Title: Full Circle

Summary: Time comes full circle for Alucard and his past may just catch up with him. He is no longer the hero and savior they thought they knew. He was a monster who prayed on other monsters. Time Travel. Master of Death. AU.

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This world in which we wonder is wonderful and free but the only truth you are really know is that everything will change.

Chapter One

Alucard sat on this throne as he sipped with his wine glass of blood. Twice a year, he thought about everything that has happened to him. His life was far from perfect but he had done the best he could without knowing what was going on.

He was so weak and stupid back then. It was a surprise that he hadn't gotten himself and others killed by his 'saving people' thing. Then again, no one wanted to tell him what was going on either. Looking back on it now, he knew what Dumbledore thought needed to matter. He needed to die. Preferable by Voldemort.

The only reason he survived the trip to the past was because of the soul piece inside of him. The no one had told him about.

Time travel was always a very mysterious subject no matter how long one lives. He knew only a small amount compared to what he knew now. All he did know was there was something he had to do in his unlife before he could even think about dying for real. Voldemort, the human made monster.

Then again, so was he now. One monster born in fear, the other in hatred. Two sides to the same coin. If Voldemort had done things differently in his bid for the wizarding world, Alucard as he is now, would have probably helped him out. As it is, he had kept an eye out and he seemed just as insane as he remembered. He doubted that the 'man' would be any big problem for him to take care of. One of these days anyway. He smirked to himself.

Though he doubted that he would have made it completely into the future without his binding. He may hate them and rage against them but they had a point. He wasn't to be trusted. Not anymore.

He would kill whole continents just in boredom if he could. His morals were more or less gone now. He regretted so few things too. Angry and bloodlust were just so easy to fall prey to.

He just wanted entertainment now. Something to amuse himself with. Something to kill... He shook his head. He didn't want to get himself worked up.

On that note he remembered finding a family in the past and getting a new name. One that meant he could make something of himself. He should have known better. His bad luck had always seemed to follow him everywhere he went.

He had many memories that he treasure from that time however.

War was coming to the wizarding world. He knew things that would happen but he knew that things could also change. He wasn't sure whether he should try and help by telling his master things about himself or not. He was no savior, not anymore... But he could pretend if he had his masters permission. That definitely had possibilities. After all that would get him out of her hair...

Playing with the wizards who think themselves above the law. The fun he could have.

Decisions, decisions...

(Line Break)

He appeared in his master's office later that night but instead of doing something to bother her he walked to the giant window and looked up at the sky. He knew that doing so would catch her attention. He never failed to try and provoke her before. She never failed to shoot him either. He smirked to himself.

He had always loved the outdoors. No matter what era of time he was in, it never changed. The stars, the moon, the planets.

He let his mind drift as he stood there with his arms behind his back. Integra despite being his master had never mistreated him. Not like previous masters. He knew that with her knighthood she was more than aware of the wizarding world.

Opening up to a person was never his strong suit. He had to start but he had no clue how to.

Keeping his eyes on the sky, he braced himself. "Master, I need to have a serious talk with you. No tricks. No insults. Just... talking."

Integra had been watching Alucard until he was behind her at the window at which point she continued her paperwork. She usually had some sort of paperwork to do at all hours. It just never stopped. She looked behind her to see him standing in his usual pose. He looked tense though... "Is this a friendly talk, a cigar talk or a wine talk?" she asked.

"Wine." her eyebrows went up at that. She called Walter for a bottle and two glasses and did some work while she could. While Alucard never tried too hard to keep her from her work, there were very rare times when he wanted and needed to feel 'normal'. She had allowed this since he had never disobeyed her or even tried too. She had read the journals of her ancestors not long after waking the vampire up and things that he use to do had worried her. She had never had the same problems though. She hadn't been able to figured out why though.

After Walter dropped the wine off, Alucard moved and poured them both some while taking a seat in front of her desk. He swirled the wine while looking at it. He took a sip and started "You know about my past, yes?"

Integra regarded him as he sat there. "I know what is in the journals." She had been curious about his past but only ever asked once a few years ago. He had trashed everything around him but didnt touch her at all.

He silently snarled at the thought of them. He shook it off as fast as it happened though and continued. "That is only half the story of how I become the way I am. My beginning are a lot more," he paused for moment thinking. "interesting then what you know." He looked into her blue eyes. "I wish to tell you the tale. I only ask for two things." he waited to see if she would agree which she did with a sip of wine and a nod.

"First, you must not record the story by any means. No one is to know these things about me. Second, if you must tell someone please let me decide who to trust. It may sound stupid until you hear it but it will put your life in danger. I am strong, so strong in fact that I have become arrogant. However I'm not a god. One day, I could just fall in battle." he said. "One day, I might just be allowed to rest. "

She looked at him. She had never heard him talk like this ever. It was disturbing. "I promise." she whispered.

He looked at the glass in his hand. "I wasn't born Vlad Dracul. My name was Harry Potter." With those damning words he changed himself. He become a bit shorter, his hair stayed the same but his eyes had went from crimson red to emerald green. His clothes changed to a simple t-short and faded jeans.

"My life wasn't easy as Harry. Not by a long shot but it was much better than as Vlad. My parents died when I was one. I went to live with my aunt, uncle and cousin. I was nothing but a slave to them. While they never beat me bloody, I was lower than them. Their main punishment besides all the chores I had to do was missed meals and being locked in my cupboard. My name at that time was freak." He snarled. His angry at them never quite left him and probably never would. "When I was 11, I found out why they hated me. I was a wizard. My aunt was jealous of her sister because she could do magic and she couldn't." He snorted.

"I spent the next seven years learning magic and fighting a war that I never wanted to fight in. I saw things that no person at that age should. I had no choice but to fight since the leader of the other side wouldn't stop targeting me."

"Then it got worse. I had won the battle against my first monster. He was no man, not after what he did to stay alive. My friends at the time helped me and they were the first to turn on me. After all, 18 year old Harry Potter had bested the darkest Dark Lord in a century who had a couple decades of experience on him." He finished his glass of wine and put the glass down and started to pace. He know if he didn't he was going to break something and then master would be mad at me.

"They blamed everything they could on me, made me into an escape goat just because the sheep on the wizarding world wouldn't and couldn't fight their own battles. I was a fucking kid! I never should have been fighting!" He stopped and took some deep breathes. No killing, no killing...

"It was at this time I learned a hard lesson, never trust anyone. They... killed me. They took a fucking soul sucking demon that guards their prison and made sure I couldn't defend myself. They didn't have the guts to do it themselves. The whole world condemned me to death by that hoax of a trial." He walked to the desk and slammed his fists into the wood. I controlled myself enough not to break it.

"In the course of my war my headmaster set me up to die, raised me like a pig to slaughter but the one thing that he couldn't calculate was that I got what he wanted. He wanted to collect and master the three items. Just three. The wand, the cloak and the stone." He held up his hand which now had a red ring on it. A light weight cloak appeared on his shoulders and what she thought was a wand appeared in his other hand.

"I can't die. It's not possible. I am the master of death and the items have no power anymore." He put the wand behind his ear and an envelope appeared in his hands. He played with while looking at Integra.

"Now I'm sure you want to know why I have told this to you. This letter is the reason." He grinned at her. Fangs and all.

"Until that moment I hadn't realized that I had mastered death but he let me know a few things that day. I was given the choice and told of the consequences of my choices. I could move on now and be with my family. I could be brought back to life. Or I could live a new life far from all I knew." He handed her the letter.

"Can you guess which I chose Master?" he purred.

She looked at the letter.

Mr. Harry Potter
Hellsing Mansion

He sat back down and had some more wine while he waited for her brain to restart. He didn't think that his story would cause this reaction but what the hell. He would have rather her have fainted or something but this works.

He had to give her credit though. It took her a lot less time then he thought it would to pull herself back together.

"If this came for you then what happened to the Harry Potter of this time?" she asked. Time travel was the stuff of fairy tales wasn't it?

"As far as I have been able to gather together. My dear relatives dropped him off at an orphanage and because of the trauma of the night his parents died, he has no magic. I checked. Also the wizarding world thinks that he will look like I am now, a clone of his father but he took on more traits of his mother here. No one will realize who he is."

"What happened to the Dark Lord, where is he now?" she asked sipping more wine.

"I haven't tried to track him down but he was destroyed that night. He should be getting a body in about 4 years if nothing changes, of course." he answered. "It won't be the same of course, not if I have anything to say about it. It would be funny to see what the reaction would be though." He thought about it. What would happen?

His master's voice bought him back from his thoughts. "I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that they is a good reason your bringing this up now. Why?"

"They can and will try to make your life very difficult if we refuse them. After all, they can't lose their precious savior." he sneered and then sighed and looked at the sky he could see. "It's the Dark Lord I want, him and his followers. The things they did, the things they will do."

"I want to consume them all. I want them to pay. Humans don't do half the stuff that they did. They enjoyed every last moment of it." Here he made more papers appear. He put them down on the desk in a pile.

"These are all public domain documents of the trails of his followers that got locked up. You will find every name that they were able to find and which ones got away on what I would not be surprised as bribes."

Then he made a journal appear but kept it in his hands. "This is my journal. It details what happened in my life as Harry Potter. No one can read it but the people I give permission too. I give my permission for my master, Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, to read the personal journal of one Harold James Potter. So mote it be." He handed over the book.

"I will give you a few days to figure out what you want to do master, however, you must decide soon. The Headmaster will send professors soon to meet me if we say nothing in reply."

Integra nodded.

Alucard as Harry disappeared back to the basement. He had given his master more than enough information to work with. It was a start.

She would read threw it and do research on her own before letting him know what she thought. The fact that she hadn't said no was promising.

He had his own research to do if he planned on pulling this off.

To Be Continued...

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