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Marinette rushed down the street, a silent mantra of I'm late, I'm late, I'm late! running through her mind. She skidded into the schoolyard, running up the steps and into the school. She raced down the brightly lit hallways until she arrived at her classroom door.

She didn't even pause before flinging the door open and rushing to her seat, pushing her hair out of her face. She had been so late getting up that she was not wearing her usual outfit, but rather a simple, light pink dress that made her eyes pop paired with her ballet flats. The dress was a halter-top paired with a flared skirt. A chic brown belt sat at her waist, accentuating her curves. The lack of sleeves made her muscles apparent, and the shorter dress showed that she was really fit all around. She had left her hair down, as she had not had enough time to put it up. She had paused in her room just long enough to put a layer of mascara on.

Mme. Busier glanced at the flustered girl, only commenting, "That dress looks very nice on you Marinette," before resuming her teaching, more than used to the tardy girl's antics.

Marinette blushed red and ducked her head, pulling her supplies quickly out of her backpack, infinitely grateful that she had packed the bag the night before. She hastily flipped her notebook open, hurriedly scribbling down what the teacher had written on the board.

So engrossed was she that she didn't even notice the note her friend had passed her until several minutes had passed.

She picked it up curiously and winced involuntarily at its words: "Where were you girl?"

She didn't want to explain that she had overslept-yet again, she might add-due to the akuma battle the night before. It had been a tough one, taking her and Chat Noir until almost two in the morning to defeat.

She scribbled down a quick excuse about not setting her alarm before attempting to turn her attention back to her teacher before a certain blonde caught her eye.

He was slumped over his desk, not even attempting to take notes, something that was not like him. He had dark bags under his eyes and was taking frequent sips from what Marinette assumed to be coffee. She frowned at the blonde. He didn't like coffee, as she had found out through her investigations-not stalking, thank you very much Alya!

He looked miserable, and she could see a little shudder run through his body each time he took a sip of it, clearly not enjoying the experience. She had to giggle a little at her crush.

She quickly realized that she had giggled louder than intended as the blonde that she had been studying a moment ago turned sleepily towards her, a confused look on his face. Her own face went red as she smiled at him, trying to wave it off without saying anything.

Still looking confused he returned the smile before slowly turning back around, returning his head to his desk.

Marinette had gotten much better at controlling herself around her crush in the past several years, although every once in a while her traitorous brain would stop functioning when he sent her a particularly stunning smile. They were in their last year of lycée, and she was determined to either get with him or get over him before the year was over.

Alya and Nino had gotten together about a year before, and ever since then had been trying to come up with ways to get the two alone to "confess undying love" according to Alya.

Marinette sighed at the thought of confessing to her long-time crush before realizing that she was once again getting distracted from the lesson.

The end of the class period came way too slowly in Marinette's opinion. Alya stood next to her as she slowly packed her supplies into her backpack. "Girl, I didn't know you worked out," Alya said, impressed.

"Oh, not that much," Marinette said, brushing her friend off. She knew she should have thrown a jacket on to cover up her arms!

"No, seriously dude. How did you get so buff without us noticing?" Nino added, turning around from his own seat to join the conversation. Adrien slowly turned around too, listening to the conversation but not yet participating.

"I work out sometimes," Marinette shrugged, trying to play it off.

"The amount of muscle you have says otherwise," Nino told her. "You might even be stronger than my man Adrien here."

"I doubt that," Adrien and Marinette said at the same time, with Adrien throwing the girl a smirk. Marinette felt her face go red, although she had just enough courage to wink at the boy, causing him to go slightly pink as well. Alya saw that light blush on the boy and determined that she needed to talk to Nino about who Adrien liked and fast.

"Guess we'll just have to have a competition then," Alya smirked.

"There's no need for that," the two secret superheroes said at the same time once again, causing Alya to smirk again.

"Yes, there is. Come on girl, don't you want to prove who is stronger?"

"I honestly couldn't care," Marinette told the girl.

"Riiiiight," the brunette said.

Marinette shook her off. "Come on guys, we better get to class before we are late."

Lunch couldn't come soon enough for the bluenette, as she could go to her house and get coffee at that point. When it finally did arrive, however, the convinced her to stay for at least a little while before she headed home. She conceded, so they sat outside on the grounds under one of the large oak trees dotting the area. A light breeze was blowing, bringing with it the voices of many other teens situated throughout the area.

Marinette had a blanket in her locker and brought it out so that they didn't get dirt on their clothes, and they sat in comfortable silence, munching happily on their lunches.

Marinette's hair danced around in the breeze, causing her to impatiently push it out of her face. Adrien caught himself staring at her more than once, jerking his eyes back to his food the moment he realized. These actions did not go unnoticed by Alya.

"So, Adrien, what's got you so tired today?" Nino asked curiously after a couple more minutes had passed.

Oh, I'm just one of the secret superheroes of Paris, he thought to himself. "Couldn't fall asleep, that's all," he said instead, taking another gulp of the disgusting coffee in his hand.

Alya watched as Marinette watched the coffee in Adrien's hand, seemingly transfixed. The girl suddenly shook her head as if coming out of a trance and told the group, "I'm going back to my house to get myself coffee. If any of you want to join me you can."

"I'll come," Adrien offered. He loved Marinette's house and how kind her parents were. When he went there he felt like he was home. Marinette gave him a small smile as he slowly stood up.

"Um . . . Nino and I better stay here, I promised to help him with his homework," Alya fibbed. Marinette stared at her friend, cocking an eyebrow. She knew what the girl was up to, and she wasn't sure whether to appreciate the alone time with her longtime crush or strangle her friend.

She chose in the end to just enjoy the time with her crush. The four folded up the blanket and Marinette and Adrien took off towards Marinette's house.

"Did you design that dress yourself?" Adrien asked the girl, trying to start up a conversation.

"Yeah, this is one of my newer designs," she told him, silently praying that her stutter wouldn't come back.

"Really? That's awesome Marinette! You're so talented!"

"T-thanks." Marinette went red.

Adrien decided suddenly to tease her, liking the blush that was forming on her cheeks. "I still bet I'm stronger," he told her, a challenging lilt to his voice.

Marinette glanced up at him before deciding to humble the boy. "And what makes you think that?" she asked, letting a tiny bit of her Ladybug side show.

"Oh, I don't think it," he informed her. "I know it." He smirked at the bluenette, waiting for her reaction.

"I-I guess we will have to find out then," she told him, cursing her stutter. But he was just too handsome when he smirked!

Adrien gave her a self-satisfied smile. "I guess we will."

The rest of the walk passed in a semi-comfortable silence, neither teen knowing what to say. Thankfully it was a short walk.

"Adrien! Marinette!" Tom's booming voice called to them the moment they walked through the bakery doors. "What brings you here?"

"I just need some coffee Papa," Marinette told him. "And Adrien could probably use some too." She looked at the boy, smiling slightly as he gave an involuntary shiver while nodding in agreement.

"Two cups of coffee coming right up," he informed them, turning around to make them.

"Thank you, Papa," Marinette told him, pulling Adrien over to one of the booths lining the bakery.

They sat down, Marinette pulling out her sketchbook and scribbling something down in the corner. "What are you designing?" Adrien asked, trying to get a look at the book.

"Oh, it's nothing," Marinette told him with a slight blush, pulling the notebook closer to her.

"Oh, Marinette is just designing a Chat Noir inspired jacket," Tom informed the blonde as he set the two coffees down.

"Papa!" Marinette scolded.

"Was I not supposed to say anything? Oops," the large man said at his daughter's glare.

"Can I see?" Adrien asked, curious as to what she was doing with it.

"I guess . . . " she said hesitantly, handing over the sketchbook. He looked over the design, impressed at the amount of detail on it. It looked almost exactly like his suit.

"That's a really good design," he complimented the bluenette, reaching for his coffee. He braced himself for the flavor and was surprised when he quite liked it. He took another sip, and another, and another.

"Enjoying your coffee?" Marinette teased.

"This is fantastic! How does your dad make it so good?"

"He adds cream?"

"Wait, you're supposed to add something to coffee? You're not just supposed to drink it plain?"

Marinette started laughing, and once she started, she couldn't stop. The look on his face was priceless, and that paired with the slight coffee mustache on his upper lip made him look absolutely ridiculous.

"Is that why you don't like coffee?" she asked.

"I thought you were supposed to drink it plain! I didn't know there was any other way to drink it!" the boy attempted to defend himself.

Marinette started laughing again and laughed even harder at Adrien's pout that was quickly obscured by his coffee cup.

The rest of lunch passed in a comfortable silence until Marinette realized what time it was. "Crap!" she shouted, jumping out of the booth, slamming her thigh into the corner of the table and sitting back down, hard, at the pain. "Ow!" she exclaimed.

It was now Adrien's turn to laugh, and Marinette shot him a quick glare before standing up again more carefully. "You may want to stop laughing," she told him crossly. "We only have five minutes before class starts."

At that the blonde's eyes went wide as he stood up quickly as well, grabbing his bag while Marinette grabbed hers, both of them calling out a quick thank you to her parents before they dashed towards the school.

They arrived at their next class moments before the bell rang, Adrien skidding into his seat while Marinette dashed up the stairs to her seat a row above his. They sat down right as the bell was ringing, and Mme. Mendeleiev started the lesson moments after. Both teens sighed in relief as they took their notebooks out, not noticing Alya's calculating look.

While Marinette and Adrien had gone to the Dupain-Cheng bakery, Alya and Nino had a chat.

"Who does Adrien like?" Alya had asked her boyfriend as soon as the two other teens were gone.

"He won't tell me, but I think he might be starting to like Marinette. He won't stop talking about her," the DJ told his girlfriend, regretting his decision the moment he saw the look in her eye. "Babe, what are you thinking?" he asked nervously.

"I'm thinking that we need to get those two idiots together," she said, the idea already forming.

It was at that moment that the two teens they had just been talking about had skidded into the room and taken their seats, out of breath.

Alya passed a note to her best friend, which the girl-one again-failed to notice for several minutes. When she did notice she picked it up quickly and scribbled and answer before passing it back to her friend with one word written on it.


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