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Chapter 2. New World

All of the information I gained from my reading of the newspaper, didn't disappear from my mind through the entire breakfast. Thankfully no one noticed my faraway expression that surely was visible on my face. It was still a bit mindboggling that I was in a world that was a combination of Harry Potter's and Marvel's universe.

After I woke up in this body and found out about my new fate as Voldemort's son, I was already quite dubious about this whole thing. Was it really possible to get reborn in a fictional universe?

Most of the evidence I could gather showed that yes, I was somehow reborn. I remembered most of my old life, the moment of my death, and finally the time I spend in the endless void. If that was all a dream then I must have taken something really strong before going to sleep. At this point, it was just easier to believe this wasn't a dream and I was really stuck here.

Like I previously mentioned, the change of the world and body wasn't too concerning for me. My old life wasn't that good and no one is gonna miss me. At least here I got a clean slate and could do whatever I wanted... if you ignored all of the monsters, secret agencies, and godlike beings that existed in this universe.

Thankfully I didn't need to interact with any of those beings in the nearest future so I had time. With my new magical ancestry, I knew that there had to be many ways for me to reach the power levels of those monsters. And if I couldn't find any? Well, I would create them myself. After all, magic was vast and almost nothing should be impossible with it.

The question is where to begin? I wondered as I walked back to my room. Thankfully it was Saturday so I didn't need to go to the school that the kid was attending. If it wasn't for the fact that the school would for sure have a library, I would be very frustrated. But as I needed more information about the history of this world, I would suck it up and go to school...again. Besides if I was magical then I would be going to Hogwarts after this summer.

When I arrived in 'my' room - it would take some time to get used to my new character - I began searching through everything that was in it. I needed to know if the kid had any things that could be of any use to me. I really doubted that, but even some money would be nice.

In the end, I only found clothes, school books - that didn't really have anything useful in them - some older toys, and money. There wasn't much of it, but it was a start.

After I completed the search, I sat on the bed and began planning my next moves.

I definitely needed to do something with the mess in my head. I couldn't think properly with all of the memories flashing through my mind. It was distracting and annoying. I didn't know shit about the workings of the mind so I was pretty out of my depth here.

The only thing I could think of was occlumency and even then I wasn't sure. In canon Occlumecy only mentioned the closing of one's mind so no one would be able to invade it. But in the fanfictions, I read in my free time, everyone made occlumency some super complicated art. And while I should probably trust canon more, I just couldn't believe that one of the mind arts would rely only on clearing one's mind.

Yeah, not buying it.

Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone to teach me and I had no way of gaining any information on the art. Occlumency was said to be a rare skill, so there was no way I would find it in just any book in Diagon Alley and I had no plans of going to the darker parts of the wizarding world before I could defend myself.

So for now, I was stuck with the exercise of clearing my mind and the multiple ways of occlumency form fanfictions. I just hoped that at least one of them was partially true.

With that somehow planned, there was one more thing I needed to know now.

Wizarding World's timeline.

While it would be interesting to go to Hogwarts with the future generations and Voldemort dead, I would prefer if the timeline was adjusted so Harry would be somewhere around my age. Of course, it wasn't about meeting the characters from the books, but about the events that happened in the canon when Harry was there.

Yeah, the war would come, Voldemort would rise again, but Harry could deal with him again or even I could kill him if he got in the way of my plans. With my foreknowledge, it wouldn't be that hard, and even though I plan to change some things, they shouldn't make Voldemort change his plans. After all, I would be a muggle-born kid in the background. A disguise would be enough to protect my identity when I was doing something out in the open.

With that said I really needed to know the current timeline. It wasn't really that hard to accomplish as I could just go to Diagon Alley or to Privet Drive and see if Harry was there.

Both of those options were currently unavailable to me as I was too far from both of those places and if I was gone for a whole day, the caretakers would get suspicious. So my last option was to wait for my Hogwarts letter and then go to Diagon Alley with a professor.

That would probably be the best plan of action. It would give me enough time to get familiar with this new world and body, and maybe experiment with magic a bit if it was even possible.

Alright, now I at least have some sort of plan. Time for the next part, which would be me getting familiar with this place.

That was easy to do as every child now had some time to themselves so I could use it and explore both the building and the area around it. It was always important to know your way around the place you were living in. You never knew when such knowledge would be useful and I was aware from my own experience that it could save my life.

The area around the Children's Home was quite nice and easy to remember. From what I gathered the building was placed in one of the better parts of the cities, so I at least didn't need to worry about some idiots walking around there during the day.

Apart from that I also saw some shops that could be useful later on, a small park that was visited by a large number of people, and of course the school I would need to attend soon. I also wanted to find a map of the city as I wasn't too familiar with London myself, but that could just wait until school where I would be able to check it out on the internet. From what I remembered they had some computers available to everyone in the library.

As my task was done earlier than I expected, I came back to my room and decided that it was as good as ever moment to find out if I even had magic. Who knew, maybe the switch made the body lose the magic. It all mostly depended on how I was transported here and if I was to believe the weird voice I heard when I arrived here, then it must have done that. After all, why would it wish me good luck?

Now there was one important problem with what I wanted to do. I had no clue how to really bring out the magic without a wand or a deeper knowledge about the workings of magic. I knew some things from canon - and they weren't too useful as like always they didn't go too much into detail - and again I had some knowledge from the multiple fanfictions.

If I was to be honest, I again hoped that fanon was at least a bit right and wizards really had some sort of magical core. I was quite sure that if I had something like this inside me then it would be easier to use it instead of somehow manipulating the energy around me.

"Okay, I can make assumptions after I found out if I had magic, for now, let's try some things," I murmured and sat cross-legged on the bed. Maybe meditation would help, even if I had zero experience in the art.

After about twenty minutes of sitting still and trying to find any weird feeling inside my body, I finally gave up. This definitely wasn't working and I was just wasting time.

So as this method was out, it was time to try out something more practical. I took one of the pens I possess and placed it before me. Then I focused on the three things that almost every fanfiction out there preached about.

Will, imagination, and power.

Cliche as fuck, but I didn't really have any more ideas. The first two weren't too hard to provide, but the third could be a problem as I still didn't know how to use my magic.

From there I began the long process of glaring at the poor pen that wouldn't move even an inch. It was just lying there and mocking me how I couldn't do anything. After more than an hour of this - I was really determined to make it work - my frustration and annoyance finally reached its peak.

"Fuck you too magic. If you don't want to work then fine," I said through gritted teeth, full of anger.

The moment I focused on my anger, I finally felt something within myself. It was a weird feeling, but it also felt powerful. That was why I barely noticed how the pen before me was shot at the nearest wall.

When I finally registered what happened, I sat dumbfounded, staring at the pen that laid on the floor. All of the anger and frustration already disappeared and I was only left with confusion.

How the hell did I achieve that?

I searched through my memories of both canon and fanon before the realization hit me in the face. I felt rather stupid for not realizing it earlier.

It was all about emotions. After all, it was said that accidental magic was always caused when a child was feeling particularly strong emotions. My own anger and frustration finally managed to activate it and move the pen. This little discovery at least proved some things to me. Unfortunately, I didn't know how well I would be able to achieve this feat again.

Yes, now I knew that there was magic inside me, be it a core or something entirely different. I was expecting that as this at least explained the differences between wizards and the sorcerers of Kamar-Taj.

Wizards obviously could use the magic inside them to accomplish all of the feats that I read about in books. I was also sure that there was ambient magic everywhere that could be used somehow, but I had too little knowledge about this subject to even speculate.

Next were the sorcerers. From what I remember they used the energies of the world and other dimensions. They could use their own energy, but it would mean using their own life force and it could run dry after some time, resulting in death. Still, they could manipulate very powerful energies and almost everyone could become a sorcerer.

This was something I was definitely planning to learn later. Having both my personal magic and the energies of the universe in my arsenal would grant me a vaster ability range.

Yeah, something that I definitely needed to learn. Even then I was quite curious if those two types of mages interacted with each other in any way. And what they thought about their respective types of magic.

I shook my head to clear my mind of those thoughts, it wasn't important now. I should be focusing on recreating my previous feat of magic, but this time with a little more control.

By the time the dinner came, I was still unsuccessful and even though I tried to use the frustration I felt after hours of failure, I still couldn't move the damn pen. It was like the magic in me went to sleep and would only wake up when I was in distress.

With a sigh, I stood up and went to the cafeteria for diner. I could continue after that and maybe I would switch to the only occlumency exercise I know. After all, I still needed to deal with my jumbled memories.

Time quickly went by and before I even noticed the school semester had ended.

It was weird going to a class that you already completed. Thankfully I managed mostly to act like the kid would act before I had taken over the body. Apart from some people asking me if I was fine with always being alone, I was quite happy with my current situation. No one really bothered me and I was free to do my research and experiments.

Of course, most of my time at the school was spent in the library surfing through the web in search of information or looking through the history books to find any important differences.

The first thing I searched through was the history of World War 2. Unsurprisingly there I found mentions of the First Avenger, Capitan America. If I didn't believe that I was in both Marvel and HP universe before, then I certainly believed now.

I didn't find any mentions of Hydra or Shield, but it was expected as mentions of the first organization were probably hidden and the second one wasn't officially created until the '50s. I didn't really want to search for Shield on the web as I was pretty sure that they would know if some random kid would start searching for a secret organization. For now, I didn't want to bring any attention to myself.

I also tried to find out if this universe also had mutants mixed into it, but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't. From my observations, it was most likely only the MCU and HP universes stitched together. Of course, I found some mentions about people that Shield in the show called 'enhanced', but most of those events were swept under the rug. If one didn't know what they were looking at, they would just assume that nothing out of ordinary happened there.

I wondered how many of those 'enhanced' were created by science and who were the part of the inhuman race. Those people were pretty dangerous if they couldn't control their abilities and I wanted to stay the hell away from them and the Terrigen Crystals. I didn't want to turn to stone.

Again I only looked through public news to find this information, so it was very limited.

Of course, there was one person that I could investigate without any fear. Tony Stark.

He looked the same as in the movies and had the same reputation. For now, he was the well-known weapon producer and that wouldn't change for another few years. If I remembered correctly then he would become Iron Man somewhere in 2009, but I wasn't too sure. I only knew the dates of the most important events and I watched Iron Man a long time ago.

I didn't really care about my lack of knowledge when Tony Stark became Iron Man, as it wasn't important to me. The only phase one events I cared about were the Hulk, Thor's arrival on earth, and Avengers when Tesseract was for the first time out in the open.

Oh yes, I had a few plans for this little cube, but for now, it wasn't important as first, I needed to find out if any of these plans were possible. Who knew, magic was a powerful force, but Tesseract was an infinity stone after all.

Speaking of magic, I did some experiments with it, but the outcomes weren't that good. While occlumency, if I could call it that, was going pretty well. I could clear my mind and even get rid of the memories that were running through my mind for some time. They still came back, but at least now I could think in peace for a few hours. I really needed more information about the subject or I would go insane. I tried controlling those memories, but evidently I was doing it wrong as they always came back with a headache.

The more active part of the magic was going very slowly. After all this time I only managed to bring out the magic from my body - or core, whatever it was -, with this I could get a bit more familiar with it and even use it to lift very small objects if I focused very hard. A very small act of wandless magic, but it was a start. I knew for sure that there were regions in the world that didn't use wands and could perform magic without any problems. I was determined to do the same.

A wand would be useful later on, but a young wizard couldn't perform magic with it until their 17th birthday. I definitely wasn't waiting that long, I had many goals to accomplish.

Thankfully I also discovered two other things during those two weeks. The first one was an in-born ability, that I hoped to have.


It took me a few days to find a snake so I could test the ability, but one day I managed to spot a single small snake in the park. I didn't even need to try to speak the language myself as the snake started talking to me as I approached it. It was quite funny to see its surprise when it found out that I could speak their tongue.

I was really glad to have inherited this ability from Voldemort. Apart from giving me allies in snakes, I also would be able to enter the Chamber of Secrets. I wanted to see for myself what was in there.

Next was my ability to perform small acts of legilimency. I could only do it after I managed to get some control of my magic and if I kept eye contact with my target. Obviously my ability was very weak and probably performed completely wrong, but I could do it.

It gave me the ability to see some of the surface thoughts of a mundane person - I was not calling them muggles -, but after I left their mind, my targets were left confused and slightly disoriented. That definitely shouldn't happen and any magical would know that I was in their mind.

Still, this ability gave me an easier time in my recent activities.

I needed money, that was obvious if I wanted to buy anything in the wizarding world. I wouldn't dare to steal anything that could be enchanted against thieves before I could remove those protections. I was a pretty good thief in my last life and the ability came here with me, but against magic, it wouldn't help.

That was why I began 'gathering' my own mundane money after I got more familiar with this body. The art of pickpocketing required finesse and agility so I couldn't do it if I wasn't comfortable in my own body.

I only began doing it after the first week of my arrival in this world. At first, it was pretty hard and I almost got caught a few times, but with practice, everything got easier. Then with the legilimency probe available to me, I could easily confuse a person and they would never know what hit them.

I was hoping that the exchange rate wasn't that bad and I would be able to at least by some of the things I require. I still wasn't sure how orphans were meant to pay for their Hogwarts equipment - probably some sort of fund created for those people -, but I wanted to have some money for myself.

Currently, I was sitting on one of the benches in the more crowded parts of the area near the Children's Home. I always changed my venuses after a few thefts as to avoid any suspicion.

First I observed the crowd for any good targets. I mostly preferred when they had the look of a bit richer person than average as I didn't like to rob the richest as they never had too much money on themselves. I didn't really have any use of a credit card as I couldn't find the password in their minds. Even then it was common that I would find almost nothing in on the person I tired to rob. Waste of time, but I at least got some practice.

Thankfully with the use of legilimency, I could confuse them enough so my targets wouldn't remember me. At least I hoped so. It would be quite awkward if an experienced thief would need to run because someone saw me performing one of the simplest acts of theft. I would be a laughing stock if it was my old world.

And what do we got here, I thought as I spotted a middle-aged woman in a business dress. It was time to get to work.

Far away in the Highlands of Scotland, stood the large castle of Hogwarts. The name maybe wasn't that spectacular, but it was still one of the best wizarding schools in the entire world. It was there that most of the British wizards received their education and went into the world as fine additions to the community.

One of those people was Albus Dumbledore, the current Headmaster of Hogwarts and one of the most known wizards in the world. Even in his old age, the Headmaster was a figure that most respected, while others feared his power.

Currently, Dumbledore was stationed in his office. The school year just finished and it gave the old Headmaster time to finally deal with all of the documents that stacked up during the year. Being not only a headmaster but also a Chief Warlock and Supreme Mugwump, made the man very busy. He often wondered if he should just give away one of his positions, but then he remembered that his positions could still be useful if his suspicions about Voldemort were true.

Apart from the Voldemort problem, he also needed those positions to help the wizarding world with adapting to those new times.

Muggle world was progressing very fast and if it wasn't for some outside help, Albus feard that the Statute of Secrecy would have fallen a few years ago. He along with the ICW already made some adjustments that all of the wizarding communities needed to follow, but he was still not sure for how long they would help. Especially with the threat of Voldemort rising again.

The muggle organization that helped them, warned the wizarding world that next time they would not ignore a terrorist running around killing people. Of course, that statement wasn't met too friendly. The wizarding world was very independent and they didn't like how some muggles wanted to step in. It was good that it wasn't common knowledge or all of the Purebloods would throw a fit. Dumbledore really didn't have the patience to deal with something like this.

Still, the change was good and the Wizarding world was blooming. People were more accepting of new things and the most hardcore Purebloods didn't really protest as long as it made their life better and didn't destroy any traditions.

As Albus was just finishing his work, he felt the wards around the door to his office notified him that someone was coming.

"You can enter Minerva," Dumbledore called out.

Minerva McGonagall was a Scottish witch, the professor of Transfiguration, and the current Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts. She was a tall, older woman with black hair and an almost permanent stern expression on her face. For Albus, she was one of his most trusted friends and in the current times, those were few in numbers.

"What brings you here? I thought that you would be preparing to leave to visit your family," Dumbledore said with a small smile.

Minerva nodded, "I will be doing that later. We both know that before that I needed to deal with the acceptance letters for this month."

Dumbledore gave a nod of his own. Minerva was the one who dealt with sending the letters to new students or delivering them herself if it was a child of Muggle descend. A very tiring job, but the woman always liked to introduce new students to the wizarding world.

"Please sit down, it can't be comfortable standing there. Now tell me what is the reason for your visit. You rarely stop your work before it was finished."

Minerva sighed as she sat down, "I am not sure Albus. I might be imagining things, but I wanted you to take a look at this," with that she gave him a single letter.

Dumbledore took the letter and when he saw the name on it his eyes widened.

Logan Riddle(Hunt)

It shouldn't be possible. Dumbledore was sure that Voldemort would never sire a child, he had no need for such things. Maybe it was one big coincidence and the child was just unlucky to have Tom's last name. There must be more than one Riddle family in Britain so it was possible, but the second last name made Albus curious.

He already encountered such a problem a few times and it took some research to find out what it meant. The Riddle part was the name of the child's parent that magic recognized as such, while the Hunt part was a name that the child was given after that. Most likely the boy was abandoned after birth and while someone must have given him both names, magic still recognized him as someone else.

Finally, Dumbledore stopped his train of thoughts and addressed Minerva, "This is indeed troubling. We both know what the style of addressing means, but I will never know who his parents are if I don't meet him."

McGonagall looked grimly at the letter, "You think that the child can be related to him?"

Dumbledore stroked his long beard, "While I doubt it, in the world of magic everything is possible. While I won't judge a child for his ancestry, as after seeing the address we both know that he probably doesn't even know about the wizarding world, I still need to know who he really is."

Minerva nodded a bit calmed down, "So you will take the latter to him?"

"That will be the best plan of action," Albus replied, "If he has any connection to Tom, I will know."

After that Minerva stood up and stopped by the door, "I hope that you know what you are doing Albus. I wish you a good day," with that she walked out, leaving the old Headmaster to his thoughts.

It is a problem after the problem, maybe I really should drop one of my titles... he thought after a bit of silence. After all, even the great Albus Dumbledore had limits and maybe just maybe he was finally reaching them.

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