My name is Alice .Alice Cullen . I have secrets that I don't, and I won't ever tell anyone . Being immortal is not just something you go around and tell someone who isn't .My husband, Jasper, has troubles hiding his emotions, so I am kind of scared he will accidentaly reveal something he shouldn't .

"First" day of high school . Me and my family move every four years or so, so we don't seem like were never aging ..For the next four years we are going to be living in this boring place named Tarzana . All of us , that means Me and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett , and Edward, my siblings -have to pass for 9th graders . Me and Jasper are going to be easy but the rest of them is gonna take some work . Rosalie is deffinetly gonna have to wear glasses and probably a hoodie to hide her beautiful body .Emmet is going to have to war overalls, that is set .

Ooooook. I went overboard . Every 9th grader looks so much older than us . Tommorow we will deffinetly be ourselves . Finding our classes was easy, but the fact that everyone was looking and thinking about how beautiful we are, is still kind of disturbing . We know what peole think thanks to Edward .He has the ability to read peoples mind, and in most cases it is awesome .The fact that he can read EVERYONE'S mind, including MINE is really scary and overwhelming sometimes .

My first class was seperate from anyone else . It is English/Language arts . The teacher seemed pretty nice, but he looked at me like I was an alien. introduced me to the class,which wasn't emberrasing at all . He seated me next to a girl named Katherine . The first moment I sat down she said "I know you're a vampire, and the first moment we are alone, is gonna be the last moment you are alive"

"How..How would you know ?"I asked suprised, but kind of scared.

"Hmm lets see . You are super pale,youre ayes are kind of yellow,you move with grace. I can name more, but I honestly think I don't need to"she said in this attitude that let me know that she wasn't kidding .

"I am surprised and flattered, but vampires don't exist, and if they did, which they don't, I am sure not one of them" I said,trying to lead her off.

"Whatever you say, vampire girl" said Katherine at the same time the bell rung for the end of class .

In the hallway, I headed streight for my siblings . They needed to know, and we needed to get out of here right away .

"Edward" I said walking up to them, "can you please read the mind of Katherine Moore NOW?"

"yeah,why" he asked in a nervous voice.

"She knows were vampires."I said in a even more nervous one .

"She's black cross ." Edward explained .