscopic black underwear, Albedo had to find a needle and string to sew up a hole in the middle that she did not even want to consider why it was there. And while Phillip was quite annoyed when he found that out, he became far more placated when he realized that the underwear digging deeply into that magnificent ass and glorious cunt was so low that it revealed to him that Albedo kept her crotch completely free of any hair.

As he finally let his beloved get up off of her knees and down a shot glass of some liquid that made him retch in disgust. He leaned against the wall with a small smile as he saw her instantly jump back into her work and writing. Finding even just watching her to be a joy in his eyes.

Albedo on the other hand now had to make sure to keep a mixture of cleaning agents, poisons, and a sprig of lemon in her desk to kill any and all bacteria in her mouth and stomach. While it would kill any normal human in seconds, it did nothing to her given her poison resistances. Though the lemon was just to help make the taste nicer.

Now that the idioctic ball and chain had learned to just bring up confronting Ainz to scare her into compliance, she could feel his gaze on her as he followed her around the house, or now, as his eyes were stuck squarely on her magnificent ass. Even as she folded her wings to help cover her rear and thighs, she still felt disgusted that a human could look at her with such sin in their eyes.

"My love," Her eye twitched at his pet name for her. "I've been thinking." She stopped herself from sighing as she knew even that would be a waste of breath, all she could do was listen and hope it wasn't as terrible as usual. "You've been working on these orders; writing, rewriting, encoding, and creating this grand master plan over the last 4 days, but I haven't seen you really ever take a break, let alone even sleep."

"My work is far too important to take breaks on, Lord Ainz is expecting a report by the end of the month, that is three weeks away and I shall make as much progress as I can. Besides, I have enough distractions and am forced to stop constantly either to... please you," She nearly threw up in her mouth. "Clean up because of you, or… get in contact with the others." She had to stop herself before she spilled her torturing The Help. While she doubted he could care enough about any servant to remember their name, let alone even a face, the monster didn't want to take the chance that he would order her to stop killing them.

"And sleep is unnecessary, it merely is something that impedes progression and leaves time for your enemy to gain the upper hand." To her mind, as a tactician, sleep just left everyone vulnerable and if one guard failed their job, then everyone would end up dead.

"Now that just won't do at all." Phillip walked over to her desk as he shook his head. "Sleep helps the spark of creativity and genius arise after a rough patch. Why, many of my greatest ideas and plans came to me as I woke up feeling well rested." While he gave himself a smile, Albedo sneered at him.

"I am a Floor Guardian of Nazarick I am never-"

"That settles it, you're going to go to sleep with me tonight." He clapped his hands. "It's about time you moved into the master bedroom anyways. I was being considerate enough to let you go at your own time, but you've been taking too long."

Gritting her teeth, Albedo turned away from her paper to speak to him. "I have told you, I wo-"

"Don't worry about moving your things, dear, I'll hire some muscle to go and move everything to your, or should I say, our room."

Before she could even get another sentence interrupted, he closed the door behind him, no doubt getting properly dressed to do so. As she sat there in her silent fury, she knew that she had to take the edge off.

Walking through the house to find one of the boys for hire, she simply looked over her shoulder with her trademark smile to make him follow her scantily clad form like a lost puppy. And she made sure to enjoy each and every scream that came from his mouth, picturing them to be Phillip the entire time.


Being a master at her craft, Albedo appeared in the house once more without a single hair out of place and removed the body so cleanly that not even a cell was left behind.

But night had fallen not long ago, and she knew what horrors would come to her door. Nothing could prepare her for this man, but she could at least attempt to gain the slightest bit of calm while they were away.

Her door opened as Phillip stood in a red and black night robe, the crest of his family on the left-side of his chest. "My love, it's time for you to rest." He blew out the candles lighting her desk before giving his hand to her.

Scowling at the offer, Albedo stood up and walked to his room, she memorized the layout of this building the first day she arrived, but never did she expect, or want, to be in the situation she was currently in.

Reaching the immaculate bedroom that was filled with expensive and high quality furniture, Albedo kept thinking about how everything in this room paled in comparison to even the dungeons of Nazarick.

"So what should we do about your wings?" He brushed his hands along her feathers. "Do you lay on your stomach and curl them up? Maybe on your back with them unfurled?"

As he mused to himself while manhandling her wings, Albedo held a grimace on her face as she decided to just hurry this along, finding no way out but forwards. With merely a thought, her wings shined with a brilliant white before their shape compacted onto her lower back and she was left with a pair of gothic wings tattooed into her back.

Phillip looked at her in shock. "I feel like I learn something new about you every day." As he squatted down to get a closer look, his hands held her hips while his thumbs ran across the intricate black markings on her flawless skin.

Thinking about releasing seal and letting her wings smash into Phillip's face, a chill shot up her spine as she felt him kissing her wings. Her feeling of disgust only increased as his focus started to move lower with both his hands and lips going down to her rear.

Stopping that escalation in its tracks, Albedo was forced to bite the bullet. "You said it's time for bed, did you not? Let's lie down and sleep." Walking away from him and towards the bed big enough to fit five people comfortably.

"I suppose you're right." He kept his eyes on her bust as he undid his robe to reveal absolutely nothing beneath it. "Why not join me in being 'free', I'm sure you'd enjoy it." Despite their multiple, highly explicit acts, he had yet to see her nude.

And looking to keep it that way, Albedo immediately came up with an excuse. "Oh, but this… wonderful and … lovely outfit you gifted me feels so wonderful, I thought I might sleep with it on as well." She had to choke out her words.

As Phillip was enjoying his ego being stroked, Albedo quickly got under the covers and closed her eyes, fully intending to leave the second this idiot noble fell asleep. But, as he normally does, the blond man threw a massive wrench into her plans.

It must have been some vain sense of hope, or genuine insanity setting in, but Albedo had thought that the man she hated most in the world would give her space on this massive mattress. So she felt her blood boil when he put himself directly against her, his arm over her stomach, and adding insult to injury, she could feel the bane of her existence pressing against her thigh.

Trying to get more comfortable, Phillip decided to move Albedo, pulling her around so that she was lying down on top of him, her breasts pressing against his chest while she could feel the heat of his soft member against her crotch.

Instantly finding this situation to be far more disturbing than the last position. Albedo rolled off of him and put her back to him as she was on her side, but he had wrapped his arms around her as they spooned on the bed. Feeling his limp dick pressing against her butt made her nearly tear the bed apart to gain space, but she knew that each of her attempts to move away would only make Phillip try even harder to hold onto her. The idiot probably assumed she was just shy or nervous. So realizing that she would be better off not moving, Albedo counted each and every second as she painstakingly waited for him to fall deep enough to sleep that she could just leave with no issue, yet as the minutes piled on and turned into two hours, the demoness discovered the unfortunate fact that Phillip could wake up to the sound of a pin drop.

Not wanting to subject herself to this torture any longer, Albedo fingered the ring on her hand that gave her her immunity to sleep and hunger, biting her lip as she took it off. Though she thought of sleep to be a vulnerability, right now it was her only form of escape. In the blink of an eye, she felt a wave of exhaustion roll over her body. Having not slept for years, her mind held quite a lot of stress and anxiety. And in only three seconds, Albedo had entered REM sleep.


Feeling hot, her body tried its best to wake her up, sending adenosine and adrenaline surging through her veins, but she was far too weakened by her exhaustion to do anything more than sloppily and slowly move.

Burning hands were molesting her breasts, with her night vision, she could see her boobs being toyed with crystal clarity. They were rubbing, pinching, pulling, twisting, doing anything and everything they could to abuse her breasts.

She tried to speak, but her jaw felt like it was sewn shut from how she couldn't find the strength to part her lips. Moving her hands to stop them, it felt like half an hour passed by the time she managed to weakly slap away the greedy digits, but to no avail.

The heat she felt radiating from her chest radiated out as it felt like her entire being was on fire.

As these red-hot hands finally left her chest, they left goosebumps in their wake as they slid down her waist. When they finally reached her thighs, Albedo finally noticed something along her rear. It didn't make any sense how she missed it, it felt like the sun was touching her directly. She could tell what it was from the shape and size, but she had never felt such a presence of one before.

With a cock grinding against her asscheeks, the hands toyed with her thighs for ages. The demon tried to move, but it was like pushing through frozen time. Pulling at the hands, she only worsened her situation as they moved higher up to her cunt. Moving past the thin and tight black fabric of her panties as a finger ran back and forth across her slick entrance.

And when one dove inside-


"HHHAAAA" Came a massive gasp from the raven haired girl, sweat dripping from her body as her hair stuck to her face. Having sat up in the bed in her powerful awakening, she found herself alone in the bedroom with her black outfit sticking to her skin and an outline of her body visible in the bed.

Summoning her wings and bursting out the door, Albedo found Phillip dining on breakfast in under five seconds, landing on his enormous table with her wings spread wide and feathers encircling them.

As the servants all cried out and fell in fear, Phillip just looked at her with amazement and wonder as her eyes were glowing with power. "What did you do to me while I slept?!" Her voice was low, but it held such power that the table shook.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He looked at her with goo-goo eyes.

Her sneer grew as the human ogled her. "Last night, while I was forced to sleep for the first time in years, I awoke to molestation. Your hands burned as you fondled my breasts as you saw fit, you touched my entire body, as your cock was pushing against my butt, you started to finger me!" She was far too angry to be disgusted by the words she was forced to use to describe this assault on her body.

"Well," Phillip used a napkin to wipe his mouth. "It looks like you had quite a nice dream." And as Albedo opened her mouth to continue her tirad, the man's gaze turned lower as he spoke again. "Seems like you're quite happy with how your dream played out."

Looking over to a mirror hanging on the wall, the monster could see her disheveled clothing and hair, the mad look in her eye, and trailing down to where Phillip was looking at, even with her clothes being pure black, she could make out a wet patch directly on her crotch.

With the force of a tornado, Albedo shot out of the room, snapping the table apart and sending vases and portraits to the floor. The demoness was even more mortified than she had been before as she rushed to clean herself off in the shower and put on another outfit made by Phillip, it being equally slutty as all his prior ones. A brown top that only covered her shoulders and almost half of her breasts, it was made of an extremely scratchy material and no bra to go with it. The only comfort it had were the three holes between her breasts that were wide enough to fit both her arms through with no issue. Her pants were nearly non-existent as microscopic shorts were engulfed by her hips, ass, and thighs, and somehow this was the most covering she had ever had from a Phillip designed outfit.

She didn't even try to confront him again, even if she still believed that that wasn't a dream, the thought that any version of Phillip, dream or not, could get her wet made her feel more disgusted than anything before. Locking herself away in her room, well, her old room now, as she continued her plotting and scheming. It was nearly ready, the planning stages could be over in no-time whatsoever, all she had to do was find a way to drug Phillip to sleep and she'd be able to spend the entire night awa-

As she realized something, a cold and harsh wave crashed into her. Looking at the ring on her finger, it was not the one she took off last night that prevented hunger and rest, but something else, while it also held an enchantment the design was far more gaudy and outlandish than the simple golden band she had on before. That led her instantly to the culprit of this switcheroo.

With a twitching sneer across her face, Albedo stood up from her desk and marched stiffly out to find Phillip, her fists shaking with rage the entire time as she crushed the stone beneath her feet. Finding her target in his room as he was sifting through his wardrobe, deciding what to wear for the day.

"Hello sweetheart, did you enjoy your shower as much as you enjoyed your dream?" He teased his wife as he missed her crackling with energy.

"Where is my ring?" She didn't want to dignify that statement with a response. "I had removed it last night, and when I woke up, I had this abhorrent replacement on my hand instead." She lifted her hand to show off the tacky jewelry. It was a band of iron laden with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, conglomerating into an eyesore of overdesign.

"Oh, that golden ring?" He continued digging through his armoire to find which pair of pants to wear. "I had one of the servants throw it out, though I wouldn't be surprised if they sold it. I just figured that something like that wouldn't matter given what replaced it."

"And what might that be?" A vein was bulging from her head.

"Your wedding ring." He stated simply as he moved to shoes and socks. "You never even put it on during our reception, I was beginning to feel a little hurt until I saw that you left it on your desk. It's so adorable to see you be so shy about our relationship."

It took her a moment to remember, but she had kept the ring in her hand as she walked through the storm to the house, she didn't even realize that she did so until she finally unclenched her hands to write her preparations. Not even wanting to expend the energy to throw it out, she just let it fall to the floor and a servant must have put it on her desk when she was cleaning herself.

"I want to see you wear that all the time now, after all we've done so far, I think you should feel courageous enough in our relationship to show off that you are mine, and I am yours." Taking a look at his terribly mismatched outfit, Phillip scratched his cheek. "And have you seen the maid that picked my outfits? The servants haven't seen her in days, they gossip that she's missing, but I think she's just ditching work."

As the wooden floor of his room creaked beneath her feet, Albedo asked another question. "And what is the spell on this ring?" Despite her power, she never learned any appraisal skills, so while she was able to feel the magic emanating from the object, she couldn't understand what it did.

"Oh that? Just a simple tracking spell. If I'm wearing my ring, I can find where you are, and vice versa." He spun the ring on his finger as he spoke, and within one glance, Albedo could register that his ring had absolutely no magic within it, but of course this idiot would be swindled by someone and have no idea. "Well, I'm going to go and meet with someone to see if they want to support our house, so I might not make it back in time to sleep with you, but rest assured that I will be when you wake up." Turning around, he leaned in to kiss his wife, only for her to try to dodge, making him kiss her cheek instead. His eyes widened when he looked at the clock. "I'll have to change in the carriage, otherwise I'll be late. Farewell, my love."

Cringing at what he called her, Albedo watched happily as he left the house, looking out of the window to see him leaving to go to his meeting. There was a weight lifted off of her shoulders that she didn't even realize was there, but she couldn't enjoy herself. She still had so much important work to do, and now she couldn't even work tirelessly, her body now crying out for food and slumber.

As she cursed Phillip's existence, the succubus ordered for all her meals to be brought to her room as she hunkered down to continue formulating, changing, and creating alternatives for the plan involving the massive web of connections that formed this nation. And she was going to place herself in the center of everything.


Finally arriving back at his family home after a long day of drinking, smoking cigars, discussing politics, and ideas for the future with Count Lytton of the Six Great Noble Houses, Phillip was confident that he made a new ally with how they were shocked and enthralled by his words. While he enjoyed his time there, he felt great to finally be back home. Having thoughts and daydreams of his beautiful wife throughout the entire visit as he was unable to ask for her to relieve his stress.

As his coat was taken, one of the servants had informed him of where his wife was. While he could have used his ring to find her, he nodded at the information the maid gave him.

Walking over to her room, he saw her asleep at the desk, quill still in hand. It was so cute to find that she worked herself to sleep, there were even a few dried ink smears on her face from the quill touching her as she slept. He was glad that the servants didn't try to move her, for one, he would have missed the adorable sight, and two, he wouldn't be able to feel her breasts squishing against his back as he gave her a piggyback ride towards his room. While he wasn't the most physically active man, he figured that he should at least be able to do something sweet like this. He would have gone with the more traditional Bridal Carry, but her wings made that far too difficult, now they were just trailing along the floor.

Passing one of his workers in the hallway, he gave the order to move all of her documents from her old room into their new shared room. As the young man hurried to fulfil his task, Phillip dug his hands further into Albedo's ass to pull her up, and consequently letting him feel much more of her thick and surprisingly toned rear.

Reaching his room, he felt a bit winded as he finally set his wife down on top of the bed. He smiled as he stared at her serene and peaceful expression. Licking his thumb, he wiped off the ink stuck to her face before he started to trace his thumb on her face, feeling her soft and elegant features, uncaring of the workers moving the mountain of papers to his own desk. Rubbing her full and vibrant lips as they finally finished their job and closed the door on the happy couple.

For a while he just basked in her beauty and sat contently, but while he ran his thumb across her lips, they parted and she started to suck his thumb. He could feel her perfectly straight teeth and sharp canines as her tongue circled around his finger. Instantly, he could feel a tent forming in his pants at his wife being such a minx to even be like that in her sleep.

Stripping himself completely naked, Phillip ogled his wife's perfect body for a moment before tearing his eyes away to open a safe embedded into the floor of the room, hidden by a rug and table holding a decorative vase. Inside, he pulled out what looked to be a wine bottle from the various things he kept under lock and key. Uncorking the bottle to reveal something that had an extremely sweet smell, teetering on the edge of being overbearing. Dripping the deep red liquid into a palm, he sealed the bottle and hid it again before he lathered his hands with the "wine" as it ran down to his elbows.

After seeing how diligently and magnificently Albedo had been working for their cause, he just wanted her to have dreams to escape her worries, and this potion of relaxation that he bought was supposed to give her wonderful dreams that make her feel bliss. It was honestly flattering that her dream was about him, but it only made sense, after all, he was the perfect man. But he was thankful for the luck he had that Albedo could sleep through a civil war and be none the wiser to what happened.

Kneeling beside her with his cock erect, the man kept his urges at bay for the moment as he applied the potion to her body, it instantly was being absorbed through her skin as the red from his hands started to course through her veins. He started off on her arms and let his hands gently rub over each and every one of her fingers and palm before pushing beneath her outfit and getting her shoulders. Letting both of his hands caress her face, he gently applied it to her neck before he felt his shaft ache as her breasts were next. Moving under her brown shirt, he could feel her hardened nipples pressing against the palms of his hands as he thoroughly covered her boos. Hearing an adorable little moan leave Albedo's mouth made him linger a slight bit as he spent ten more minutes of time there, but it's not like it would cause any issues.

Letting his hands massage and hold her hips as he worked his way down, her voice was getting louder and louder, making him more and more assertive in his work. Digging into her creamy thighs as a wet spot was developing in the center of her extremely tiny short shorts, slowly inching his way towards the center and her wanting core when:

"Ahh Ainz~!" She cried out, instantly making him pause as he felt his mood change from happy to angry, lashing out by slapping her heavy ass with his backhand. "Ai~nz!" And it just made her cry out again.

Feeling a well of emotions surging from him, Phillip wanted to spite the big boss and not have his wife call out another man's name again. Pushing her onto her side once again, the blond man let his dick slide between her cheeks and wrap his arms around her waist to pull her even closer.

"Let's see how that walking bag of bones can compare to my flesh and blood cock." He angrily shoved his head against the pillow and tried to sleep.

But even as he drifted off into unconsciousness, his body wanted more. His hands moved with a mind of their own to roughly and spitefully molest her breasts with far more ferocity than before. Her tits were spilling from his hands and his hips started to move back and forth.

As the bizarre couple were engaged in a sexual somnial combat, the potion began to take effect. While Phillip truly did want to make his wife feel better, he neglected some things; the fact that Albedo being a level 100 monster granted her resistances to almost everything, and that a Relaxation Potion wouldn't be able to affect her. It was quite a tremendous amount of luck that the ring he gave her wasn't anything ordinary in the slightest and that he was accidentally given the wrong potion.

This once simple and elegant band of metal held a story all on its own that could expand an epic, but for summation, it had once belonged to an ancient king that lived millenia ago. They were a vain man who wished to keep their youth for as long as possible, using their incredible power and influence to forge a ring that could increase the effects and longevity of potions thousands of times over, bathing in regenerative and life-extending potions to live for nearly five hundred years. And while they eventually died and their kingdom fell to disarray, their ring was altered and added to as time passed until it ended up within the Monserrat family. The newest head of the family now giving it to his wife; Albedo.

And the potion was something far more devious than he had in mind. Having purchased it from the apprentice of a mage who was currently out on a house call for a noble head, the bumbling and nervous wreck of a boy had given Phillip the wrong magical elixir. Both believing to have bartered with a relaxation potion, in reality a contact potion was involved. The liquid would normally be used by sexual partners looking to feel even more during coitus, the effects were powerful, yet short lasting.

Yet with this accidental duo, it fostered the perfect conditions to edge out Albedo's resistances and have her feel a burning lust and pleasure from even simplest of touches from her husband.


Waking up, Albedo felt the greatest that she had all week, maybe even since she had last left Nazarick. Despite her sweat covered, aroused, and lethargic body being stuck in extraordinarily tight and uncomfortable clothes, she let herself lay staring at the ceiling while she remembered her dream. Lord Ainz had finally touched her like he did during their first moments in this new world. She was blushing like a schoolgirl as she felt his strong hands move all over her body.

Keeping those thoughts in mind, she was practically beaming throughout her morning. As she was drying herself in her and Phillip's room- on any other day, the fact that they were now properly sharing a room made her feel disgusted, but right now that thought was overshadowed- she opened her dresser to find only one outfit available for her to pick. Still with a dumb smile on her face, she thought nothing of it as her mind was only full of thoughts of her master.

Putting on the new whorish outfit, a fabric that was perfectly her skin tone, came with no underwear at all as the entire back was open, the dress being held by four bands going across her back. It was too short to cover her breasts fully without leaving her pussy on full display, and vice versa, so she was able to hide her nipples while her areolas were clearly visible peeking from it, and her pussy was going to be fully uncovered whenever she sat down or tried to spread her legs even the slightest bit apart. Even in her attempts to look through the rest of her wardrobe, she couldn't find anything, the help had completely cleared this place out.

Throughout the day, Albedo was feeling cynicism and doubt seep into her mind as she heard the resounding chime of the clocks, making her think of how Phillip had not even walked into the same room as her. Just two days ago, she was being forced to gargle his cock, but anytime she sneered at him for looking into the room or walking through the halls, he was already walking away. Truly Lord Ainz had blessed this day.

It was nearly sundown as Albedo felt a strange serenity, putting the finishing touches on her plan that she would soon share with her fellow Floor Guardians currently having a far better time in Re-Estize than she was. And it was here that Phillip finally interfered with her perfect day.

"I got it!" His scream echoed throughout the house as he ran in a dead sprint to Albedo, instantly catching her attention as she heard his thundering footsteps. "I got Count Lytton's support. One of the Six Great Nobles are going to suppo-OH!" In his hurry to enter the room, Phillip got his foot caught on a rug as he fell, the letter with the House of Lytton's seal on it fell beneath his massive bed.

The succubus had wide eyes, surprised that such a bumbling idiot could manage to gain the favor of anyone, much less one of the bigger pieces on the board. Even though Lytton was the lowest of the Six, any one of them showing support would help tremendously. And as the dumb blond screwed up something as simple as handing off such an important letter, Albedo rushed to get it. She had to see what information was given in the letter and if there were any caveats to their blessings.

Quickly diving to the floor, Albedo could see the letter far beneath the bed, too far for her to reach as she outstretched her hand. Pushing herself under the bed, her horns were nearly scratching against the wooden bottom, and her breasts were pressed hard against the floor, but the letter was just at the tips of her fingers, just a smaller push and she'd reach it.

But then the nice and warm reality she had witnessed throughout the day was quickly and efficiently crushed as she felt hands deep harshly and deeply into her ass, but what made her blood turn to ice was feeling a burning hot cock pressing against her slit.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Her voice was venom and eyes piercing as her magic was sparking and pooling in her hands while she readied to summon a weapon.

Then as dick grinded back and forth against her slit, Albedo had to choke down a moan that shocked her. The waves of pleasure rolling through her body made her lose focus as her magic fizzled out.

"I heard who you were dreaming about last night." He growled out, jealousy thick in his voice. "And it got me thinking about something-."

"I don't give a da-AH~!" As she tried to interrupt him, he gave her ass the most powerful slap that he could muster, leaving a bright red spot on her white skin as she was once again floored by the feeling of pleasure that echoed through her body as her nipples pressing against the cold wood floor became erect.

"We've forgotten to do one of the most important things for a marriage." He continued, having his hand rub the hand mark he just made. "We need to consummate our holy matrimony."

As her mouth opened to scream at him, fear and hate pulsing from her eyes, what came out was a loud and powerful squeal. His cock thrusted into her wet cunt as her head threw back in rapture.

Trying to summon any weapon or tool, her mind kept blanking as his thick and bulbous head was pushing in and out of her tight vice. She tried weakly to try and crawl away, but her hands shook uncontrollably and her ass was being held on tightly, not that she could even feel her legs at this moment. Her mind was full of rage and disgust, anger and bloodlust, she had to fight against this human filth, but all she could do was scream over and over again as his giant rod shoved deeper and deeper inside of her. Never before in her life did she experience a sense of bliss and fullness that consumed her being.

While Phillip had his hands on his wife's ass to help support him, he could see her delicate and beauteous wings twitching and flapping as they spasmed uncontrollably. So as a courteous husband would do, he grabbed hold of the base to help hold them down. It just so happened that doing so let him thrust even harder into her waiting cunt as he pulled her into his thrusts. As he finally bottomed out, he nearly came, when his tip collided with Albedo's cervix, it made her entire cunt tighten and try its damndest to milk his shaft.

And when his dick slammed against her cervix, it sent another wave of pleasure surging through the now-no-longer virgin succubus's body, making it feel like a thunderbolt had struck her. With murder on her mind, Albedo thought of obliterating him right then and there, but doing so would result in her last week of agony and torture to be for naught. Grasping the wooden floor beneath her hands, it instantly splintered as she closed her hands and tried to hurt herself, attempting in vain to force her body to focus on something else long enough that she could try to escape.

'How?' The thought kept repeating in her mind as she felt her body rock back and forth with his thrusts and pleasure to dig deep into her soul. She couldn't fathom how anything or anyone, let alone a human, could rock her body so much that she was unable to do even the simplest of spells. Not even a single word could escape her lips, just her tongue lolling about as she drooled over herself and on the floor.

As he pulled both wings into one hand, he harshly yanked them to pull her hips against his before he started to abuse her ass. While his slaps didn't actually hurt her, each one made her tighten up a little bit just for a split second. It was only natural that he would then front hand and back hand each cheek as he could feel his long overdue climax coming.

"Fuck! I'd like to see Ainz fuck you as hard as I can when he doesn't have a dick!" He screamed out, venting all his frustrations out. "Let's see how much you like my cum, I'm looking forward to a boy coming in nine months, but we can keep trying for as long as it takes!"

Realizing what he meant, Albedo felt horrified at the thought of carrying Phillip's children. Her body gained a massive adrenaline rush as her fight or flight soared into overdrive. Only able to do one thing, she wildly and blindly attacked.

Just as she could feel his cock pumping, her wings moved like crazy as they broke out of the blond man's hands and violently shoved against him. Making it just in the nick of time as his cum erupted forth and the burning liquid flew through the air to land on Albedo's heavenly ass and thighs.

Using the surge of strength she got alongside finally having rid her body of a mind boggling amount of pleasure, the raven haired woman was the angriest she had been in her entire existence. Shoving the bed off of her, the wooden frame shattered and toppled as she flapped her wings to raise herself as she turned to her wretched, disgusting, husband.

"Ow, my chest, don't think I'm going to let you-" Phillip was rubbing his torso where the wings slammed into him as he was interrupted.

"Shut up." Her words were low and shook the room.

"Excuse you, I will no-"

"SHUT YOUR FUCKING FACE, YOU IDIOTIC, PUTRID, WORTHLESS, SHAM OF A NOBLE!" Her voice shattered the mirrors and windows in their room as Phillip even felt the ground quake.

Her body was emanating a dark aura she was panting in anger, thankfully being sane enough to cast a muting spell on the room before she continued. "I am on a mission by The Great Ainz Ooal Gown, and an insect such as yourself is nothing more than a pawn! No matter what you wish or think, this marriage was nothing more than a farce for me to give him power! A weak, insignificant, braindead, man-child such as yourself couldn't possibly do anything worthwhile with your existence even if you were immortal! I cannot comprehend just what idiocy is at work in your mind to think I have, or will ever, enjoy being anywhere close to you! My mind, body, and very being belong only to my beloved, Ainz Ooal Gown. I cannot, and shall not, ever consider you a being higher than a worm." As she spoke, she got closer and closer to Phillp, pulling him up to his feet and screaming in his face before her final words were whispers that felt as though he was being crushed by the weight of the empire itself.

"Leave." With that one word, the man who had been gleefully fucking the raven haired woman could only stumble away, still having his shrunken penis out of his pants as his scuttering turned into running.

Taking a deep breath to cleanse her mind and steady herself, Albedo was silent in the room for five seconds…

And then she exploded with a wail of black energy that was powerful enough to launch the massive bed outside of the house by crashing it through the wall and balcony. Almost all of the furniture was destroyed, left in such tiny dismembered pieces that they could never be fixed or put back together again. The walls even had chunks taken out of them, but her desk and plans that had remained untouched from her outburst.

Looking at the letter from Count Lytton that was stuck under rubble that was once an end table, Albedo numbly opened it to the truth that she had always known to be. He was clearly and easily disavowing them with no thoughts of them ever considering to show support with Phillip as the head of the family. Now she had to rework a section of her plan that took half a day to completely map out. But that concern quickly fell to the wayside.

Feeling the cum on her backside starting to cool and drip down, Albedo cringed as she walked in this humiliating outfit to the showers. Having blasted the door off of its hinges and making it transform into shrapnel, the demoness walked to the shower as she had a strange weight removed from her shoulders, even though this was the most disgusting day of her life.


Having verbally assaulted Phillip the day before, Albedo, besides sleeping soundly for once, assumed that her words might have gotten through that terribly thick skull of his. Yet her dreams of torturing the man began to melt away as she felt those burning hands molesting her body again, and the cock that felt as hot as the sun was sliding back and forth against her slit.

Opening her eyes, she saw the man whom she hated more than anyone else in the word was merely inches from her face. As she felt him touching her naked body, from the corner of her eyes she made out a pair of scissors that most assuredly was used to cut off her clothes, and a bottle of wine.

Opening her mouth to berate him again, Albedo was forced to moan as his hands tweaked her nipples. Despite the vitriol and disgust that bounced in her head, her body couldn't stop bending to the whim of this human's actions.

"You spoke your piece yesterday." He flicked her nipple as he could feel her cunt get even wetter against his shaft. "And Now I'm going to tell you why every word that came out of your mouth was wrong."

Trying to reach a hand out to strangle him, she felt her body go haywire as this scum of the earth entered her honeypot for the second time. A choked moan leaving her mouth as she tried to force herself to attack him, but she couldn't find the strength to move her arms with so much pleasure surging through her body.

"No one of the Montserrat House has ever, nor will ever be, insignificant. I'll show you just how powerful an 'insect' I am." One of his fingers rubbed against her clit and sent her head rolling back as her tongue lolled out. "With a single touch you're nearly pissing yourself like a whore, or did you think I was to stupid to realize that you are drunk on my touch?"

Desperately trying to refute his claims, as he leaned in to lick, kiss, and nibble at her neck, she felt her words get lodged in her throat. "You say that your everything belongs to someone else, but that just won't do." He nibbled her earlobe. "You are mine. Even before we wed, I knew that you were destined to be with me, because of one simple fact." He bottomed out inside of her cunt as he held her close and looked her in her furious golden eyes. "I fell in love with you the moment we met."

As the weight and the intensity of those words sent Albedo reeling back, as her heart fluttered in hearing those words said so powerfully towards her, as her body felt a happiness beyond anything she ever knew, the succubus came.

"FUCK!" Phillip screamed out as Albedo released a silent scream. Her already magnificent pussy tightened around him, practically begging him to cum alongside her. Not one to disappoint, the blond noble let his load go free and paint the insides of his wife. Quickly running out of room as his seed started to leak out and stain the mattress beneath them, but he kept pumping back and forth like a madman. It took minutes before he finally stopped, panting like he had run a marathon. But he wasn't alone as he saw the rapid rise and fall of her chest.

Quickly growing revitalized from the sight, Phillip grabbed one leg and put it over his shoulder. "Now I'll show you just how much I love you."

As the couple fucked like animals, Albedo's hate and rage stayed deep in her conscious mind, but she hated even more that there was a speck inside of her heart that enjoyed Phillip and his lunacy.


Walking meekly through the halls, Mare looked unsure as he looked for Albedo. She had sent a message to all the Floor Guardians in the city to meet at this specific time, but as everyone else arrived and time kept on going, it seemed that she was late to the meeting that she organized. Wanting to leave the arguments brewing between Shaltear and Aura, Mare volunteered to check what was taking their team leader so long.

When he arrived, the boy noticed the tarp covering the hole in the wall besides the balcony, which had been reduced to a slab of stone as the ripped to shreds mattress was still being moved out of the front lawn with chunks of wood and rock spread across the grass.

Asking one of the humans, he learned Albedo would be in the master bedroom. Nodding in thanks, the cross-dresser walked throughout the house with far less confidence than they should have.

Reaching a newly installed door, Mare raised a hand to knock, but from the tiniest crack in the door, the tan boy could see something. Peeking through, he saw deep claw marks scattered on the walls, many chunks of destroyed furniture littered about, and some strange white substance over the floor, but his attention was entirely captivated by what he saw reflected in a giant mirror.

Mare witnessed Albedo being bent over the bed, her arms bracing herself while her hair was being pulled by Phillip, his hips thrusting against her large butt. Despite the expressions on their faces, and skin making contact, no sound escaped the room. 'Is this the work of a sound barrier?' The inquisitive 76 year old boy was watching with an intense gaze as their private parts went together.

When Phillip reached around to grope Albedo's breasts, Mare felt a peculiar sensation in their skirt. Seeing every sordid detail in stellar quality made him feel strangely warm and tingly.

Pulling down at the hem of their skirt, he started to blush and rub his legs together. Being enraptured by the way Albedo's fat tits and ass quaked and shook. Without even realizing it, he began to imagine the noises coming from their mouths as pleasure, anger, disgust, and regret were all splashed on the Succubus's face in a captivating way. He felt his head getting fuzzy and his entire body getting hotter as things progressed.

Seeing Phillip's thrusting get more and more aggressive as he seemed to be crying out with tremendous pleasure, Mare saw the man bottom himself in and let his moans go free while Albedo just bit her lip as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. White goop quickly starting to come out of her vagina as she was being filled with that substance Mare saw earlier.

'What is that stuff, and why does he want it to all go inside of her?' He asked his second question when he saw the blond man pull out and snap her underwear back in place.

And as his hands dug deeply into the golden eyed vixen's heavy cheeks, Mare could see him ask for something that made Albedo bark out something over her shoulder in annoyance, but he didn't seem perturbed by it as he spoke more. Finally, Albedo turned around to face him, but was smacked in the face by Phillip's dick, still completely wet from that strange action they were just doing.

The look in her eyes made Mare feel a very strange combination of fear, that tingling, and excitement. Only feeling more as the succubus began to suck on his penis! Mare's jaw dropped at seeing the Throne Room's Guardian putting something in her mouth that was just inside of her privates, and she looked like she was enjoying it too.

Then when her hair was grabbed at the roots and the outline of Phillip's shaft bulged against Albedo's throat, Mare felt his eyes widen and penis grow even more erect.

As Phillip pulled his wife off of him, he showed off his proudly standing member as he said something. Quickly blinking herself out of her fugue state, Albedo snarled something back to him as she got off the bed and walked to the door. Fearing for their life, Mare scurried backwards, still pulling the hem of their skirt and a massive blush splashed on their face.

Unfortunately missing the sight of Phillip spanking Albedo's ass, the flora lover nearly jumped out of their skin as his leader took a step outside of the room and he heard a step.

His mouth opening and closing with no actual words coming out, Mare felt death encroaching as Albedo looked at him.

"I understand that I am late, I take it you came to bring me to the meeting? Well, worry not, I was just… preoccupied for a moment." Albedo walked away as the dread encircling Mare's chest faded.

"Hurry up, I don't need you to hold up the meeting by lagging behind." Jumping at her words, the boy just nodded silently as he followed, still red faced and pulling his skirt to hide his burning erection.

'I need to read up what this is.' He thought as he tried to calm his body down before they returned to the others.


"You did this to spite me didn't you?" Shaltear spoke with her fingers pinching her nose as Albedo finally arrived at the meeting point, on a roof directly besides a well visited brothel. "You chose this place because you knew I'd hate the smell, and you chose to be late to force me to stay here longer."

"Not everything revolves around you, get over yourself and let's see what our first tasks to do for the plan are." Aura brushed off Shaltear's accusations while they were jittering in excitement to finally get something to do for Lord Ainz, completely ignoring her brother's normally scarlet red face. "But what made you take so long to give us our first assignments anyways?"

Looking as regal as ever, Albedo gave Shaltear the side eye, it was that nose of hers that forced her to pick such a terrible location. There wasn't a doubt in her mind that she reeked of Phillip's semen, so this was the only way to keep her secret from her bitter rival. And it worked even better than she imagined as currently his seed was staining her underwear as it tried to permeate through. "It's because I'm not giving you only one assignment."

In a flash of light, three scrolls appeared in her hands. "I have what you will do for the entire month."

"Wow," Aura grabbed her scroll as she saw text sliding up and down the paper. "You planned out all of this down to the hour?"

"Of course, you need to use your time to the fullest if we are to assassinate the King by month's end and plant me as Albedo Montserrat, the new Queen of the Re-Estize kingdom."