Chapter 1 The creation of the gods

For countless years the gods had looked after mankind. Since the beginning of their power they had brought countless years of peace and justice.

But then Mankind decided they no longer needed the guidance and protection of the gods.

A mistake that had brought nothing but pain and suffering and countless years of war and death.

For thousands of years the world was engulfed in chaos and destruction and the gods could do nothing but watch in sadness as mankind drew ever closer to extinction.

Now however the Gods have had enough and decided to act and stop the destruction of mankind before it was too late.

Every God in existence was on Mount Olympus to discuss the matter.

"This nonsense has gone on long enough. Mankind is on the verge of destroying itself." Odin said.

"What are we to do? We can no longer interfere in the affairs of mortals." Athena said.

"We must do something. Their constant quest for war and destruction has damaged the earth greatly. To this day there are still scars of war on the Earth." Hera said.

"There must be something." Aphrodite said.

"If I may." Thoth said gaining their attention. "We cannot interfere in the lives of mortals...But our children on the other hand." Thoth said.

"No one child of one god could possibly stop them." Thor said.

"What if we created one child with all of our powers and gifts." Thoth said shocking them.

"Hmm." Zeus said in thought.

"It does sound like a perfect plan. With all of our powers and abilities combined into one body this savior could do more than any of our children have ever done in the past." Shinigami said.

"However theres one problem. These so called heroes will get in the way. Many of them cannot accept that for peace to exist their enemies must be eliminated. They will try to stop him." Poseidon said.

"Some of them could prove to be an issue yes. But some could be turned to help him." Aphrodite said grinning.

"Perhaps." Raiden said. (Mortal Kombat 9)

"If Humanity is to survive...This is our only option." Odin said.

"I agree." Ra said.

"As do I." Zeus said.

"Then we are all in agreement." Thoth said


Hades sat in his lair with an amused look on his face as his brother was in front of him.

"So Brother what brings you down to the pits you sent me to?" Hades asked.

"I need you lend your power to create a new weapon to guid humanity back on the right path." Zeus said shocking him.

"I see...So they are actually close to extinction." Hades said.

"You know as well as I do Humanity will destroy itself unless we do something. All of the gods of the world have decided to create a savior in order to guid them on the right path." Zeus said.

"Hmm. Well, I suppose I can't say no since if humanity dies out I won't have any fresh souls down here anymore. Very well. I will lend you my power." Hades said.


The gods of Earth were around a white flame before they each transferred a piece of energy into it before Hades walked in.

"What is he doing here? He belongs in the Underworld not here." Apollo said glaring at Hades.

"We need all the powers of the gods in order for this to work. That includes him." Zeus said.

"I really don't see the point of this. We should just let humanity suffer for their actions." Ares said.

"Humanity may have given up on us. But we will not give up on them." Odin said as the fire intensified before Hades transferred his own power into it before it began to take form.

"Now...All we can do is watch and guid him." Zeus said before the flame vanished.


In Gotham city everything was as it usually was.

People were trying to stay safe and away from dangerous people like Joker and Scarecrow.

However unlike most days something different happened.

In a small alleyway the papers began to fly around wildly before the flame on Olympus appeared before some of the surrounding area started to melt.

When the flame dispersed from the area a lone figure stood there completely bare.

He had white skin white hair and Blood red eyes with a very muscled body.


He stood up before looking around seeing the surrounding area.

"Well, What do we have here?"

He turned and saw a group of punks surrounding him.

"Nice night for a walk Eh?"

"Nice night for a walk."

"Wash day tomorrow. Nothing clean right?"

"Nothing clean." They laughed at him for this.

"This guy is a couple cans short of a six pack."

"Your clothes...Give them to me...Now."

"Hey fuck you asshole!" One said pulling out a blade before stabbing him but to his shock...The metal didn't pierce the skin...And the blade broke on contact making him look down.

"Huh." He said before grabbing his neck and snapped it instantly before his buddies bolted.

Shaking his head he took off his clothes before putting them on himself.

"Now...Let's begin." He said before taking off to begin his quest to save humanity from certain doom.


Scarface was going over the latest heist his boys were planning.

"Scarface, planning to rob Wayne Enterprises is kinda bold don't you think?" Wesker asked.

"Shut up dummy! I'm in charge here!" Scarface yelled.

"I don't know boss. He does have a point." Rhino said.

"Ah shut up." Mugsy said.

"I said can it!" Scarface yelled before glass was broken. "What was that? Batman?" Scarface asked.

"I'll go check it out." Rhino said rushing off.

Looking to where the glass was broken he scratched his head in confusion.

"This isn't like Batman. He's usually careful." Rhino said before a pair of hands grabbed him by the mouth before pulling his head right off.

"Rhino? RHINO! Go find him!" Scarface yelled getting Mugsy to do so. "Batman ain't taking me back." Scarface said with a gun in hand.

"Uh...BOSS!" Mugsy yelled making them rush forward Before both gasped seeing Rhino's headless body.

"This isn't Batman! Who did this?" Scarface asked before Mugsy screamed as he was dragged into the shadows before a violently wet sound was heard before his head was thrown at them.

"AHHHHH!" Scarface yelled before shooting the place up. "COME OUT HERE YOU SON OF A BITCH! I'LL KILL YOU!" Scarface yelled.

"No you won't."

Both turned and saw the creation of the gods in front of them.

"DIE!" Scarface yelled shooting him but the bullets just bounced off before one struck Scarface in the head.

"Scarface!" Wesker yelled in horror before his neck was grabbed. "PLEASE! Don't Kill me!" Wesker yelled.

"Hold still." He said before touching his forehead before a bright light was seen before Wesker was dropped.

"I...I can't hear him anymore..." Wesker said.

"I cured you of your problem. I only kill those who kill for greed or fun or those who are incapable of change."

"Who are you?" Wesker asked.

"I am...The Ghost of Sparta." Ghost said before vanishing

Next day

The News had covered exactly what happened to Scarface and his gang minus Wesker who was at the hospital.

This of course was being observed by Batman in the Batcave.

"A new player Master Bruce?" Alfred asked.

"More than likely. Wekser said the bullets bounced right off him. Only Superman has that ability but he was in Metropolis stopping Parasite. So who is this new player?" Batman asked.

"Possibly someone who's grown tired of criminals committing crimes and hurting people." Alfred said.

"That doesn't Justify him killing them." Batman said. (God I hate it when he says shit like this you know?)

"Perhaps not but if people are truly safe and saved...Perhaps it's worth it." Alfred said.

"Hmm." Batman said.


Ghost was in the sewers looking for his next target.

However he came to an unexpected sight.

Several thugs were dead and all looked to have been poisoned by a kiss to the lips.

"Hmm." Ghost said before continuing further into the sewers till he found what he was looking for.

A large green room with various types of plants. Many of which were on the verge of extinction due to the actions of mankind.

Walking to one it suddenly came to life before snapping at him.

"A rather impressive display of beautiful plants." Ghost said turning around seeing a beautiful woman with long red hair green eyes and white skin dressed in leaves while grinning at him. "Pamela Isley if I recall correctly or do you Prefer Poison Ivy?" Ghost asked.

"Either one works but I usually prefer the second one. So...You're the Ghost I've heard about. I didn't take you to be a nature lover. Most people prefer to destroy nature." Ivy said smiling at him.

"The Arrogance of man is thinking Nature is in our control and not the other way around. Nature is always in control and the gods control Nature." Ghost said.

"Hmm? Your Religious I take it?" Ivy asked.

"Not exactly. Believe what you will but I was created by the gods of Earth...All of them." Ghost said shocking her. "Care for proof?" Ghost asked before his hand was engulfed in white fire before touching a dying plant before it started to heal and looked beyond healthy making her gasp in awe.

"So if your the creation of Gods...Why are you here?" Ivy asked.

"To bring humanity back on the right path before it destroys itself from the current path. The gods have watched in sadness and anger at what they have done to this world and to one another. However they are forbidden from interfering in the lives of mortals...At least directly. Fortunately there are loopholes. The children of the gods are allowed to interfere in the lives of men." Ghost said.

"So thats why you're here. To stop humanity before it's too late." Ivy theorized.

"Correct. And I need help. I can kill those who would hasten this disaster faster with ease. But even one man alone cannot save the entire world. I need allies in high places and in many fields. Yours being with nature itself." Ghost said.

"Ah. I see. Well...You can certainly count on me. My babies would be sad if I said no." Ivy said as he plants wrapped around her.

"Why do you call them that?" Ghost asked making her give a sad smile.

"Sadly...The experiment that lets me control plants...Took something just as precious from me." Ivy said.

"You cannot carry a child. An easy fix." Ghost said placing his hand on her face before it glowed before it stopped.

Ivy looked at him in shock before smiling at him.

"You know...You do need a name. And I have one that fits you...Perfectly. Sean." Ivy said.

"Why that?" Ghost asked.

"The name itself means God is gracious. And since you were created by gods and have helped those in need...It's very fitting. Sean Ashburn Kruger. Sounds very fitting." Ivy said grinning making him smile. (Technically this is all true and it's a very popular name in both Ireland and the US)

"I suppose it does." Sean said.

Authors Note: My buddy Reaperofballance gave me this idea a while ago and now I'm putting it into effect. Be warned...There will be lots of lemons in this story as well as Hero bashing. And before anyone says I hate characters like Batman and Superman not true at all. They just make it easy to make stories against them with their no kill rule when they could save countless lives if they did kill while under government management and all. Now Next Chapter will be longer and feature some of Sean's abilities the gods gave him. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to leave them in the reviews or PM. And also please vote in the current poll for King of the monsters crossover harem. Read, Review, Vote, Fav and Follow. REVIEW AND VOTE MY LOYAL FANS! See ya!