Heya folks Tom here. So back to possibly one a week. This is kind of good because it lets me actually think throughout the week what about what I'm writing. Now onwards!


Me and Amity have dating for about 2 years now. It was the best day of my life when confessed to me. Amity told me she had been gathering courage for 3 whole weeks and she was still terrified. She was so unbelievably red she almost passed out just from confessing. Pretty sure I killed her when I kissed her after.

"Hey you there?"

"Oh, sorry. I dozed off."

"You've been doing that a lot lately. Is something wrong?"

"Nah, I just like looking back at the gaysaster you were Mittens."

"First, fuck you. Second, why do you tease me this much? Who do you think you are? Em and Ed?"

"That's my job as your beautiful girlfriend." I winked at her

She scoffed and gave me the middle finger. "Lets go I don't want to be even later."

We continued through the forest and into the city, a few minutes later we arrive at the spot. It's a small bar called Baxter's Galley. We usually hangout here for our "after school activities".

Both of us enter the establishment and we see Gus, Boscha, Willow, Em and Ed waiting for us at our usual table.

"You're late." Ed frowned with an annoyed tone

"They we're probably making out in the couch and saw how late they were. Hehe" Boscha teased us making the others laugh, all this without raising her eyes from her scroll.

"Sit on a dick Boscha." I counter her very annoyed

"Like that has never happened before. I still have the vĂ­deo to prove it." Both mine and Amity's heads went instantly red with that statement.

"I just forgot about it and left Mittens here waiting.

"You forgot about something we do weekly?" Em raised an eyebrow totally not buying it despite BEING THE TRUTH!


"Well you sit or stand there like a 2 lost tourists?" Willow asked

We sat down and for Baxter (the bar owner) to come so we could order our "activities". A few minutes pass and Baxter, a slightly overweight middle aged green cyclops with a small beard and a very good attitude, arrives at the table to take our orders.

"Was wondering when you 2 would show up." He said cheery as always. "So the usual?"

"Yes please Bax." Amity confirmed

"So, Hardened Apple Blood(beer) for Amity, Emira and Willow; Refined Apple Blood(whiskey) for Luz, Boscha and Edric; and Apple Skoda(coke) for Gus."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Okay be right back."

"I still donno why Gus tags along." Ed said

"To drag your drunk sorry asses out of here. Someone has to be the adult one."

"I really don't like that phase your going through."


"That's what everyone says." I told Gus holding my laughter.

"Maybe I should just leave and let your drunk asses find your way home."

"That won't be necessary Gus. Ed will shut up now won't he?" Boscha glared at Ed with THOSE eyes.

"Yep I'm stopping now."

Shortly after all that commotion, Baxter arrives with our drinks. "I must say, I agree with Gus. He is always the one that's dragging you're drunken arses outta here. Do you want the second round already? I'm going to take care of some business and I won't be back for a while." He says as he hands us our pints and Gus's soda.

"Yeah Bax. Oh and could you bring some nuts too please?" Amity asked

He nods his head and heads out

"Y'all looking kindda tired." Em said "Is it 'cuz of the exams?"

"Urghhhhh Don't even get me started on that shit." I say as I take a big sip from my pint "I've been studying 'til 3am for the last month. Good thing they're in a week."

"Tell me about it." Willow said after taking a sip from her pint "Having games every weekend doesn't help us." Oh yeah I forgot! Willow is now on the Grudgeby team. She joined shortly after she started dating Boscha. Within a month she became the Star Player, right before Boscha as the Team Captain.

"Speaking of that, will you be coming to the game tomorrow?"

"Me and Luz have to study for the exams tomorrow Boscha, so no."

"Yeah, of course you'll be studying."

"Fuck off Willow."

"I hate public gatherings and people in general." Gus said in a melancholic tone right after finishing his soda

"I have an appointment."

"With Viney?" I teased Em which made her blush

"I liked you better when you arrived, you didn't have that attitude." I let out a chuckle

"On the opposite to all of you, I'm going to the game." Ed said finishing his pint

"Don't you have to work?"

"I took the day off to watch the game."

"Guys c'mon seriously? It's the game before the Finals! You're telling me your dates are more important than the game? Sorry Gus.


"Pretty Much"

"That's what I said"

"Fuck you all."

"Hey Boscha you'll do great! Besides you'll have a whole crowed cheering for you."

"URGHHH Fine! But you owe us one."

"Yeah sure, whatever. Could we go back to drinking and having fun?" Amity said

As on cue Baxter arrives with the second round of pints and the nuts Amity asked for

"Well here you go. I'll be gone for about 3 hour so please don't destroy the place."

"You can count on us Bax." I said

He listens but looks at Gus instead

"I'll keep them from trashing the place."

"Thanks Gus."

With that, he heads out to the back

"Oh, I feel offended" I say joking

"What don't you think it's sad that Baxter trusts Me the "Emo Kid" which by the way is 14 years old more than all of you which are 17 and 19."

"Geez Gus it was just a joke." Willow said

"Joke or nor that's the truth."

"I hope you get out of that phase quickly."

"Say that this is a phase one more fucking time Amity! I DARE YOU! I DOUBLE DARE YOU!"

"Or what?" she says holding her laugh

"Or I'll make an ilusion of the most embarassing moment of your life."

"WAIT! That's going too far!"

"Then don't say it's a phase."

"How do you know how to do that?" I asked

"When you learn a think or two about mind magic you can spice things up."

"That's fucked up." Boscha said


"K I'll shut up."

"Now go back to your drinks. The faster you guys get wasted, the fastest I go home and can wish to die alone."

We did he said and went back to our drinks, which lasted around 5 minutes. So like the responsible young adults like we are, we served ourselves. We paid for every drink of course! We aren't burgglers.

We continued drinking and talking and eventually doing shots and beer pong (a thing I taught them when we first did this, don't ask how I know it). After around 2 hours of this, we were completely wasted. The only one sober was, of course, Gus.

POV:No one

"I'm not paid enough for this shit." he sighed

"Wait hic you're being paid? hic

"No Luz, it's just an expression."

"Money? I want money!" Amity said trying to stand up

"Amity sit down or you're gonna fall!"

"But you already have like hic a TON of monay." Willow said laying on the counter

"Amity please don't try to walk! You are super drunk, you're just gonna fall!"

"Eh shut up Gus." she shoves him aside and 3 steps after, she falls head first into the ground, which makes everyone but Gus burst into laughter

"Okay, this is too much. I can't handle this. I'm busting you."

Gus summons his scroll and calls Eda

"Yeah what is it Gus?"

"Do you you know where Baxter's Galley is?"

"That small bar downtown?"


"Yes, why?"

"Come pick up Luz and probably Amity as well."


"They're so fucking drunk."


"Yeah you heard me. I can't handdle this shit anyomre. Just come pick them up I'm calling Willows dads and Boscha's parents as well and try to get the twins to Ed's appartment."

"Thanks Gus I'm on my way."

She hungs up

"Hey Gus you were you hic talkin to?" Luz asks Gus struggling to stand up

"No one. Hey isn't that a hald drunken Apple Blood bottle?"

"Where!" she turns her head which makes her bump into the wall and slaming into the ground.

"That should entertain her for a while. Now 2 more calls to go."

10 minutes later, and after some phone calls, the bar door swungs open to reveal some very angery parents


"Uh oh hic hi Eda! What are you doing here? You here for the drink?"

"You weren't lying when you said they were really wasted."

"Yeah, usually they don't go this far but today they exagerated."

"What do you mean by usually?"

"She'll tell you. Besides you're basically her mom so you'll know if she's lying. You can take Amity right?"

"Yeah yeah."

"Let's just get them outta here so I can drop off the twins in Ed's appartment."

"Do your parents know?"

"Yeah, yeah I called them as well, they are going to help me with the terror twins."

"K let's get them outta here."

A few minutes later Baxter arrives and he's filled in on the situation and helps to get them off the bar. Eda takes Luz and Amity to her staff and casts a spell criating binds on them so they wouldn't fall off during the trip. They hop on and fly away to the Owl House.

It only took a few minutes for them to arrive and Eda walks to the door and opens it ignoring Hooty

"YO LILITH I NEED YOUR HELP HERE! IT'S URGENT!" she shouts out making Lilith quickly come up to the door

"What is it Edalyn? Do you what time is it? It's 3am!

"Come help me with these two." she points at Amity and Luz

They both go to the young adults, Lilith still oblivious to the situation

"They stench of alcohol!"

"Yes they are both drunk, now lend me a hand to get them inside to the bathroom. They'll be probably throwing up any time now."

"Hey hic Eda, I'm not feeling good."


"Amity Blight I did not expect this from you of all people!"

"Oh hic hi Miss Lilith hic what are we having training now?"

"Yeah she's really drunk."

They drag Luz and Amity to the bathroom, where almost instantly they start throwing up on the toilet and bin

"I must ask how did you know they'd be throwing up now?"

"Lilith really? Have you forgottem how many times I arrived home drunk when I was in my late teens?"

"Oh right. What are we doing with them?"

"Put them in bed and tommorow give these two the biggest lecture and punishment of their lives."

"Of all people you're the last person I'd ever think of saying that."

"What can I say, I'm all motherly now."

After 20 minutes of them trowing up Eda and Lilith put Luz and Amity on Luz's bed and head each for their rooms. Tommorow will be that kind of day.

2000 WORDS NEW RECORDDDDD! I love writting drunken characters fro some reason. Despite Gus not seeming to act like the stereotypical Emo kid, he's still pretty much apathetic and emotinal. That's all for now and probably see you in a week

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