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Chapter One

You are Brian O'Conner's younger sister. When Brian became a cop the first thing he did was make your records classified, there was not a thing to be found. You did not exist to most people. But that sort of thing came with a price, you both knew that. Brain being a cop was risky, it was not like you had kept out of trouble as kids. So, with one last goodbye, you parted ways.

Shortly after Brian left Barstow you went traveling around the USA for a bit. You made the odd friend here and there. The one you stuck closest to was Dominic Toretto. You two had met at a street race in New Jersey. You did not actually race each other, you bonded over each other's cars. They were similar, American muscle. You two stayed in touch with each other, at least one phone call a week to make sure the other was okay.

After traveling around Europe and stirring up trouble in Tokyo, you headed back home to California, when you received a call from Dom asking for you to join him and his crew on a job. Of course, you could not say no to the man you thought of as brother and you were pretty sure that was why he had asked you.

After that first job you stayed in LA, you did the jobs Dom asked you to. You could not just sit back and wait for the next race, so you got yourself a job at The Racer's Edge and went racing when there when there was one on.

You had been in LA for roughly five months when everything started going to shit. Brian 'Earl Spilner' started visiting Toretto's Market and Café every day, it then got worse when he started working at The Racer's Edge. No matter where you went, he was always there. You were sick of it.

"Dom." I said walking into the workshop

"Wren." That is what everyone here calls me

"I need to leave; you know how I am and not liking to stay in one place for too long. I just need to leave for a while."

"Any idea of where you're heading?"

"Probably London again, and New York. Can't go back to Tokyo, maybe Russia, it's cold there but it sounds fun." Dom laughed as I listed places to visit.

"Stop by the DR for me, will you?" He asked me.

"I'm sure I can fit it in somewhere. I'll see you soon Dom."

"You too Wren."