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Chapter Seven


"What a lovely day it is, for a race, at least."

"I am glad, Brian here was a bit skeptical."

"I spent a year in Russia. Street racing in the snow, you should try it sometime. Anyway, how are things looking?"

"Everything's set, you didn't spoil it for your boys, did you?"

"Where's the fun in that? It doesn't mean they got a moment of peace though."

"Rome and Dom let you order them around?" Brian asked, shocked. He, of course, didn't know how long you had known Dom.

"I can be scary." I shrugged, looking as innocent as I could.


"Hazel! Have you seen the route? It's crazy!"

"You see why I pushed them so hard don't you? Ideally it should have been Rome and I, or Dom and Letty maybe. They need to trust each other."

"There are so many things we could have added because it isn't a straightforward street race, like frames and cages."

"This one certainly sounds full of ideas."

"He is. Jesse, Carter Verone. Carter, this is Jesse, he's basically a genius."

"A pleasure, Hazel spoke highly of you when she last visited."


"Did you bring everyone? And who is that other guy?"

"What's it to you Brian? And really? How can you not know who Neal Caffrey is? You are FBI, aren't you?"

"How are you friends with Neal Caffrey? Do your bosses know about all of this?"

"Psh, as if, besides its not like I'm doing anything illegal and Neal is working with the FBI for the remainder of his sentence."

"Still doesn't explain how you're friends with him."

"I haven't missed it yet, have I?" Of course Neal would choose this time to intervene.

"Brian was just asking about you, and how we met." We could always mess with Brian a bit, couldn't we.

"It wasn't long after you left home, was it? It was when I showed up Mossies' card trick in New York."

"It was, wasn't it? Speaking of, we should have brought him with us."

"I doubt he would have come, besides, June needs someone to keep her company." Or to hold the fort down.

"True. Is that all Brian? Or do you want to know how I met Dom as well? Or perhaps about how everyone calls me a different name?"