This is a story about the a villager named max. He wanted to be a warrior. Do YOU think he will become a warrior? Well, let's find out!


Max was walking to his new school on a warm Monday morning. "I wonder why villagers can't become warriors?" He thought as he entered the school building. He went into his home room class and got his schedule. "Ugh building first" he said. "Alright class, today we will be doing a group project. There is a prompt for this year. The prompt is, 'simple'."his teacher explained. He walked around the classroom, trying to find a partner. Nobody was left, except, Jhon. Jhon was the class nerd, the smartest kid in class. Max was confused why Jhon wasn't picked, but he was going to take this opportunity for granted. He went over to Jhon and said, "Uhh, hey Jhon...". "Hi" Jhon said back,"What's your name? I haven't seen you around here before."."The name's Max. I wanted to know if we could be partners?". "Sure" Jhon said in return.