'Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.'

Chapter 4

When they got back to the mansion, Harry dropped Integra off in her office to continue on the paperwork that never seemed to end. He went down into his room in the basement and just looked into the room from the door.

The time spent in the alley almost seemed to be a dream. There was so much work to be done if he planned to devour the Dark Lord like he wanted to. It would be a test of his patience but he was more than happy for a challenge. He hadn't had one in so long.

First thing he did was clean up his room. He never did like anyone cleaning his room after he got captured. He always scared off whoever tried. Besides his masters', Walter had become the only other human he tolerated for a long time. Humans come and go but he was always surviving.

When the room was presentable again he started moving furniture that was in other rooms in the basement that had been forgotten about into his room. By the end he had a nice Queen size bed, a dresser for his clothes, a bookcase and desk with a chair and lamp. He wanted to be ready in case someone from the school decided to talk their way into his 'bedroom' or went snooping.

After that he made sure that he put his purchases away. He left the items that Integra got in his truck. It wouldn't do to have anyone find the items that they shouldn't know about.

Then he took out his 'new' wand. He knew that the ministry put charms and wards on the wands that were bought until the child turned 17. He learned in the past that the purebloods had wands from previous family members that died that children learned small things from before going to Hogwarts. It was one of the reasons that the purebloods hated the muggleborns.

He used his magic without the wand carefully to scan it. He wanted to make sure that it was safe to use it before he did. The scan came up clean but he used a few more types of scans to make sure that there wasnt anything extra before being happy that it was clean.

He put his wand away. Though it was clean, he didn't want to get into the habit of using it just yet.

He spent the days leading up to the meeting with the Headmaster by making sure that the man couldn't read anyones mind. It was something that he had developed in his boredom but had never needed. As a vampire he didn't need one himself but he made sure that he had one so no one would get suspicious.

When he presented the bracelet to Integra and proved that they work, everyone in the mansion was requested to wear them and not take them off. He made sure that they wouldn't be damaged in any way he could think of.

After that he reviewed his text books for class. He only needed to skim through the core classes but he enjoyed reading about things that he wasn't allowed to learn before. Since his turning into a vampire he had found that reading was more of a pleasure since taking in information was a lot easier.

The day of the meeting came sooner than what Intrega or him wanted but they were as ready as they would be.

While the trip to Diagon Alley had been fun for her to see a whole new world that lived on the edge of her own, she had not been looking forward to this meeting at all. While the Headmaster tried to do his best by certain people, he was often blinded by what he believed in just like the rest of humanity. Harry found the whole thing amusing as far as she could tell.

They both were not sure if he would ever expect that he was as human as the next person and could make mistakes.

She was doing her usual daily paperwork that her position continued to put into her lap when her phone rang.

She glanced at the time when she picked up "Sir Integra Hellsing here."

"Sir, your guests have arrived." she heard Walter say. "Bring them up." She had exchanged a few letters with the Headmaster before this. She had allowed him to bring one guest with him. She had a bet going with Harry on who he was going to bring.

She carefully put away what she was working on so that the documents couldnt be glanced at.

It didn't take Walter that long to bring them up so the meeting. Integra's first look at the Headmaster made her think of a Grandfather image. He looked like a very kind man but she knew from not only the journal that was how he worked. She had always learned through her job that looks could be very deceiving.

She stayed seated as he was lead in. "Ah, Headmaster Dumbledore how are you today? And this must be Professor McGonagall. It's a pleasure to meet you. Please have a seat." She nodded to Walter who left to get tea. "I am well dear girl. Thank you for asking." The Headmaster answered with a smile. The Professor gave a nod and said "Nice to meet you too."

Both magicals sat down in front of the desk. "I will get straight to the point, but first are either of you aware of what the Hellsing Organization does?"

Both responded no.

"My grandfather became famous because he went after Count Dracula. The story 'Dracula' had a very large ring of truth to it but the end. Count Dracula never died at the end, he was bound to my bloodline. He was renamed Alucard and he has been working to protect Britain with orders from my bloodline."

"The reason I tell you both this is because of my ward Harry Potter. You see, the reason he came to live in this house is because of Alucard. He bought the boy home and I made sure that it was completely legal. I didn't figure out why Alucard wanted the kid here but when Harry turned 7, I found out. You see, Harry awakened as a vampire." Integra looked at the shocked looks he got from the two in front of her as she followed the story that they had thought up.

"That is very distressing news." The headmaster said as he stroked his beard.

"We learned that it came from the Potter bloodline with the help of the goblins. That is the problem that you will be faced if Harry comes to your school." Integra let that sink in.

A knock on the door bought Walter in with tea for everyone and served it "Thank you Walter."

He bowed and said "Of course, sir." he left without a backward glance.

"How do you deal with the problem of vampirism in Harry?" Professor McGonagall asked.

"Alucard has trained Harry since the time of his awakening. Feeding him isn't a problem since we already feed one vampire. Harry has not shown any problems controlling himself as long as he is fed."

"Has the poor boy been around children his own age?" Dumbledore asks with a tone of sadness.

"Unfortunately no." Integra frowned before continuing. "He was bullied quite badly in his time before Alucard found him. I tried to have him around others his age at the beginning but he doesn't act like others. That made him a target by others. I never pushed it again."

As they sipped at their tea, Integra could see the disappointment on the Headmaster's face. She didn't say a word about it though. She hated to feed Alucard's ego but he really did toughen her up for the stuff that she had to go through being the head of both her family and business by annoying her.

"I am willing to provide the blood that Harry needs to drink however I have no way of getting it to Hogwarts nor do I know a way for it to be fresh enough for it to be able to do him any good." Integra said.

The Headmaster stayed silent so the Professor spoke up. "We could get a house elf to pick it up from you. However will Harry be able to eat in the Great Hall to keep others ignorant?"

Integra snorted. "He eats food that you and I eat. He just doesn't eat as much and needs blood as well." They both looked shocked at this.

Integra rolled her eyes. "Yes, I know. I was shocked too. Alucard was quite helpful once I gave him enough incentive." She paused for a moment "What is a House Elf?"

"House elves clean, cook and take care of magical homes. They can move anywhere with their magic and stay out of sight if their master expects it." The Professor answered. She was used to answering questions for all the Muggle born that she visited to give their letters out and talk to the parents who almost always think that it is a joke.

"Did you need someone to take Harry to Diagon Alley for his school supplies?" Dumbledore asked.

"No, Alucard helped Harry buy his things. He actually volunteered to do it."

They both were shocked speechless. Integra nearly laughed before saying "He listens to Harry." and waving off their concern. That sentence almost made her laugh since Harry was Alucard.

"Would it be possible to meet Harry?" the Professor asked carefully.

"Of course." Integra answered. She picked up her phone and clicked a few buttons before talking. "Walter could you let Harry know that they would like to meet him?"

"Walter could you let Harry know that they would like to meet him?"

Harry perked up as he heard the words said in his masters office and put the book he had been using to keep himself occupied. He had been good since revealing his past but this would probably surprise everyone in the room.

He got up and used his shadows to bring himself to Walter. The man didn't jump as he appeared before him. "Thank you my friend." Walter chuckled.

Harry turned and let himself out of the room and slowly made his way towards the meeting losing himself in his memories. He shook himself out of it before knocking on the door and walking in when told 'come in'.

He walked in and closed the door. He walked up to the desk and did not spare either guest a look, keeping his eyes on his master. "You wanted to see me, sir?"

"Yes, Harry. Our guests wanted to meet you." She gave him a pointed look that meant 'Behave'. He winked back.

He turned around and looked at the adults that had failed him in his last life as Harry. They were just as he remembered them. "It is a pleasure to meet you, sir and ma'am." he held out his hand to shake with Dumbledore before kissing McGonagall's hand like a gentleman would.

He says the beginning of tears when he looks at her after doing that. "You look so much like your father Harry but your eyes are just like your mothers." she whispered.

"You knew them?" Harry asked with awe.

"We both did. They were my students once upon a time." she said.

Harry smiled. "Do you think that I could visit you during the year? Maybe hear some stories about them? It's wonderful living here but I don't know anything about my parents."

"I'm sure something can be arranged ."

"Thank you Ma'am."

He of course knew a lot of stories about them but if he got more that he didnt know about then sitting and drinking tea with anyone would be worth it. At least he knew this time that his parents were not perfect like everyone had been trying to tell him before.

He knew from the Durley's that life wasnt all butterflies and rainbows but he had been almost tricked into believing that the magical world would be better than the 'normal' world. It had turned out to be the complete opposite though.

He really hoped that they had grown up a little by the time they had died. He had a good feeling that Lily did. James was a bit questionable. However impossible that it could have been, James could have changed.

It wasn't much longer after that the two magicals left and it was just Harry and Integra in the office again.

Harry let go a breath in a sigh when the door closed behind them. He had been quite tense on the inside since he had sensed their magic on the land. He had always thought of this manor as his only because he had been defending the grounds for far longer than anywhere else.

As he went to leave he heard Integra say. "Stay."

He looked at her face but said nothing as he sat down again. "Yes, master?"

"I wished to thank you for being on your best behaviour after the talk you started."

His eyes narrowed.. "Boredom is a terrible thing and I was taught early on not to expect anything from my master. Your father did not help those thoughts either. After all, I'm just a monster who prays on humans right?."

Integra nodded her head. She pulled out a book and placed it on the desk between them, Harry knew that book. "I have been trying to find information in the journals of my family on things but I have not been able to find much. "

"Anything but the basics were never written down, master. Both Abraham and Arthur didn't want things falling into the wrong hands. Just because your family has not found a way to destroy me doesn't mean that someone you could if given the right information."

"Are you really as much of a monster as you show yourself to be?" Integra asked.

Harry smiled but it was all teeth. "Depends on whose life is on the line."

"Your journal showed me you're smarter than you appear to be. Alucard, don't you want to be free?"

"What is freedom, master?" Harry said softly before using his shadows to take him to his room to think.

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