"Marinette!" Adrien called, running after the bluenette. She turned around, confused, before smiling at him with a light blush coating her cheeks.

"Hey Adrien," she said. "What are you doing here?"

"Mlle. Mendeleiev said I could join you in the principal's office."

"I mean thank you, but why?"

"I know that Chloe will try to twist the story in a way that makes you the bad guy, and with her influence M. Damocles will have no choice but to listen to her. I, however, also have influence and money, so I can try to keep you out of trouble. That, and I didn't want you to be alone, but Alya wasn't volunteering, so I did."

Marinette had a feeling that there was a reason her friend had not asked to go with her, the main reason standing in front of her.

"Thank you," she said quietly, and they walked the rest of the way to the principal's office together.

"Marinette," M. Damocles greeted. "And Adrien!" His surprise leaked through and into his voice.

"Sir," they both greeted.

Marinette's heart was pounding as the principal asked the two of them to sit down, saying that Chloe would join them shortly. She had never been to the principals office, and she didn't like that it had to be because of the stupid blonde brat. She felt a light weight pressing into her thigh from her purse, realizing that it was Tikki trying to comfort her. She threw a small smile down to the kwami before returning her attention to the room.

It was a large, square room with wood paneling along the bottom and a creamy color along the top half. A large desk sat in the middle of the room on top of a large red rug, and two chairs with padding the same color as the carpet were the seats for her and Adrien. On the other side of the desk was M. Damocles chair, with padding of the same color but much grander than the chairs she and Adrien were seated in. Large abstract pictures of owls hung on the wall, and a computer sat to M. Damocles left. The floors were a hardwood, and a large bookshelf sat, tall and proud. Large windows framed M. Damocles, making him appear more foreboding. It was well hidden, but she knew that to M. Damocles right was a hidden compartment containing his Knight Owl costume.

Chloe burst in, making as much noise as possible and stopping Marinette from reminiscing about when her principle had been turned dark. That had been one of the worst akumas.

"That girl," she claimed dramatically, pointing at Marinette, "hit me for no reason! I expect her to be suspended for at least a month, if not expelled!" She flounced to go sit in the chair next to Marinette, but stopped dead when she saw Adrien already seated in it. "Marinette, get out of my chair," she snapped. She would never make her Adrikins move, but that peasant who had hurt her deserved to stand.

"No," was the only answer she got, making her angry.

"What do you mean no? You are the one who hurt me-for no reason, I might add- therefore you should move!"

"I'm not listening to you anymore," Marinette said, fed up with the blonde. "And there was a very good reason behind it!"

"And that is why we are here," M. Damocles cut in before the fighting could escalate any more. "I want you both to tell me your side of the story. Chloe, you may go first." M. Damocles figured he might as well get the lies out of the way before he moved on to what really happened.

"Well, I was in class, making sure my hair was perfect after Adrikins had thrown himself at me yet again, when I was attacked. She said it had something to do with how perfect my hair was!" Three sets of eyes rolled at that.

"And Marientte?"

"Chloe had just attacked Adrien-yet again, I might add. You know, I don't know why he doesn't have a restraining order on her. I mean-"

"Marinette, if we could stay on task?" M. Damocles asked, a small smile on his face.

"Oh. Sorry. Anyways, we came into class, and we were talking about the newest akuma. Chloe made a comment about how it wasn't that big of a deal, and when I questioned her she said that only peasants and people who deserve it get sick like the akuma victim's boyfriend was. At that point I lost it, and I punched her," Marientte finished matter of factly. And I have to say, she looks much better now than she looked before I did her that favor, she thought.

Chloe shrieked in anger. "That isn't true at all!"

"Actually, Chloe, every word that just came out of her mouth was true," Adrien spoke up for the first time.

M. Damocles seemed to deliberate for a moment. He knew he was stuck between a rock and a hard place: Chloe Bourgeois, the mayor's daughter, stood on one side while Adrien Agreste, son of the most famous fashion designer in the world, stood on the other. He would have to play this game carefully.

"Marinette, Chloe, what you both did was unacceptable. Therefore, you will both be given two days detention. I will not budge on this!" he said, raising his voice for the first time as Chloe, who had never bullied Marinette out of her seat, looked ready to interrupt. "I hope you have both learned your lesson. You will go back to your classes and collect your things, and you will be given the rest of today and tomorrow to reflect on what you have done. You will return to classes Friday. This is final. Your parents will be contacted. I don't care who your parents are Chloe, what you said was uncalled for. You are dismissed," he finished, gesturing towards the three teens.

"Daddy is going to hear about this!" Chloe shrieked before storming out of the room. Marinette and Adrien shared a look before heading back towards their class. They had to hurry, as the meeting had gone on just long enough that class was almost over.

When they got to the classroom, they saw that Chloe's backpack was still there, despite the blonde having left before the other two teens. Marinette didn't like that.

She quickly found out why Chloe had not yet entered the room when she was blasted off her feet by an explosion while making her way towards her desk. She flew into the desk across from hers, landing close to the door. Through the hole in the wall that now showed the school grounds entered the strangest sight the students had ever seen-well, had seen that day.

It was Chloe, but not. Her blonde hair remained, but sat perfectly in two ponytails that looked eerily similar to Marinette's. Her entire outfit mimicked Marinette's in many ways, although all pink-including her pants and the flowers on her shirt-were replaced by yellow. She scanned the akumatized girl, looking for anything that didn't stand out, and then groaned.

Hawkmoth was getting smarter.

He had gotten better at hiding where the akumatized object was, and it was a mere fluke that the last akuma had been so easy to beat. Chloe, however, would not be an easy akuma to deal with, as they had found out when she had been turned into Antibug.

"Ah, Marinette, just who I wanted to see," Chloe sneered.

"Chloe, snap out of it!" Adrien called from his position on the floor. He was standing up slowly, keeping weight off of his left ankle. He's hurt.

"I am Chloe no more! I am now Chloinette, and you will love me Adrien! You may think that Marinette is the perfect girl for you, but she isn't! I am! How do you like the new outfit?" She batted her eyes in what she thought was an alluring way, but only made Adrien wrinkle his nose.

"I think it looks a lot better on Marinette," Adrien told her truthfully, earning a shriek from the other blonde.

"How dare you insult moi? Where is that blue haired brat?" Adrien was confused. He looked around, searching for Marinette, but saw nothing. She must have escaped while Chloe was focused on Adrien. He felt his heart seize up. If Chloe found her before he did, he couldn't imagine what the akumatized blonde would do.

He was about to say something clever along the lines of, "Don't even bother looking for her, I will protect her!" but Chloe had already exited the school through the makeshift entrance she had made in the wall.

"Marinette! Marinette!" He could hear Chloe calling for his friend, and panic seized him. He needed to find her, and fast. But first, he needed to transform.

He rushed out of the room limping, and quickly found a janitor's closet to transform in. "Plagg, claws out!" he called, not enjoying the transformation nearly as much as he usually did. He had a girl to save.

He rushed out of the janitor's closet, frightening a group of younger students, before running out the front doors of the school. He whipped his head from side to side frantically, searching for any sign of Marinette, Chloe, or both.

"Gotcha!" he heard Chloe say, and twitched his ears to find which direction the sound had come from. Sometimes it was really nice to have super hearing.

Once he had located where the fight was coming from, he took off towards Marinette's house. Of course! She would have tried to get home to where it was safer! If only that wasn't so predictable.

Marinette was not enjoying the experience she was being put through. If only I had transformed in the school instead of waiting until I got closer to home! she thought. She was currently running from the akuma, having been cornered by her moments before, prompting the "gotcha" that Adrien had heard.

She could only hope her partner would show up fast. She could really use some backup. Moments after that thought, she saw the cat-themed hero leaping across the Paris skyline and towards the street that Marinette was currently being chased down.

There goes the market, she thought as it exploded behind her. Although Chloe looked like she didn't have any weapon, occasionally a broach on her jacket would glow, shooting a beam-what was it with akumas and beams?-that would cause the targeted area to explode. That must be where the akuma is, Marinette thought.

The broach glowed again, and Marinette threw herself out of the way just in time. That was way too close.

She was about to get up and start running when she felt a strong arm wrap around her waist while the other wrapped around her lower thighs. She looked up to see Chat staring down at her, a worried look on his face. "Are you okay princess?" he asked, the worry that was clear on his face evident in his voice as well.

"Just get me out of here, please," was the only answer she gave. Her breath came and went in heaving gasps, and her heart would not slow down. Chat nodded his head, fully serious for once, and pole vaulted away from the akuma, moving far too fast for Chloe to catch up to them.

They landed on her roof after a few brief moments. "Thank you." Chat nodded his head in acceptance to her gratitude before vaulting off. "And stay safe!" she called to his retreating back.

"Marinette?" Tikki asked after a moment, as it seemed that Marinette had forgotten about everything around her.

"What? Oh, sorry Tikki! Tikki, spots on!" With that, she was off.

She quickly yoyoed towards where the akuma was currently causing destruction, glad to see that her partner had not been hurt while she was gone.

She studied the akuma, looking at her fight patterns and trying to figure out a way to get to the broach. She just couldn't seem to figure it out, so she called, "Lucky charm!" And into her hand fell a fake miraculous box. Opening it up, she found the fox miraculous. "Of course! Chaton, keep her distracted! I'll be right back!" At his nod she took off.

Chat remained, doing everything he could to keep the akuma from blasting him. Each shot got closer to hitting him, and he was tiring out fast. He just hoped that Ladybug would hurry up. He did a backflip to avoid another shot from the akuma, the beam instead hitting a lamppost and causing it to come falling down. It would have landed on Chat if not for his quick reflexes. The only problem was that instead of those quick reflexes moving him further from Chloinette, they moved him directly into her hands.

She clutched him, at least until a figure appeared at the end of the street. "Marinette! No!" Chat called, rushing towards her. He stopped, however, when he noticed Ladybug up on a roof, frantically gesturing at him to stop. He stopped against his will, confused as to what trick she had up her sleeve.

He looked to the left of Ladybug and saw Rena Rouge. Oh. So Marinette wasn't really there. He couldn't help the wave of relief that washed through him with that realization.

Ladybug watched Chat Noir's shoulders slump in relief, and she had to feel touched that he was so worried about her. He stayed on the street, using his best acting skills to pretend that the Marinette on the street was the real one.

"Ah, and the coward herself arrives," Chloe sneered, walking towards the bluenette.

"Chloe, you can still stop this," fake-Marinette tried.

"Ha! As if I want to stop this! This is the best I have ever felt! And after you are gone, Adrien will have no choice but to love me! Right now you are a distraction, but he will realize what a waste you were once I dispose of you!" With that Chloe rushed at the bluenette.

Once the now pigtailed blonde passed where Ladybug was perched, the other pigtailed girl threw her yoyo, wrapping it snugly around the akuma. "Now, Chat!" she called, and Chat Noir didn't need any more guidance or direction than that.

"Cataclysm!" The black power of destruction bubbled in his hand, and he reached for the broach and captured it, watching in fascination as it crumbled to black dust.

"No!" Chloe screamed as Ladybug captured the akuma.

"No more evildoing for you! Bye bye, little butterfly! Miraculous Ladybug!" Chat watched the magical ladybugs fly around the many damaged buildings, repairing them with no problem. Fake-Marinette disappeared as Rena Rouge ran across the rooftops, dropping into an ally to transform. Chloe had purple bubbles surround her before she was returned back to normal.

"Wh-where am I?" she asked, looking at the surrounding area with confusion on her face.

"You were akumatized," Chat informed her.

"Oh," was all Chloe said. She didn't even apologize as she dusted herself off and headed towards the school to pick up her supplies before heading home for her two-day suspension.

Chat just shook her head at her unrepentant behavior before starting the search for an alley to transform back in. He dropped into an empty alleyway before a green flash of light surrounded him, tight leather replaced by looser jeans and his tight green t-shirt.

He rushed out of the alley and towards the school, bumping into Marinette at the doors. He blushed once again as he was reminded of her outfit-her eyes seemed to pop even more now that she was fully awake than when she had first entered the classroom, and her tan-and toned-legs and arms were even more apparent with the summer light slanting onto them.

She was still breathtaking, and he was reminded again why he had always thought she would be a fantastic model . . . maybe he should invite Marinette to one of his photoshoots and figure out a way to get her involved! That would be super fun! He could already imagine the fan-base that would appear overnight once the pictures aired. And the fun they would have during the shoot. He would definitely have to run the idea across her once she was more comfortable around him.

" . . . rien? Adrien?" He was jolted out of his thoughts by the voice of his classmate.

"Sorry! Got lost in thought there. What were you saying?" A light blush, only half embarrassment, coated his cheeks.

"Oh. I was just saying that w-we should probably get to class." Marinette cursed the return of her stutter, but her crush was really just too cute! His eyes so green, his hair so golden . . .

" . . . inette? Marinette?"

"Oh, sorry! I guess it was my turn to get lost in thought!" she laughed awkwardly.

Adrien laughed along. "I was just agreeing with you. Shall we?" he asked, and they walked into the building together, both smiling. Close, but not touching. Not yet.

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