"You're going down, Sarah."

"I'd like to see you try, Jacky."

It's morning in the Bryant mansion, and the siblings are having a sparring match by the gym. They even fight in the ring for good measure. After exchanging blow after blow with their fists, they send a kick towards the other which sent them falling to the ground. They looked at each other in the eye...

And they laughed. It's as if they're having much fun in their match.

Ever since the aftermath of the Fifth World Fighting Tournament, their lives have been going nowhere but up. In the end, both got what they desired: Jacky has Sarah back, while Sarah herself has found peace in her past. To be honest, she didn't have to defeat her brother in order to get her wish. During her fight with him in the tournament, more information about her memories of trying to kill him unlocked. They were just manifestations in her subconscious which brought out her deepest fear, nothing more. She didn't have to win the fight against him, but rather to stop the fight herself. At the same, she deduced J6 wanted her to defeat Jacky as part of their agenda. Once she told him of this, he comes up with an idea to get themselves out of the match. In no time, they sent somersault kicks on each other which knocked out both of them. The match resulted in a draw. If J6 could see it, they're going to be disappointed with the Bryant siblings. The two may not be winners in the tournament, but it's worth it.

"Are you guys having fun with another sparring match?" Mr. Bryant approached with a smile on his face.

"Dad..." Jacky and Sarah said upon noticing him.

"It's good to see you two having this much fun, but don't you have anything else to do than that?"

"Oh no, my interview!" Jacky realized.

"I'm going to be late for class!" Sarah also realized.

"Then you two better hurry up and do you thing," Mrs. Bryant entered at last.

In no time, they ran out of the gym in a hurry to get to their respective destinations. Jacky, for his interview at the stadium while Sarah, for her classes in college.

They are going to find themselves a busy day, indeed.