In Russia,

Red Is Death

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This is a little something I've developed a bit with the gang in the Lauriver Discord. Essentially a 'what if' where the Red Death serum and Oliver's first year back are concerned. I've still got stories to tell both here and in the 'Teen Wolf' fandom so I'm not going anywhere just yet.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Queen, but it appears that the Red Death serum in your system is the current cause of your health problems." Declared an ARGUS employed Doctor to one Oliver Queen.

Who frowned at the information he'd just been given after several hours of waiting. "I had thought it had just left my system..."

The Doctor could only give him a helpless look. "Given that reports had stated in the past that no one subjected to it had ever survived its effects, there is just a great deal that we unfortunately don't know where the serum is concerned. Its almost as if its given you a new form of cancer as well for that matter."

The frown on Oliver's face deepened as an icy pit welled up in his stomach. As ever since his first encounter with the Dark Archer that hadn't ended that well for him, he had started to feel quite crappy. At first, assuming it was just because he needed time to heal. But when he started to feel shaky, pale at times, weak, sweaty, and vomiting not just the contents of his stomach but blood as well, Oliver had grown very concerned. Even wondering if this was some weird side effect of having been dealt a blow where his first loss was concerned. Or if somehow, the Dark Archer had poisoned him and it had only started to take effect at a much later time. At first, he had tried to hide his growing condition but with Diggle's Military training and job as a security guard, that had proven to be a failure.

Of course, it had also proven to be a failure in other ways as he hadn't quite realized how invested his sister and their mother was when it came to keeping an eye on him and his health. And after dealing with the Count, Oliver had finally given into the demands of both his family and Diggle to go and see a Doctor. But instead of seeing a normal one like Dr. Lamb, Oliver had felt it was better to go and see an ARGUS one since he'd be able to speak a little more freely with one employed by them. Even if there had been some risk it'd make Amanda Waller want to snatch him up since he had had to get her permission to even use ARGUS employed Doctors to begin with. Letting out a shaky breath, Oliver asked the good Doctor a question that was at the forefront of his mind. "How long do I have?"

Feeling it was a pure waste of time to ask if there was a cure given the circumstances. The Doctor frowned and looked back over the chart in his hands. "With this new form of cancer, its… Difficult to say. You could have the next 5 hours or the next 5 months, Mr. Queen. We'll have to run more tests to further determine things. I am truly sorry."

Oliver nodded in silence as the Doctor left and wondered how the Hell he was going to be able to do his Mission and fulfill his father's last request now. And better yet… What do I tell my mom? My sister? What do I tell everyone in my life? How do I tell them?

Author's Notes: News like that is never easy to get, is it?