After a day of hard work, Jacky and Sarah met each other on the park bench.

"So... how's school?" he started.

"Great. Passing through the day well, despite what happened in our match became the talk of the school," she replied before asking about his day. "You?"

"Good. Just passed the interview, and I'll be up for another race when I'm called."


They looked at the skies, finding some relaxation between them.

In a short while, a group of thugs approached them.

"Jacky Bryant?" the leader asked.

"Who wants to know?" Jacky glared at him, knowing he's just looking for trouble.

"We made a bet on that match between you and your sister here and it seems by putting yourselves in a draw, we lost our money."

"I see... Is there a way you can get your money back?"

"Oh, there is."

With a finger snap, the thugs have surrounded them.

"You owe us a fight," the leader said.

"They're just asking for trouble right, Jacky?" Sarah stood up from the bench.

"Yes, they are, sis," Jacky stood up from the bench as well.

The Bryant siblings went back-to-back with each other, ready to fight the thugs.

"Come on, let's play," Sarah smiled.

"Go ahead, knock yourself out!" Jack smirked.

As soon as they made the gesture to come at them, the fight begins. Despite the numbers, they easily defeated the thugs. With them being martial artists, it's obvious. The thugs are not much of great fighters since they didn't do much training to prepare them for this fight.

"Yeah!" Jacky raised his arms with victory.

"Better run home to momma, now," Sarah taunted the thugs, who ran away after realizing these two are not to be messed with.

"That felt good."

"Same here."

As they walk back home, they realized one thing. Competition is normal for siblings like them, but there are times that equality is needed between them. When they're together, they can overcome anything such as the thugs that they had fought against. They're even stronger when they are together.

This is what it means to achieve sibling equality.

Author's Note: Just concluded my story. By the way, I made the part referencing Jacky and Sarah's tag team in Dead or Alive 5. You know where to find it.