Chapter. 16 Sasuke's downfall

Its been a couple weeks since the second part of the exam came to an end and since the Soul society had agreed to help against Orochimaru if he did indeed actually invade.

Since then Sean had been training Temari, Samui and Hinata for the upcoming fights.

Of course Sasuke did demand he train him every chance he got but Sean refused which angered him.

Sean however felt Sasuke was up to something and grew concerned since he was unpredictable.

For now however Sean slowly woke up with a groan as he found himself in his hotel room before he heard someone in the kitchen.

Getting up in the nude he walked to the kitchen before he came to a rather welcomed sight.

Diana in nothing but her birthday suit as she made some food.

During the last two weeks he had gotten very close with the Amazon warrior having praised her skills as a warrior.

Slowly she turned around seeing him making her smile.

"Good morning." Diana said making him smile lightly as he approached her before she wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Not that I don't enjoy the sight of you bare but what brought this on?" Sean asked making her smile.

"Considering what we've been through lately. I think I've waited long enough." Diana said pulling him into a kiss as his hands drifted to her hips.

Thats when someone started pounding on the door.

"OPEN UP FREAK!" Sasuke roared making him glare while Diana quickly went to get dressed before his clothes appeared on him as he answered the door. (Sora I'm not over doing anything it's not my fault their personalities set them up this way. I'm just doing what feels natural is all like always)

"What do you want now? I was in the middle of something." Sean said very annoyed.

"You had no right to go to that old fool! He just dropped me from the Ninja program like I was nothing and had my Chakra sealed up for good! You are going to fix this now!" Sasuke yelled.

"Your wasting my time." Sean said shutting the door but Sasuke stopped him.

"DON'T YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON ME!" Sasuke roared before Sean kicked him into a wall making him grunt in pain.

"You are getting on my nerves far worse than Tarrlok did before I took his arms off. This is your last warning Uchiha. Threaten me again and I will kill you. Not that your mother would mind. She would prefer I gave her a child to replace you. One that would be more human and kinder than you." Sean said making him widen his eyes in shock before growling in rage.

"You will pay for this. Just wait." Sasuke said before dashing off.

"Arrogant fool." Sean said before turning and saw Diana in her regular outfit. "Not going to continue?" Sean asked amused making her giggle before kissing him.

"Later since he kinda ruined the mood. I think I'm just going to train Sakura for now. Perhaps later tonight." Diana said.

"I look forward to it." Sean said making her grin before walking away with a sway in her hips making him chuckle lightly.

"Oh so now you're going for Diana?" Korra asked leaning on the wall outside.

"You all came to me not the other way around." Sean said.

"True." Korra said before the two walked away.


"So the finals are only 2 weeks away. You really think we have enough to help defend the village?" Korra asked.

"I do believe so. He's prepared to deal with ninja yes but not them. It'll make things go more in our favor." Ghost said.

"So...How much longer until you think you'll have to get rid of that Emo punk?" Korra asked making him chuckle lightly.

"I get the feeling you hate him more than I do." Ghost said.

"Yeah. He's been...Giving me some really creepy looks lately that kind put me on edge. I know I can handle him since he's all bark and not bite...But it still creeps me out." Korra said making him frown.

"How long has that been going on?" Ghost asked.

"Ever since the second half of the exam ended. Come to think of it he's been giving the same look to some of the others like Azula, Diana, Asami and Valmet." Korra listed off.

"Most likely trying to think of ways to gain you all to his side for your powers and advantages. I wouldn't worry too much. Sasuke with that mark sealed up and his Chakra he's about as concerning as a low ranking Equalist fighter." Ghost said making her laugh.

Soon Ghost went on his own while Korra went to hang out with Asami and Julia.

As he walked through the village however though he spotted Kin.

"Hello, Kin." Ghost said approaching her making her smile.

"Hey, Ghost. Do you think you can help me with something?" Kin asked curious.

"Depends. What is it?" Ghost asked.

"I was hoping you could convince the Hokage to let me be a ninja here. I just think it's time for a change you know?" Kin said making him smile.

"I think thats a wise choice." Ghost said leading her to the Hokage building.

Unknown to them Sasuke was watching from a distance before grinning.

"I'll have my revenge freak. And you'll give my your powers without question." Sasuke said.


After getting Kin as a Leaf ninja She went to look for an apartment while Sean decided to talk with the gods once more.

Finding a spot he sat down in mediation before he found himself before the gods once more.

"Your actions have put the outcome of a possible war in your favor." Odin said.

"If Orochimaru does indeed plan to attack the village he'll be caught off guard." Ghost said.

"But thats not why you wish to talk." Athena said.

"No. I fear perhaps merging the realms will also increase potential threats to Earth Realm." Ghost said.

"There are already threats before the realms merged back together. New enemies will come regardless until you eliminate the more concerning ones. Once that happens eventually the world will fall back into place as it once was." Ra said.

"But what about the rest of the universe. United as a whole for the first time." Ghost said making them look at one another.

"There are indeed benefits to uniting the universe together. Perhaps it will help in insuring the Earth does not fall back into chaos once more." Zeus said.

"But for now your main priority is to insure the world falls back on the right path to insure it does not destroy itself. And for that to happen you must destroy Orochimaru for he will undo all of your work." Horus said.

"I understand." Ghost said as they vanished before Ghost opened his eyes before seeing the league. "Need something?" Ghost asked.

"We want to go over every possible attack strategy Orochimaru might use." Batman said.

"The heck were you even doing?" Flash asked.

"Communicating with the gods. Merely discussing future plans." Ghost said.

Thats when Members of the ANBU black ops appeared.

"Lord Hokage has summoned you for an important meeting."

"Very well." Ghost said.


Everyone was assembled at the tower.

"What exactly did you want to talk about?" Ghost asked.

"Hmm? What do you mean? I call this meeting." Hiruzen said confusing him.

"If you didn't call it who did?" Lantern asked.

"I did!" Sasuke yelled barging in with the Civilian council who all looked smug.

"The hell is this?" Ghost asked unamused.

"Sasuke you are no longer a ninja. Just stop this nonsense." Kakashi said.

"Oh but the old fool here is gonna reinstate me like it or not. And you Freak are gonna give me your powers." Sasuke said grinning.

"Or else what? What can you do to me? You have no Chakra." Ghost said.

"But he has our support and our influence to get him whatever he desires." A civilian council member said.

"And just what is it this time you're after?" Ghost asked.

"Them." Sasuke said pointing at the women in Ghost's harem making them widen their eyes in shock.

"EXCUSE ME!" Korra yelled enraged.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" Valmet asked pissed off.

"If I can't have your powers then I want your whores. They would help sire strong Uchiha children. Strong enough to make people fear the name and bow in submission." Sasuke said grinning making them glare at him in hatred while Ghost said nothing.

"And we'll give him them unless you meet our demands. First you will transfer all your powers to Sasuke and train him to use them. Second he will be allowed back into the ninja program and into the finals. And then he will become the Fifth Hokage when the old monkey stands down." Another council member said arrogantly.

"Do I make myself clear?" Sasuke said expecting to get what he wanted.

Only to feel a deadly Killing intent in the room as Ghost slowly opened his eyes showing even the whites of his eyes were blood red looking at him in a extremely rare moment of pure untamed rage.

"Uh oh." Kakashi said.

"Ghost wait. Lets not." Batman tried to say.

"Silence." Ghost said in a deathly voice making him and the others in the league minus Diana backup in concern. "So that why you were looking at Korra and the others as she said. You only see them as breeding machines and not living beings. How someone as gentle Mikoto gave birth to a monster such as you and your brother is beyond me." Ghost said making Sasuke tremble as did his supporters.

"Now listen here freak. You will meet our demands or your whores will..." He didn't get far as he suddenly exploded in a explosion of blood shocking everyone in the room.

"I usually try to keep my word when making deals...But in this case I'm gonna have to make an exception." Ghost said as the other council members blew up making Sasuke gasp in shock before looking at Ghost who's very eyes made him so frightened it made the Uchiha Massacre look like a good thing.

Thats when he bolted out of the room in fear only for Ghost to follow.

"I have never seen him so furious. Hell...I've never seen him angry actually now that I think about it." Ivy said.

"I did when Amon took my bending. But thats nowhere near as bad as it is now." Korra said remembering that day.

Sasuke panted as he tried to run away but because his Chakra was sealed up he was the speed of a civilian.

Thats when Ghost appeared in front of him making him gasp in shock as he fell on his back.

"NO! NO STAY AWAY!" Sasuke yelled throwing Kunai at him but they just bounced off him making him widen his eyes in shock.

"You dare to take the women I love from me. All to try and take that which not rightfully yours. I have many plans for this world to bring peace and unity that do not involve the likes of you. I mostly spared you because of my deal with the League in not killing those who don't present a clear danger to the world. I'll have to revise my deal with them. As for the Council I just killed. They had blood on their hands anyway. As for you now. You have something I actually want." Ghost said grabbing him before removing the seal that blocked his Chakra before Sasuke's Sharingan appeared.

Sasuke was about to make a cocky remark when he saw Ghost reaching for his eyes making him widen his eyes in shock.

"NO! NO PLEASE! AHHHHHHH!" Sasuke screamed in agonizing pain as Ghost brutally ripped the eyes out from his skull before holding them in hand with the Sharingan still active before they evolved to their final form before they merged with Ghost's body as he closed his eyes now showing said eyes in his.

"Your Sharingan is now mine to use. Fully evolved to the most perfect form minus the downsides. I have perfected them to copy all Jutsu even bloodlines. And I will that power for good reasons unlike you. Goodbye Sasuke Uchiha. You will rot in the depths of hell for all Eternity just like your father and the bastards who died that day." Ghost said before he snapped his neck before dropping him as the others arrived.

"Sean calm down." Korra said calming him down as his eyes returned to their normal blood red before sighing.

"Sorry about that. I do try to keep my word when I make deals. But in this case we'll have to revise that deal since this was over the line." Ghost said.

"Not saying we disagree but you didn't have to actually kill him." Lantern said.

"Oh but I did. I sensed his future and it was full of darkness. I did the world a favor." Ghost said.

"We'll revise our deal AFTER the exams." Batman said knowing this kid dug his own grave with that stunt.

"Agreed." Ghost said.


Sean sighed as he sat in the public hotsprings to relax after Sasuke's little stunt.

He had told Mikoto what had happened and she didn't even remotely care. Instead she simply rewarded him for his actions and promised when the time came their child would be more human than Sasuke ever could be.

The thought of Children actually entered his mind.

Did he want them?

Without question as the greatest legacy one could leave behind was not what you did in this lifetime. It was the children who would carry out their own legacies.

But for now he knew having children at the moment was not a good idea as his enemies would use them against him. Fail for certain but he would never put his own blood in danger. He would simply wait when the time was more appropriate such as when all the realms were finally merged back and those who were like Sasuke and Orochimaru were no more.

As he was relaxing he felt the water make small waves making him open his eyes before seeing Diana in her naked glory smiling at him lovingly.

"Miss me?" Diana asked kissing him lovingly as he held her close before placing his hands on her hips making her giggle. "Care to pick up where we left off?" Diana asked.

"Here?" Ghost asked amused making her smile.

"Are you complaining?" Diana asked making him grin before he kissed her again making her moan as she held his face before sitting on his lap before she felt his cock touching her skin making her smile through her kiss.

After making out for five minutes Diana pulled back before Sean sat on the ledge showing his lower regions making her smile.

"Mmm. Hello again." Diana said remembering it from this morning.

Getting on her knees she lowered her head to her prize before she slowly began lick the tip making him groan out lightly as he held her head gently making her grin.

She then opened her mouth and brought him all the way inside before she started bobbing her head back and forth while her hands played with his balls making Sean growl lightly.

Diana pulled back before grinning at him.

"You like that?" Diana asked making him nod. "Good. Then you'll love this." Diana said placing her large breasts around him making him moan lightly before she sucked on the tip.

Diana moaned loudly as she sucked on him enjoying his flavor before suddenly he grabbed her head and started thrusting into her mouth with quick speeds making her eyes widen but did not resist.

Sean after doing this for several minutes felt his release coming and took one last deep thrust into her mouth before he came making her groan in satisfaction as she gulped down every drop before Sean pulled out making her grin at him.

"I didn't realize you were brutal in this field as well." Diana said.

"Sorry." Sean said.

"I didn't say I didn't enjoy it." Diana said making him grin before she sat on the ledge and spread her legs and petted her sex invitingly. "But why don't you return the favor." Diana said making him nod before he lowered himself down and held her legs to his shoulders and licked her sex making her moan softly.

Diana moaned as Sean licked her sex sending alien sensations through her body that she's never experienced.

Thats when she yelped as Sean held her upside making her giggle as the blood rushed through her head as Sean continued to lick her sex making her moan softly.

Suddenly he used one arm to hold her in place while the other grabbed her breasts making Diana moan as she grabbed the other before placing it in her mouth and sucked on it.

This lasted a while before Diana whimpered feeling her very first orgasm before she gasped as she came spraying herself on him making him lick it all up.

Diana moaned softly before Sean pulled her up and kissed her making her moan before she was pulled down on his lap with her ass hangin in the air making her grin.

"Are you gonna punish me?" Diana asked excited before.


Diana gasped in surprise as Sean spanked her ass hard making her giggle before shaking it.

"Go on. I can take it." Diana said making Sean smirk.


Diana moaned from the spanking before.


"Ah." Diana moaned in bliss as she enjoyed the punishment she was receiving.




Diana's ass was turning bright red from the spanking she was getting.

Once Sean was done Diana was drooling in bliss before she sat on Sean's lap and kissed him not minding the pain in her ass.

Thats when Sean positioned her right above his cock making her grin.

"Do it." Diana said making him thrust into her making her groan. Unlike the others she had far more tolerance to pain due to her kind of training.

Still she did bleed in her sex from having her purity destroyed but she enjoyed it greatly.

Sean began to thrust into her with quick but gentle thrusts making her moan softly as she held his head into her breasts.

"Mmm. Don't hold back." Diana said in bliss making him grin before he started thrusting into her with powerful thrusts.

Diana groaned as Sean thrusted into her quick and hard making her breasts bounce and her ass to smack loudly into his lap making her moan in pain from her sore red ass.

Sean then pulled Diana into a kiss making her moan as she held his face lovingly while Sean continued to thrust into her.

Then then changed positions with them on the ledge before Sean stood above her thrusting downwards into her making her groan loudly as her legs were over her shoulders as she grins at him.

After being jackhammered for a while Diana felt her second orgasm approaching fast making her groan loudly before she came again squeezing his cock before he came inside her making her groan before he pulled out and shot out what was left into her breasts and stomach making her grin.

"I still got one more hole to fill." Diana said laying on her front making Sean grin before he positioned himself above her before thrusting into her ass making her whimper in surprise as Sean pounded into her ass.

Sean thrusted into Diana with powerful thrusts making her ass jiggle with each impact while Diana was in bliss.

Slowly she placed her left hand on her sex before fingering herself while the other hand played with her breasts.

Sean grunted as he continued to thrust into Diana before grabbing her ass and squeezed hard making her whimper.

"Tell me who you belong to." Sean said taking harder thrusts into her ass making her groan.

"You." Diana said submitting to him.

"Who owns this body?" Sean questioned spanking her hard making her whimper.

"You!" Diana yelled.

"And who command you now?" Sean asked.

"YOU!" Diana yelled before she came hard and he came inside her ass making her whimper before he pulled out and held her close before both vanished and appeared in the hotel room where to his delight saw Korra in her birthday suit grinning.

"Figured you'd be back here." Korra said as Sean put Diana down and pulled the covers over them as Diana buried her head into his chest while Korra held him from behind.

"I love you." Diana said making Sean smile kissing her forehead.

"I love you too Diana. Now get some rest." Sean said as she fell asleep.

"About time." Korra said grinning making him roll his eyes before kissing her making her smile as they all fell asleep.

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