Heya folks, so I saw this animatic on YT and this comment saying Amity being high got me inspired. Some grounds rules about this fic first: it's been 2 years since the show; Now Luz is living in the Boiling Isles; And Amity, Luz and Willow are going to graduate in Hexside. Now OWARDS TO DRUNK SENIORS (don't judge me i need an escape from the angst i write). Oh btw this will be written in the POW way to better myself in those kinds of writting.


It's been almost 2 years since I've living in the Boiling Isles. I still remeber the day when I "told" my mother about this but that'd be a story for another day. (foreshadowing) My mom still lives in the human realm, she has to go to work after all, but I at least try to visit her every weekend. That has been difficult thoug, being a senior at Hexside has come with a lot of homework and projects, alongside some "after school activities". hehe What can I say? I'm a very active 17 year old.

I didn't change much (I think), I'm still the same goofy, Azura loving, goly 'ol Luz. The others though...For starters Amity is much more of a rebel now, donno what happened but I don't want to change it, she's also really into rock music (maybe that's my fault by showig her human rock music...). Willow is still pretty much the same gal but she's like buff and dating Boscha as well, (don't ask. i don't like this ship but other ppl like it and it makes for a good change and generally cool to explore), don't ask long story; Gus is in his weird emo fase (weird 14 year old stuff), says he hates everything and evreyone; King is still adorable and Eda got her curse removed but besides that she'sthe same.

Now I'm just vibing in my room (that has an actual bed finally!),listening to music, just a mix of Jazz on spotify. Now it's covered in posters of Covens, Festivals and...Anime...Hey I'm still a big weeb okay?

Everything is perfect and quiet...too quiet. What will the universe do to disturb this peace?

"LUZ!" the door swings open

"Waaa? Eda, the fuck? You almost gave me a heart attack!"

"HEY LANGUAGE! Oh by the way the Blight girl is waiting downstairs for you."

"Oh fu-frick. I almost forgot!" I quickly grab some decent clothes (a grey tank top, leather jacket, blue jeans and blue snikers (i'm not one to talk about fashion shut up)

I raced downstairs to find Amity waiting on the couch scratching King's belly, wearing a pink shirt, a black leather jacket, black shorts and leggings.

"Did I ever told you that you two look very cute together?"

Amity jumped back as she didn't hear Luz coming, then she put herself back together like nothing happened. She's such a goof.

"Well this mite've have been you if you weren't late, like always." I blushed so hard and then she gave me her signiture smirk which only made me blush even more.

"Let's go." I said cursing under my breath, mildly annoyed.

"Yes I'm doing great thanks for asking."

"Didn't you said we were late?" I teased rasing an eyebrow

"Yes, but beeing behaved isn't bad."


Ok maybe I changed a bit...I'm way more sassy now. Must be those "Eda genes" from living with her

"Bye King."

"Nooooo my scrathes!"

We both head for the door and I try to tease as much as I can

"After you m'dam hehe"

She laughs and goes through it but giving me a kiss on the cheek first.

Oh did I mention that we are dating?

That's it folks. A series to cool of the angst. Give your opinions on punk Amity and sassy Luz, and everyone else.

Tom logging out