POV: Amity

"For how long have we been listening to him?" I asked as I spooned my soup

"Three long and painful minutes."

"Aaaand that's what I told the bug before I ate it!"

"Oh Hooty really? PLease do continue to talk about your stupid ass morning." Luz responded sarcastically and eating some soup as well.

"OH REALLY?! I'd LOVE to tell you about the butterfly I met after Hoot-Hoot!"

"He really does not understand the concept of sarcasm." I whispered to her

"Now imagine hearing this evryday for almost 3 years."

"Wow I'd go several forms of mad. Right now I really want to bail, we could head downtown."

"No way that'd work."

"Oh how so?"

"Even if we did manage to sneak out Eda would eventually notice either that Hooty wasn't talking or something else that would make her notice we were gone. Also it's every likely she put a tracking spell on us to track us all around the Demon Realm."

"So we have to listen to Hooty for the next two hours?"

"I never said that." she turned to me with a smirk "You see she can track us on the Demon Realm but how about" she extended her hand to her pockets pulling out a key "between dimensions?"

"You have the Portal key?"

"I have the portal key."

"But how?"

"Well you see when we kneeled in front of Eda and Lilith you see, I mite or mite have not, noticed the key in her pocket aaaaand-"

"You stole the key."

"Yeah I stole the key. I won't even try to deny it. What can I see I have some sneaky quick grabbers."

"So your plan is to sneak out to the Human Realm for 2 hours instead of talking to Hooty?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"Okay then genius, you forgot Hooty still needs to be talking to US."

"Well, we just cast an illusion then."

"And how on do we do that? It's not like I attend the Illusion Coven neither can I call my siblings, which even if they came would ruin everything."

"I can do it..."


"Like, I can use a glyph..."

"Since when do you know illusion glyphs? I mean you attend the Illusion Coven but I never actually thought you found a glyph for that."

"Funny story actually, about six months ago I had a project, something about animal camouflage I don't remember, which I asked Ed and Em for help since you know Gus and his thing. Well like always we're almost eaten by a animal-monster-thing when I discovered it. We used it to distract the beastand ran off. With more a little more of their help I was doing illusions of me in 2 weeks."

I was just staring at her for a solid ten seconds not knowing what to say. "Why am I not surprised about he almost being eaten part? You kno? forget that. Why didn't you tell me about that earlier because?"

"It kindda wasn't relevant at the time. Also you didn't ask if I had learned anything new."

'How was I supposed to ask that if I didn't even knew she had a project?'

"Now I'll be drawing two glyphs back there" she said pointing to a place behind the house "and you'll need to keep Hooty from noticing I'm gone. Man how can he still be talking?"

"I don't even wanna know. Do I really need to talk to him?"

"It's been five minutes and he cause us more pain than the hangover, so yes."

Rolling my eyes in annoyance I turn to Hooty while Luz goes to the back of the house still in view to me, but not to Hooty. "Heyyy Hotty..."

"OH HEY AMITY! As I was saying, the bird landed on the rock that I had choked on earlier because I thought it was a big bug and-"

Hooty, STOP. Uhh why don't we play a game?"

"GAMES?! I LOVE GAMES! What are we going to play Hoot-Hoot?"

"Uhhhh...It's called...Blided by 30 seconds..."

"You close your eyes for 30 seconds and pretent to be blind..."

"Hmmmm. This game seems fishy..." the tube demon thing narrowed his eyes and looked at me dead in the eyes

'Fuck, he's not as dumb as he looks!'

"I LOVE FISH! When do we play Hoot-Hoot?"

'Scratch that, he is even dumber than he looks' I look at Luz who signals me meaning the glyphs were ready. "Right now Hooty. Don't forget to count outloud.~"

"Okay! 1...2...3...4..."

I quickly get to Luz so we could finally bail. "You sure it'll work?"

"No, not really."


"I'm like 40% sure it'll actually work."

"You said you could do illusions of yourself!"

"I said I could. I never said I was good at it. This'll be double the difficulty beacuse it's 2 illusions."

'You have to be shitting me Luz.'

"Welp, now let me concentrate."

'I swear to Titan, if this doesn't work my going to jump off a cliff isntead of listening to him.'

Luz kneeled down in front of me, closing her eyes and tapping both glyphs drawn on the ground. In a flash 2 bodies materialized, one like me and another like Luz.

"YES! It worked! Now both of you go talk to Hooty." she comanded

"Do we really need to?" my copy asked

"Yes. Also Eda or Lilith will call you in 2 hours to do chores. You will do them until our return. she comanded once more

"Urgh fine." Both illusions groaned, walking back to Hooty


"Okay let's go." I said

We bolted to the forest and once we were far enough from the house we stopped.

"I think we're far enough." she said gasping for air

"You're so out of shape."

"No I'm not. It's just early!"

"Is midday early to you?"

"On a hangover? Sí." she then pulled out the key and pressed it makin ga door appear.

"You know this is the first time I'm going to the Human Realm."

"Before you say I'm a bad girlfriend, we were having all these adventures and shenanigans, then the tests and exams hit and we didn't have time to spend actual quality time."

"So your saying this won't be quality time?" I raised an eyebrow and a smirk"

"Just enter the damm portal."

"Fine. You go first though."

"Okay Mittens."

The door opened, with a blinding light coming from the other side. I tried to cover my eyes from the light but Luz grabbed my arm and pulled me trough the door. As my eyes adjusted to the light I could see Luz besides me outside of an abandoned house in the middled of a forest.

"Are those trees? Why are the leaves green?"7

"The leaves here are green. Amity Blight, the most beautiful and annoying witch in the multiverse, welcome to the Human Realm!"

"This looks awfully familiar to the Boiling Isles."

"Can you just be patient?"

Luz started to walk off to which I followed her

"The illusions should wear off in around 5 hours so we have plenty of time."

"You sure they can do the chores?"

"I mean, maybe? I did it once or twice to escape clean duty."

"We're so busted. Where are we going anyways?"

"To my house. We should change into some decent clothes and actually eat."

I felt my face go red as I started to panic. "Me, in y-y-your house? The place you lived for years. Which probably has cute baby photos of you?" 'Fuck, WHY AM I PANICCING? I'M NOT 14 FOR TITAN'S SAKE!'

"Aww, is Little Miss Perfect having a Gay Panic?~"

"I-Uh-Shut up!" I punched her shoulder lightly

"Chill out. I'm just messin with you. I must say though, I missed your little gay panics."

I growned and crossed my arms flustered and annoyed "Let's just go."

"Fine my beautiful gaysaster. Follow me."

After a few minutes we left the forest and got to the road, with a line of houses on the other side. I was going to cross but in a flash Luz pulled me back making me fall as a metal box with wheels passing right by us.

"Wha-What the fuck was that?!"

"That, was a car."

"A car?"

"One of the many ways of transportation one can have here. Piece of advice though, looks both ways before crossing. Even toddlers know that here."

"Look both ways before crossing, got it." she helped me get up and we crossed the road, still startled at the sight of this "car". 'Okay Amity calm down, CALM THE FUCK DOWN! You just amlost got ran over by a metal box with wheels, but most importantly you're going to your girlfriend's old house. So chill! WHY AM I EVEN MORE STRESSED NOW?!'

"We're here."

"What? We just crossed the road."

"Yeah my house is in the other side of the road."

"Thats...awfully convinient."

"Okayyy...Let's get in." she walked to the door

'STOP BEING SO AKWARD AMITY!' "So like is your mom home or something? The door seems to be locked."

"No she isn't."

"Do you have the key?"

"No, left it in my room but I-"

"Then how do we enter?"

"What is with you and not letting me finish my sentences today? I don't have the key but I know where my mom hides the spare one."

"Oh...Where is it then?"

"Just under that vase." she pointed to a vase right next to the door

I pick-up the vase and sure enough there was a key there, to which she grabs it and opens the door. We enter the small hall, to the right the kitchen, to the left the living room and in front of us the stairs.

"I'm gonna make an actual breakfast, wanna help? We kindda only had soup and that's no breakfast."

"Sure. What do you want to make?" 'AMITY WHAT THE FUCK YOU'RE TIRRIBLE AT COOKING!'

"Since it's past midday I want to make something big, but not lunch sooo...pancakes?"


"Oh right, there's no pancakes on the Boiling Isles. You'll be delighted with the flavor I'm sure. To the kitchen!"

'This is going to go terribly wrong isn't it?'

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