My name is Harry Potter I was a former wizard that was abandoned by my parents. You see my little twin brother and me were targeted by an evil wizard known as Voldemort.

And one Halloween day the dark wizard attacked but my brother deflected the killing curse back at him killing him. But at a cost his magic core was damaged.

So, Dumbledore to save his precious Boy who lived to take away my magic for the greater good and have live with my aunt and uncle the Dursleys. Thus, they stole away my magic and sent me to live with these monsters.

They did not believe that I had no magic and, in their word, tried to beat the magic as well as egging my cousin and friends to continue maybe this was my fate. But I was not going to accept this why because this entire scenario was not fate.

I was someone else in this life I may have been the disowned heir of the house Potter but I in my previous life I was a man who had nothing grew up on fights and had a disability not smart and been abandoned by people who were supposed to support.

This and that life had no difference except for one thing I had an advantage.

Despite being very different from the books I read about this world from a book based around my current however there was a difference obviously Harry magic was not stolen, his parents are dead and he had no brat of a sibling hell even the time was different I was born in the 31st of July 1992.

Certain things were consistent such as the Dursley abhorring towards me and existence of places such as Hogwarts and the Diagon alley, hell I still have a lightning bolt scar were real so this is merely alternative reality.

This was an advantage that I got in this world I can use this knowledge to forge my own path. And that path is the path to live freely and happily I will do it no matter what.

I needed to leave this house no this country immediately but for that I needed money even though I have to have money for that. I did manage to save some money for myself with some of the Measly allowance that the Dursley give I saved up to 50 pounds add another 120 pounds from doing homework for my class. I was not smart but I was not dumb I could primary school easily. I was becoming 9 years old soon however that was not enough to get away as a child it impossible to leave without adult supervision.

Luckily, I manage to get one of most major magical artifacts in the harry potter franchise. The invisibility cloak one of the deathly hallows supposedly created by death itself however it was more likely that it was made Ignontus Peverell. Apparently, James Potter being the ignorant idiot gave me this as way to placate me when they stole my magic and kicked me out.

As I remember about the deathly hallow, I quickly run towards the cupboard I called my home for the past 5 years. I quickly look under my bed and slowly take out the cloak for the first since I got it to make sure that Dursley could not find out about it. With this I can sneak and steal to survive but that is not enough to get out this country.

As I was touching the luxuriously crafted cloak something odd happened the palm of my hands turned to a shade of red and started glow with a similar colour as well. Something started fill me up like an ethereal energy. It was an energy I forgotten a long-time something that was stolen me it was magic.

I could not believe it this magic I remember since I was using it since I was in the Potters household. I thought about a spell to see what I was feeling was true because then I would test it out.

"Lumos" I chanted hoping for the desired result. But I was sceptical I had no hope of casting a spell without a wand and no practice to boot.

My question was answered when a small light the size of a marble it was flickering lightly it was weak pitifully weak. But it was magic, the lumos spell soon went out like a candle and cupboard returned to the dark like usual.

"Lumos, Lumos LUmos, LUMOS!" This seemed wake up the overgrown walrus upstairs who seemed to not have liked my shout. But why won't it work was it some residual left in me but why did my hands glow.

"Freak don't make me come down there to beat you " Vernon Dursley the overgrown moustache child beater.

OK this make my plan to leave this hell hole when Vernon he will beat you but he cannot due to laziness then he will beat you with interest. I need to leave tonight as soon as possible.

This was the plan so far:

my clothes and run away from the Dursleys

my invisibility cloak to steal some provisions

to Diagon Alley and go to Gringotts

the account the Potters left for me when they abandoned me

to America where there is no blood purity bullshit

happily as a fuck you to the Dursleys, Potters and Dumbledore

Time to do step 1 I got one of Dudley old backpacks and stuffed stuff like toothpaste and tooth brush as well as collecting my money. As for my clothes there just some of Dudley's old clothes and placed them inside the bag. And then with my cash

I quickly donned the invisibility cloak and snuck out of the cupboard then walks towards the front door without making a noise. As I left the house something was stopping me from leaving the premises. As I tried to leave through the front gate something was forcing me back.

It was like a force field that could not allow me from permanently leaving the Dursley residence. Fuck sakes it was a bloody spell. It was probably placed there as a way for me to stay with my giraffe of aunt by Dumbledore or the Potters.

I pushed against the force-field I wanted to scream but that would alert the entire neighbourhood. So, as I gritted my teeth, I pushed against the force-field and soon a familiar phenomenon happened. The red light resurfaced at the palm of my hands then the barrier started to weaken and I started to get more magic. Within minutes magic was coursing through my body and the force-field disappeared I quickly ran not knowing what I did.

I was 2 stops away from Pivet Drive and it was 2 o'clock so there was another 4 hours till Vernon wakes to go to work. So that will give me time to go to Gringotts. Luckily, I researched and printed the bus route to Charring road. Where the Leaky Cauldron was located which lead to an Diagon Alley which houses a Gringotts bank.