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Chapter 4

As they flew through the portal Slay3r saw multiple realities, but they went by so fast that he only caught glimpses and flashes of these worlds. "This is so Sliders!" said Ginny as she laughed enjoying the rush and thrill of sailing through the dimensions. Slay3r wondered if the world they landed in even had that TV show. "Annabeth, are we reaching the next world yet?" asked Jack as they went faster and faster. "Yes" she responded from his tablet. "My sensors are detecting a massive tunnel up ahead; we are arriving in, 3, 2, and 1!"

Suddenly they could see they were in central park, but something was… off. "Crimson how are you doing?" asked Slay3r, but when he turned to look at her she wasn't there, he looked left and right. "Up here genius" he heard her say; he had a hard time not laughing at the comical sight of her upside down sticking out of a tree. "Don't. Even. grin" growled Ginny from the tree, and with that the limb cracked and she fell back to earth. "OW!" yelped the person she landed on. Ginny quickly got up and said "Sorry, but thanks for breaking my fall" "you're welcome" groaned the boy; he was about fourteen or so with curly brown hair and brown eyes and a dark green hoodie. Slay3r suddenly wondered if this was a slightly nerdier counterpart to himself. The boy then asked "Why were you in the tree?" Ginny looked around and picked up someone's Frisbee and said "Lost this up there" she then threw it back to its real owners. The boy nodded and said "cool, well I've got to get going, my aunt and uncle are expecting me for dinner" he was about to leave but before he left he asked "I never got your names" Slay3r answered "I'm Jack, Jack Taylor, and this is Ginny Evert" The boy smiled "Peter Parker!" then he turned and left.

Jack gawked and Ginny grinned at him. "You thought he was alright" Jack rolled his eyes and replied, "He's Peter Parker, he's going to be as bratty as the last Spider-Man". Ginny looked back at the boy running home, "Well, new dimension could mean new personality" Slay3r wasn't listening anymore and then something occurred to him "where are we going to live?" Ginny grinned, "If this dimension is anything like ours then I know the perfect spot"!


"There's nothing like a warehouse!" sighed Ginny happily. Slay3r looked at her amusedly and said "You're awfully cheery for just leaving our home dimension". Ginny shrugged and said "Well, to be truthful it was never really home there, if we're lucky we won't have as many punks to take out". The two of them had found the same warehouse where Ginny had set up base back in the other world, here it was abandoned and they didn't have to worry about unexpected company. Slay3r set up a small computer like device that was self-sustaining so as not to be tracked by unwanted attention. He then connected the tablet to the device and Annabeth was now back to full functionality. Jack smiled and said "Hello Annabeth is everything working properly?" Annabeth's hologram nodded "yes, I am still trying to adjust to the internet around here sir. It seems that technology in this dimension has advanced more in this century than back home. Do you want me to download more information?" Jack nodded and Annabeth began downloading. With that done Jack headed to a platform that he had made into a makeshift bed. After a few hours as he was about to fall asleep he was suddenly aware of Ginny entering the room. "Trouble?" he asked ready to spring into action. Ginny shook her head no and sat on a crate. She was quiet for a second then said "I was thinking, about Spider-Man, I used my abilities on him and I sensed he hasn't gained his powers yet" Jack sat up in surprise, "Really? That's interesting but where are you going with this?" he asked. Ginny looked at him and questioned "What if we took him under our wing?" which made Slay3r's eyes widen. "You really think that's a good idea?" asked Jack in thought; "We're not even sure if he'll become Spider-Man in this world". "Well I have an idea, Peter Parker looks about fourteen in this world and in ours Spider-Man showed up when he was about fifteen, sixteen. So how about we keep an eye on Parker for now and if nothing happens we can just keep working as we are now" Slay3r thought about it and then he answered "Okay, we'll keep an eye on him, but only because I want to know if he's going to be a threat in the future" and with that he lied down and said "now I'm going to get some shuteye, then tomorrow I'll look for a job". Ginny smiled and said "Thanks Jack" and headed to her makeshift bed for the night.

So Slay3r and Dark Crimson are going to keep watch over the unknowing Peter Parker, how will this change his life?!