Chapter 5

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As Oliver made his way into the mansion after spending most of the night out of it and being tended too by Diggle and Felicity thanks to his mother shooting him, he suddenly found himself stopping in his tracks once he was at the entrance of the doorway of the living room. Not because Detective Lance was in the room with his mother and sister, but because of several armed men being in the room as well and chief among them being Slade Wilson. Causing Oliver to pale considerably as the man should be dead and buried in the water near Lian Yu. "Hello, Kid. Long time." Greeted the man raspily.

"Sl-Slade. How, how are you even alive?" Asked Oliver shakenly, ignoring the wide eyed looks from his loved ones and Detective Lance as he stared down the man he once considered a brother.

"I suspect it was thanks to the Mirakuru that I'm still alive to this day despite your efforts to the contrary."

"Let my family and Detective Lance go, they have NOTHING to do with what happened on the Island."

Slade chuckled as he patted Thea on the head, causing her to whimper fearfully as Oliver clenched his fists together tightly. "I made you a promise on that Freighter, Kid. Do you remember it?" Asked the former ASIS man.

Grimly, Oliver nodded. "Well, I'm here to collect on that promise and your little Cancer WILL NOT TAKE YOU FROM THIS LIFE! AS THAT IS MY RIGHT! AND MY RIGHT ALONE!" Roared the man and scaring the ever loving shit out of the Queen ladies in the process as Lance wanted to attack the son of a bitch and throw him and his buddies in a cell.

And in Slade's mind, once Oliver, his family, and miss Laurel Lance were dead, could Shado finally rest in peace. "Then do it, do it right here and now, Slade. End this."

Chuckling came from the one eyed man. "I could, but I'd rather see you suffer before taking your life as Shado wants."

Oliver narrowed his eyes at the man in front of him while a certain trio wondered who Shado is as the archer stepped forward in an angry manner. "SHADO WOULD NEVER WANT THAT! AND YOU KNOW IT!"



For his words, Oliver found himself on his knees, gasping for air after being punched hard in the stomach by a furious Slade. The cries of his mother and sister easily being heard in addition to Slade's angry yelling. "Yes, she is dead. Dead because of you and that little Blonde whore of yours. All because you made the wrong choices." Sneered Slade as Oliver shook his head.

"I tried to make Ivo choose me! I tried! I swear I tried!" Insisted the former Castaway and finding himself seeing stars thanks to being hit in the head by the man.

"DO NOT LIE TO ME!" Roared out Slade once he had knelt down and got in the Kid's face.

Completely ignoring yet again the distraught calls of the women near by and the angry words of the Detective. Forcing himself to take a deep breath, Slade returned to standing up at his full height. "I won't kill you and yours today, Kid. But soon, all you know will be dead and you along with them at the end of it all. This? This was nothing more than a Courtesy even though you do not deserve it."

And with that, he signaled to his men that they were leaving much to the relief of the ladies present. Which was short lasting thanks to Lance trying to attack them and getting hit hard enough on the head to be knocked out. "Call an ambulance, sweetheart!" Ordered Moira as she tended to her son in a frantic and worried manner.

"Oliver! Are you okay!?"

He let out a groan as an answer and that did nothing to soothe Moira in any shape or form as Thea's voice could be heard as she made the call to 911. Need… To Call… ARGUS…

That last thought running in his mind as he passed out as this, along with the events of the previous night, and his illness being all too much for him to deal with at that point in time.

Author's Notes: I had something else in mind where Slade was attacking them and Talia showed up and took his head but this seemed to work better.