Kate is serious injured at a crime scene. It effect the relationship between her and Castle.

The 12th homicide team was working a case in the Soho section of New York City. The victim was thrown out of a moving car, or truck. Esposito, and Ryan were canvasing the neighborhood. Kate was checking with CSU tex on tire tracks. She was on the side of the street, Kneeling, with her back to on coming traffic's. Kate was slow to stand up and move at the warning of a speeding oncoming car.

The car did turned at the last minute, but still strike her on the passenger side of the fender and grill of the car. Kate was struck and it propelled her up in the air landing, thirty feet from point of impact. Everyone rushed to her side. Kate was rolled up in ball, bleeding from many areas.

One of the traffic cops check for a pulse, he found none. He started CPR. A second officer called in the 911and she notified the PC's office. Because of several factors, medical condition, time of day, distance to a true TRMA-1 center, a Medi-Helo was dispatched to the scene. The Paramedics kept doing CPR the whole way to the Helo then to the center.


Commissioner Office, Same time as the Medivac Helo arrived.

"Commissioner office, Baker speaking."

"Baker this is Captain Gates, of the 12th, One of my officers has

been injured at a murder scene. The officer is Lead

Detective Kate Beckett, the officers at the scene report that

Officer Beckett is unlikely. (Unlikely in police speak, means

the victim is not likely to survive), please tell the

Commissioner she on the way to New York Presbyterian

Hospital, by medic vac."

Baker notified the Commissioner, and he left for the hospital. The Captain also placed a call to Kates former partner, Rick Castle. She got a voice mail telling her Rick was out of the area. To reach him she needed to call a number that followed the voice mail. She called and got this.

"RCE, Inc. Barbara speaking. How may I help you?"

"This is Captain Gates, NYPD. I need to reach him as his close

friend Detective Beckett has been seriously hurt."

"Captain Gates I'm sorry I will try to contact him ASAP. I will

make sure he calls as soon as he replies."

"Thank You Barbara."

Twenty minutes later, in a faraway place Rick is pounding on his laptop. He is interrupted by his cell.

"This better be good Paula."

"Sorry Rick but the office got a call on that special line you set up. There has been an accident at the 12th. It Kate, she was hit by a high-speed car, at the scene of a body dump. Gates told the service that, Kate is in the New York Presbyterian hospital. She in the ICU, and Rick she said the on-scene medic said she was a not likely, she said you would know what that means. Again, sorry to interrupt you."

"Paula, set up the fastest transport out of here. I am going to


"I'll call you back ASAP as things are arranged."

" Sorry for the bad news."

Paula called back and within an hour after she called Rick was on his way back to NYC. It was going to take a full day for him to get back.

At the New York Presbyterian hospital ICU, Kate remained comatose. Her lists of injures was a small book. First was two broken, arm and wrist. Two broken ribs, front and back, serious back injurious, and a skull fracture, and a lot of internal damage. In the ICU Kate was on round the clock watch. She was on a ventilator with two IV-line pumping Fluids and Blood products into her. They were trying to stabilize her she could survive surgery for it.

Kate looked so small in the bed with so many tubes and lines poked into her. The noisy of the vent, the beeping of the monitors made everyone who was allowed in the room to get a head ach. The only person who never complained about it Castle who was limited to five minutes per hour. He was their 24/7, for six weeks till Kate stabilized so she could have her first operation. She remained comatose the entire time.

The first operation was on her head to release presser of building up fluid. It went well and her chances of recovery went up to 50/50. They placed cast on her legs, and wrist, shoulder.

When Kate came out of her coma, she had mild memory loss, so she was unsure of what happen to her, but she was physically improving so she was transferred to a rehab hospital for recovery. As she was their things started to change. She started to withdraw from Rick quickly. After ten day she asked him to limit his visit to once a week. Then when he came the next week, he was told he was bared from visiting at all by her request, it was stated she felt he was inhibited her recovery by his presents. So, she would like him to stay away till she called him. This hurt him very much and he took it as a kiss off, he was not to see he in person for two years.