Martin couldn't understand what is going on. Ever since his investigation against a monster known as Gastromo started, he had the urge to eat raw meat and grass. At least things are going well for him and Jenni when he succeeded in impressing her with mannerisms that he couldn't understand. In fact, he didn't embarrass her with his mistakes like before in the cafeteria.

What he didn't understand is that he suddenly felt feverish. Last night, he went out for an unknown reason and walked back to his room afterwards. The fever didn't go away the next morning. As he went to his room to rest, he found himself struggling with something inside him.

Having fun so far?

"W-Who's there?!" Martin asked with fright at the eerie voice talking to him.

You know who this is.

"I don't know you! Leave me alone!" he puts his head on the pillow, hoping the voice would go away.

Didn't M.O.M. tell you not to make physical contact with me?

That's when he realized who is he talking to at the moment.

"Gastromo!" he exclaimed with realization.

In the flesh... eventually.

"I don't understand," Martin looks confused while looking around his room for the monster.

Sure you don't. Besides your fever, have you ever wondered why you suddenly have the urge to eat raw meat and grass?

"Gross! That was you?!" he realized in disgust while brushing his tongue with his hands.

Of course, I did you a favor.

"What do you mean?"

There was this girl at your school who you wanted to impress, but you couldn't because of your clumsy mannerisms.


I'm the reason you're able to perform well in front of her without embarrassing yourself. You may look feverish but you did well, nonetheless.

"Look, man. I appreciate you doing me a favor, but now it's time for you to go!" Martin exclaimed, ready to fight this monster. Wherever he is, that is.

Why the rush, Martin? Being inside you is just the beginning.

Suddenly, he finds himself being thrown to a wall and to a ceiling. At least he made a soft landing on his bed.

I did you a favor, and now it's time I do a favor myself. Shall we pay M.O.M. a visit?

"No... No, you wouldn't!" he exclaimed, realizing the harm that Gastromo is going to bring on M.O.M. through him ever since the latter wanted revenge on her for capturing him.

In no time, Martin's body started mutating in monstrous proportions making him slug-like.

The being that stands there right now couldn't be called Martin anymore as his body and mind are being taken over by the being inside him.

Gastromo has returned.

"At last, I'm back!" Gastromo exclaimed victoriously. "And now I'm coming for you, M.O.M."

Just then, the door opened to show Jenni answering. In no time, he unleashes his slime towards her to encase her in a cocoon-like state.

What a successful takeover this is.

Author's Note: What do you think? It's my first Martin Mystery fanfic story.