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'The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.'

Chapter Two

Integra knew that Alucard had always been able to take other human forms but she had never seen him do it before. She wasn't sure she believed anything that came out of his mouth. He had a bad habit of playing with her. Which she figured is why he gave her the hard copies of information. While the journal could be a fake, she was able to see the watermark that made the trial papers real.

Despite her tolerance for the darker sides of her job, she was the head of the Hellsing Organization, she couldn't deny that the trials seemed to be done only because someone had to take the fall for all the lives that were lost. After the Dark Lord fell, many of his followers were caught. There were names listed that didn't seem to have a trail to them. Which made no sense to her. Shouldn't they have at least questioned them and made a copy of it for the future?

She started keeping notes not long after she started and had a long list of questions but no real way of answering them.

The papers had given her more questions than answers. Which she didn't think was possible.

She took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes. She took a glance at the clock and startled slightly. She had been looking through the papers for hours. It was way past the time she usually slept at. She grimaced. She wasn't going to be in a good mood at all come morning.

She brought the journal with her when she went to bed and got through a bit before she fell asleep.

A knock on her bedroom door came too early for her own liking but she got up and all but ignored Walter when he sent her a worried look and asked if she was ok.

She read more on her way down to breakfast and all but inhaled her food. She had to finish this book as fast as possible.

She stayed where she was and kept reading throughout the day, only pausing to eat and drink when reminded too. She wasn't happy with everything that she read. In fact she was down right pissed off. The wizarding world had become more corrupt then even their own government was.

No government was perfect but the things in the book were eye opening to the young girl. She had to crush her first reaction to several things that she read. She even ended up thinking about what she would do if she got her hands on several of these people. Some didn't even rate being called people anymore.

Not only that but it was making her see her servant in a very different light. He was still a monster and always will be but…

It was a horrifying experience. No one should have gone through even half of that.

It took her two days to finish the journal while doing the bane minimum of other paperwork.

She had called in every favor she could to prove things she read wrong and she couldn't. Besides the stuff that happened in the future, she couldn't say that he lied at all to her.

She made her choice. All she needed was the help of a few people to make it happen. It took a few more days for her people to have the right documents where they needed to be in order to fool anyone that wanted to look things up.

After Walter was told what was going on Alucard, they both sat down with her and hatched out a plan. One that benefited everyone. No one was happy with the whole thing but they all managed to get a working plan going.

Once that was done, she sent off a letter with the barn owl that stuck around the estate with Alucard's help, of course.

Albus Dumbledore sat in his office in the school known as Hogwarts. He had been using the summer the same way he always did, catching up with his paperwork and making sure that the school was ready for the coming year.

This was the year that Harry Potter was to start his schooling too. He couldn't wait to see how Harry had fared in the Dursley's household. He hoped that the boy had learned a few hard life lessons and came out of it in as a good kid. He didn't need or want another Dark Lord in training to come about.

His mind went over the owl that he had gotten that morning. He had been shocked when he had opened it and seen:

Dear Headmaster Albus Dumbledore,

I am writing this on behalf of my ward, one Harry Potter, as well as myself.

I would like to schedule a meeting with someone if I could from your school. This all has come as a bit of a shock. I knew that Harry is a very special boy but we are not sure if this would be the right fit for him. He has a few special needs that would have to be met in order for me to consider sending him to your school.


Sir Integra Hellsing, Knight of the Round Table.

He knew of the Knights of the Round Table and had been both shocked and panicked by the news. If this was true then all his plans could be for nothing.

He used all his contacts to try and put a stop to it and couldn't. He sucked it up and sent a letter back with the hope that he could fix this somehow once he met the boy.

He wrote two quick notes to Minerva and Severus to come to his office in an hour and sent them off with a house elf to deliver. He needed to plan out the meeting with his two best and hope everything would work out..

Alucard made his way through the walls to his master's office when he heard her call him. He was excited today. He was going to take his master to Diagon Alley for his school supplies. It made him want to laugh so hard to think that he was going back to his first home. Hogwarts.

He stepped in the office in his 'Harry' form but younger. He made sure that well his height was the same as it was at that age, he looked so much healthier then he did under Dursley's care.

He had a small smile on his face as he looked at his master, she was wearing a suit of light blue and didn't look too happy about this trip. Not that he blamed her, she really had no love of the lazy wizarding community that couldn't seem to take care of their own problems.

It had been a while since he was shorter than anyone. He wasn't too fond of it but there wasn't anything that he could do about it. He would have to wait a few years to 'grow up' so to speak.

He offered her his arm as a gentleman would with a small smile on his face. "Shall we?" They had decided that they would travel through his portals to get things done since Integra was a muggle, she wouldn't get through the wards that protect the Alley. However the magical community was not big on common sense. If one got through the wards on the door and blended in, muggles could see the Alley.

She took his arm with a bit of hesitation, she never really liked to travel through the shadows. "Deep breath, master" was all the warning she got before they both disappeared on the spot.

He had always had to give his master credit, scared or not, all she did was tighten her grasp on his arm. It only took a few minutes to get to the apprantiant point for the Alley.

As he walked forward, guiding her out of the way of others coming in, he said. "Welcome, master, to Diagon Alley." he smiled softly to himself.

He watched her as she took in the happening of the Alley. He wasn't surprised that she kept her composer as she looked around at everything around them.

"The sheep of the wizarding world, bleating for someone to save them." he said softly to his master. She gave him a sharp look but didn't respond. She would have to make her own thoughts on the matter. .

He didn't let her focus on one thing too long. Their clothing alone would mark them as different to the people around them, he wanted to get them outfitted in 'proper' clothes first. After the bank, of course. He kept an eye on things around him as he moved silently.

As he got to the bank steps he made a motion for her to inspect the wall outside with the warning poem..

Enter, stranger, but take heed
Of what awaits the sin of greed
For those who take, but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn
So if you seek beneath our floor
A treasure that was never yours,
Thief, you have been warned, beware
Of finding more than treasure there.

Integra frowned as she read the poem and opened her mouth to ask a question but he beat her to it. "Never steal from the goblins. They are a warrior race. If you are caught stealing, the penalty is and always will be death." he smiled.

"Remember master, respect and confidence is key in here." he whispered as they walked in and she could take in the creatures known as goblins. He felt her tense a bit but her face showed none of it. He was very proud of her.

His eyes looked around carefully at the bank tellers. He chose one that had no consumers and walked up to him and cleared his throat to catch its attention. The goblin didn't look up right away but that didn't bother him. He kept them there.

It was several minutes later that the goblin looked up from the papers that it was looking through.

"Yes?" it asked with a sneer in its voice.

"I would like to speak to the Potter account manager about my account." he said in the same tone back.


He narrowed his eyes before saying "Headmaster Dumbledore has not sent me my key."

It sighed "Very well, follow me." It got off its chair and led them deeper into the bank. They both followed. It knocked on a door and opened it for them to enter.

The office was pretty bare besides a number of weapons that were on the walls behind the goblin at the desk and few tapestries depicting wars of the past..

Harry led his master to the first seat and took the second for himself. He had never been able to see his account manager in his time. He didn't even realize he had one back then until it was too late..

"How can I help you today Mr. Potter?" the goblin said in a flat tone.

"I wish to speak about my accounts and then a grave matter that has come to my attention and then maybe a talk about business." He nodded.

"I wish to have new keys made to all my vaults in the interest of security. I know Dumbledore has my trust vault key and there is no telling how many other keys he has." The goblins nodded and took out five keys. After using some sort of magic, he pushed them towards Harry who without asking to, coated them in his blood until they each flashed.

Harry put the new keys in his pocket before moving on.

"As the last of my bloodline I wish to take up the mantle of Head of the Potter family. There hasn't been a head since my father died and I wish to bring my family back to want it once was."

The goblin narrowed his eyes at him "Will you cenest to a blood test?"

"Under the condition that what is spoken in this office stays out of the public eyes for an additional percent for yourself in dealing with my money" He let a small smile show when the goblins eyes widened a bit. "Deal." He knew that would get its attention. As long as you could help them make money, the goblins were loyal.

The goblin reached into his desk and bought out a piece of parchment, a feather, a potion and a dagger. He took the potion without a word and downed it in one go, making a face of disgust. He picked up the dagger and made a small cut on a finger. He smeared his blood on the feather and the four points of the paper.

The goblin said a few words over both items before the feather started to write out something without a hand to do it. It only took a few moments before it stopped and the paper was handed to him after the goblin looked at it..

He hummed under his breath until he got to the last family name. Hellsing. His eyes widened at that. He looked at his manager. "How did I get control over the vault," he looked at the number quickly. He wanted to know how before his master knew that piece of information. "253?"

The goblin took out some paper and looked through them. "Every sealing comes with a price. In order to keep you bound, the Hellsing family gave up the ability to do magic. Every Hellsing since Abraham Van Hellsing has been born a squib and can never be born with magic. The magic is used to help keep you bound." That would explain a few things… he thought.

"I am of course very curious to know how Dracula has come to own the Potter's account. If we hadn't done the blood test I would have had your head for lying." The goblin stated with its fangs flashing as Integra tensed in shock.

"My family has magic in it? Since when?" she kept her voice flat even though she wanted to yell. The goblin looked at her and answered. "About 300 years now the family has had a vault here, Miss Hellsing."

Harry spoke up before Integra got more upset. "I'm sorry, master. I had no idea of this vault." She turned to me, eyes flashing in anger.

"It's the law that only people in the family that have magic in it can inherit a vault. It keeps the money in the magical community because most squib born would have taken the money with them." He turned to the goblin. "I would like an inventory of every vault I own. Start with the Hellsing one, I want to know what is in there."

"Do you want to claim all of your inheritance?" the goblin asked. He replied with an affrementive. The goblin wrote up a note that disappeared when it was done. "I have sent for the rings then."

"I wish to give an olive branch to the goblin nation with a piece of information that I have. You all have been very loyal to me since I started coming here for my banking. My wealth has grown beyond what I had expected it too. " Harry gave the goblin a wicked grin. The goblin sat forward in interest.

"Voldemort isn't dead and gone. He is still around and looking for a way back." The goblin glared.

"How would you know that?" Harry giggled like a kid.

"Time travel and Alternate Universe theory" He flashed his fangs in a wicked grin. "I know a lot of things that people would rather not have known. It's rather amusing that so many upstanding citizens have so many naughty secrets."

The goblin actually paled at those words. "As long as my master allows me to exist in this world, I will break the backs of those self-serving bastands." Harry gave a small innocence smile to Integra who gave a wicked one back. "As long as you follow the rules, servant. I would hate to have to punish you."

Harry laughed long and hard at that almost falling from his chair.. "That's the master I so love to follow."

Harry looked at the goblin "Voldemart split his soul, more times then was wise. One piece is in this bank. I wish to make the piece mine." he growled his green eyes starting to glow..

The goblin stood up, glared and yelled. "No price will let you into another's vault!"

"Who said you have to open the vault for me? Take me to the vault in question and I will do the rest." Harry purred.

"In return I will give you two things. One, I will make a vow on my magic and life that I have never stolen from the bank. Two, I will for free, make it so that this bank is not able to be breached the way I will do it again." Harry offered.

"Do you take me for a fool, vampire!" The goblin roared. "That doesn't mean that you won't be able to steal in the future."

Harry scoffed. "I'm more than willing to see if the chief goblin wants the deal and I am willing to negotiate the terms. It's no skin off my nose if you just find and destroy the piece yourself but you can't tell me that you don't want me to make sure that the bank is as secure as you have always claimed." The goblin growled while writing out another note that vanished.

Gotcha Harry thought with a smirk. He had no problem with that making that vow. Besides the soul piece in the bank the only other thing that he wanted would be at Hogwarts with him. He would get the stone for himself soon enough.

"While waiting for an answer and the rings, I would like to take my master down to my school vault for funds." Harry said while standing up and offering his arm to Integra again. She took it with a warning look. He just smiled back. He wasn't playing to tease her while out and about. He learned that lesson all too well.

When he opened the door to the office a goblin was waiting for them. They were led to the carts, which Harry helped Integra into. He enjoyed the ride down though by the sounds and sight. His master did not enjoy the ride as much as he did.

The goblin held a dagger out to him but he ignored it and used his nails to open a swallow cut on his palm. He spread the blood on the door and it opened without a problem. He could almost taste Integra's curiosity so he let her come into the vault with him.

It looked just as he remembered it all those years ago. Three big piles of the coins that the wizarding world used as money. He smiled sadly at the sight. He allowed just a moment of longing to hit him. He would trade it all he had just for a chance to grow up with them. He shook himself mentally. He couldn't afford to let himself get too caught up in the past, his master needed him.

He took the money bag from a hook just inside the door and started filling the bag. He picked up one of each of the coins and handed them to Integra while saying "Bronze Knuts, silver Sickles, and golden Galleons." pointing to them as he named them. "There are 29 Knuts in one Sickle, and 17 Sickles make up a Galleon." he told her.

Afterwards they were on their way back to the office. There were more goblins inside the office speaking in their own language and continued to be even after Harry and Integra sat down. Harry cleared his throat to interupt them. Then said in their language. "It is considered very rude to be speaking about cheating one's client when they are in the room especially when you really do not know if they understand you or not." He sent a wicked smirk to them.

The goblins all looked at him in shock. "Be glad my master is here. The contacts?"

The smaller goblin put a scroll on the desk and Harry unrolled it to look at it. He frowned a little as he read. Oh the goblins are good but I'm better he thought. They had the contract written out more than once. That way he signs as each of his known names and is bound through them all. In theory, that would work but not him. He had too many souls for that to work on him. Still, he had to make this look good.

"One correction I need made." He put the scroll down. "If my master's life is in danger I need to be able to do whatever I need to in order to get to her and protect her."

The oldest goblin sneered. "Why should we agree? We still only have your word that you can do this. I demand a prof."

"Only if I can show you by getting the soul piece container that I need. You can do what you will with the item afterwards." the goblins started shouting at each other. Harry just got comfortable, he knew he would get his way. There was no way the goblins were going to let the security of their bank be in doubt. One word to the wrong person would ruin them.

Alucard, what is going on here? Integra asked through their link.

I'm hoping to get the cup today, if they will let me. Harry sent back. You read how I did this last time, it's either this or bribes. I will make the bank security better for free and we get a piece of his soul before I even get sent to Hogwarts. I'm really hoping I won't have to bribe them, goblins may be greedy bastards but their code of honor is very hard to get through even for me.

I can't wait until they ask which vault that it's in. Harry said with glee. He mentally rubbed his hands together.

You're having way too much fun. Integra replied.

Got to have as much fun as I can, after all, memories are all I will have in the years to come. Harry said back sadly.

"Which vault is the item that you wish to get?" The goblin finally asked. Harry smirked. "Lestrange" the goblins glared at him.

"How about I sweeten the deal. If I can get the item in question and it tests positive for the soul piece I will do one better and put it back in too, I just want the soul itself. You will be able to say without lying that the vault was never opened. If I can't get the item in question, in and out, of the vault. I will give up every knut, sickle and galleon in every vault that I own."

The scroll was back on the table in front of him with the corrections that he wanted. He read it again and then waved his hand over it a few times, before nodding. He picked up the quill that was pushed forward to him.

He signed all three contracts with the names they knew him as. He didn't make a sound or flinch as his hand bled. The contracts glowed and he pushed it back at the goblins before licking the back of his hand, he made sure they saw him do this. It never hurt to remind them what they were dealing with.

Harry got up and held out his arm again to Integra."Shall we, Malady?" he teased her who was smirking at him. They followed behind the three goblins towards the carts again. It took a bit longer on the carts and were met by the vaults door by another goblins holding a potion in his hands. Must be to test if I was lying. Harry thought. If the goblins could test for it then Dumbledore truly was a fool by keeping information to himself.

Harry left Integra by the goblin with the potion. He sent a message to her. Don't touch the door at any cost.

He walked up to the door but didn't touch it with his hands. He reached out with his magic to see if he could 'feel' what types of things protected the treasures. He chuckled. "Oh that's just evil, I approve."

After a few more minutes of testing the door and making sure he knew what he could and couldn't do. He spoke again "Release control system level 1, until the cup is back to the vault." He turned into a shadow and slipped in without much trouble.

Once into he looked around at the treasures around him. He so wanted to rob the vault until the family had nothing. It would serve them right for what they did during the war and to Neville's family. He pushed that thought away quickly. He may survive without his funds in his vaults, he didn't need the temptation.

He located the cup fairly quickly and got out the same way he got in. He couldn't but laugh at the looks the goblins were giving him. He carefully put down the cup on the floor. The goblin with the potion came forward and poured a drop of the potion on it. Which hissed on contact.

The goblins glared at the cup as he called up his shadows again but this time he surrounded the cup with them. He carefully used the shadows to separate the soul from its container. He didn't want to destroy the cup even if he didn't like that it was a relic of the founders in the hands of Death Eaters. He was hoping that he would be able to get it somehow later.

Though the people watching couldn't tell, the soul definitely didn't want to let go of its home. He growled softly and forced more of his will on it. He didn't want to destroy it, he wanted to keep it and make Voldemort suffer before he allowed the soul to move on.

He got it off and absorbed it before it knew what happened, fighting the whole time.

The cup was tested again to prove that it was a normal cup before he put it back.

Before leaving his account manager he said "Send an house elf with a message when your ready for me to upgrade your system. We can discuss things if it conflicts with my schedule." He grinned as they left the bank to begin shopping.

To Be Continued...

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