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"Kagome, I'm hungry." Shippo whined

The group had been walking all day with no rest, and Kagome had to admit, she was tired and hungry too. The sun was starting to set, maybe it was time to put up camp for the night.

"Hey guys, how about we stop for the day. I'll get some food started so we can eat."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea Kagome." Miroku piped up.

"You makin ramen?"

"Yes Inuyasha, I can make us ramen." Kagome rolled her eyes.


Inuyasha leapt up into a tree and looked around, before jumping back down.

"There's a small clearing in the forest over this way."

Inuyasha lead his pack to the small clearing, where they set up a fire, and got water boiling for their dinner. The sun had long since set by the time dinner was ready. Everyone was eating their ramen happily, everyone laughing and talking away. It was then a very loud slap echoed throughout the camp.

"You pervert!"

"Ah forgive me dear Sango, my hand is cursed."

Sango huffed and turned away from the Monk while folding her arms. Miroku laughed nervously, holding the new red mark across his face. Not only was Sango mad at him, again, but he also had another problem, his dinner had spilled all over him, making a huge mess of this clothing.

"Oh dear."

"Serves you right." Sango huffed.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes and gave himself a second helping.

"There's a lake a little bit south of here if you wanna wash up."

"Good idea Inuyasha. Go Miroku." Sango said bitterly.

"Ah Sango, you hurt me."

"Not yet I haven't"

Miroku eeped, and made a dash for the lake, vanishing into the woods. Sango huffed again and went back to eating. Kagome sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Why is he like that?" Shippo wondered out loud.

"Because he a lecherous Monk with no dignity." Sango huffed again.

"You still haven't told me what lecherous means."

"You'll understand when your older." Kagome laughed, and pat Shippo on the head.

The three laughed and started to chat again, peacefully this time with the Monk gone. Inuyasha kept quite, and looked off into the direction Miroku left. He could sense everything in the surrounding area, and easily picked up on the Monks scent. He also, however, picked up on another scent. He didn't worry to much about it though, and went back to eating.

Miroku trudged through the woods, shoulders slumpy. Why was he like this? Everything was going just fine, they were laughing together, talking cheerfully, and he had to go and feel her up like that and tick her off. He sighed again and kept walking forward. He saw the lake off in the distance and picked up his pace, the faster he cleans up, the faster he can get back and feel her aga- No, I will not do that, I must apologies to her. Miroku approached the lake, and his eyes widened. He quickly ducked behind a bush, and peered out from behind it.

What a beauty.

There, bathing in the shallows of the lake, was a beautiful silver haired maiden. A demon it looks like. Her back was facing him, so he didn't have a good look yet, but what he saw of her, was stunning. The way her wet skin shimmered, her hair, thrown over her shoulder, sparkled in the moonlight. The gorgeous red stripes on her hips. Miroku was dazzled, and Sango was momentarily forgotten. How to approach this beautiful maiden, she was a demon, so this could be tricky. Miroku gathered himself up, stood, and slowly, as not to startle her, approached the lake shore.

"Why hello beautiful. Would you have any qualms if I joined yooOOUUuuuu-"

Miroku trailed off, as the maiden quickly turned around, and his eyes met two very startled, very familiar, golden ones. Miroku felt his heart catch in his throat as Sesshomaru stared wide eyed, right back at him. He saw red tint the demons face, and Sesshomaru lowed himself deeper into the water to cover himself, never breaking eye contact. Shiiiiiit.

"...Aha...you are not a maiden at all my friend, my mistake. I shall be leaving now...bye!"

Miroku took off back in the direction he came, he had never run so fast in his life. Miroku staggered back into the camp ground, everyones attention on him. He walked back over to Sango, and practically fell back into his seat, staring off into space. Everyone was staring at him now, and he didn't care.

"Miroku...your still filthy...what happened cleaning off in the lake?" Sango asked him.

"The lake was...occupied."


Silence over took the camp, before Miroku spoke again.

"My friends...Sango. If anything happen between now and morning...just know that I care about you all deeply, and apologies for any of my wrong doings."

Worried glances were shot between his friends, and then back to him.

"What are you talking about, Miroku?"

"I've made a mistake, and now I fear my life is much shorter."

"What do you mean?"

Sango searched his eyes for an answer, and then remembered what Miroku had just said. The lake was occupied. She felt her anger rise again.

"Miroku...what did you do this time." She accused.

Miroku laughed nervously and stared into the fire.

"Oh look, the fire is going out, I shall go collect some more wood."

Miroku stood, and began walking back into the woods, feeling eyes burn onto the back of his head. Miroku didn't make it far, as a tall figure emerged from the forest, right into his path. Miroku gulped. There stood a, now fully clothed, Sesshomaru, his hair was still dripping wet. The group behind him jumped to their feet.

"Sesshomaru? What are you doing here?...Why are you wet?" Inuyasha asked him.

Sesshomaru said nothing, and only stared at the monk, who was sweating bullets right now. Sesshomaru began to approach Miroku, and stopped right in front of him, his icy glare burning down on the poor monk.

"I believe I owe you something, Monk." He stated coldly.

Sesshomaru raised his hand, and Miroku prepared to meet his end. He brought his hand down, and a loud slap echoed throughout the clearing. Miroku stumbled back and fell on his rump, his hand resting on a very large red mark on his face. Sesshomaru had slapped him across the face with enough force to stagger him off balance. Miroku was not expecting that. The group just stared at them bewildered, Sango however, was starting to piece together the puzzle.

"You lecherous pervert!" Sesshomaru snarled.

"Should you ever spy on me again, it will be your life. Understood?"

"Y-yes Lord Sesshomaru. I thank you for your mercy." Miroku responded nervously.

"What the actual hell? Miroku what did you do?" Inuyasha asked, bewildered.

"I um... you see..." Miroku laughed nervously.

"Your monk ogled me as I bathed, approached me, called me a beauty, and asked to join me." Sesshomaru stated flatly.

Silence filled the campsite, before Inuyasha burst into laughter. He fell over, clutching his sides as he laughed. Shippo looked at them confused, and Kagome could only stare at Miroku wide eyed. Sango was pissed to say the least.

"You...did...WHAT!?" Sango seethed.

Miroku stood and began to back away from the furious slayer, who was storming up to him, Hiraikotsu in hand.

"S-sango dear, please let me explain. I did not know it was Sesshomaru from my place in the bushes! I thought it to be a maiden! I did not realize my mistake until I approached him!"


"...I suppose that did not help my situation."

Sango screamed and charged at him, Miroku in turn, screamed as he turned and ran.

"Sango! Is this really necessary!?" He shouted as he dodged an attack from Hiraikotsu.


Sango continued to chase Miroku throughout the clearing, and eventually into the forest. The rest of the group watching on as it happened. Shippo was very confused. What did Miroku do to deserve this, all he did was say Sesshomaru was pretty, and asked if he could bathe with him. Shippo bathes with Kagome and Sango all the time. Maybe it was the part where he ogled him?

"What does ogle mean?"


"Uhm, just wait until your older Shippo-"

"It mean your monk spied on me from the bushes as I bathed."

Kagome laughed nervously as Sesshomaru answered Shippos question.

"Ok, yeah that's weird, but your both guys? Whys Sango mad?"

"He mistook me as a woman."

"...Oooh. Ok I get it now."

More screams echoed from the forest.

"I can see how though, you are pretty."

Inuyasha burst out in laughter again, and Kagome stifled a giggle. Sesshomaru sighed.

"...Thank you...fox kit."

"Your welcome!"

It was then Sango re emerged from the forest, dragging a very beaten Miroku behind her. She threw him at Sesshomaru feet and scowled at him.

"Now apologize."

"Im sorry Lord Sesshomaru, please forgive my lecherous ways." Miroku mumbled from the ground.

Sesshomaru merely scoffed and turned away.

"I will take my leave now, Rin and Jaken wait for me."

He turned to leave, when Inuyasha laughter stopped him.

"See yah princess!" Inuyasha cackled.

A rock came flying right at Inuyasha, and struck him between the eyes. Inuyasha fell over with a thud.


"Servers you right." Kagome retorted.

Sesshomaru turned, and vanished into the forest. It wasn't long until he returned to his companions. Rin cheered gleefully as her lord came into view.

"Did Lord Sesshomaru have a good bath?"


"I heard screaming Milord, what was all that about? Jaken asked.

Sesshomaru just stared up into the sky.

"Someone was just dealing with a lecher, is all."

"Lord Sesshomaru, what's a lecher?" Rin asked, with big round eyes.

Sesshomaru felt himself tense up at her question.

"D-don't worry about it, Rin."

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