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Chapter 2

As they climbed into the van Doctor Octavius was startled by the appearance of Deadpool himself! "How?" asked the scientist in confusion "You were blown up in that helicopter!" Deadpool grinned saying "Because I'm Batman!" Domino rolled her eyes saying, "He has a healing factor!" and Wade stuck out his tongue at his girlfriend. Slay3r went to the back where Ginny was sitting quietly, "You okay?" he asked awkwardly, he wasn't used to trying to talk about emotions. She looked up at him and nodded. Slay3r sat down next to her. Finally, after a few silent (and awkward) minutes, Slay3r decided to ask "So, what's the story between you and the fast one?" he cringed inwardly hoping he hadn't been to blunt with his question. Finally, she sighed and said "I'll tell you, after my mother sent me to Hydra I was put into training with other experiments. There was me, Pietro, Wanda, or as you know her The Scarlet Witch, Lorna, and Helmut. The training was intense and sometimes a few recruits would even die. I bonded with Pietro" she paused remembering those years with the terrorist organization, "I tried to convince him to come with me, but he wouldn't abandon Hydra so in the middle of the night I made a run for it". She ended her story there and felt Jack's hand on her shoulder, "We'll take care of Pietro and Hydra" said Slay3r supportively and he got up and headed to the driver's seat asking "Are we almost there?". Deadpool nodded saying "I know just the guy who can help with this problamo amigo!" and they pulled into a warehouse. When Slay3r got out he was suddenly in full on battle mode, standing there was a whole group of criminals! Wade immediately jumped in front of Slay3r. "Whoa, whoa, whoa Green Spiderman!" exclaimed Deadpool. Ginny got out and smirked saying "You've got to be kidding me" the criminals were in fact a few familiar faces including Sandman and Dolohov while there was a few they never have met before. "Seriously Wade, these are the two recruits to our mission?" Asked a pink haired girl with crystal earrings. Wade nodded with a thumbs up, "Guys…" said Wade to Slay3r, Ginny, Annabeth, Venom, and Ock, "Meet The Thunderbolts!"

Meanwhile Baron Strucker was not pleased with his agents, "You allowed them to escape you?" he asked in rage. The two young agents looked down. Then Scarlet Witch spoke, "You did not tell us there would be others who'd help them escape" Baron Strucker raised an eyebrow and asked, "What others?"

Later in one of his labs Strucker walked with Mr. Pierce and he showed him a screen. "The woman is called Domino, and the one called Deadpool was the man in the helicopter" The hydra baron told Pierce as footage of the fight replayed. "Interesting" said Pierce and he said "My troops have run into trouble with these two and a team they call The Thunderbolts" he then grinned. "I wish you to send in all the assets". Baron Strucker looked at the hydra leader in shock. "All of them?!" he asked in surprise, "Why?" Mr. Pierce chuckled saying "I need an old pupil back" and he strode out of the room.

Meanwhile Wade introduced his lineup of Thunderbolts. Slay3r tried to keep up with everybody's names. The pink haired girl's name is Diamondback, and then there was Red-Hulk, Sandman, Dolohov, Domino, and Wade himself. "We have been busting those scums for years" growled Red-Hulk while he ate a sandwich. Ginny looked at Dolohov in suspicion asking "Why did you recruit that-

Deadpool covered her mouth looking at the reader saying "Sorry, but the kiddies are watching!" then he whispered "I hired him hoping he'll betray us so that way I can stab his kidneys and use his head as a doorstop!" Ginny bit the merc with a mouth's hand and he yelped letting go of her mouth. "Don't be a baby you've got a healing factor". Slay3r sighed and said "Okay, now how are we going to stop hydra?" Doc Ock showed them a blueprint saying "When I was captured they wanted me to build them a machine" Slay3r was amazed at how big it was. "What does it do?" he asked the former villain. "I'm afraid I don't know. They just needed a machine that could hold a vast amount of power" "Well what are we waiting for?" asked Dolohov as he loaded his gun. "For me, I need to use the little mercenary's room" said Wade as he dashed off.

Ginny could feel venom getting restless. "I thought you said that we were going to kill soon?!" he hissed angrily. Ginny whispered "I know, I know" Venom then said "I am wondering if it was a mistake to bond with you". Ginny growled in annoyance and snapped "If you don't shut up I'll show you how much of a mistake it will be if you leave, I am doing my best and it doesn't help with you hissing in my ear all the time!" Venom grinned liking this angry attitude coming from the vigilante. Ginny blushed feeling the alien's emotions and whispering "You are very creepy you know that?" then she joined the others.

Suddenly an explosion rocked the building. "WHAT THE (beep) WAS THAT?!" yelled Deadpool and the others ran outside to see that an army of hydra goons had surrounded their lair along with the enhanced siblings. Slay3r stepped outside and the others were behind him. "Okay, now I'm angry" growled Slay3r and him and the Thunderbolts charged at the hydra forces Civil War style. Slay3r was suddenly hit from behind by something metal and the last thing he saw was a big metal tentacle.

Chapter 3

Slay3r woke up to see a man in a fedora and to see Doctor Octopus standing there with a grin. "I see you've finally awakened" said the middle-aged scientist. "So you were a hydra mole" growled Slay3r in anger and for being so easily manipulated. "yes, you see from the very beginning I was approached by hydra, well at first I was reluctant to work for them but I admit I was a bit more naïve back then and hydra showed me the future!" said the doctor as if it was a logical explanation. Slay3r tried to jump at the villain but found his arms and legs were clamped in irons. "You're insane" Growled Ginny with disgust. "My dear that is what many geniuses are called in the process of their work" then Mr. Pierce walked over and said "I met you once" Slay3r glared at the red head and said "Yeah, I remember you" Mr. Pierce grinned and said "You cost me a valuable ally in The Green Goblin" he grabbed the spider hero by the top of his head and said "I look forward to giving you to our other scientists to play with" he chuckled a little bit. Ginny looked over at Doc Ock and asked "Why, why all of that effort for that act just to get us here?" Ock smiled saying "Well I had to convince you of my innocence, and I knew about your association with the mercenary Wade Wilson, and he had been harboring the vigilantes The Thunderbolts so we decided to kill two birds with one stone so to speak" and he turned to his computer saying "And we had to get you Miss Evert, you have a vast amount of energy in you that we need to power this machine!" he gestured at the machine he spoke of where there was two tubes to fit a human being. In the middle was a circle with a red x in the middle. "Hydra needs a world without superheroes, a world without vigilantes, and when we use this device to open a portal to another dimension, Hydra will finally have the world we've always wanted!" with that Doc Ock moved over to another part of the lab. Slay3r looked around for some way to get out of this situation. Ginny looked and saw Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. "Pietro" whispered Ginny to the man. Pietro glared at her saying "What do you want, traitor?" Ginny looked down whispering "How can you support them, they separate families and attack heroes!" Quicksilver growled "And you left me behind, you could have stayed with me and Wanda but you chose to stray from our destiny, it's because of men like Tony Stark and the avengers that the world is in chaos!" Quicksilver then grabbed Dark Crimson by the throat and whispered in a rage filled tone "There is no such thing as heroes". Ginny looked down in sadness. She then heard Venom's voice in her head "You are better off without him. You better save your best friend though, I recommend that you let me out and I shall kill these hydra scums!" Ginny quietly snapped "We cannot just hurt people" "Open your eyes Ginny, the way I see it, we can do anything we want!" hissed the creature. Ginny nodded, and she whispered "Jack, I have an idea, but it is going to be very painful" Slay3r nodded and said "Well that's nothing new". Then Deadpool who had become conscious said "Oh, I can help, I know everything about this guy!" the two looked at Wade in question. "What? I hack shield files all the time!"

Doctor Octopus added some commands to the system when Wade yelled "Hey Professor Squid!" in a sing song voice; the hydra scientist turned and said "It is Otto Octavius". Deadpool then said "So watcha doing?" Otto just ignored him and continued working. "You know, you shouldn't have joined them" said the merc with a mouth, "And by the way, what would Rosie think?" Ock turned around at that, "What did you say?" Wade continued "She was your wife, she was such a nice lady too, and would she want you to do this?" Doctor Octopus used one of his arms to squeeze Deadpool's neck and said "You are going to suffer if you don't shut up" Wade smiled and said "You want to know the secret to a good mercenary's escape?" Ock smirked saying "Really, what is it?" Deadpool leaned in "Never put a weapon within a merc's reach!" and Wade grabbed Ock's robot arm and he activated a laser part of the madman's arm and he blasted the Slay3r and his companions free. Ock climbed onto the machine yelling "THE PRISONERS HAVE ESCAPED!" and bunches of hydra troops ran in trying to subdue the vigilantes. Slay3r gestured to Wade and Ginny saying "You two hold them off, I'm going to free the others" Deadpool looked at the goons of hydra and said "Oh baby is there going to be some sweet gore" and leaped at the villains stabbing, hacking, cutting and slashing here and there. Dark Crimson was using her powers to launch soldiers' weapons away from them. Slay3r reached to help Diamondback out of her restraints when he was interrupted by a punch to the face by Quicksilver. The white haired man grinned evilly, "What; you didn't see that coming?!" He chuckled and zoomed past Slay3r hitting him in the stomach this time. Slay3r tried to be ready for the speedster but the guy was too fast and Quicksilver landed a blow in a sensitive area causing Slay3r to collapse to the ground. Quicksilver was in view again and he said "Let's see how the bug does without oxygen!" and he started running around the vigilante.

Dark Crimson had taken care of most of the troops and Wade had gone to free Domino. As she knocked out another hydra thug she saw Slay3r being suffocated by her former love. She was now for the first time in her life scared senseless by the thought of losing her best and only friend in the world. Ginny let out an inhuman battle cry and suddenly her world faded to black. "Finally" hissed Venom and suddenly Dark Crimson's costume was covered in a black substance and she was inside the symbiont. Venom was now unleashed and it charged through hydra's troops with inhuman strength. Quicksilver looked over to see a black creature with sharp claws and a white spider symbol on its' chest. Before he could react it had grabbed him around the neck and he looked into Venom's huge, white, eyes. With a deep gurgling voice it spoke. "You have caused my host a lot of pain, yes, I would cause you a whole world of pain but there's so many snacks so little time" and the creature let his long tongue hang out and he licked Quicksilver's face and he threw the speedster against a wall with enough force to knock him out. Slay3r recovered to see the symbiont standing in front of him with a big ugly grin on its' face. "Where, the hell, did you come from?" he asked angrily. Venom sneered at Slay3r saying "I was in the neighborhood and I dropped by to help" he then turned around and saw Scarlet Witch trying to get the drop on him and grabbed her and he tossed her over to her brother. "Well, obviously you aren't Eddie, he was small and skinny" said Slay3r suspiciously and he asked "Who's your new host?" but before he could get an answer Venom swinged over to Doctor Octopus, who had attempted to sneak away, and ripped all the arms off of his robotic back. He held Ock in front of him and growled "Where do you think you're going? I could devour both your arms and both your legs then I will eat your face, you'd be this faceless, legless, armless thing rolling down the street; like a turd, in the wind!" and with that last statement he chomped off Ock's head and spat it at the agents. Venom was satisfied, yes indeed, nothing like a gory battle and a good meal to make a symbiont happy.

Slay3r had in the meantime pursued Mr. Pierce. Slay3r swinged onto a wall and crawled trying to catch the wicked man before he could get to his plane. Suddenly he was delayed by Scarlet Witch and she threw a tank at him with her levitating powers. Slay3r was nearly smashed but he used his speed and agility to escape it at the last second. The spider powered hero had almost reached Mr. Pierce but saw that he had gotten aboard a plane. As the plane took off he tried to get a string of webbing to keep him from making his escape but the webbing was not long enough to make it and Mr. Pierce had gotten away.

Slay3r yelled in frustration swearing enough to make a sailor blush. He looked down to see a note and it read,

Fun playing with you, let's do it again soon, hail hydra.

Signed Mr. Pierce

So Mr. Pierce has got away, nowhere is safe, what is our heroes to do?