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Chapter 1

Jack sat in his chair listening to some relaxing music thinking about how far he'd come since that field trip when he was sixteen years old. Slay3r grinned to himself at all the progress he had made since then. He had a feeling that all his troubles were behind him, for now. Jack was about to turn on the TV when he heard the doorbell ring. Jack walked over and opened it to see a middle aged man standing there, "can I help you?" the man shook his head yes; "I'm Otto Octavius, and I need your help!" Jack was startled by the man and he then noticed the four robotic arms on the man's back. "Wait, you're that guy who almost destroyed the city, you're Doctor Octopus!" the man rolled his eyes at the nickname he had been dubbed with by the papers. "Yes, and we have no time to waste, I fear they could be coming for me!" Jack could not figure out what this guy was talking about. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down; who's hunting you and why do you need my help?!" Otto stopped to catch his breath and said "When I sank to the bottom of the river I thought I was dead then I awoke to find myself in a cell and standing before me was a man, he wore a monocle and spoke with what I figured to be a German accent, he said that for saving me I must work with an organization called H.Y.D.R.A. and that if I didn't comply they would send me back down to the depths!" Jack recognized the terrorist organization's name; his partner Dark Crimson AKA Ginny Evert had spoken of it before, they had been the ones who gave her, her powers and whenever they had come up in a subject she would look back at it like an old horror movie she had never gotten over. "Hey what's up?" speak of the devil; Ginny had come out of her room to see what all the hub bub was about. Ginny looked at Dr. Octavius one second and then she turned and looked at Slay3r and said "The most messed up part is I'm not even surprised" she turned to Otto and asked "Where can I buy one of those?" the former scientist looked at her sternly, "ARE YOU DEAF? I AM BEING HUNTED!" Ginny rolled her eyes "Okay, okay, sheesh a bit dramatic, aren't you?" at that moment a thought occurred to Slay3r; "How'd you know to come here and find me?" Otto looked around uncomfortably "I overheard H.Y.D.R.A. talking to one another and that they intended to get rid of you and your feminine companions" Ginny's eyes widened "HYDRA?!" she asked in surprise and anger. Slay3r nodded "Yes, so you're saying that HYDRA plans to come after me and Ginny?" Otto nodded "they have made more assets since Ginny, they call them "The Enhanced", they are dangerous and deadly and I knew that if you're an enemy of HYDRA you might be able to help me!" then the elder scientist pulled out a microchip from his coat pocket. "This, I took the time to swipe while I was in their lab". At that moment Annabeth appeared saying "I can decrypt it if you wish Jack" the brown-haired man nodded and the female A.I. went straight to work. Ginny looked at Slay3r and asked, "Can we speak a moment?" Jack Taylor nodded and the two went to another room. "I know HYDRA's tactics, if we help him, we'll need to run" Slay3r looked at Ginny in surprise, it was rare to see her so, he could almost say terrified. Slay3r nodded and said "If this man is being hunted by terrorists we have to help him" the red hooded girl smiled saying "Then I'm with you friend" Slay3r was about to exit and he asked "Are you coming?" Ginny looked down, "in a minute" Jack nodded and said, "Take as much time as you need" and he went to question the octopus armed man some more.

After Slay3r left Dark Crimson felt the presence of her counterpart speak "Well, I say that if HYDRA shows up we give em hell and rip them to shreds" Ginny smirked slightly at Venom's eagerness and said "Oh we will, we for sure will, but you're going to have to promise me something V" Venom slithered up and down her skin in question; "Never hurt Slay3r" Venom in a way nodded and said "Deal, but I am getting restless, I need to kill something!" answered the symbiont in restlessness. "Soon Venom, soon" …

Meanwhile back in the lab, Annabeth had just finished decrypting the microchip and she called in her master saying "Jack, I think you're going to want to see this!" Jack and Otto strode in and what was on the chip was important. "Oh, my goodness!" exclaimed Doctor Octopus in shock; the chip contained the names of every HYDRA agent right to their leaders!" Jack was interested now. "Annabeth?" asked Jack. The female program appeared and said, "Yes boss?"? The young man gestured to the screen, "Show me the leader of HYDRA" she did as told and the image that appeared was an elderly man with reddish hair and a middle aged look, but Slay3r recognized the man. "I've seen him; he was at the Oscorp mansion once when I encountered Norman's hologram!" Then the superhero asked, "Can you bring up the name?" Annabeth was about to, when suddenly the whole building shook!

"What's happening?" asked Dr. Octopus in fear. Ginny ran into the room and said, "There is a crazy number of cars outside!" Jack quickly grabbed a tablet saying, "I'm not letting them get Annabeth!" and the group jumped out one of the back windows and they were on the roof. Otto looked around in worry saying, "Well this is great, now what do we do?" suddenly a red helicopter flew in. Ginny looked at Slay3r in question; "I took the liberty of calling in an old friend" and he shouted up to the pilot "Hurry up Wade we need to leave now!" Wade stuck his torso out saying "Okay dokey!" then Deadpool looked off at something, "HOLY-


"WADE!" shouted Jack and Ginny as they saw his helicopter get blown up by a blast of red energy. Then two individuals appeared on the building with them. One had red eyes and black hair with a red crown similar to Maleficent's crown. She was the one who had blown up Deadpool's helicopter and her powers matched Ginny's. The second individual was a young male with white hair and a scar going over one of his eyes. He suddenly zoomed and went from left and right in a matter of seconds. "Oh my god" whispered Doc Ock in horror, "The Enhanced". The two heroes walked toward the two HYDRA agents, "Nice powers, for a rip off" quipped Dark Crimson, Slay3r growled "You don't know what you're doing, move, we don't want to hurt you" the speedster just glared directly at Ginny until she suddenly recognized him "Pietro?" the white haired man growled "Glad you still remember me sweetheart" Slay3r looked at Ginny for an answer but she gave him a glare telling him now is not the time. The enhanced female then said, "You are coming with us" Slay3r glared "I don't think so" and with that the two forces charged each other. Ginny carefully tried to take on Pietro, "Pietro how could you work for them?!" she asked as she tried to blast him while he continued to zip past her. "It's Quicksilver now Gin!" and he hit her right on the jaw. Venom was getting pretty angry "WHY ARE YOU PULLING YOUR PUNCHES?! KILL THIS LOSER!" roared the symbiont in anger. Ginny didn't answer and just kept trying to blast the dangerous agent. Meanwhile Slay3r had his hands full with the girl. "Names Slay3r" "I don't care" snapped the girl who was blasting an ultra-beam at the vigilante. Slay3r was continuing to swing and he said "What are you? The red Maleficent?" then a name came to him. "How about evil Ginny?" asked Slay3r as he did an aerial spin dodging the cars she was lifting with her powers. "THE NAME'S SCARLET WITCH!" she yelled and sent red shards hurtling towards him. Ginny was trying to fight off Quicksilver's flurry of attacks, but it was almost impossible to keep track of the deadly dashing metahuman. Suddenly Quicksilver was shot in the leg. Ginny was helped up by a pale skinned woman with midnight blue hair who said, "He won't be down long, hurry up and get out of here!" Ginny did as tell not asking who the strange woman was. When Scarlet witch saw her brother get shot, she was momentarily distracted from her fight and that gave Slay3r the opening he needed. As he kicked the agent off the building, he web-slinged after Ginny and their new ally "Who are you exactly?" questioned Slay3r as they made their retreat. "Name's Domino, I'm Wade's girlfriend!" she answered while the other two were prepared to vomit. Ginny and the others saw Domino was leading them to a van. "So where are we going?" asked Doc Ock as he looked around nervously for any hydra agents that may be following them. Domino turned to them with a grin that reminded Slay3r of Wade. "If I told you I'd have to kill you

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