It has been a couple of days since I went on that date with Bonnie. We have been hanging around each other over a couple days in school. We talked to each other and talked about school turns out that Caroline is dating Stefan older brother Damon. Damon I never ever seen the guy but apparently he was very attractive to the eye but there is some problems with him and Stefan. Then we started to talk about the new students from England which were of course the Hogwarts bunch. Apparently Charles asked out Elena and he got rejected but since this was Elena she tried to let him down as gently as possible. However that did not work as he kept on annoying her and eventually Stefan had to step in. I was not in due to me practicing my magic. I usually take days off when I get into the zone in my magic training and completely forget about my school life.

However due to this event the already dismal popularity of Potter and his posse had taken the turn for the worse. Now people wont even associate with them , sit next them or even glance at them. They have annoyed the student body so much that their mere presence seems to aggravate people. And the other 2 where not making matters easier for their high school life. Ronald Weasley or Ron was just as bad as Charles. He was basically Charles yes man and egged him on whichever endeavour that boy was on him. During the Elena scenario he was being extremely rude to her saying that 'She should be honoured that Charles was asking for someone like her' This manage to get him a beating from the football spearheaded by Matt who still had feeling for Elena. And finally Hermione Granger she managed to gain a toxic relationship with the cheer squad with just a single comment which was ' All cheerleaders are blondes and bimbos that get by in life being gold diggers' With that one comment she showed the school how ignorant and insanely shallow she is.

"Well that was what happened in the three days you where away , what were you doing anyway?" Bonnie asked after she finished explaining what happened at the school "Nothing much I had some personnel finance situations to take care of, my bankers like to consult me about the current opportunities with my money you know like investments and stock , you know stuff like that" I said to her.

She just looked at me and sighed " I forget how rich you are sometimes , it still boggles me you must be richer than the Lockwoods , anyway forget about that I was going to have dinner with Elena and Stefan with Caroline you know to get to know Stefan better since he and Elena are practically together at this point" She said with uncertainty lacing her voice. I narrow my eyes at this something was bothering but I did not know what. "Hey are you alright?" I asked her. She just looked at me and nodded but I was not convinced.

Elena House

I drove up to Elena house. Bonnie was already there helping Elena with the food. I knocked on the door and waited soon it opened to reveal Elena.

"Come on in Harry Stefan just arrived you can keep him some company" She said to me

As I walked I saw Stefan on a couch. "Hey man how are you doing?" I asked him as I reached my hand forward for a shake. Which he gave. "I'm doing ok, I heard that you are going out with Bonnie, congrats" He said to me with a smile. We talked about how we were doing at school. Soon the girls asked use to come in to eat dinner.

We began to eat and the food was way below standard but edible. But soon the chat brought up Bonnies witch heritage. With Stefan talked about how Salem witches where a symbol of individualism and nonconformity. He seemed to be scoring points with Bonnie well probably to make it easier for him to date Elena. It seemed to be working everything was going for a while until we heard a knock. We went to the door to see who it was. To my surprise I saw Caroline and dark haired man who seemed to be a couple year older than us with piercing blue eyes. It seemed that this was Stefan's older brother Damon.

Damon is very handsome, standing 5'10" in height with a well-built, toned physique. His physical appearance is of around a 24-25 year old despite being over 170. Damon has a light complexion with olive undertones and has a strong bone structure with high cheek bones and a solid jaw line. He has dark brown almost black hair, which hangs just over his ears, usually styled in a casual disarray .Damon seems to be favouring darker clothing; black shirts, t-shirts and boots underneath darkened jeans and black trousers.

There seemed to be a bit tension between the brothers as Stefan did not want to invite his brother in to the house. No for those who did not know a vampire can not enter a house that is owned by other species without repercussions it was one of the weakness that vampires had no way around unlike the weakness with the sun. As the brothers made the obvious disdain for each other I quickly gazed at the older brother with my phoenix vision. To gaze at his soul and to find out what type of person he was. I had wild suspicion that he was behind the animal attacks but I had to see to know. I layed my sights on him to see his soul. It was a dark grey something that was not good at the same time not bad as well it was actually common aura for most vampires but he had cracks of strong pinks which represents love an deep immense love. Cliche I know don't blame me thats how it is for some reason.

He turned to me and gazed at me with eyes filled with mirth as he crooked his facial expression into a smirk something I noticed that most young vampires that meant that the Salvatore brothers were between the age 17 to 200. Young vampires are arrogant due to their enhanced physical capabilities they think themselves the most dangerous things in the world at the same time there is some truth to that fact since they are young, they are reckless which also makes them unpredictable which is dangerous for a vampire.

He strutted himself up to me and put his hand in front of me expecting something. So I did as he wished an shook his hand as the wave of death and decay started to emanate before. I could just feel by the power that he was a lot stronger than his brother.

"Hello there you must be one Stefan's classmates my name is Damon Salvatore We just moved back into town so I hope I count on you too keep in line while I am busy setting in" He said with a charismatic voice. I looked at Stefan who was glaring bloody murder at the older vampire. "You know what they say about the quiet ones" He said in a way that made me chuckle.

"Yeah don't be worried man, my name is Harry Peverell. I will make sure that he settles in all well and good" I said to him in friendly manner. Just because I am witch and a wizard does not mean I will actively antagonize a vampire. As long he does not piss me off I will stay out of his way. There was no need to have unnecessary conflict due too his species. I know he is a vampire and he killed people but I did not know them and as long he does not kill anyone in front of me or hurt the people I care about then I will strike. You might call it being callous and cruel but that is life in the supernatural world.

He proceeded to piss me OFF! in the next few moments.