Kate is serious injured at a crime scene. It effect the relationship between her and Castle.


Two years have past Kate returned to the NYPD and was promoted to Captain. She and Rick had been married for almost a year when she felt strange and noticed she missed he second period, an quick PG check, and a trip to her Ob/gyn and the Castle family was expanding again. They decided that it was time to become a true family and Kate turned in her papers and ended her time as a NYPD Police Officer. Rick finisher his latest Heat book as he planned the last heat one that Nikki and Rook would settle down and start their own family.

An added side light was Alexis announce that she had met her one and done and when she graduated, she and Tom were going to get married. Rick liked Tom but he still felt a grudge that he was taking his baby away from him, but Kate made him aware that she was soon to give him a new baby to nurture for the next twenty years so, till he became a grandad he would have a baby to hold for a long time.

Later that night Rick though back to the time when he first met Kathryn Beckett, AKA Detective Beckett. She almost arrested him at a book launch, for his last book of his series. For him it was an attraction that he never lost, for her it was a meeting with her favorite writer, something she had wish she and her mother had always wanted. It was a long road that had many twist and turns, but in the end the were together. They were a family forever.


To those who were upset at my rant about TROLS. I'm sorry if I put you off BUT as I write I do so for My enjoyment, I share it with others. I get upset at someone who nitpicks at small things. I'm in eastern USA we do not talk or speak as others do in other parts of the US.

I do use the spell check and the auto grama check but it to has it's own way of speaking. I read a lot of stories on these pages and do not nitpick if some words are miss spelled or miss used. It is not the intent of the review to do that it to say how the story could be better or could be dropped. That is, it purpose. It the TROLS that are the nasty ones who get personal. All these stories ate FICTION. So, take a breath. CHILL OUT…... THANK YOU FOR READING