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Chapter 3

Slay3r had returned to the others and he saw Venom slowly melt down again and to his shock saw that the host was Ginny! She looked at him sheepishly saying "Tada!"


After a few hours of explaining her story Jack sighed. "That, thing is dangerous, you saw what it did to Parker". Ginny nodded but she said "I know, but it said I am the perfect host for him, if I can put his abilities to good use he might do a lot of good" Slay3r looked at her gesturing towards the battlefield saying "But he killed more than half the troops, that's not how I work Ginny, if we start killing we're no better than these cronies". Ginny glared and said "Open your eyes Jack, its' either them or us, sometimes you have to go to the extremes if you want to put a permanent end to crime" Slayer sighed and said "Please try to get Venom to at least not kill as much as possible". Ginny was surprised, "Really?!" he nodded, "Yes, I trust you Ginny; if you think he can do some good I'll give him a chance". Dark Crimson smiled, not a creepy smile, an actual happy smile. "Hey I don't mean to break up this sweet moment between you two but what will we do when hydra comes back for you, and they will!" exclaimed Deadpool and the others turned to him, he had a point. Red-Hulk coughed and said "Well we take care of them but if they get their hands on Crimson here they'll go to some other world and I'd rather not have to fight a war on two fronts" Slay3r turned to looked at the machine and he suddenly had an idea. "What if they had no way to get to another world?" Domino looked at him questionly and she figured out what he meant. "You're saying that you're going to leave this dimension?" Jack nodded but he turned to Dark Crimson and said "That is, if you are willing to leave, I'll come with you Ginny but in the end the choice is yours" Ginny was shocked, "Jack I can't ask you to give up your life here for me!" Slay3r shook his head and said "You're more important than my company, besides there's nothing about New York I'll miss, but like I said it's your choice in the end" She looked thoughtful about it then she said "I'll go".

Later the Thunderbolts and the two vigilantes had the machine operational and Deadpool had returned with Scarlet Witch, who he had knocked out. Ginny climbed into the other tube and Diamondback activated it and a portal opened up with a blue flash and Slay3r, Dark Crimson, Annabeth, and Venom stood at the portal and Jack looked at Venom who had slithered into a snake like shape around Ginny and he said "Venom, I am going to give you this chance, don't blow it" Venom turned to grin at him and it hissed "I am sure we'll get along, Jackie boy" but after they said their goodbyes to Deadpool and the Thunderbolts no one noticed that Venom had taken one final revenge. Behind a stack of crates was the mutilated corpse of a young man with white hair and a scar across one eye. Quicksilver would never see his sister Scarlet Witch again. On his chest was scratched these few words, DIED A PITIFUL MEAL.

Can Ginny control Venom? Will Jack be able to adjust to a new world? find out next chapter...